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This story follows Chelsea and Tom. Chelsea has a long list of douchebags she has dated and Tom wants to prove that she deserves a Nice Guy.

I really enjoyed reading this book. It was a quick read and the pacing was pretty fast too. Even if it was predictable, it kept me hooked.

It is a typical romance story with kind of a fake dating trope. It was refreshing to see a male character who wasn't overly confident with his looks and was a self proclaimed nice guy. I loved both the main characters as well as the side character Nadia, it was nice to see that she wasn't ashamed to be herself. I would like to know more about her.

Overall, it was a quick fun read that definitely brought me out of my reading slump!
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Chelsea and Tom story was really cute Tom is like the ultimate book boyfriend helping Chelsea out where she is needing help in the dating department. He really shows her what she’s doing wrong and their relationship grows into something that’s substantially better than anything she’s ever had, overall enjoyed this book.
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I really enjoyed this first book in a new series. Chelsea was having the worst luck with men, because she tended to date the "bad boy." Insert her next friend Nadia that planted the seed of Chelsea's roommate Tom showing her what dating a nice guy would look like. Everything about this book is captivating.
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A cute story and premise but I felt like the beginning needed something more to make me care about who Chelsea was dating and why someone like Tom would be a good fit for her. The way Tom kept being referred to as "nice guy" or "good guy" was also very off putting to me. I wouldn't have noticed it as much if it was used more sparingly but it felt like  instead of showing the reader he was a decent guy, we were repeatedly told to just buy into the fact that he was in a heavy-handed way that didn't work for me. Overall, I think it's a good premise
and I really liked the secondary characters but it didn't pull me in in the way I would have liked.
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Chelsea always goes for the bad boys and it never ends well for her. When Chelsea’s best friend Nadia suggests she goes for Mr. Nice Guy instead she suggests Chelsea’s roommate Tom, who also happens to be her older brother’s best friend. To everyone’s surprise Tom agrees. Seven days and seven nights is all he must show her what it’s like to be with a nice guy. They agree to the one rule this isn’t a friends with benefits agreement.

I loved the concept of this book, and how there wasn’t an instant connection you saw the characters develop feelings and that connection and eventually realize how they have been feeling all along.
I loved all the characters! It was so refreshing to see a female main character that wasn’t this super thin model like person but had a normal body shape and was self conscious about herself, it was very relatable. I also related to how she views her current job and the future of it.

Can’t wait for the rest of the series!

TW: Cancer, Death, Suicide

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Here's what we've get in this book:

Roommates to Lovers.
Fake dating.
Only one bed.

Ticks a lot of boxes doesn't it?

There were a few cheesy moments which were a bit cliche but I didn't hate them. A lot of stereotypical ideas about what it takes to be a nice guy which I think weren't always accurate but Tom as a whole is a lovely, kind hearted guy. I'd have loved to see more of a character development from him. There was a lot of hefty stuff in his past and I think that was skimmed over to keep the story light and upbeat. 

Overall, it was a cute story that was really easy to read. The sex scenes were good and the chemistry was always there between the characters. I would be interested in reading the rest of the series when it's published.
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I've got to be honest this story started as a 3 star with Chelsea and Tom both being put into this challenge by her friend Nadia to prove she's being dating the wrong type of men. It definitely felt forced and I was sure that things would only get weirder or worse. Thankfully it came around and slowly started to show something real between them. The story actually unfolds in the last third of the book when we get some real insight on who they are and what they've been hiding which is when it really started to get interesting. 
A fun read but wished to have had more of what it had morphed into from the start. 
I received an advanced copy of this book from Netgalley for my honest opinion.
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It was okay. It felt pretty cheesy in places and it took me longer than usual to finish. Sometimes I felt like the characters were a bit immature and underdeveloped. I probably wouldn’t recommend it to a friend. Sorry.
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I received an e-arc from Net Galley, but all opinions are my own, thank you Net Galley!

3.8 out of 5 stars

So I won't lie, the beginning was a bit rough for me. I didn't like the comments Tom made about women along the lines of she doesn't know she's beautiful, that is why she's beautiful. That kind of sexist nonsense had no place in this novel, and I wish it had been edited out. 

One of Tom and Chelsea's first interactions was him judging her for the amount and kind of men she dated. From then it did get much better and I ended up liking Tom quite a bit in the end. I liked how respectful he was of her career.

I enjoyed the spicy scenes, and was never uncomfortable. They also had excellent chemistry, and I enjoyed that quite a bit. The story flowed nicely and I was happy with the ending.

A solid romance for sure.
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A light-hearted, fun and refreshing story where the nice guy gets the girl. 

