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yes yes yes!!!!! this book is so deliciously good!!! please pick it up as soon as you can! i loved the characters and the settings and it was so sweet and precious!!!!
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Mr. Nice Guy... If I had a drink for every time the word 'nice' was in the book, I'd be passed out on the floor. All jokes aside, excessive word use is one of my bookish pet peeves and I understand it was the main part of the book. Despite that, this was a cute romcom. Nothing I'd recommend or reread but certainly enjoyable enough. I didn't really connect with the characters but I'm intrigued enough to continue on with the series because Belinda William's writing does show promise.

Thank you Netgalley for providing a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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DNF - Cute rom-com about nice guys not always finishing last, but after 20% I couldn’t handle reading the word ‘nice’ anymore. I understand that is a main part of the book, but the word was just used so much that I couldn’t focus on the story. 

I received a copy of Mr. Nice Guy from NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.
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Tom Pierce is tired of watching his housemate Chelsea date all the wrong guys. She’s forever going for bad boys who don’t treat her well, arrogant men who are essentially the polar opposite of dependable Tom. He shocks Chelsea with his offer to behave as a boyfriend would with her for a week, bedroom activities excluded, and show her what a relationship with a nice guy could be like. Curiosity peaked, Chelsea takes him up on his offer and soon begins to wish benefits hadn’t been taken off the table.

This was a cute read from a new to me author that I will definitely be trying again. Tom was adorable and yet he had so much depth and layers for Chelsea to peel back. He also helped Chelsea find her own layers and grow as a person so both our MCs here displayed great character development. The slow burning tension between Chelsea and Tom made them easy to root for, even as I sometimes wanted to smack them for their poor attempts at communicating. Thankfully, they were charming enough together that I didn’t even mind when the dreaded third act separation (a plot device I hate) was employed since it was kept brief, and the reunion and mutual declaration of feelings was quite satisfying. I enjoyed this story and will be continuing the series.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Thank you so much to Netgalley and BWrite for the opportunity to read and review this book. Trigger warnings for cardiac arrest, choking, cancer, grief, and some douchiness. I'll be honest, the cover on this particular book is very deceptive. But besides that, I have some minor issues with this story. One is that I didn't need the repeated aspect of both careers and how the male character was a nice guy. I understood that they were these people it didn't need to be repeated this much. I also was not a fan of the heroine personally, I understood want the author was trying to do with her but I just wasn't a fan. I did however, love the hero and it felt like he had a more flushed out character development with more believable motivation. Overall though, I enjoyed this story and I'm curious what is going to come next. Because of these points, I have to give this a 3.5 out of 5 stars.
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This one was just "alright" for me. I didn't connect with the characters and some of the story was a bit convoluted/over written. That said, it was a cute, easy read and I'll likely continue the series despite not loving this one.
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I LOVE a good friends to lovers trope. This was a cute rom-com, quick to read but thoroughly enjoyable. My first book by this author and I definitely would see myself reading again.  Would recommend.
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This book was a perfect summer-read with a hard to resist trope with a bit more of a twist. Chelsea has been dating all the wrong guys, so when her friend suggests she fake date her roomate, Tom to see what a ‘nice guy’ is really like, their feelings towards each other begin to grow. 
The first in a series about the Pierce brothers, we are briefly introduced to the other siblings, so I’m excited to see where each story goes!
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Received an Advanced Reader’s Copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!

Mr. Nice Guy has an interestingly new-author voice (even though Belinda isn’t a new author). Not like the author is inexperienced, but like their voice is one that is evolving with each other book they write in a way a newer author’s writing would. For the first half of the book the writing did feel like it was a much younger until the book went deeper into the second half, after which the writing started to feel more surer. I was wondering about this and realized that this was because a lot of the things in the first half of the book felt like it was unreachable as a reader. In the sense, an emotion a character experiences doesn’t reach the reader with the depth that it is depicted in the character/s. We wonder if there was some backstory to the situation that we had missed and why it had become such an important part of this scene.

