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A Little Bit of Courage

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The Ploofers are utterly adorable! As a group they are soaring to new colorful heights but the Little One is too scared. When a friend comes along and gives some words of encouragement, Little Ones feels emboldened to be themselves and goes farther than ever before. This story is wonderful. It would be great for children to see that having a little courage and trying something new can be extremely rewarding. The illustrations are incredibly cute and the rainbow colors from the Ploofers makes them even greater. 

Special thanks to Netgalley for the ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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The Ploofers are back in this equally cute sequel to <u>A Little Bit Different</u>. This time, they try something new and learn they can fly! But will Little One find the courage to follow them?
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I received an advance reader copy of this book to read in exchange for an  honest review via netgalley and the publishers.

A little bit of courage is an adorable children's book about Little One who is afraid of trying out the new thing the Ploofers have discovered. 
Toasty comes along and spends time encouraging Little One, listening to them, reassuring them and guiding them step by step all the way until Little One achieved what he had been anxious and scared of doing.
This book is a brilliant resource for children who are anxious, scared of new things and situations, worry about things and are timid and shy.
This book is reassuring and encouraging for children and shows them that with a little bit of courage, they can achieve things.
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So perfect for adults and kiddos! Who doesn't need to hear this message bow and the ?! Love the illustrations!
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A very cute tale of needing courage to get where you need to go in life. I did think it was a little too conceptual and may go over the heads of kids because the little characters are just so far from reality.
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Cute illustrated book full of inspiring messages about getting trough anxiety  and  courage to do the things that scare you. I recommend this book for little ones that need a bit of encouragement.
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“No, I’m not brave!
I feel like a wobbly jelly!
I can’t do it!”

The illustrations in this little book are so imaginative that they could be anybody. They are living thought bubbles, plushy-looking and round enough to be cute, painted with grey colours neutral enough to represent any reader.

My Goodreads review includes an illustration with the caption:
“These are the Ploofers. They have been practising something really special”

What’s that, you may ask? They are going to “SHOOF!” (Whatever that is.) It seems to be a little like being an upside-down balloon, puffing out a rainbow cloud that blows the Ploofer into the sky. The Ploofers may look grey but they are full of every colour.

My Goodreads review includes an illustration with the caption:
“TA DA! They are flying! . . . Wait a minute . . . Where’s our little one?”

Where indeed? The little one is hanging back. Then a big one comes along, asking doesn’t it look like fun?

My Goodreads review includes an illustration with the caption:
“Um, not really. Being up there looks way too scary.”

Understandable. But the big one says they can go together, so the little one agrees. Well, until the moment of truth and then all bets are off.

My Goodreads review includes an illustration with the caption:
“NO! I’m not brave! I feel like a wobbly jelly. I can’t do it.”

So . . . how do you convince someone to give it a go, have a try, work up the courage? Step by gentle step, shoof by little shoof. That’s how!

My Goodreads review includes an illustration with the caption:
“That’s it! We’re going up!” Oops, a slip. “Let’s try again . . . up we go!”

Flying through the air – whee! Nothing to it!

My Goodreads review includes an illustration with the caption:
“I feel brave! . . . Look, everyone is so proud of you. Shall we join them?”

The Ploofers can do anything, go anywhere! They spot an interesting place in the distance. A new destination? Is the little one still brave?

My Goodreads review includes an illustration with the caption:
“Um, where are we going?”

Notice a small change in attitude? The little one looks nervous but says “Where are WE going”, which sounds to me as if the gang is staying together.

I have not met the Ploofers in the first book, "A Little Bit Different", but I certainly enjoyed meeting them here. I have chosen a few pictures from corners of pages to give a sense of the flow of the story, but all pages are full of activity and colour. As I said, the Ploofers themselves are neutral, but their internal inclusive rainbow colours are a perfect way to show they are all the same inside.

Delightfully cute, and I can imagine an adult or older reader guiding a younger one through the story and starting some conversations about any fears or worries they may have.

Thanks to NetGalley and words&pictures for the preview copy from which I’ve selected a few illustrations.
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I haven't read A Little Bit Different, but I don't think it would have improved my experience with A Little Bit of Courage. I know it's a children's book, so I understand the simplicity, but I also think it would have been beneficial to know what exactly a Ploofer is. A little background and some character development would've added more to this story, but sadly it's flat and altogether uninteresting. My girls stopped paying attention after just a few pages.