After years of dating bad boys, Chelsea finally decides to give nice guy, Tom a chance on the advice of her bestie, Nadia. What should have been a trial period for Chelsea to experience how a nice guy treats a lady, turns out into something more as the chemistry between Tom and Chelsea flares and sizzles. 

I liked the chemistry between Chelsea and Tom and their slow transition from friends to lovers. Their flirting and banter were super cute and the secondary characters were interesting too. 

Overall, an enjoyable rom-com. Awaiting thr next one in the series. Thank you Netgalley and thr publisher for providing a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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This was a cute story. It took me at least the first half of the story to really get into it. The beginning of the book felt awkwardly written. In the beginning, Clelsea is described as being too nice, but actually just comes off as a bit dumb and naive. For example, when she thinks she’s kind of dating two guys, she says she “had the odd suspicion she’d become the other woman”. What? This makes no sense! One of the guys would be the “other man”. Her dating a long string of jerks doesn’t say she’s nice, just that she’s got some kind of emotional issues. There was an attempt to explain that away, but it didn’t make much sense. Eventually though, her character became more likeable and showed more intelligence. 
    Tom, was more likeable right away, but sometimes showed some strange ideas about the best way to treat a girlfriend. He has a late day at work (as a paramedic) and is worried about keeping Chelsea waiting for a date because “that’s not what decent men did”. Yes, they don’t purposely keep others waiting, but he had a completely valid reason. It seemed like this situation was written just to show how “amazing” and “understanding” Chelsea is because she doesn’t get upset about it. There’s also a part of the story where Tom gets Chelsea an Apple Watch an implies her ex-boyfriends didn’t “take care of her” because they didn’t do the same.
    This couple had good chemistry, but the whole story was pretty average. I did enjoy Chelsea’s friend Nadia and wonder if there’s going to be a future book with her and Tom’s brother. I would possibly check that out if were written.
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Thank you NetGalley and Belinda Williams for gifting me a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review! 
QOTD: What’s your type, bad boys or nice guys? 
My A: NICE GUYS all day every day. Almost every person in my life, work, friends, family, etc., has gone out of their way to tell me what a ’good guy’ Marc is. It always made me laugh, like I don’t know?! He is the nicest, most selfless human I’ve ever met! 
You should know by now, how much I love the friend to lovers trope! I just think there’s something extra special about two people already having a deep, mutual connection and watching it unfurl into something even more. Toss in a little roommate forced proximity action and I’m sold! Chelsea and Tom are JUST friends and roommates. Let’s be honest, he’s just not her type. Chelsea has gone through a string of boyfriends, all of them having one thing in common.. They’re all bad guys. You know the type, aloof, hard to get, a little naughty and a whole lot of mentally unstable. But Tom is sick of watching these crappy guys parade over Chelsea’s heart so he propositions her: Chelsea will ‘date’ Tom for one week. One whole week dating a self-proclaimed Nice Guy to show her exactly how she should be treated. Who cares if he’s always secretly noticed her as more than just a roommate? What could go wrong? What could go right? 
I think the premise of this one is super cute and fun! I think Tom and Chelsea had great chemistry together as friends and as a couple so they were easy to read and easy to root for! I wouldn’t say that either of them were my favorite book characters, but they weren’t the worst by a long shot! Just two flawed  humans trying to find their way to each other, the usge. I will admit that Chelsea was a bit annoying at points. The melodramatic, insecure moments got to be a bit too fishing for compliments at times, but I think Tom handled her self esteem issues well and even when she wasn’t acting like a grown adult, he always was. There were also some very random subplot things thrown in (looking at you, Matt) that did not make any sense in this story. Like I cannot think of a single reason why it was added, but here we are!
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I didn’t like the story, not exactly the beginning, the 1st date of Chelsea and Tom.  It seemed like the author was trying too hard to put some sexual tension, not in a cute way.
Fake dating but not fake dates? It sounded great while i was reading book. But i expected more.
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Thank you, NetGalley, for sending this arc for an honest review!
Such a cute friends-to-lovers book!!
If anyone is looking for a quick-paced rom-com, this is your book! Both characters were enjoyable and perfect in their own way. From Chelsea's fun personality but bad luck in men to Tom's nice-guy persona, they were such a good match! Though I wasn't fond of Chelsea at some points and found their period for fake dating to be quite short, one thing I loved was how quickly to the point they were with their feelings for one another. Overall I really enjoyed this book and am looking forward to the next one in the series.
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The blurb of this rom-com-ish book made me curious, so I requested the arc. And it is indeed a very cute rom-com story, with Tom (best friend of Chelsea's brother) having a teensy crush on the girl. And Chelsea who is just a serial dater with bad boys, who leave her high and dry. So, when Chelsea's friend Nadia proposes she goes out with a nice guy for a change, they ask Tom to help out. The story is funny, cute and shows you how nice guys are supposed to woo their girls. And for the extra effect: there is also something going on between Nadia and Chelsea's brother... Hopefully we will get to that part in the next book in the series. In all, three out of five stars from me and a special thank you to Netgalley for providing the arc.
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*ARC provided by Netgalley*
Chelsea fell in love with a bad boy. Again. It was not the first time and it probably won't be the last. Her flatmate Ben, has enough of it and suggest to show her what a good guy can do to her. For one week, they will go on dates together, so Chelsea can see that nice guys are well... nice too. 

