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A Corruption of Blood

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Thanks to the publishers, author and Netgalley for an Advance Reader  Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

In this 3rd book in the series, Raven and Sarah use their incredible skills and intelligence to uncover the murder of a prominent society member and uncover an evil and immoral criminal enterprise, all the while trying to define what they mean to each other.

I have read all the books in the series and they keep getting better and better.  The combination of excellent writing, brilliant plot and keen historical detail make these books some of my favourites.  I always look forward to reading them and relish every word.  

All I can say is, please let there be more!
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I enjoyed this latest book in the series.  The characters are great and I really enjoyed seeing what happens to them in this book.  I wanted a faster pace for this one but I did enjoy the plot twists.
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1850 On walking back from a delivery in the Port of Leith, someone discovers the body of a baby in the River Forth. Dr Will Raven becomes interested in the case. Meanwhile Sarah Fisher has returned to Dr Simpson's home only to become involved in the disappearance of a maid's baby. Also Dr Will Raven is ask to help prove the innocence of a murder suspect, but it is someone he dislikes.
A slow paced Victorican mystery, well-written and entertaining with its likeable characters. Another good addition to the series which can easily be read as a standalone story.
An ARC was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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I enjoyed A Corruption of Blood. I did not realize that there were earlier books in the series but will definitely be reading them. Dr. Will Raven is there when a baby is pulled out of the local river. How did it get there? In the meantime a prominent gentleman is murdered and his son accused. At the behest of a mutual friend, Will investigates despite his longtime enmity with the suspect. The character are fascinating, no one perfect but all striving to be better and help those less fortunate. I have to admit it took me a while to discover the culprit and the way the two different storylines wove together was extremely well done! I was truly invested in the characters by the end and look forward to seeing what happens next! Thank you to #NetGalley for the opportunity to read an advance copy of #ACorruptionofBlood.
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Part of a series this is the next story in the lives of Dr Will Raven and Sarah Fisher in Victorian Edinburgh. Sarah is fighting to be able to join medicine as a women. Her journey to follow this chance leaves Will behind with both not sure of their relationship. Will’s find of a package found in the river leads to old adversaries and a mystery that will entwin with Sarah’s promise to find a lost child. A well paced mystery with the welcome return of regular characters from previous books. I was given an arc of this book by Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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Ambrose Parry, the writing duo, has done it again. I enjoyed revisiting Victorian Edinburgh and the characters I've grown to love (Raven, Fisher, and Simpson). If you've read the first two novels in this series, you won't be disappointed by this third installment. Filled with fun plot twists, an interesting mystery, and a satisfying conclusion, this medical thriller is sure to grip you until the end.
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A very enjoyable third installment of this series. The two main characters are excellent as are the many peripheral characters in the household. Time and place are very nicely evoked. Writing is very good and the plot was very clever. A pleasure to read.
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My thanks to NetGalley and Canongate Books for the privilege of reading the ARC in return for an honest review. This is the third atmospheric novel that transports the reader to the mid-1800s of Edinburgh. A Corruption of Blood continues the brilliant, well-researched series that immerses the reader in the legal and medical aspects of the era and the deep divisions in the social fabric. The characters. both fictional and historical, seem very authentic to their time and place. It explores the challenges of the impoverished and privileged within a well-constructed, twisty mystery.

 This novel continues the story of the recurring characters of Dr. Will Raven and Sarah Fisher. They work from the home of the eminent Dr. James Simpson. He is a real-life doctor renowned for pioneering chloroform. Sarah has travelled in Europe to meet Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell, one of the first qualified women doctors. Sarah has been well aware of the impediments she faces in her ambition to become a medical doctor in the male-dominated profession. She returns to Edinburgh, downhearted and discouraged. Her goal seems to be impossibly blocked and unattainable.

 Raven has just attended the difficult delivery of twins and is present at the discovery of a dead infant, murdered and discarded in the river. During Sarah's absence, Raven has formed a romantic relationship with Eugenie, daughter of a leading physician, Dr. Cameron Todd. They are contemplating marriage.  Eugenie pleads with Raven to investigate the death of the powerful and corrupt Sir Ainsley Douglas and prove that her old friend, Gideon, the son and heir of Douglas, is innocent of the murder. He has been charged and will probably hang for the crime. Raven detests the dissolute, arrogant, and idle Gideon from past associations but feels compelled to follow Eugenie's wishes.

 Sarah is jealous of Raven's new romantic interest, which adds to her disillusionment of becoming a practicing doctor. A request from a maid sets her on the path of discovering a 'baby farm'. Unmarried girls and impoverished parents believed they were ensuring a bright future for their babies by paying a woman to find good homes for them. Some of the babies were, in turn, sold to unknown homes, but many died from neglect or were killed.

 Because of his dislike for Gideon, Raven believes he must be guilty of his father's death in his greed and haste for his inheritance. The legal term 'Corruption of Blood' is explained. Forfeiting the estate and wealth coming to him, the heir would become his sister's young son. Raven needs Sarah to help in his investigation. He finds Gideon's father was much despised. Were there other suspects for the murder? Slowly, the links between their cases are found to have some connection. They uncover a tangled web of deceit, murder and corruption. 

 The conclusion was disappointing for me, but I believe was true to its place and times. Recommended for readers who enjoy historical fiction based on research and fact, memorable characters, medical history, and a well-plotted complex mystery.
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This is the third book featuring Dr Wilberforce (Will) Raven, Sarah Fisher and Dr James Simpson as the main characters.  Though I think this book could be read as a standalone, reading the previous two provides back story on the characters and motives.  Dr Raven had just attended to the birth of twins and while on his way home notices a gathering of people removing a package from the water nearby.  He gets involved and opens the package to find a deceased baby inside.  A gruesome start to say the least.  In flashbacks we find out that Sarah had travelled to various parts of Europe, Paris in particular, in an effort to meet her inspiration for aspiring to become a doctor, Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman to become a Doctor.  Sarah returns to Edinburgh disenchanted after Dr Blackwell reveals that Sarah would have to become knowledgeable in a number of subjects she believes are beyond her reach.  Dr Raven and Sarah are friends, though they have previously been close, and that closeness lingers between them.  Dr Raven has met a woman, Eugenie Todd, the daughter of another Doctor, whom he becomes attracted to, they start to meet clandestinely. After a large party to announce to upcoming nuptials of  an acquaintance to Dr Simpson,  that Dr Raven and Sarah also attend, Sir Ainsley Douglas is found deceased.  It was determined that arsenic was in his stomach and his son is arrested for his murder.  His son then requests Dr Raven to investigate, he claims he is innocent.  Dr Raven and Sarah investigate and the clues they find during their investigations are revealed, some of which are red herrings, others put them in danger.  This was a very good story and I highly recommend it and the first two.  Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the ARC.
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A fantastic novel set in Victoran times in Edinburgh , which features Raven as a main character. That the characters are well drawn becomes apparent early on in the book. A terrific read, which is highly recommended. Thank you to netgalley and the publishers for giving me an advance copy of this book.
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