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FANGS, Volume 1

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I recommend reading this one on computer over kindle as it was tricky to read. 
But the characters were amazing and I really enjoyed this one.
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I absolutely loved this MM romance.

Such a great book with a solid storyline and great characters.

I eagerly look forward to reading more from this author.

A definite recommend!
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This was the first paranormal Boys' Love manga I've read, but it won't be the last. En is a 19 year old gay man who was turned to a vampire without his consent, something that truly troubles his new mentor in the Vamp society, Ichii. Ichii is hoping to pair En--a virgin and sexy with it--with a compassionate and stable partner, so they can provide years of companionship and blood-sharing, but En is not interested in any of the many men he's presented at his first mixer. They may be sexy, but some seem pushy or entitles, and En has developed an affinity for Ichii, even if Ichii neither wants nor promotes this connection. 

Ichii is a good guy, volunteering with FANGS, a social group to help vampires meet their companionship or blood needs. He is attracted to En, but doesn't want to exploit him. Well, En makes it clear that any of the other vampires he'd met would be exploiting him in any case, and at least he KNOWS Ichii, to some degree.  Throughout the story we meet several other vampires, some whom have open relationships, and others who do not want to replace a lost partner. I liked getting to know these characters, and expect that we will see more of them in the coming volumes.

As for this story, it's an unexpectedly sweet when it is focused on Ichii and En. Ichii provides good humor while En is youthful, innocent and endearing. I really enjoyed the growing passion between the main characters, as well as how they cared for one another. There was a good level of maturity for most of the characters, some of whom are still young-looking despite being turned decades before. 

Expect a bit of steam between En and Ichii--and for it to be a little rough. The emotions were so evocative through the images and the words. I could really feel when someone was nervous, or concerned, or even depressed. It's a glamorous society, and the characters are represented with grace and panache. If you are even a little interested in manga, this could be a good one the check out, since it's the beginning of a series.
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Blessed be yaoi and the vampires. So, when I've started this manga I didn't think that I would love it. At first you read about a very normal vampire love story, but then I've realized that it has a lot of hidden things I've loved to know.
The love story starde very quickly, and it was a bit disappointing, but then when I've kept on reading I've realized that this isn't the most important hing in this Manga.
En became recently a vampire and he was assigned with a guardian, an irresistibly sexy vampire. En doesn't know anything about his new world, but with the time passing he discovers more things and makes a lot of friends, friends that have a lot of secrets and a heartbreaking past. But his kindness will start to heal the hearts of some his new friends, specially of his new partner.
A very cool first volume. I've loved to know more about En and all the whole vampire world.
Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with the copy of this beautiful story.
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FANGS is my new favourite Yaoi manga! Sooo good it was! There is M/M romance, a lot of steamy moments and smuffy scenes, vampire gay pairs with very particular tastes. It was light, funny and I'm thirsting for more already. 

En was so cute with his "Don't treat me like a virgin" even when he acts like one all time. But for sure I loved sensual Ichii more. 

Only negative thing I could find is similar  appearance of Ichii and Sugi, they look nearly identical and sometime is hard to tell who is whom. 

Drawing is one of the simplest but still beautiful and focused on details like piercings or clothes changing.

First volume ends on a cliffhanger. There is a hint of the unknown mysterious vampire and Ichii's (probably very tragic) past. I'm definitely very excited about next volume!
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Did not enjoy this at all. There wasn’t nearly enough story for me. I wanted to give up pretty early in reading it. Also, was very difficult to follow on the kindle. So, I do not recommend reading it on any device.
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Vampires and amazing art!! I cannot wait for the next volume in one of my newest favorite manga series!!
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Vampires ARE BACK!!!!!!  Sure, they definitely had their moment years ago, but it's actually really wonderful to have them back and better than ever in this BL manga!  Is this for everyone?  Of course not, but the artwork is stunning and the story was set up nicely and is going places, which means readers will be anxious to get their hands on the next volume.
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First I would like to thank netgalley for the eARC of this manga in exchange for an honesty review.

I read it on the same day it was available to me, to give you an idea of how excited I was about this story..

I really like it! I definitely didn't expect all the r18 scenes, but that didn't bother me at all. The art is amazing and i'm super excited for the next volume and to continue to follow this characters and to know what will happen with them!
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First of all, thank Netgalley for providing me with this manga, having said that my review will be 100% honest.
Fangs tells us about En, the only survivor of a vampire attack, remaining under the care of Ichii, who happens to be his guardian and his partner, who feeds him, Ichii is also a vampire and a very old one.
in this first volume he is in charge of introducing the characters, that is if nothing takes long to go to the explicit scenes (grateful).
They give us to understand that something happened in Ichii's past but I won't know what it is until the next volume ... or the next, so 10/10 for intrigued me. I recommend it, it has everything I like vampires, beautiful drawing, adorable characters that deserve to be protected at all costs, and a romance for which I hope it stays that cute.
For me it deserves 4.5 out of 5 stars. maybe I'll give you more once i finish the other volumes.
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I would love to write a proper review for this but it was simply impossible to read this, both on my kindle or on my phone. The story didn’t make a lot of sense in the order and the format it was send, it was absolutely confusing and I’m super sad about this.
I love vampires and I really liked the art style of this. I need to grab a physical copy asap so I can read it in the right order and format.
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I loved this! It was so much more than I was expecting.

I often struggle to get really into a graphic novel series in the first volume because it’s hard to get a lot of depth into a single book with so little text (compared to regular novels of the same length), but this book managed to pack so much into less than 240 pages, not in terms of plot and action, but in terms of characters, relationships, and exploration of vampirism and this vampire society.

