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Death, violence, blood mentioned few times in detail, possession, s*xual ass*ult being hinted at

I was disappointed. For a wasn't final. There's still a bit of a plot hole towards the end of the book which leads the reader to believe the series is not over.

The book was so good and had so much potential until we reached the end. It was as though the author got bored of writing this series and just quickly tried to wrap it up. For everything that the characters went through...the solution seemed way too simple.
Another thing is the Solanas don't seem to have gotten the ending I believed they would have. I can't say much without spoiling it, but it just didn't feel right.

Besides the end of the book, the rest was great. The tension build-up was well written and kept me on my toes and the character development was quite evident in a few of the characters.
The shadow world was described in a bit more detail in this book and I must say I was intruiged! I'd love to read a book that's pov is set in the shadow world!

Riadne, I feel, had the greatest character development. She opened up more and appeared happier and more at ease. I must admit, I didn't like her at first, but she grew on me. 

I do love Day Leitao's writing style, how the words run smoothly as you read and take in the tale. I am definitely going to read more books by this author but I do hope that perhaps this isn't the finale in the series. I know it says it, but it didn't feel like it.

All that being said, I do recommend the series as I thoroughly enjoyed it (besides the 'ending').
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Really liked this conclusion to this series. A good book that finished off the series and wrapped up the mysteries of the Dark Valley really well.

Liked this world and all the characters as well. Glad I picked up this series.
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First of all, I love the book cover of this novel. I know I already said it a few times already, but Day's book covers are always gorgeous! The Dawn and the Prince is the final book of Kingdom of Curses and Shadows trilogy. I really tried to enjoy this last book, but there were some things that just not for me.

The story started where the second book ended. It started quite slow at first but picked up the pace on the second half. The plot was quite predictable, and there were some Deus ex machina moments. The climax felt rushed and anticlimatic. Moreover, the romantic elements played a huge role in the story. I said in the previous book that I was not a fan of it, and it didn't work out well for me still. Although it was apprent that there were improvements in the writing, like there were action scenes and the world-building expanding, somehow I didn't completely fall in love with this book.

Overall, this series would be great for readers who like fantasy romance. I'm sure other readers will definitely enjoy it.
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I lOHVED this book. the writing, the world building, the character arcs. perfection! Looking forward for the next one in the series.
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The Dawn and the Prince is the last book on this trilogy and as sad as I am to see it coming to an end, I love the fact I got the chance to read all 3 books till the end. 

The last book on this trilogy has been a full-blown adventure. I loved the fact we got to see Riadne even better along the way. She has changed SO much during this book - if at the beginning I thought she's kind of a crazy one, she actually showed how big-hearted she is and how hard she fell in love with Larzen and their relationship is crazy but such a romantic one.⁠
This time the book also had darker tones along the way, with Zora, Larzen, and Riadne ending up on Rock Island the events happening on there can be triggering for some people if you don't like reading about beheading immortal beings (beasts), and some of the things they've discovered there really made me cringe because the young girls living in there and aspiring on a better life were so oblivious of the horrors the masters were doing there - everyone was oblivious this place even existed. As you already know I do love a book that contains some darker tones too and for me the darker tones were right on point.⁠
I so loved, loved the encounter with Zora and Griffin - they've been way too long separated and their relationship has grown a lot from the beginning and I think they're my favorite couple. This book is really an amazing read if you love sorcery and swords, a good magical system, a young, naive but strong and powerful girl who has been fighting since childhood, and some dark fantasy peppered between the pages!
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This feels like a horribly written fanfiction. The nobles say things like "c'mon" and "gonna", all powerful characters are rendered helpless, there's a lot of useless information and the dialogues are awful. If I could rate zero, I would
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This book picks up the story right where The Curse and the Prince ends. In addition, at the beginning it has a summary of book 1 and 2, which I think is excellent because it happens to me a lot that when I do not read a series in succession, I do not remember anything when I start the next book 🤣.

The first thing I must say about this book is how impressed I was with the expansion of the story. Each saga, a trilogy for example, as a general rule starts with a little circle of the story, which is then expanded in the second book, and expanded a little more in the third, to give a full vision of the story. But this book begins with a small circle, it expands a little in the second, and in the third it explooooooodes. There was sooooo much we didn't know. Suddenly everything has an explanation, things I took for granted in previous books.

I really liked the description of Grota, especially since the place and the creatures made me think about Umadhún and the Sheks from the book Idhun's Memories. Truly more to the Szish.

The problem is that the new information was SO MUCH that it got to a point when I didn't know what to do with it. Unbelievably at no point did it get boring, but it was impossible to think that everything could be solved in this book. In fact when I was nearing the end I was very scared that things would not really be resolved.

Was everything resolved? Yes, at least everything important. The truth is that Day did it, but I would have liked one more book. I feel like so many things were added to the story that I would have liked more time to close each topic. In addition, there were some details that I would have liked more explanation.

Now, what I can't believe is that my favorite character ended up being Riadne. The growth of all the characters is quite good, but Riadne's is really spectacular.

While I love Griffin and Zora, and their relationship is excessively cute, in this book I was completely fascinated with the relationship between Riadne and Larzen, which is still cute but also excessively funny. And it made me want to hit Riadne more than once.

Probably the most important thing in history is hope. But great relevance is also given to relationships, and even abuse. 
And Seth was an asshole, but that's a conversation for another day 😂.

