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Disgraced : Russian Mafia Romance

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A great Mafia book! Action, steamy scenes, arranged marriages, pregnancy, and many more us a woman to top it off..
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I have read the previous two books in the series so I was excited to read the final book. However, this read ended up disappointing me. It was the exact same plot (or VERY similar) as the other books. I felt like the virgin girl meets the bad boy Russian with the heart of gold trope was overused. I also did not want to see the instalove that was in the other books, but that is also in this book as well. For me, there were no surprises and I felt the book was too predictable.
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“I can’t loose Scarlett. She was my sun and mood, my entire life. Life without her wasn’t worth living.”

Disgraced by Eva Winners is the third book in the Russian Sinners series.  You do not have to read the other books in the series to enjoy this book.  After Sergei was scorned by a woman he thought would be his wife, he was broken and sad.  Then he found an opportunity to have an arranged marriage with a girl, who didn’t even know he existed.  He agreed to wait until Scarlett was older and then they would marry.  Scarlett knows she is promised to another, but she hopes to fall in love on her own, and not be forced into an arranged marriage.  When Sergei finds her on a trip to Russia and sweeps her off her feet, he does not let her know that he is the man she is intended to marry.  And when he finds out her life is in endanger he has her kidnapped and taken to one of his homes so he can take care of the threat.  Will she forgive him for the lies once she learns who he really is?

This was book was sweet in some ways.  Maybe a little too sweet to be honest.  I liked the relationships with Sergei and his brothers the most.  They have seen each other through a lot, but the stuff with Scarlett and him was a little too syrupy for my tastes, and not original really.  I give this one 3 stars.

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Disgraced by Eva Winners is book Three in the Russian Sinners Series.  This is the story of Scarlett and Sergei. I have enjoyed the past books but I did feel this could be a standalone book. Scarlett learned with she was around 17 that her father had promised her to someone to marry but she of course didn't want that then nor now in her present day. Sergei has not had a easy time of it growing up but has become a very rich and powerful man now but he does have some issue from an ex-girlfriend who was looking for the next big and powerful thing.  This has left him not to trust even more.  In their present day Scarlett and her friends are out for one last enjoyment before starting their lives when she bumps into Sergei.  Sergei doesn't come clean about who he really is but there attraction is instant.  Really enjoyed this book and this series.
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Eva Winners is one of my top favorite authors.  This Russian Mafia series has knocked it out of the park.  Suspense, mafia, and romance create a book that you just can't put down.
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I enjoyed this book! I got into it quickly and loved the quick evolution of Scarlet and Sergei’s relationship. I didn’t realize this was the third book in a series so was initially confused about how quickly the other relationships of her friends and his brothers developed. Completely makes sense from this perspective! I do think it went a little long in the last third of the book and the miscommunication trope makes me shake my fist angrily at the sky but overall enjoyable!
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Great book with a lot of suspense and stimulating sexiness. Loved the dynamics between the characters and the overall story. Recommended summer read!!
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Disgraced is the third instalment of the Russian Sinners by Eva Winters. This time the story focuses on Sergei and Scarlett. Scarlett is on vacation in Russia with her girlfriends when she bumps into Sergei and they start an impassioned holiday romance. But everything is not what it seems, as Scarlett has been betrothed to Sergei for many years through a deal with her Irish mafia father. But before Sergei can tell her the truth, both of their lives blow up and a series of event happens which puts both of them in the face of danger, but especially Scarlett.

This was a fast-paced book with a lot going on and even though it is a standalone, it would probably help to read the previous two books so that you know who all of the players are. I really liked reading about Sergei and although I many not have agreed with why he kept secrets, but I kind of understood. He has a vulnerability to him as well as a craziness that makes you want to know more about him and when he tells Scarlett about his past, just beautiful. Scarlett is very much suited to him! She is a strong woman, and she needs to be, being literally shoved into a life that she was hoping to escape. She is brave, determined and really does love Sergei and that can be seen with each chapter you read.

It has lots of action, family moments, passion between all characters and overall is a good mafia read! 

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The third and final book in the series not only gave us all the answers and more. It was Sergei and Scarlett’s story and what a love story - of course not without its ups and downs between those two. With Scarlett’s best friends finding the love of their life, Scarlett felt doomed to her fate of an arranged marriage. But one had to wonder if staying with Sergei was a better fate than what lay ahead for her. 
Absolutely the best ending and can’t wait to see what is in store for us next from Ms. Winners.
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DISGRACED by Eva Winners is the third book of the Russian Sinners Trilogy focusing on Sergi and Scarlett story. The series features three "brothers" who become family after meeting in a Russian orphanage and three girlfriends on one last girl's trip. 

