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Hey book friends!
If you have checked out any of my previous reviews, you'll know I was reading the Kingdom of Curses and Shadows books in order to get myself ready for the third book to be released! Well, now it is time to tell y'all all about the newest book in the series that was released on June 18th. 

Yup, it is time to talk about The Dawn and the Prince. You ready?

Darkness has taken over her land, and Zora has to find a solution before her world and the Shadow Kingdom merge once and for all—and before Griffin is lost to her forever. Joined by unlikely allies and facing enemies at every turn, she journeys to a dangerous island where dark secrets are kept, and nobody gets out alive.
Griffin is in enemy territory and has to play a dangerous game if he wants to stay alive and save the people he loves, even if it might mean losing them forever.
The Dawn and the Prince is the action packed, emotional finale in the series Kingdom of Curses and Shadows. Get ready for more adventure, romance, and strange magic.
My thoughts:
Overall, I am going to give this book 4/5 stars!

This was an action packed book that was fast paced, and extremely engaging the entire time. In the previous book, I had some problems with Riadne, our resident Solana, but in this book, I felt a much better connection with her and found myself actually rooting for her. I think Day Leitao did a nice job in giving us some real character development in this finale. 

Zora and Griffin's love for each other is just so wholesome, I love it. They are adorable, even fighting all odds to be together. I just loved them through out the series. Starting as an enemies to romance made watching their relationship grow even more engaging. 

The banter between Riadne and Larzen in this book is hilarious and kept me laughing the whole time! 

In a way, this book reads like an action movie, moving from scene to scene with a bristling pace, but it was an effective end to a fun trilogy. I would definitely recommend it for the YA fantasy audience!
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☆☆☆☆,75 /5
(English review below!)

Olalalalalaaaaaa ! Je ne sais pas si je dois adorer ce roman parce qu’il était tout simplement génial ou le détester parce que je ne voulais pas quitter cet univers.
J’ai découvert l’auteure à peine l’année dernière et j’ai commencé à dévorer sa trilogie à partir de là. J’avais beaucoup aimé le préquel et les 2 premiers tomes et je dois dire que ce dernier tome conclut toute cette aventure en beauté.
Ce roman débute là où nous avait laissé le tome précédent. Griffin et Zora sont séparés. Le jeune prince se retrouve dans une position bien dangereuse et la jeune femme doit faire équipe avec des personnes, dont elle n’aurait jamais pu être alliée à, afin de sauver le jeune homme et le royaume entier. La tension et la détresse sont présentes dans ce récit et j’ai été complètement plongée dans l’ambiance instaurée par l’auteure.
Le rythme est soutenu. Il se passe énormément de choses. L’aventure continue et les personnages évoluent. Dans ce dernier tome, on a enfin toutes les réponses à nos questions, Les révélations sont distillées à travers le roman et j’ai apprécié comment l’auteure a amené le lecteur avec elle.
Au début, j’étais un peu perdue, notamment lorsqu’on changeait de point de vue des personnages sans prévenir. On suit plusieurs points de vue et j’ai malheureusement trouvé que les changements n’étaient pas assez clairs pour qu’on comprenne qu’on était dans la tête d’un autre personnage. Cela dit, j’ai trouvé cela intéressant car j’ai pu voir comment chaque personnage percevait la situation et en apprendre plus sur chacun.
Griffin, Zora, Larzen et Riadne sont devenus des personnages coup de cœur. Ils ont fini par apprendre à se connaître et malgré leurs différences et leurs secrets, ils sont devenus une équipe. Les suivre tout au long de ce dernier roman m’a fait me rendre compte à quel point je m’étais attachée à eux.
Je suis si triste de devoir quitter tous ces personnages et ce fabuleux univers qu’a créé l’auteure. J’ai beaucoup aimé cette trilogie et bien que j’aie trouvé la fin un peu expéditive, pour moi, cette fin fut celle que cette trilogie méritait.
Bon, aller, moi je vais faire mon deuil pour m’attaquer à d'autres lectures !


