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This well-written book overall is a good idea for a story might not be the type of book I read all the time it is worth reading. If you enjoy crime stories this is an interesting read. Once you start reading it gets your attention and continues throughout. The writer has done a wonderful job with description letting readers know about ship life bringing us along to different countries and on the ship helping us learn about how it is there. He does all this while also creating an interesting and thrilling story with intertwining storylines. It is a book that keeps you thinking. He knows how to keep you engaged in the story while sometimes you might find yourself wanting to know more about the story and less about some of the characters. This does not mean the characters aren’t interesting and many of the details are needed, yet become overwhelming in places. There are just times the story might be a little overshadowed.
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I'm not sure where any of the bad reviews are coming from here. This was an easy 5 stars from me
Excellently constructed with great characterization and a superb, thrilling plot.
Genuinely struggled to put it down.
Will eagerly await the next one from this author.
Many thanks
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Sebastian McKenzie is a pianist on board a luxury liner.
Max Cutler is a secret services agent who is at present tracking a counterfeiting gang in Germany where Josef Werner has a key part.

I found it difficult to keep up with the story as it jumped from one character to another and different timelines without warning.
The characters and story seemed promising to start with but as I got further into the book I found them annoying and very unbelievable.
Sadly I didn't complete the book.

Thank you NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this book. xxx
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My thanks to NetGalley and publisher Loudhailer Books for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Not really what I was expecting. I found the narrative a little slow and confusing. Sorry I gave up halfway through.
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This was a entertaining read.  The story is mostly told through the viewpoint of three main characters, a secret service agent, a counterfeiter and a serial killer, the plot is helped a lot by viewpoints from other characters some of whom get elevated to not-quite-a main character and others just have the one appearance.  

Our secret service agent - Max, is hot on the heels of capturing Werner a serious criminal who is bent on destabilising the American economy by flooding it with counterfeit bills, when he (Max) learns that his sister has gone missing.  Without a body and no information on what happened, Max decides to set up an agency to investigate unexplained incidents where people have gone missing at sea which coincidentally puts him and his new agency onto the trail of a serial killer.  Max and his team have to pull together the threads of all their investigations and one by one, have the perps brought to justice... 

I enjoyed the story, I think if you could imagine the merging of the Bourne movies with a season of Criminal Minds, it should give you an idea of how things go down, as well as if this could be something you would also enjoy.  

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for a free copy of Tidal Rage in return for a honest review.
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I was hoping for a good thriller to get my teeth into, but unfortunately, for me, this wasn't it.
The story starts aboard a cruise ship where a murder takes place. On this ship is the very talented Sebastian plays piano and entertains. It does seem that on every ship Sebastian is on, a disappearane or murder occurs. Josef is an escaped ex con now living the high life in a luxurious house.
Max is an up and coming secret service agent who seems to be doing a surveillance on Josef.
The story ties them together when Max's sister goes missing on a cruise.
For me, this story did not flow well and I couldn't really get into the plot, but I do appreciate receiving an ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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The main plot is based on a serial killer working as a pianist on board a number of international cruise ships. There is also an exciting secondary, intertwined plot that runs throughout the book. The key protagonist is an ex-US Secret Service agent who wants resolution and retribution for the death of his sister.
This isn't the genre of book that I would normally read, and I was a bit hesitant about starting it. However, after reading the first chapter I was totally hooked and couldn't stop reading it. 
Mysterious deaths or disappearances on a cruise ship open up many intriguing possibilities. The cruise companies naturally try to downplay or hide any serious incident. In international waters, no police force would have full jurisdiction over the case and often cannot be bothered to investigate. The killer can also stop off at various spots on the route of a cruise ship to kill and return to the liner before the bodies are found. Perhaps a cruise ship is the right environment for a perfect crime. 
I loved the author's attention to detail in describing the various places the characters visited. Also, being a military buff, - the details of the types of weapon systems used.
The plot and overall pace of Tidal Rage were so enthralling, I believe that it would make an amazing action movie.
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The basic premise of the book is that the protagonist Max Cutler is hunting for the murderer of his sister who disappeared on a cruise, he is joined in his efforts by various people he met whilst working for the secret service. Max has siphoned off some cash that belonged to a criminal gang he was hunting and has set up an organisation to look into missing people.