However, the second half started to really feel more relatable to me and the situation and the emotions it brought felt warranted and I connected to them. I realized that it really helped that the characters’ personalities started to become less fuzzy around the edges and clearer with more history to the personality traits that they are showed/told to have. The dip and raise in this aspect of the writing also affected the speed in which I read. 50-80% sped through my fingers but the first half was slower.

Tom and Chelsea were characters that you slowly start to understand with time and the further along the story we go, the better the “real-ness” of the personalities feel. The dual perspective certainly aided the narration well. I’ve mentioned before that dual perspectives are hard on me because unless done well, I struggle with it. However I was comfortable with the perspective shifts and didn’t struggle with any confusion between the voices. 

My favourite part of the story was the very very interesting backstory to the main characters. Both of them brought to the page some very very human mistakes and frankly something that is not often brought to light in protagonists in books. I will admit that I wasn’t a fan of some of the later happenings in the book, but did appreciate it being called out. The absolute last page was my favourite part of the ending and it certainly urged me to increase the rating by a half because even if the actual ending of the story felt a little weak to me, the last page was super cute.

Three and a half stars. There were some heartwarming moments and some that fell, but it was still a comparatively light read with interesting moments and humour that will keep you reading. Stay safe and happy reading.
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Another cute story! Huge fan of this book and loved the characters. Very enjoyable! Definitely recommend picking up!
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When you start fake dating your roommate and realise that nice guys are better than bad boys.

Chelsea has always attracted bad boys and so after the last one takes money from her and doesn’t pay it back, she’s tired of the same routine of everything going poorly in a relationship. When she’s yet again complaining about her current relationship, her best friend Nadia recommends that she dates a nice guy, her roommate Tom. Tom has had feelings for Chelsea for sometime so he agrees to fake date her for a week to show her how a genuinely good guy treats their girlfriend. Only they don’t realise that they might actually like each other.

I would actually give this book 3.5 stars if I could. It was well done and I enjoyed the concept of Chelsea only doing this to see how she should be treated in a relationship. It’s so different from why people typically fake date in books — to make an ex jealous or to pretend for family.

Something that I wasn’t a fan of was their constant mention of what a nice guy Tom was. I would have preferred that the author show and didn’t tell that to me. I also wish Tom had spoken up earlier about his previous relationship so we could see more about how he and Chelsea progressed.

I received an ARC from NetGalley for an honest review.
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This book is a fun easy rom com that you can tackle in one sitting. This is my first experience with the trope  brother’s best friend / best friend’s sister and I really enjoyed it. Chelsea was an okay character but she grows on you and the more time I spent in her head the more likeable she became. Tom was agreeable from the start and I loved that the author show how the death of this mother and his job as a paramedic made him feel like he has to fix people and how that played a part in his relationships. If you are looking for a quick light/sweet romance with a little spice you will definitely like this.
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It's easy to date jerks and people who are clearly not going to go the distance, but its much harder to put yourself out there for someone who really could be good for you.

Tom is sick of his flatmate - and also best friend's younger sister - Chelsea complaining about the jerks she dates.  Egged on by Chelsea's best friend, Tom decides to 'date' Chelsea for a week to show her what things could be like with a 'nice guy'.

Most enjoyable were the two characters. I liked that where I thought the story was going, it didn't and the characters did avoid some of the usual cliches we see in romance novels.  It starts with Tom challenging Chelsea but she also challenges him and is just as much his equal. 

The main quibble I did have with this book though is I wish the author Belinda Williams challenged "The Nice Guy'. In 2021 its been well documented that men who proclaim themselves 'Nice Guys' are, in fact, misogynists who feel entitled to women. This woul'dve been excellent to have woven into the narrative subtly given all that is being talked about when it comes to the gender divide. Especially because Tom, was actually not a Nice Guy, but a well formed human being who cared for people and treated Chelsea like a human being. He crushed on her but didn't feel entitled to her (which is what Nice Guys usually are/feel towards women).