Olalalalalaaaaaa! I don't know if I should love this book because it was just great or hate it because I didn't want to leave this universe.
I discovered the author last year and started devouring her trilogy from there. I really liked the prequel and the first 2 books and I must say that this last book concludes this adventure perfectly.
This book begins where the precedent left us. Griffin and Zora are separated. The young prince finds himself in a very dangerous position and the young woman must team up with people she could never have been allied with in order to save the young man and the entire kingdom. Tension and distress are present in this story and I was completely immersed in the mood set by the author.
The pace is steady. There is a lot going on. The adventure continues and the characters evolve. In this last book, we finally have all the answers to our questions. The revelations are distilled through the story and I appreciated how the author brought the reader with her.
At first I was a little lost, especially when we changed the perspective of the characters without warning. We follow several points of view and unfortunately I found that the changes were not clear enough to understand that we were in the mind of another character. Having said that, I found it interesting because I got to see how each character viewed the situation and I learned more about each.
Griffin, Zora, Larzen and Riadne have become my favorite characters. They ended up getting to know each other and despite their differences and their secrets, they became a team. Following them throughout this last book made me realize how much I had cared for them.
I’m so sad to have to leave all these characters and this fabulous universe that the author has created. I really liked this trilogy and although I found the ending a bit hasty, for me it was the ending this series deserved.
So… Well. I'm going to grieve and then, I will continue to read other books!
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This was absolutely amazing! This is book three in this series and I do recommend that you read the first two so it's easier to follow. There was so much adventure and awesome girl power in this book. I've always loved how strong Zora is but it's shown a little more in this one while ahe is separated from Griffin.  And we can't forget how awesome Riadne is in this one. There were a few moments where I still questioned her motives but we get to see how truly good and powerful she is interested this book. I loved getting to see more of Larzen as I have always loved his character.
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I really enjoyed this series overall.  I noticed in the second book an improvement in language flow and lack of proofreading errors.  However I have to say that in this third instalment, things again feel a little rushed and unpolished. I did read a Netgalley version so I don't know if the final version is different.  There are quite a few awkward spots, such as using "on" where "in" would feel more natural, that could easily be smoothed over by a proofreader.  

At the beginning of this final book, Griffin has been transported to the body of a weird lizard-type king in a shadow kingdom.  I really loved this turn of events, I thought it had tons of potential, although I do feel it wasn't explored quite as much as I'd hoped in the end.  I felt like Griffin got out of it and got his own body back a bit too easily, which was a let down of the tension of him being trapped there in the first place.

The first half felt a little slow and meandering, and the drama between Larzen and Riadne felt a little unnecessary, Riadne just started getting on my nerves. But I really liked seeing Riadne's home, and I loved the whole bit in the Temple on the island.  That was really different and interesting.  Although the hot air balloon thing was kind of pointless and went nowhere.

I felt like the whole climax of the story just felt a little rushed and underwhelming after all the build up previously.  And what exactly was the point of them going to the Temple in the end anyway, it doesn't seem like they got much out of it?

Nonetheless, the whole series was a really fun read and I was happy with how things ended up for the characters.  I would definitely read another story set in the same universe.

NOTE: The world "yield" is used quite often in both book 2 and 3, where I think "wield" is intended.  To "yield" is to give something up or relinquish.  To "wield" is to use or control.  If you yield a sword, you're giving it up.  If you wield it, you're using it.
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I received this as a Netgalley read and was provided with a summary of the first two books. To start, reading the summaries didn’t feel very promising. I didn’t really like where any of the story was going. And I have a feeling like if I’d read them, I might not have finished them. 

However, I really enjoyed the third book. The characters I didn’t think I’d like in the summary, I really enjoyed. It makes me hesitate to go back and read them, but I’m still considering it. The characters were funny and relatable. I wasn’t feeling all the romance, but I may have if I’d gone through it since the beginning. 