Having never read any of the first two books there was a worry of not picking up all the details that most authors can carry over from one book to the next.  This was not the case with this book. The author does a good job of catching the reader up on all the important details leading to Zergi and Scarlett's story.  With that said I do think the series should be read in order so that as a reader the enjoyment of this story is increased by tenfold.
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This was a great conclusion to this trilogy and I enjoyed it the entire way through! The emotional baggage that poor man carried through his entire life was monumental and I felt for him, though I wanted to smack him for making silly decisions at the same time. He found the perfect woman for him though and I'm glad she found happiness with him rather than disliking her arranged marriage as she feared. The closure from finally seeing their enemies vanquished is sure to make the future brighter for all three men. #netgalley #disgraced
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A hot and steamy love romance. This books was an easy read. The character are wonderful, two strong hotheaddes people who have to learn how to accept loving eachother
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Sergei and Scarlett’s story is the third and final book in the series. This is the only one of the three I felt like the storyline became repetitious and I wanted to get away from the same timeline. Although from a different point of view, the rehash gave me some fatigue. 

Sergei was heavily featured in the first book and with Anastasia’s kidnapping. Having his point of view helped to clear up how he could kidnap Anastasia. Right off the bat we learn Sergei is who Scarlett’s father has arranged for her to marry. There’s another connection revealed between Sergei and Anastasia. I loved that particular development but felt cheated not getting some quality time between the two. 

I didn’t really click with either character which kept me detached. I kept thinking they were more 18 years old than mid-30s/20s. The big scene at the end was just a little too off, awkward, uncomfortable. I’m not sure but it didn’t work for me. 

The ending was a bit cheesy for me. All three get married at the same ceremony and they’re all pregnant. On the other hand it’s a nice idea to bring them all back together for a picture perfect HEA for the three “brothers” and three “sisters.”

I really liked Michail and his relationship with Sergei. It looks like we’ll have a book or more for him and his brothers. 

I also like Scarlett’s Boston mob family. For two books I’ve been thinking they’re horrible to force her into an arranged marriage. Instead, they’re a loving and protective family… and she has brothers who need books. 

Although this wasn’t my favorite, I do think it’s worth reading if you’ve already read the first two books. It answers lingering questions, adds a few surprises, and wraps up everyone’s HEA with a bow on top. Or at least a wedding cake topper. For all three of them.
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I am so happy this book is finally out!!! We got hints of Sergei and Scarlett's relationship throughout the other two books. I really enjoyed how we go back to the start of their relationship rather than picking up where book 2 left off.
Scarlett is put into an arranged marriage at a young age but has to wait until she is 25 for the wedding to take place. Before she gets married, her and her 2 best friends decide to take a summer vacation around Europe. In Russia she meets Sergei and instantly feels an attraction. Any free time she has on the trip she decides to spend with Sergei even though she knows that once the trip is over she will be forced into a marriage. Sergei has been trying to stop the human trafficking that his ex and her new husband are doing. One day he meets Scarlett and just knows that he can not stay away from her.
I really was not expecting a lot of the things that happened in this book. and I'm glad we got to see what was going on behind the scenes with Scarlett during the other 2 books.
I was really hoping for more in the epilogue since this was at the end of the series. Very glad we got know that a triple wedding is happening. I was hoping to hear more about the babies being born and stuff like that. Very sad to see that this series is over but can not wait for more by Eva Winners!!
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I don’t usually delve into mafia romance but this was a fun, action packed, crazy ride! 
The story starts with a bang and never looses momentum. Each chapter had something exciting. 
I liked the relationships between the characters. The brothers felt like they had a genuine sibling relationship and the romance was done really well. 
I will definitely have to go back and read the first two books in this series (although I was able to read this as a standalone just fine)
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This has been an excellent series and I wish there was more.
The brothers have had me totally addicted to their lives and escapades.
From Russia to The USA these boys have protected and fought for the women they love.
Brilliant and enjoyable reading 

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Wow so sorry to see this series end! Hopefully Michail will get a series?! Hint hint!! Lol This book was awesome!! This turned out to be one of my absolute top favorite series this year!! This book had suspense, intrigue, action, and blood shed ! I still think book one was my favorite but all of these books are really really good! I highly recommend this book and series! They're well worth reading! Definitely my favorite mafia series yet! Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for sharing this book with me!  A big thank you to one of my new top favorite authors! Eva Winners! Thank you for your wonderful words!
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This book fell pretty flat for me. I couldn’t connect with any of the characters and they both kept making pretty stupid decisions. The beginning of the story was a little disjointed and I didn’t really care about the hero’s backstory. I didn’t really feel any chemistry between the Hero and heroine and I found the plot to be a little messy.  Overall did not really enjoy this read.
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