This is why I don't give it 5 stars. Because it's not perfect, but I would still extremely recommend it as it's a nice, fast-paced, easy to read story. And the characters are wonderful. Besides, Day always does this amazing thing of teleporting you to these realms where you would love to be. (Well, I don't know if I would like to be in Grota, but you know what I mean 😅).
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i've really been enjoying the Kingdom of Curses and Shadows series, it was a wonderfully done story with great plot elements and great characters. It was a great entry in this series.
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The Dawn and the Prince is a satisfactory conclusion to a great series.

This novel picked up right from where the previous one ended. The dangerous adventure to save the Gravel Kingdom and Griffin begins. 

Day Leitao does a great job at capturing the readers attention. The dual POV moves the story along wonderfully and readers are sucked in with the continuous battles from all corners of the kingdom.

The main highlights for me in this book were the world building and character developments. The world building was truly immersive and I loved reading of the different settings of Gravel; each one could be clearly visualised. The characters growing trust for one another was endearing to read. It was great seeing them all become allies despite their differences in the past. 

Thanks @dayleitao_ya and @netgalley for this arc in exchange for an honest review. This was a fabulous series and one I urge all fans of YA fantasy to read.
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This is book 3 in the Kingdom of curses and shadows. But there are summaries in case you need a refresher.
As it is book 3 we have alot of the world buidling already in place so I was able to just jump right in. The plot progresses really well. We have alot of adventure and romance is sweet. I loved how our story arcs resolved so that was interesting. I found the pacing of this book to be good. It was fast paced and really interesting. Overall I was happy with how this trilogy was wrapped. Really enjoyed it!
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So I probably should have read the first two books... I found it very hard to follow this book. The writing was good, I was just confused.
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A lot is going on in this book.
There are multiple view points.
It picks up right after the curse and the prince
Griffin must find his way back. Zora needs to figure out how to get the kingdom back and she meets unlikely allies.
I didnt like this one as much as the other two.
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Thank you to Netgalley and the author for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

3.5 stars
This is the final chapter of Zora's story. I was looking to see how this story will end after the cliffhanger of the second book. I liked it in general with all the fights, the adventures and the villains that made their appearances in this book. The thing is that it was really lacking and rushed to get to some ending . At first, the characters were interesting and then they became kind of immature teenagers who blush at everything. A lot of dialogues and some parts of the story could have been omitted. I loved Zora's strong and independent personality in the two first books but here I felt like the author was forcing her naivety and purity on us, let's be honest, I rolled my eyes so much during this reading that it started to hurt. It was becoming less Young adult and more teenagers if not middle graders kind of reading. 

It wasn't my favorite book of the trilogy nevertheless it was entertaining and easy to read. I loved Larzen and Riadne that made the story more interesting to follow. I still have some questions about a number of things. Anyway, I like Day Leitao books and I wish to read more from her.
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"The Dawn and The Prince": 3 ⭐

(Unpaid Review: thank you to @netgalley, @dayleitaoauthor and the publishers for allowing me to read this book in exchange for a review).

Whenever I look at this cover, I see a badass female main character, ready to fight badass evil characters. What I got from the story was a character named Zora, who's capable of anything to solve her problems.

What I felt while reading this book, was a disconnection between the 3 volumes. Like, I have read the 2 first books but if I hadn't, I would've understood the story anyway. Sometimes, that's good, because you can just pick it up and there you go. Other times, such as this one, it's not great, because it's supposed to be a continuation.

However, if you're trying to get into fantasy, this book is most definitely for you! I think you'd love reading it for sure if you're a fantasy newbie!
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I received an ARC of The Dawn and the Prince by Day Leitao thanks to the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Blurb thanks to Goodreads:
"Darkness has taken over her land, and Zora has to find a solution before her world and the Shadow Kingdom merge once and for all—and before Griffin is lost to her forever.

Joined by unlikely allies and facing enemies at every turn, she journeys to a dangerous island where dark secretes are kept, from where nobody gets out alive.

Griffin is in enemy territory and has to play a dangerous game and race against time if he wants to save the people he loves, even if it might mean losing them forever.

The Dawn and the Prince is the action packed, emotional finale to the series Kingdom of Curses and Shadows. Get ready for adventure, romance, creepy magic, and girls kicking ass."

This is the final book of the trilogy. I adored the first two so was really excited to see how the story was going to end. However, I was not a huge fan. It felt like the entire point of the book was to complete the cliches. Everything that happened was expected. While I still love the characters, specifically Zora and Griffin, their chemistry wasn't enough for me to fall in love with the story. Yes, the prose was great. The world is still incredible. But this just didn't sing to me like the others had.
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I really have fallen in love with Zora and her journey, and I have genuinely enjoyed reading these books. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new fantasy series/trilogy for Summer because they're easy to read, but incredibly fun. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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3.5 ⭐
I really enjoyed this book. This is the third and last book in this trilogy. 

I loved the plot. After reading this, I feel like this is very beautifully written. Loved most of the characters and the closure of Dark valley. 

I was expecting a lil bit nicer ending but I am happy with how everything turned out at the end! 
If you like reading about second chances, Enemies to lovers, magic, rivalry between siblings and fantasy touch then you should definitely read this book.
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This one was a lot of fun! A story full of adventure and strong female characters you're sure to be kept on the edge of your toes the entire time!
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Unfortunately this series does not deliver on good writing. It needs a lot more editing and I regret assuming I would enjoy previous instalments because by the time I got here I was wondering why you wouldn’t edit more. I know writing is hard but please get a line editor to check tenses.
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I would recommend reading this book. I liked the characters it was a fast and a easy book to read. I enjoyed the characters. I wish now that I had read the first two before. I don’t feel like I missed out but it would have been nice to have more knowledge of the story.  Thank you netgalley for allowing me to read this  for my honest opinion
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