There are so many things I loved that it’s all just ping-ponging around my head with no hope of real organization, so here’s a list!

– We got to really meet six different vampires in this volume, and each was unique and different. I really got a sense of personality for every character. They all felt believable and somehow even felt older, like their actual ages, despite looking young.

– I loved good guy Ichii! For some reason, I thought Ichii would kinda be a jerk, but he was actually really sweet, trying his best to be a good guardian to En, and a good friend to Sugi. There was also something about how vampires who work for the Fangs organization (Ichii being one of them) are pretty much volunteers.

– En was adorable! So full of life and emotion, despite struggling a bit with not being human anymore. I can see why all the older vampires would like him. You can’t help but be charmed by him, and he’s not even trying.

– I loved the different relationship the vampires had with each other, with their families, etc. I don’t want to ruin the fun of letting you learn as you read, but there were all different kinds of love and romance and friendship and family, either already established or just blossoming.

– There’s such a sweet romantic relationship starting between En and Ichii! A newbie vamp, and a mentor who actually cares. I loved the banter and playfulness between them.

– There are some explicit steamy scenes. Trigger warning for the first being maybe kinda dubcon (En kept telling him to wait, slow down, etc. but Ichii didn’t, and then En liked it).

– I loved how much this explored different aspects of vampirism and the different ways it can affect people. Cheating. Loneliness. Depression. Lovers and children growing old. That sort of thing.

– This was also a somewhat interesting take on vampire society, what with the Fangs organization, blood delivery, pairing with other vampires being encouraged, support groups, etc.

– The art is beautiful! And everyone is sexy. I also liked the chibi kinda art scattered throughout because it brought out more fun and personality. (Maybe that’s typical in manga. I believe this is technically the first real manga I’ve read, though I read plenty of other graphic novels, webcomics, etc.) Also, I saw someone mention how nicely drawn all the hands are, and they were right, these are some perfect hands!

– It made me laugh at times. It just always cracks me up when vampires drink from blood bags like they’re juice pouches. There were also just some cute and funny moments, like En’s excitement over getting to play with a tortoise.

*Phew* Ok, I think that’s it!

I loved this graphic novel with its beautiful art, sexy vampires, unique characters, touching and interesting relationships, exploration of vampirism, and sweet blossoming romance!
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“What kind of guy is unlucky enough to get bitten…and survive?” - FANGS

Warning 18+ content lies ahead. 

If you like vampires, fantasy, manga, BL mangas, I think this book is for you. And also if you are an art hoe (like me), you’ll definitely enjoy it. The art was so immaculately beautiful it’s not a joke. 

I remember vaguely reading Asa & Mitya by Billy Balibally sensei before as the art was familiar but other than that, I don’t remember anything. 

This book is an easy and fun read, for adults of course!
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Enjoyed this one! I wasn’t expecting it to be r18 so that was a little shock, but I do love vampires at any given moment. I would definitely continue!
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It was impossible to read on a kindle not formatted for it. From page 24 to 116 . The manga was nice. I tried to find a story but again because of the format, it wasn't possible.

The stars are for the cartoons
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the illustration wasn't my favorite to read in an e-arc, i feel like the style is more accessible when printed. however, the story was good and i liked the characters.
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This was my first experience with Yaoi manga and I’m not sure that I really liked it that much.  Overall I thought the story was good, but I didn’t like the illustration style, I found it hard to look at and there were some panels I couldn’t figure out what I was looking at.  It was okay.
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I always love reading series about vampires and FANGS has so much to offer: excellent characters, beautiful drawing, and equal amounts of humor, angst, and simmering romance. En is cute and lovable, a curious and excitable new vampire who is making his debut in vampire society. Ichii is En's guide to all things vampires and does his best to make sure that En is taken care of. I love their dynamic and the way their relationship develops. I also really like all the vampires that Ichii introduces En to, particularly Sugi, the depressed vampire with a tortoise for a companion. Through these meetings En gets to see all different facets of vampire society and learn about the support that vampires receive to keep them from attacking humans. Which brings up the lingering question: why was he attacked and what will he do with his second life? This volume ends on a bit of a cliffhanger with the introduction of a mysterious vampire and with hints at Ichii's past. I can't wait to read more!
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I liked this little yaoi. The drawings were nice to look at but I had a lot of trouble at the beginning to recognize the different characters. It's also due to the fact that we arrive in the story and that we have the explanations only afterwards, so inevitably I was a little confused. As for the story, I was expecting a bit of an investigation to find out who was the vampire who attacked En but in the end nothing. Instead, we follow the characters in their lives and especially En who must now learn to live as and with vampires. I enjoyed learning more about everyone and I can't wait to find out more, especially about Ichii. I think that overall it lacked a bit of cohesion but I'm still looking forward to reading more.

I recommend this to people who like to read yaoi (mature scenes) with sexy vampires.

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*** Thanks to NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review ***

This was a fun vampire BL manga, exactly what I was looking for when I requested it! This story focuses on En, a 19 year-old newly turned vampire, and Ichii, his protector/guardian. This first volume provides an introduction to the FANG world and En's assimilation into it. While the romance took off a touch too quickly for my taste, by the end their connection did feel genuine and real to me. I felt like the side characters contributed well to the overall plot, especially Sugi and the way he deals with his complex grief over losing his partner. I did feel like the set up for the world was a little bit rushed and wished it had been explained a little more thoroughly before leading into Volume 2. The art style was beautiful, and overall this was a fun first volume!
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