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Pigology is a fascinating illustrated reference all about pugs. Included is a huge variety of information about pigs. The illustrations are beautiful and sometimes whimsical. There is a bit of the book that focuses on the consumption of pig as meat, which I found a little offputting as a vegetarian. But I loved learning more about pigs. 

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This book looks like one for children. It´s not for young ones, but rather for those around the age of perhaps 8 to 10 years old, as it contains a lot of text and information. The pictures are sweet and some of the info is interesting, but I was astonished that it was mostly about pigs as suppliers of meat, starting with a sentence that says that every pig will be eaten one day. Besides, if this topic is addressed, the suffering of pigs and other animals could well be included in a way that school children understand.
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Oh my! I couldn't get enough of this book! I loved it and so did my niece who is obsessed with pigs! Growing up around farm animals, I thought I knew all there was to know but this book taught me more. Daisy Bird did an amazing job writing this book and the illustrations by Camilla Pintonato are lovely! I can't wait to purchase a copy for my niece and our library.

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This book is fantastic. Not only does it not water down the facts of pigs, but it showcases all different types of pigs. I love the facts and the artwork. Plus, this children's book didn't talk down to the reader which I appreciated.
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I loved Pigology! This is a book that can easily be called a children's picture book, but older kids will enjoy it, and even so with adults. I found out all kinds of new information about these creatures I have always loved and even wanted as a pet, but as an adult watcher of true crime (this is going to get dark) learn they will Eat ANYTHING. You do with that knowledge what you will. This reminds me of one of my favorite kids books series, The Magic School Bus. This is one that you might quickly read through, but if you really take the time, you can go down a rabbit hole of knowledge and research. I just loved this so much and I cannot wait to buy it in hardback for myself, gifts, and library. I can only hope this is the beginning of a new series! Cowology maybe?

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Recieved ARC from NetGalley. The book has a lot of information on pigs. It was a tough read on a phone. Must have a larger screen or physical copy of book to fully enjoy the information and graphics.

At first I thought the book was for young readers, however it read for an older child. It had lot of information that would be good for any age that has an interest in pigs.
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First of all- the book starts off with pig butts. So, already we are off to a great start.
Second- you really don't know what you don't know about pigs until you read an ultimate encyclopedia of pigs.
The art is adorable- I love this style. Unconventional for an "encyclopedia" which is why its so perfect for a book that teaches evvvvverything about pigs in a very tongue-in-cheek manner. 

The pig facts are all interesting, but the latter half of the book that discusses food and non-food uses of pig parts and then mythology, pop culture, and pig wit- I enjoyed especially.

There was a Gail Gibbons book called The Milk Makers, and it was weirdly one of my favorite books in the world as a kid (who grew up nowhere near a farm) and this really reminded me of that book, so it warmed my heart. I still have that book, the cover is a mess- and I will be picking this one up! Hopefully my kid is as into farm animals as I am.

Chef's kiss! Thanks for the review copy and sneak peek!
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What adorable illustrations by Camilla Pintonato in Daisy Bird's book, Pigology! Readers will learn some very interesting pig facts about everything ranging from pig leg length to number of taste buds to manure produced daily. There are so many other topics also covered in this book in addition to fun facts: pigs' roles in different cultures, pig developmental stages, pigs in mythology and folklore, and even pigs as a food source. 

I could not quite nail down what reader age group the book is targeting. I initially assumed it would be for young children; but, having read the book, I think it might be for older children, instead. I do have to admit, I got uncomfortable reading about the different ways pigs can be used as food alongside so many fun facts about pigs. All in all, it's a very fun book, but I have to say the illustrations steal the show.