On the whole, it wasn't a bad book, but I found the writing didn't always flow that well and some of the conversations were quite stilted. 

There were two separate threads to the book and everything was neatly wrapped up at the end, possibly a little too contrived?

I thought Max Cutler was very Jack Reacher/James Bond and didn't really gel with his character, the way the book was written I expect it to become a series.

A couple of typos in the last 25% of the book, which was annoying,.

Was an OK read
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This is an awesomely intriguing and scary book. Look over your shoulder, constantly. You don't know who's watching you, waiting to kill you!
Exquisite chills! Definitely recommend.
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Something that promised so much did not deliver. I was looking forward to fast-paced high seas thriller, but found a story that wants to be a hard boiler but doesn't quite get there.

White-blue-red American boy, hare-lipped born monster slash pianist prodigy, secret agents, beautiful girls, conspiracies and organised crime... It might have been suspenseful, mysterious and fun. But... It was too descriptive, step-by-step, word for word narrative of the old radio serials. I found this too off putting.

Overall, I failed to follow the story as it kept jumping between places, characters and even timelines. I failed to get on with characters as I found them flat and over the top (either too bad or too good to be real and interesting)..

I believe this book has its readers but it is not me.
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A complex novel. The author has a very clever mind. This is the first book I have read by this author and will now search out other books! ⭐️⭐️⭐️
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My thanks to NetGalley and publisher Loudhailer Books for the electronic copy.

I didn't really enjoy this book at all.  The jumps between timelines - between Sebastian McKenzie and Max Cutler's lives were really difficult to follow;  you're reading about Sebastian, his childhood and his obsessions, then interrupted to read about a talented Secret Service agent-in-the-making, Max Cutler, and all the attendant boring detail of what his training consisted of; then his assignment in Europe tracking a counterfeiting gang.  Meanwhile years are passing whilst Sebastian is perfecting his art of killing, torturing, with horrific and seemingly gratuitous violence, his chosen victims, as he cruises the high seas as a talented pianist.

Their paths eventually cross but I found it all rather "contrived".  The writing really didn't "flow".

Not for me I'm afraid.
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So I have decided from now on I will not cruise alone and stay away from the musicians after reading this book. The things this guy gets away with are beyond and it’s scary to think you can be lost at sea and maybe no one will ever know what happened. This is an exciting read about a serial killer with a strange obsession (other than murder) and the complex team of characters who get involved in his story. It’s gripping and has the makings of a really dark tv series but no idea who they would get to play the lead.
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The book starts of like a Dickens novel  set in Bangkok. At first I felt sympathy for Sebastian but that all changed as the full breath of his evil was elicited in fantastic detail  through the chapters
After reading this novel I did some research on the subject of lost lives on cruise ships, the author has hit the nail on the head. There are numerous  cases of people going missing in unusual and suspicious circumstances and as the crime scene is the ocean, there are no forensics, and only if a body turns up (which is seldom) is it investigated
How clever to create and agency MIDAS to investigate missing persons at sea. 
I liked the in-depth analysis , I detest having to fill in the spaces and this author leaves nothing to chance
My favourite character is Tuck, wouldn't like him for an enemy. Stahmer is the intellectual, Ghislaine the Arab beauty and Cutler the hero. 
Great book, highly recommend and I am waiting for the next Max Cutler adventure.
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This book has it all. A bent secret service agent's sister dies on a cruise and it is labelled as suicide. He knows better and he decides to take the case using money from dodgy dealings to investigate,

Sebastian is a incredible pianist working on the ship, a child born addicted to heroin, with a penchant for murder, which has led him to cruise ships, the perfect situation and amount of people to hide in plain sight and kill a few off.

This book is such a thrilling promise but suffers with an inordinate amount of detail. There is nothing the author will not explain down to the smallest intracacies that have no plot furthering point.