I also didn't understand why the main Ploofer was called "Little One," since they're all the same shape and size (with one exception, which also wasn't explained). Additionally, if the Ploofer didn't want to shoof, it shouldn't have had to. I understand this book is about courage and overcoming fears, but sometimes it's okay to not participate in what everyone else is doing. I just don't think the message was portrayed in the best way, especially for young children.

The synopsis mentioned celebrating differences, but the Ploofers didn't accept Little One's differences. They wanted them to join everyone else and do what they were doing. Additionally, I have no idea what extra teamwork was involved, since everyone just seemed to shoof on their own (I feel ridiculous using this book's terminology). A "subtle yet powerful message on overcoming anxiety and finding the courage to live life to its fullest," is also inaccurate. I have no idea how anyone is supposed to resonate with this book.

The writing wasn't great. The storytelling wasn't great. The illustrations weren't great. Overall, a very meh book. (★★☆☆☆)

Disclaimer: I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. My thoughts and opinions are my own. Any quotes I use are from an unpublished copy and may not reflect the finished product.

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The Ploofers are back! I absolutely adored the first book - it is still my favourite, and this makes a great little companion. Heartwarming and sweet with another good message. I love the use of greys with the pops of colour. Kids should definitely meet The Ploofers - they are a hoot!
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Trying new things can be scary, and Little One is no exception to feeling the fear of trying something new. Family and friends are there to help them, though, and once they try the new activity, they realize that they enjoy it. Claire Alexander’s A Little Bit of Courage features simple and sweet illustrations which will appeal to a toddler audience.
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This is an excellent book about courage that teaches children how to be brave in small steps. Sometimes well-meaning adults are too pushy and it makes children feel even worse, so there are lessons for all ages in here. Trying something new is a rewarding goal to work toward and I think this will help a lot of kids do just that.
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*received for free from netgalley for honest review* kinda weird but pretty cute, would be good to read with other books about courage
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This is a sweet and encouraging little book. The illustrations are beautiful and engaging. This will be a lovely book for any child, helping them to define and understand courage.

The publisher made a copy of this book available for review via Netgalley, This is my honest review.
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Cute book about finding courage when you are scared about the unknown. Perfect for toddlers. Quick read.
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I received an electronic ARC from Quarto Publishing Group – Frances Lincoln Children's Books through NetGalley.
The Ploofers return for another adventure. Now that they can Shoof!, they decide to go flying. All of them except the littlest one join together and start to soar. The little one is scared to fly so stays behind. He meets someone who encourages him to be brave and together they start flying too.
Lovely story about facing fear and finding courage. Alexander encourages readers to take small steps toward being brave and keep going. The illustrations capture the joy and fears in the character expressions. The soft colored rainbow clouds support the nurturing message in the text.
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"No! I'm scared!"
"It's alright."

"Let's try again."

An adorable, colorful tale of a little ploofer learning to be brave. I appreciate the wisdom of acknowledging fear as real--instead of saying "you're fine," saying it's okay to be scared. 

A whimsical, wholly-original story, one where you smile at its simplicity and imagination. Highly recommended.
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This is a beautiful little book, with cute characters.  My daughter and I loved the story of the ploofers and how they helped the little one be brave and have courage when he was scared to fly with them.  The illustrations are beautiful and colourful and the book has simple text that little children will understand.

Many thanks to the author, publisher and Net Galley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Visually adorable but the story itself feels rushed. For a book about facing your fears and finding courage, I’d like to see a bit more depth. It just doesn’t feel like there’s enough here to encourage kids to face their own fears.
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I received this book for free for an honest review from netgalley

This was such a sweet loving book that both my boys enjoyed and the pictures were awesome
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As a mom and a teacher, I think this is a great book!  The message is simple- it’s okay to be scared and your family and friends are there to encourage you.  The whimsical illustrations are engaging!  The simple text is easy to follow and will allow for meaningful conversations at home or in school.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author and Quarto Publishing Group through NetGalley.  The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.
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