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In The Summoning, Kit is a fraud. 

Kit’s tale is tragic. Her husband is missing after 9/11. Her teenage daughter has been in a coma for three years. As an aspiring, rather than working, actor, Kit is barely covering her bills by pretending to be a medium. The NYC police are trying to make a case against her. But now, Kit has a more difficult issue. It seems that real dead people are interrupting her fraudulent seances. Could Kit really be psychic? Or is she just becoming schizophrenic like her mother?

I was swept from emotion to emotion by this powerful book. I was invested in Kit and sorry to have the book end. The Summoning is one of those books that I will remember for days, if not years. 5 stars and a favorite!

Thanks to Poisoned Pen Press and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.
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Kit Capriol lost her husband when the North Tower went down on 9/11. Over the years she has scraped by as an actress, barely supporting herself and her daughter. But now her daughter, Zoey, is in the hospital, bills are due, and the acting work has dried up. Becoming a medium is almost too easy for someone used to pretending for a living. Kit scans memorials published in the New York Times looking for individuals who call to her. It’s a simple thing to look up a name and phone number, to reach out to surviving family members who still might be yearning for connection with their lost loved one. She wants to offer her assistance. In the past it has always been easy , but now the seances Kit holds in her apartment are starting to feel unsettlingly real. 

I love when mystery books succeed in incorporating a paranormal aspect into their storyline and that’s exactly what THE SUMMONING accomplished. This is a slow burn surrounding the life of our main character, Kit, and the odd happenings that occur during her seances. She has started to hear voices and visualize the final moments of those she is trying to commune with. These seances aren’t cheesy or unrealistic, which is sometimes how paranormal elements can come off when not done right. 

What I loved most about this book was the way the paranormal aspect aids in driving the story forward. There’s a lot going on in Kit’s life and at first it wasn’t clear how everything would connect, but I really enjoyed the way Smith tied everything together. THE SUMMONING would make an excellent addition to any spooky season TBR!

A huge thank you to Poisoned Pen Press for my gifted copy!
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For someone whose dad was involved with 9/11 as a firefighter, this book might have been a little much. And that's on me. The writing was good = no complaints there. I just couldn't finish it because of how it was triggering my anxiety. I have only good things to say about this book, even though it wasn't meant for me!
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This was an interesting take on psychic mediums. At times I questioned the protagonist's mindset but in the next chapter I was questioning the antagonist's. Constant flip-flopping of who is reliable. It was a fun book to read and wasn't what I was expecting at all -- in a good way!
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I'm not quite sure what I just read. The premise and title of this book sound so spooky and intriguing, I expected creepiness, atmosphere and a dark slow burn. But, this was just bad, I'm sorry to report. There was no coherent plot, the characters were two dimensional at best and the writing felt wooden and stilted. Poor, unrealistic dialogue, strands of storylines floundering desperately without any sort of tether. There may be an audience out there for this, but I didn't connect with it at all.
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The Summoning, J. P. Smith 
Pub date: Sept 7/21

Kit is a widowed actress and single mother barely making it through each day. After her husbands death in she has struggled to make sense of her world. Her acting career is in the toilet. And, her daughter is in a coma from hitting her head moments after witnessing a woman falling to her death at the subway. 

With mounting medical bills and no bookings , to survive, Kit puts her acting skills to work as a psychic medium. Researching daily obituaries and profiles then offering her services to summon the dead.  

It’s all an act - until it isn’t. 

While I figured out the main plot-line bits and underlying elements, I still enjoyed the ride. For me, that’s really key.  

Even if I have an inkling, can the storyline and characters still hold my interest until the final pages? 

The answer - yes. 

In The Summoning, J P Smith did a great job of keeping you engaged, even when the characters were rather unlikable. I really wanted to see just how it all fell into place. The Summoning had just the right tension and complementing atmospheric backdrop to come to life. 

Breakout your Ouiji boards, candles and feathers for this fall thriller out on Sept 7/21! 

My thanks to @netgalley and @poisonedpenpress
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Thank you #netgalley and @poisonedpenpress for this gifted ARC in exchange for an honest review!

I really enjoyed this one! Its the perfect book to start off the spooky season. I really urge you to pick this up if you’re into ghosts and mediums. 

This is the story of Kit, an actress and widow who struggles to make ends meet, after her husband was tragically killed in the 9/11 attack. 
To be able to pay her daughter’s hospital bills, she resorts to her acting skills to contact the dead and bring some peace to the people who have lost their loved ones. Until one night the hoax becomes reality and she no longer seems to be alone in her apartment. 

The atmosphere was superb and the mystery surrounding Kit’s new love interest was very intriguing. 

I had a couple of issues with the writing which was a little confusing at times, especially at the beginning of the book. I also felt that the end was a little rushed leaving us with some loose ends that could have been further explored. 
But I loved the idea of this book being a sucker for anything involving mediums….and the scary moments during the night, when Kit would suddenly wake up, were priceless.
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Great twist on a typical ghost/seance story. Full of creepy bumps in the night and the ever present unreliable narrator. The MC was well written and very flawed. 

Kit Capriole has lost everything and she’s desperate for money. She puts her actions skills to use and works as a medium helping others find closure. Even though what she does is morally questionable, I still felt for her and loved her character. 

I was a little ambiguous about the character of Dave. I didn’t like him right away and wasn’t sure what his role would be. 

The overall narrative was really engaging. I read this in only a few days because I wanted to know what would happen to Kit and Zoe. I also found the side characters to be written really well. The various clients who came for readings. 