Thank you to NetGalley for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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Thank you to NetGalley and Princeton Architectural Press for the advanced e-ARC of this book to review. This is an incredibly informative encyclopedic look at pigs - from their types to their cultural significance and proper care, and food dishes involving pork. I would say that the language used is challenging for the age group this is intended for, but more catered toward younger readers than if a little one picked up a classic adult text. I'd recommend the book more for older kids, especially the kind who love deep-diving into animal books and really fixate on trivia and factoids about their favorites. (I definitely have an animal-obsessed kid in the family who loves the nitty gritty details like this.) That said, the book does go into things like gelatin and leather production and how baby piglets are made, so it's a very advanced overview. I also loved the illustration style and would love to see more art throughout!
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I requested and enjoyed a digital copy of this book from Netgalley.
I would have enjoyed it more in print format. i was not able to appreciate the illustrations.
FULL of impressive facts and trivia, geared toward young children but informative to all ages,  this book is both entertaining and educational.
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Call me bias because of my love of pigs, but I adored this novel! It was beautifully illustrated and contained so many interesting and random facts about pigs that I devoured it in one sitting. The cover drew me in, but the content made me stay. This novel goes into the history of pigs, it gives illustrations and facts about a variety of breed of pigs, the life cycle of pigs, how pig is used in the world (this part made me sad as I do not eat pork), and completely random facts. 

I double checked a few facts in the story and found them to be correct. 

Favorite fact: the biggest pig weighed a ton! Pigs can live to be up to 23 years old! 

Overall, this was a pretty kid friendly text. I showed parts of it to my 10 year old and read some fun facts aloud to my family.
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Pigology is a beautifully illustrated ode to pigs written by Daisy Bird and illustrated by Camilla Pintonato. Due out 26th Oct 2021 from Princeton Architectural Press, it's 76 pages and will be available in hardcover and ebook formats. 

This is such a cute and engaging book. Although it's aimed at young readers (circa 6-10 years), I learned quite a lot myself about pigs, their history, and how they interact with humans. Each page includes interesting facts and trivia as well as colorful illustrations of pigs doing the things pigs do. 

The layout is logical and arranged in easy to follow chapters: general pig info, pig-biology, the foods and other products pigs provide us, pigs in mythology and culture, and a final chapter showing some of the different breeds and their origins. 

The book is quite text heavy for very young readers, but full of interesting facts and trivia. The illustrations are very well done and full of small details which invite a closer look. This would be a good choice for public or school library acquisition, as well as for the home library. 

Five stars. 

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher for review purposes.
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Welcome to the wonderful world of pigs! Pigology is filled with incredible pig facts told in a playful tone by Daisy Bird, with irresistibly charming illustrations by rising star Camilla Pintonato.

Pigs are full of unexpected surprises. Did you know that when a pig is happy, it will uncoil its curly tail and wag it just like a dog? Or that feral hogs can detect odors from seven miles away? Pigology/i> delves into the history of pigs, pig breeds around the world, famous pigs, pigs in culture, and so much more, with engaging scenes from illustrator Camilla Pintonato. This lively visual encyclopedia, a follow-up to Chickenology, offers something to discover for everyone young and old: nature- and animal-loving young readers, pig enthusiasts, pig farmers, and pet pig owners alike!
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You eat like a pig. Your place is a pigsty. You're hogging all the limelight. Pigs equal insults in many a mind. This book hopes to set a few records straight and give you a basic grounding in how to choose, own, raise and care for your pig, regardless of what your intentions are. I'm an almost lifelong vegetarian so I would never eat a pig, but I do like the animals. Ignorantly associated with squalor, pigs are not dirty animals - unless they're forced into being so by their human predators. They're also smart - more than dogs even - and among the most intelligent animals in the world.

