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Nice guys always finish last…or do they? Chelsea is a fun loving, happy 28 year old who has a habit of dating “bad boys”. As an experiment, her hard edged bestie Nadia recommends she dates a “nice guy” to see what she’s missing, BUT not just any nice guy, her nice guy roommate Tom who also happens to be Chelsea’s brother’s best friend!! Enter, fake dating trope 🙌🏻 Tome tells Chelsea to give him 7 days and 7 nights and she will leave the bad boys behind. 

Man, this book was so much fun. I loved watching the friendship between Chelsea and Tom grow and it was truly amazing how Tom always encouraged Chelsea to be the best she could be. Their love was believable to me, I could totally see the falling for each other in just 7 days because they had history. 

I have ✌🏻complaints however: the lack of character development with Tom and the lack of self worth in Chelsea. Throughout the whole book, we see Tom doing his best to build Chelsea up and try to get her to see that she is smart enough, good enough, pretty enough. But for me, I feel like, fake dating or not, that’s not a significant others job, to constantly remind you of your self worth. It speaks a lot of Tom’s character but at the same time, I would have liked to have seen Chelsea grow a little more in that aspect. Now back to Tom. We get glimpses of his issues with his ex throughout the book as well, but don’t find out till the end what actually happened, which is all fine and dandy. However, what happened with his ex played a huge role in Tom’s behavior and it would have been amazing to see him grow throughout the story. 

I also would have loved to have had either an epilogue or just more pages, to see how they grew as a couple. But overall I loved this book and I flew through it!! I can’t wait to read the next ones.
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I loved the idea behind this book, a twist on fake dating I haven't seen before. I'd give it 3.5 stars. I haven't read a book this quickly in a while. I got really invested. But I do think the story could have been a bit more developed. The overall plot was good but there were pieces that felt a bit rushed. Overall, I really enjoyed it and will definitely be reading the rest of the series when it comes out.
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It’s a cute romance read but it felt like it was rushing through the process and dived right into the test relationship without enough build up and tension to get too excited about this couple. It also didn’t feel as though it really showed why they hadn’t thought or acted upon feelings before. It had been a long time for them living together and no real obstacles for not having at least hooked up before.
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I liked the premise of the book but not too sure about the execution. It moved fairly quickly into the two leads “fake dating” and I never felt there was any real tension/ chemistry between them. Still a quick and easy read. Three stars.
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Thank you NetGalley for sending this arc for an honest review!

If Chelsea isn’t a mood idk what is. She one of those typical girls who loves to simp and date bad boy dudes. Tom her recent roommate is sick of her babbling about them. Now what’s funny that although Tom may be hot he is the COMPLETE opposite of what Chelsea is looking for in fact he’s so nice. BUT who says nice cant play dirty? What starts out to be i suppose a “friends with benefits” kinda becomes more than that. All I can say is I’m not one to simp on the good guys but sir for him YESS do Tom ANYTHING.
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A fun twist on friends to lovers.

The idea that Tom show Chelsea what a nice guy boyfriend is like was actually really neat. Perfect guy friend thing to do.

Obviously since this is a romance it doesn't stay in the friends zone. But I enjoyed the lead up to more.

I did find the build up to more than friends to be a long process, but I liked that both characters had things to work through. I guess I just felt like it focused too much on their flaws.

Unfortunately I found Nadia to be quite annoying. Chelsea's current boyfriend was too.II also felt like Chelsea's character and her job were downplayed a lot. 

In the end everyone gets their HEA and it was a cute story.