I really liked the plot of this book, although it was quite predictable. It's a typical romcom with the fake dating trope, but there was also some depth in it.. I don't want to mention what I mean exactly, because I don't want to spoil, but I am happy the author included the backstory about Ben's mom.  I liked the characters of this book, although I thought Chelsea was a bit annoying sometimes. In conclusion, this is a lovely quick read filled with romance and I really recommend it if you like cheesy romance movies with a touch of humor.
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Thank you NetGalley for providing me with an ARC for an honest review. 

Chelsea has a habit of picking the wrong guys. After each breakup, she is inevitably left nursing her broken heart and seeking the comfort of her roommate, Tom. After discussing Chelseas’s most recent breakup, it occurs to her that she’s never dated a ‘nice guy’. Tom then gives Chelsea a proposition - give him a week to show her what it’s like to be with a nice guy, on the condition that it’s not a friends with benefits arrangement. 

I really liked the premise to this story as I felt it had the right framework for the fake-dating trope, and having Chelsea and Tom as roommates added a unique element to their story. I also liked the focus on Tom’s job as a paramedic and his desire to ‘fix’ people, everyone except for Chelsea. 

However, there were a few elements that weren’t necessarily my cup of tea. I felt the introduction to the story was actually pretty rushed, as the plot is essentially revealed within the first chapter, without much backstory on the characters or buildup. As a result, I had a difficult time establishing a connection between the characters, and ultimately couldn’t feel the chemistry between Tom and Chelsea. In reality, I actually felt they were quite awkward as a couple, and Chelsea came off as rather immature at times. I also wasn’t a huge fan of Chelsea’s best friend, Nadia. I think the goal was to establish her as the quintessential no nonsense and tough love best friend, but I actually found her to be really pushy and almost bullying at times. 

Overall, there were definitely green shoots to this story and certainly a few elements that I enjoyed, however there were equally a number of  items that weren’t necessarily for me. I would rate this as 2/5 stars.
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Man I really do love a fake dating book!!
This was a fun read. Characters were likeable. Definitely will be checking out this author on Amazon for further books
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I really enjoyed this book. I am a huge fan of the fake dating troupe and this was the perfect book for that. I loved Chelsea and the fact that she worked at a day care, you don't read many books with the female as a child care worker and I absolutely loved that from this book. I also liked Tom and the whole Mr. Nice guy thing, as readers we tend to say that we are more attracted to the bad boys and that is perfectly understandable as many books fantasy and or contemporary romance feature the dark brooding male. And while we love that about them we must also remember that they are also usually nice and respectful, so you don't actually want someone who treats you like absolute crap, you want someone like Tom who is a nice guy but still has that fun part that everyone loves.  And this book does an amazing job of featuring that.

4/5 stars
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Tom has got to be one of the sweetest, most amazing bookish boyfriends ever. I loved how sweet and sincere he was, how much he really, truly cared not just about Chelsea but also about how their relationship might affect his friendship with her brother. He was sweet and charming, calm and supportive and he really listened to her, making sure to tailor their dates to her preferences. On the other hand, he moved so slow. I mean, seriously slowly. I know it was out of respect but most of their week was up before he even kissed her, (though there was quite a bit of contact after one of the dates). That said, I really like it when relationship building and character development have more time than sex scenes- don’t get me wrong, there is some sexy stuff here, but it doesn’t overrun the whole book.

Chelsea was a bit problematic for me. I loved her- I did…. but I hated how hard she was on herself- it got to the point that it became painful and a bit boring if I am honest. That said, I understand her reasoning, and there was a good amount of character growth which makes me happy. There’s great chemistry between these two and I had a lot of fun reading their story.

Told in dual narrative (Tom and Chelsea), it was really easy to connect with each character. The book never seemed to really lag, but had a good, steady flow to it. I really enjoyed it, and I will be ordering book two when it comes out late October. For me, this was a four star book.

Rating: 4 out of 5.
As far as adult content goes, this one is definitely geared toward adults. There’s drinking, language (sometimes a bit excessive in the instance of one character, but it makes sense), and sexual content. I would say eighteen years old at a minimum.

I was lucky enough to receive and eARC of this book from Netgalley and BWrite Publishing in exchange for an honest review. My thanks!
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