Despite its terrible title, Mr Nice Guy was a thoroughly fun and enjoyable read. It is the first of a proposed new series by the author and i'm very much looking forward to seeing the next book, which is hinted in this book.
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This is a good book. The two main characters are Tom and Chelsea. They have known each other their whole lives. They each have problems. They each try to help each other to come up with solutions. They eventually fall in love with one another.
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Thank you Netgalley and Victory Editing NetGalley Co-op for the ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

I wished I would be able to give this book a higher praise than « nice ». It was simply nice, but not much more. I liked the premise but the actual book didn’t have much. The writing wasn’t the problem, there was just not much struggle, everything was so smooth and at the end there’s this fight and then … and the end. But all throughout the story, even if every date has some sort of twist, things between the two main characters just go swiftly. The author shows promise, the story was good, I just think there could have been more. 

It spent an evening, I won’t read the following books in this series or recommended it to a friend.
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Mr. Nice Guy is a quick read, in the best way. I sped through Tom and Chelsea's story because I just NEEDED to see that nice guys win in the end! Everyone needs a Tom- Mr. Nice Guy who can be oh so naughty too. The chemistry between Tom and Chelsea was great (the hotel scene!!) but I also enjoyed reading about their jobs and their friends. Can't wait until the next Pierce Brothers book!
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This was a refreshing contemporary. A friends-to-lovers trope with sides of the brother's best friend and one-bed tropes. However, Belinda Williams writing was paced nicely along the plotline that it neither was too rushed or drawn out. It was 'nice' just like Tom. There was no excessive drama, only personal character growth 3.5/5 stars for this romcom.
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*Thank you NetGalley for providing me with an ARC for an honest review.*
What is it about?
‘Give me a week. Seven days and seven nights. I’ll show you what it’s like to be with a nice guy.’
Chelsea’s housemate Tom is tired of her complaining about her boyfriends. Arrogant, sexy, irresistible—bad boys are basically Chelsea’s M.O.
Pretty much everything that Tom is not. He’s dependable and sweet. He’s also kind of hot in a cute, unthreatening way. His offer surprises Chelsea. He’s right . . . she’s never really given a nice guy a chance before. And now she’s curious. Hell, it might even be fun.
There’s just one rule: this isn’t a friends with benefits arrangement. Except Chelsea never imagined nice guys could play so dirty . . .
My opinion 
I loved this book, I love the fake-dating-turn-real trope.  Although this author doesn't follow the clichés of this trope. I absolutely loved that this was meant to teach Chelsea a lesson.
The autor has written an easy, comfort read that you can read in one sittingand it was filled with romance and tension. There was also plenty of humour as well, which I enjoyed. 
I loved both characters, they have a way of charming you and making you laugh at every witticism of what they say. And Tom taught us all how to be a nice guy (even when he didn't like that word so much).
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This story follows Chelsea and Tom. Chelsea has a long list of douchebags she has dated and Tom wants to prove that she deserves a Nice Guy.

I really enjoyed reading this book. It was a quick read and the pacing was pretty fast too. Even if it was predictable, it kept me hooked.

It is a typical romance story with kind of a fake dating trope. It was refreshing to see a male character who wasn't overly confident with his looks and was a self proclaimed nice guy. I loved both the main characters as well as the side character Nadia, it was nice to see that she wasn't ashamed to be herself. I would like to know more about her.

Overall, it was a quick fun read that definitely brought me out of my reading slump!
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Chelsea and Tom story was really cute Tom is like the ultimate book boyfriend helping Chelsea out where she is needing help in the dating department. He really shows her what she’s doing wrong and their relationship grows into something that’s substantially better than anything she’s ever had, overall enjoyed this book.
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