But they are exploited hugely. Whether your plan is to do that or to have one as a pet, this book will set you up with the basic information you will need to make smart choices and to care for your animal competently. It's laid out according to the following section headings (although there's an introductory section, which for once I did read, that's not included in the content listing for some reason):

    Bon Appetiti
    Food All year Round
    The International Pig
    Everything But the Squeal
    Pigs and Humans
    The Mythological Pig
    Chinese Zodiac
    Wit and Wisdom
    Worth Their Weight in Gold
    The Perfect Pigsty
    pigs as Pets
    A rainbow of Breeds
    A rainbow of Breeds
    Vietnamese Potbellied Pig, Odssabaw Island Hog
    Danish Protest Pig, Meishan
    Gloucester Old Spot, Large White
    Black Iberian, Mulefoot

The book is amusing and colorful, with entertaining illustrations and enough information to set you on the right track without being a PhD dissertation. I commend this as a worthy read for anyone wanting to pig out and go hog wild!
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Pigology by Daisy Bird and Camilla Pintonato is an illustrated book filled with information about pigs. This books covers includes facts about the potential early ancestors of the modern-day hog, detailed descriptions of swine anatomy (including reproduction), how pigs are viewed by different cultures, information about the many uses of swine by-products, and more. The illustrations are cute, but they also contribute greatly to the text. For example, readers are able to see the size difference between various types of pigs through the use of a simple illustration. Although this book contains a great deal of information, I found it easy to read. The information about each pig related topic is enough to give us a brief overview, but not so dense that it becomes boring or overwhelming.

This is a book that I would recommend for upper elementary to middle school students, especially those that love animals.

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Pigology, by Daisy Bird and illustrated by Camilla Pintonato is a bright little picture book about….Pigs. It reads like it’s aimed at children, but adults (young and old) may also enjoy this.

Sure enough, the book covers pretty much every aspect of “Pigs” you’d want to know. The origin of pigs, wild pigs, the variations, their insides, teeth and tusks, intelligence (and they are bright) to name a few. All in all, there are twenty sections. Everything beautifully drawn, and nicely explained. It’s all very easy to follow and nice on the eye.

My only criticism here is, there should have been a little more about the vast majority of miserable pigs who live and suffer in horrible conditions for their short life. Many in spaces not bigger than their bodies. 

Obviously, a book such as this is designed to be a happy learning experience, I get that. The book did touch on the amount of waste pigs generate (colossal amounts) and eat, and the fact happy pigs, do better than unhappy pigs. However, I really believe there should have been half a page on the environmental and welfare issues associated with the intensive farming of the 700-800 million pigs world-wide. 

I truly believe this could be presented in a way that is not upsetting or confronting but informative. It is important to inform children (this one isn’t aimed at toddlers), this can be done in a way to keep it a happy and interesting read. Maybe highlighting the importance of sustainable, free range farming. 
If this was done a little better, I would’ve given this delightfully presented book 5-stars. 

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I enjoyed this book just as much as my 5 year old who needs to know everything about everything. I was originally drawn in by the illustrations but I can’t believe how much I learned, or how much there is to learn, about pigs while reading this book. It’s so detailed without ever being boring, and the illustrations are so cute. 5/5 stars
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This wonderfully illustrated and fun, fact-filled book will be a smart addition to any library. I really enjoyed turning the pages and reading all the information about pigs. They truly are amazing creatures and it is interesting to see how often they fit into many different cultures.
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I loved the illustrations and I loved the depth that the information went into. I would say that as part of a research project on animals it would be great for children. 

I do wonder if the age it caters for would not necessarily be draw to this kind of book but it could possibly create awareness of how interesting Pigs and other animals are.
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So many pig facts! This book is a nicely arranged book that talks about every aspect of pigs.

I read this book with my first and third graders.  They really liked the facts about the pigs nose, the pork dishes around the world, and different types of pigs.

As far as reading level, it is a bit more challenging due to some of the technical terms and different cultural terms.  A few words were a challenge for my 3rd grader that reads well above her grade level.  Topic wise I think this book can be enjoyable for kids and adults alike.

The illustrations are very well done and help explain the facts very well.  My kids thought the pages showing all the different pig rears was hilarious.

Even though this book is very comprehensive, a shorter version might be beneficial for younger readers.

Overall, an enjoyable book.  I think we all learned something new!

Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for a free digital copy of this ARC for my honest review.
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