Griffin’s predicament was confusing and seemed a little out of left field. He was just thrown into another world with confusing dynamics, but it still felt intense and suspenseful. I loved the romance with Riadne and Larzen, and her whole role in the story. The decisions she had to make were difficult and showed a lot of growth. Zora was definitely my favorite character. She’s a badass by all rights. 

The magic and mystery was well down. I liked how some mistakes were more realistically made. They are very young, after all. Some of the story line with the monsters seemed like it had some significant holes and could have been resolved a lot earlier on. Later reveals should probably have been done earlier or in a different way so I’d have been more hooked. But again, I got that from summaries. 

All and all, I enjoyed it. As YA, def worth your time.
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I completed it on 13th and completely forgot to write up in here.

I loved the plot so much, we get to have closure around all the mystery surrounding the Dark Valley and its origins. As I reached the almost end, I felt that the book series to be very thoughtfully written. Is it cheating on Griffin and Zora, if I say that i liked the chemistry between Larzen and Riadne more....

Another thing is--The Fight!It just felt very anti-climactic- it was rushed and the buildup throughout the entire book did not justify the poor ending fighting scene. I had expected more from the ending.
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I really enjoyed this trilogy and it had been a while since the last series I've read! The books have to do with magic, realms, rivalry between siblings, but also so much more! We have love stories between secondary characters as well, enemies to lovers, evil Vs good battles, it's a beautiful story and I love how each of these books focuses on something different. Each book also gets darker and darker. So keep that in mind.

This one had a more intricate world building than the previous books. We get to see more realms that we didn't see earlier and we get to have more information regarding them and the past. The book is more complicated than the ones before this to the point I wasn't sure if that was something I particularly enjoyed.

Overall, I loved the conclusion of these books and I'm so happy with how everything turned out for every character in these books. Even characters that I didn't particularly sympathize. I hope you're going to enjoy these books if you give them a chance 🥰
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The dawn and the prince’s review.

First I want to thank the author for giving me an advanced reviewer's copy via Netgalley in exchange for my honest review and remember this is my own opinion and everyone can think differently of the book and have different opinions.

I am going to start to talk about the book itself and then about the series overall

The dawn and the prince is the third and last book of the trilogy of the kingdom of curses and shadows, and we follow our characters (Zora, Griffin, Larzen, Riadne and Tris) they will go on some adventures and new places in order to undo every evil thing they unleashed the last book.

The cover of the book is beyond of beautiful, I love the pink tones and the red dress that zora is using made it more beautiful, the blue of the sword contrast the other colors in the background so it was a great choice and it will always stay in my heart and remembered as one of the best covers I’ve ever seen so far this 2021.

The book started off where we left it, and has the summary of the two first books to remember everything if you forgot something that happened before. 
The plot it’s a so interesting and sometimes it brings you some excitement to know what’s going to happen next.
I have to bring the topic that the book it’s as well fast paced like the others but in this book it feels like it should have been better if it was slower, because there’s some moments where I wanted to read more about it and get into it  but it suddenly finished,so it would have been better if the author let the book a little bit longer.

Now I feel like I must bring up the fact that for a fantasy series the author decided to create and put a map in only the last book, but not in the first book or the second when it really feels that a fantasy book needs to have a map from the start.

The characters had some good development throughout the books, Larzen being a better person and finding out that Riadne had a heart, and learn how to trust other people, Zora learning that everything can be done if you just hope and give it a try, and Tris preferring to spend some good time with the person she really wanted instead of looking for revenge.

Finally I am going to say that I really liked the book and the series, and it felt really good having the time to read it, and fantasize about everything and making theories of what could happen so my ratings have been these:

The cup and the prince: 5 STARS
The curse and the prince: 4.5 STARS
The dawn and the prince :4 STARS.
And overall the trilogy of the kingdom of curses and shadows in my opinion got a rating of 4 beautiful stars.

I recommend this trilogy to everyone who likes some fast- paced Young adult fantasy with magic and new kingdoms and curses with a dark past.