Well written, full of surprises and a lovely main character.
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I had no idea what to expect for a book categorized as a mystery and involving 9/11 in some way. But I was really sucked in by Kit, this story, and J.P. Smith’s writing style. ⁣ Kit should not have been likable but I was still drawn to her and her story. I was kind of worried going into this book that it would be disrespectful to 9/11 and those who died and their families, but my fears were quickly alleviated. This book simply tells a fictional story of a 9/11 widow who can possibly converse with the dead. 
It was my first book by the author and I really enjoyed the paranormal touch that this slow-burn kept increasing. 𝘛𝘩𝘦 𝘚𝘶𝘮𝘮𝘰𝘯𝘪𝘯𝘨 will have you turning pages to find out how Kit’s story ends!
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This isn’t at all what I was expecting, but it ended up being even better (and much creepier) than I had hoped. 

There are a lot of thought-provoking parts here, and it would be great for a book club. (I don’t know how I feel about Kit’s seances, for example.) 

This is both good and fun, perfect for this time of year.
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Life has not been kind to Kit Capriol. Her husband died on 9/11, weeks before she discovered she was pregnant with their daughter Zoey. Zoey has been in a coma for the three years since she hit her head in a fall. Kit is an actor and that helps with her second career. She’s a medium. She does thorough research on her subjects, then contacts relatives about a session. She’s careful and intuitive and asks only for “donations”. Still, the police are interested. But then something happens. As the police investigation draws closer and more personal, she starts hearing voices. Voices inside her head. Are they real? What are they trying to tell her?

Breathless. Heart pounding. That’s how reading The Summoning left me. I read it nonstop in one afternoon. You’ll wonder what’s real and what’s not. Who is telling the truth and who isn’t. 5 stars.

Thank you to NetGalley, Poisoned Pen Press and J.P. Smith for this ARC.
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Thank you to Netgalley, the publisher and the author, for an ARC of this book, in exchange for an honest review.
The synopsis of this book sounded intriguing to me so I requested a copy to read.
Unfortunately, I have tried reading this book on 2 separate occasions and during this 2nd attempt, I have
decided to stop reading this book 
and state that this book just wasn't for me.
I wish the author, publisher and all those promoting the book much success and connections with the right readers.
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Wow! What a fun ride this was. I was thinking it was going to be more on the supernatural side of things but once again it really proved what monsters people possess inside them. Kit was so fun to get to know. I even doubted her sometimes. The ending was a nice tie up but also shocking and definitely didn’t see it coming.
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I tried very hard to get into this book.  I tried to both listen to it and read it.  I just could not get at all interested in the characters or the story.  The description got my hopes up and the reality dashed them back down.
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I really enjoyed this short paranormal story. Kit's husband died on 9/11, and she has been struggling with grief ever since. When tragedy strikes again 14 years later, she puts her acting skills to use as a medium in order to make ends meet. Eventually, though, she begins to feel that she may actually be communicating with those who have passed.

I really enjoyed the thriller aspect of this book. I'm often on the fence about paranormal books because I want them to have a real-world explanation (and I'm not saying either way whether this one does). I liked how the mystery played out and was pleased with the ending.

This book was a very quick, creepy read that will definitely make you double-check your locks before bed.
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The way the paranormal was subtle and really nice. It is about an actress trying to survive and get money by doing fake seance talking to the dead for 9/11 family victims until she starts to hear them for real. She is not made to be loved she's interesting to read about, all characters do wrong stuff and are Bad, yes i really liked this. The visitors of Kit, the actress, were also coming with pretty good stories it wasn't boring at all, yes i really liked this
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When I read the description, I thought I would really like this book but when I started reading it, the story kind of let me down. The description got my hopes up but I got a bit let down throughout the book.

I just couldn’t get into the story even though I really wanted to like it. Sadly, this book wasn’t really for  me but I hope this is a book that does interest others. 

~ I received this Advanced Reader’s Copy and this is my honest review ~
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This just didn’t end up being a book that interested me. When I first read the premise, I was very excited and invested, but getting into it made it clear that it just wasn’t for me. Hopefully it works for others out there!
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This is my second book by J.P. Smith. I read The Drowning a few years ago and it was a five star read for me. I loved it so much I immediately requested this one when it became available on NetGalley. Oh, this book was so creepy good, it is a slow burner of a mystery with paranormal undertones. The pacing was perfect to the plot and it was short enough for me to read it in one sitting.

Kit's husband died on 9/11 and soon after she found out she was pregnant. Fast forward fourteen years and Kit's daughter witnesses a woman fall onto the subway tracks. That cause her daughter to faint and hit her head so badly she end up in a coma for three years. Kit is an unemployed actress and can't pay the bills so she resorts to seances to make ends meet and then everything she does starts to unravel before her.

This was a very different thriller and one I enjoyed very much. It is a perfectly spooky read for the upcoming Halloween season. The ending was really good and surprising, I am glad the author did what he did to add a bit of a surprise element...I loved it.
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I went into this book blind. It was about Kit, a medium, who lost her husband in 9/11. Her daughter has been in a coma for 3 years after falling in front of a train. Kit isn’t aware that she is being investigated by the police for being a charlatan. Kit never excepts money on the first visit and only accepts donations after. Kit is an out of work actress and she is indeed a fraud. However, when doing a reading to a client she somehow performs a real summoning and sees a dead child. Now, she isn’t sure which is real life and which is afterlife.  
This book has super short chapters and it’s a very quick read. I was hopeful that this book would be more spooky but it was a solid thriller.
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