A good read and great if you enjoy extreme detail
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This fast-paced story revolves around Sebastian, Jozef and Max, three men with very different backgrounds whose lives come together in an unexpected way.
The good points of this book are that the story is good; a serial killer that plays the piano beautifully, a criminal and an ex-Secret Service agent - lots of international crime but also interesting characters. The author is also very good in describing different countries, cities, places, history, science, psychology and more.
And there is where things go wrong: there is Too Much Information. Literally every paragraph is filled with extra information we often don't need.
The book begins with a short and very thrilling chapter. But before we are back to this situation, we are more than halfway in the book. In the mean time we read how Sebastian came into this world and exactly why he is who he is, but we are a whole lot wiser about Bavarian woods, the art of counterfeiting, and much, much more. We read about Sebastians cabin boy on one of the ships where he works as an entertainer- the author takes a couple of pages to introduce him and tell about his background and his life. And then this parts ends with the death of this person. It's going nowhere - the cabin boy plays no further role and is not interesting.
And this goes on and on.
Then suddenly we again read some very good and interesting parts and you get the feeling we are back on track with the story. But no, alas.

I would love to read more of this author but I hope he'll find a good editor to help him to get rid of so many irrelevant details.

Thanks to Netgalley and Loudhailer books for this digital review copy.
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‘No day is a good day to die...’

Sebastian McKenzie is a brilliant pianist, working as an entertainer on some of the world’s leading cruise liners. Josef Werner is a criminal, a key part of a European counterfeiting ring. Max Cutler is a member of America’s Secret Service, working on breaking up the counterfeiting ring Josef Werner is part of. When Max’s young sister Elisa goes missing from a cruise ship off Alaska, his life changes forever. He is determined to find out what happened to Elisa, and it just so happens that after leaving the Secret Service, he has access to the financial means to do so.

After learning about Sebastian’s disadvantaged birth and past, we quickly learn that he is a murderer with a fetish. And what better place to murder than on an ocean liner where the evidence can be (comparatively easily) disposed of?

Josef Werner, with the help of a corrupt politician, manages to escape custody. He establishes a new base in Turkey and is after revenge.

And Max Cutler? He is determined to use his skills and contacts to finish off the counterfeiting ring and to find out what happened to Elisa.

All these strands are brought together in a fairly satisfying conclusion, but Mr Evans’s inclusion of excessive detail (at times) reduces the tension in what should be a gripping read.  While I enjoyed the novel, I believe that a good story could have been even better with some judicious editing. 

Note: My thanks to NetGalley and Loudhailer Books for providing me with a free electronic copy of this book for review purposes. 

Jennifer Cameron-Smith
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Having a cruise ship where people either get killed or go missing is not something that the operators want to talk about. However, in “Tidal Rage” by David Evans, it is something that comes into stark reality.  People are going missing.

It seems likely to be up to Max Cutler, a former law enforcement agent, to solve.  One previous case seems to come back to haunt him from time to time and plays a role in the missing/murdered persons one.  While tying these two storylines together, the author does a masterful job of keeping the suspense going. 

Cutler has a personal stake in solving this case as his young sister disappears on an Alaskan cruise with their parents.   His previous case has a way of popping up at inopportune times, thus complicating his personal interest.

Cruise ship, onboard musicians, lackadaisical ship’s officers, lack of evidence, involvement by outside bad guys are all part of the plot that Agent Cutler and his gang of well-trained investigators and agents must solve. The story is wide-ranging and moves from the US to Europe and onto various oceans.

The climax has some unexpected twists and is almost guaranteed to keep the reader’s attention to the very end.  A most enjoyable read.
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Very good novelist. Exciting, engrossing, page turner. Keeps you involved even if you know it's fiction. A little bit flowery and a little bit atmospheric but tolerable.
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Tidal Rage is a complex novel involving a serial murderer, a counterfeiting ring, and caught between them a crooked Secret Service agent. The killer is Sebastian, a mixed breed child who is unattractive and has a horrific fetish involving hair. If you can get past this disgust, then you focus on the counterfeiters and the Secret Service agent, handsome Max Cutler. But, for me, focus is an aloof concept given the author's penchant for detail. There is not a detail that he doesn't expound upon, and it seriously interfered with my enjoyment of the story. Ultimately it all comes together, but it was a struggle to get there.
Thanks, NetGalley, for the ARC.
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