Again I wanna thank Day Leitao for giving us such an amazing series and some great and good looking characters, and I wish her all the best for the next new fantasy book that she decides to take out to the world.
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I'm still not entirely sure how this book is Minecraft inspired, but it's still a solid book nonetheless. It isn't the most groundbreaking thing I've ever read on the planet, but it is well written and I did not mind reading it. 

Characters: I enjoy all of the characters, but some of their personality traits seem a bit forced. 

Plot: There are many things that conveniently 'happen' that give the characters the exact answers they need, which is frustrating, and the plot was somewhat predictable. It wasn't bad, but it just didn't stand out or blow my mind in any way. 

Writing: I liked the differing POVs, but that's something I enjoy in pretty much every book I read. The writing itself is simple and not overly flowery, and overall, it's solid. 

While the book is slow at times, I really have fallen in love with Zora and her journey, and I have genuinely enjoyed reading these books. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new fantasy series/trilogy for Summer because they're easy to read, but incredibly fun.
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DNF at 30%

This book picks up right where The Curse and the Prince ends. Objectively, there is quite a lot of action and intrigue and the world-building is expanding, but as in the second book, the whole romance/relationship part and the dialogues killed this book for me. I can’t focus on the story because the dialogues are so choppy and the relationships between the characters are so naïve, and simplistic that I have the impression of reading a middle-grade book. The plot is relayed to the background many times because the character can’t think because of how gorgeous someone else is, or is blushing because of a long glance or compliment and forgets everything about the discussion they were supposed to be having.

This series is probably a great series if you can ignore the cringy romance/relationships/dialogues, or if you’re a younger reader (teenager) but sadly I can’t move past it. I can’t enjoy the story because I am rolling my eyes in disbelief almost every time there is an interaction between a boy and a girl (because I don’t think they can be called man and woman when they behave in such an immature way when it comes to basic interactions with a potential crush).

So far, Griffin has been separated from the rest of his party, and he finds himself in a new place that was not really mentioned in the two previous books. There is potential for a very interesting expansion of world-building, but I find that the author missed a good opportunity here. This new realm is described, but I think that it definitely could have been more detailed, and it would have made the parts where we follow Griffin more interesting.

Review published on Goodreads on June 20th, 2021
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Thank you so much to the author for providing me a copy of The Dawn and the Prince in exchange for my honest review. 

This was a nice conclusion to the series. I really enjoyed that we get to pick up right where the previous book left off. Like the previous books, I liked that there was an adventure and that Zora is a very likable character. I liked that we got to see more of Larzen and learn a bit more about Riadne. I appreciated the multiple POVs that we got throughout the book, that way we could see what all the characters were up to. 

I will be looking forward to reading more books from this author in the future :)
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I enjoyed reading this immensely.

Full of dark magic, curses, and magical creatures. The world that Leitao built in this novel is spectacular and written beautifully. It was easy to visualise and engaging.

The characters were well-developed and all had a depth that was beyond revolving around the main character.

The main character herself is also a likeable one. Zora is strong-willed and witty.

It felt slow at times. Regardless, The Dawn and the Prince was still very enjoyable.
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*Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with an early copy of this book for review, all opinions are my own*

3.5 stars

I felt that this series was 3 different books, for me each one of them tells a story that only the ending connects with the next.
I think I had this feeling because the author left it to spread the world and bring the real threats only in this final book, for there is a very big difference between the first and last ones.
But I liked the ending of the series, it was just what I expected. Even though it was a bit rushed and the final fight anticlimactic, because literally Zora went to sleep and woke up with the solution to their problems.
I really like the characters and I think that's why I continued to read the series, I don't regret reading it because it's a very nice series to read.
I gave 3 stars to the books because I think it's a solid, cool, and well-done series.
I recommend if you like fantasies with romance, adventure and that are easy to understand!
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And here's the epic conclusion of the Kingdom of Curses and Shadows coming to an end with The Dawn and the Prince.....and after the heartbreaking end of book two, it's safe to say our beloved Zora and Griffin have a huge task ahead of them, in order to save the kingdom and everyone they care about....and as the stakes get even higher, themselves too.
I can safely say that Larzen and Riadne (Riarzen?😁) became my favorite couple in the story, their banters,stubbornness and sense of humor made their interactions touching and emotional.
The newly formed group in the face of Zora,Larzen,Mauro (love to see him back🤗🥳) and Riadne was iteresting watching it unfold, because , despite their differences they clicked perfectly together and complemented each other.
Lovely read and so happy to witness this storry with it's ups and downs came to it's sweet conclusion.
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I was kindly provided with an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 
I like to keep my reviews short and simple:

Characters- The characters were really interesting, I adore Zora and I think she is very strong, I didn't know If I was going to like griffin but I did in the end. Also, Riadne's name and I are a little similar which is cool and it's so unique. 

Plot- The plot was very interesting and action-packed. I can't say much without spoilers just that I enjoyed it. 

Writing- I really enjoyed the writing style. It was easy to read, I love books with multiple POVs. The one thing I found was in some parts it did get a little much and confusing but it is a fantasy so it makes sense. I don't think I can name a fantasy book I didn't get confused in. 

Overall I recommend this book and give it a 4/5stars
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I love Day Leitao’s writing, especially the Portals to Whyland series. The Cup and the Prince series was excellent too, but this book really stood out among the other works in the series. Day doesn’t disappoint!
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Review copy received via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review. Thank you! 

Tying up a series in a satisfying way is one of the hardest things that an author can have to do and Leitao certainly does a good job of making sure that almost all loose ends from the series are tied up. It continues straight on from book two as we follow Zora and Griffin on their journey to attempt to stop the Shadow King. I enjoyed that this book is quite fast paced and that despite the multiple perspectives we don't spend a lot of time going over the same information. 

What I especially liked about this book is that despite being the conclusion of the series it continued to world build and allowed us to not only visit new locations but also to revisit old favourites. I was always interested in learning more about the lore, and in seeing how the characters would react to the new monsters that they encountered. 

It was nice to see the characters who I've grown to love get satisfying conclusions and reading this one has definitely made me decide to go back and re-read the other two in the series to revisit their journey.
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This is the third book in this series and is just as amazing as the previous two. Day Leitao has done it again with another fantastic story. In this one we follow Zora and the gang as they try to prevent the Shadow King from merging with their world and taking over. For atrocity of the book Zora and Griffin are separated, so we get to see just how strong Zora is on her own. Riadne and Larzen have much bigger parts and become essential to helping stop the Shadow King. I loved getting to see more of them in this story, as well as getting another glimpse at Mauro.. This was the perfect conclusion to the series.
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It was a really good ending to Zora and Griffin's story. It continues from book 2 and follows the journey of Zora, Larzen, and Riadne. I loved how the three had to work together and learn to trust each other with their differences. Griffin is now in an unusual place, where he has to find himself and go through challenges to get back to Zora.

I loved how the relationship between Raidne and Larzen grew while facing challenges. And that they also go their happy ending! Their little arguments were so cute and funny. It went so well with the rest of the story. Riadne's character development was really good, while she tried to find herself and what made her happy. In conclusion, the story was really good and I loved how each of the characters got their ending!
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This is the third book in the series and is a wonderful conclusion to the characters' journey.
From the first book where we mainly followed the story of Zora, this brave girl from the Dark Valley, who tries to prove to herself and others everything she can achieve with strength and hope, to the cursed prince who tries to protect her and one of the few survivors of a magical town that tries to take revenge. The story begins to open up and show other voices that broaden the image of the story and intertwine to reach a good ending
It was a very fun trip, a true adventure where the characters found the trust in themselves and in each other. I really enjoyed this story a lot throughout the three books and I don't think it's wrong to get sad about having little Zora and Griffin at the end, I'm going to miss those two and the good vibes they bring 
It is a book full of princes improvising around brave women determined to make their wishes a destiny of their own. Dark creatures, curses, winged witches and warriors are the ingredients of this story 
Thanks to Day Leitao and sparkly wave for give me this amazing book in exchange for honest opinion
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