I received an advanced copy of this book through NetGalley. This is my honest review.
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3.5 stars for this cute romcom!
This was my first book by Belinda Williams and I will for sure be continuing with this series. 
Chelsea and Tom are flatmates, when Tom overhears another one of Chelsea's boyfriends has done her wrong, he suggests that she find a nice guy to show her how she should be treated. Tom has a secret crush on Chelsea, but doesn't want to act on it because he is her brother's best friend, but he surely can show her how she should be treated. So, for a week, they come to an agreement. Tom and Chelsea will "date" and she will see what it means to be with a good guy. 
Chelsea hasn't seen Tom in a romantic way before, but as they begin to get closer, she is noticing things that she has previously ignored. Like, how Tom looks without his shirt and how he can cook a mean curry. Tom is like a best friend to her, but if he becomes more could everything be ruined?
As their situation progresses, each of them blurs the line between friendship and more, but will Chelsea be the one to run back to her old ways or will Tom get scared of ruining what they had.
This book was super cute and a fun easy read. I didn't connect with either of the characters tremendously, but I adore nice guys. The tension at the end of the book felt a little odd to me and I didn't quite understand the situation and what really was going on. It felt a little too convoluded and I didn't understand how it affected the character in the way it had for the length of time that it had. With that being said, I loved the side characters. Nadia is my favorite and I completely related to her. I have a feeling her book will be next and I am here for that!
Thank you to BWrite, Netgalley and the author for an early copy.
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I was really excited to read this book.  I love a series and this is the first in a series about four brothers.  It's a fall in love with your friends sister and a bit of a fake relationship and an only 1 bed trope all mixed together.  These are some of my favourite rom com tropes so again I was excited to read this one.  I was a bit disappointed though.   I felt like there were aspects to the plot that didn't fully develop or have a purpose and though I like a steamy romance, the steamy scenes (and they were steamy!) seemed thrown in more just to have them rather than to provide anything meaningful to the plot or romance.  For me this book was just okay.

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the digital ARC of this book.  All opinions remain my own as always.
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Tom and Chelsea are roommates that have gotten along great and stayed out of each other’s way for a while. Chelsea’s brother asked Tom to take her in and watch over her. On a wine induced night with her friend Nadia, post breakup with the latest douchebag things get interesting. Nadia proposes that Chelsea date a nice guy, and Tom is the ultimate nice guy. We’re talking Cinnabon cinnamon roll here. Something in Chelsea’s protest spurs him on to agree to 7 days and night of the ultimate nice guy dating experience. However, when you’re already secretly in love with each other complications are bound to happen. Will Tom’s emotional baggage keep this potentially adorable couple apart. This book is a humorous, slow burning, angst filled, steamy friends to lovers. There’s a one bed scene, some really?? moments, and Nadia and Luke must be the next book!
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This is a very light, quick, trope-y read.   Unfortunately, neither of the main characters really resonated with me.  Chelsea read much younger than her stated age and I found it unbearably depressing that a woman her age had to be mansplained that your partner is not just supposed to jackhammer on top of you and wish you good luck catching up.   Sigh...   Her low expectations for herself and others were referenced frequently but weren't deeply explored.   

I had trouble with Tom too.   There were good things about him, but I found his hot-and-cold frustrating and I would have had a really hard time getting past how he treated Chelsea when things got tough--his choices seemed extreme and would have had severe consequences for Chelsea.   

My favorite parts had to do with Chelsea's work.   There seemed to be some good relationships there and a sensitive issue was handled with care.    The seeds of Luke and Nadia's story seemed interesting too!

Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review.
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Chelsea is the little sister of Tom's best friend. When he gets talked in to 'dating' her to show her how life would be different if she dated a nice guy like him, the last thing they expected was to fall for each other.

A friends to lovers story.

Looking forward to the next book in this series.
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This book was a sweet story of friends to love.  Right from the start I was routing for Tom.  

This was book#1 in a series, and I cannot wait to read the next story!
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*Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with an ARC for an honest review.* 

Mr. Nice Guy is the first book in the Pierce brothers series .
The book was a fun and sweet read with a friends to lovers ,romantic story between Chelsea and Tom.
It was a quick and enjoyable read. I was not really a fan of Chelsea . 
A bit immature for my taste ,but was definitely a fan of Tom.Mr Nice Guy with a dash of Naughty.
I also found Chelsea's friend Nadia a very interesting character and if the little preview in the book showing that there was a past between her and Tom's brother Luke any indication I think we have our second book in the series right there which I will definitely read
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Loved it!! I am a huge fan of Romantic Comedy romance novels and this book was wonderful! This is a new author for me and I will definitely be reading more from her and the other books in the series!
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I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. This book was adorable. I loved watching the relationship between the main characters unfold!
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I was provided an arc in exchange for an honest review. This book is super cute. Chelsea is always going for bad boys and when they turn out bad she moves on to a new bad boy. Tom is her flatmate who is her older brothers best friend and a certified nice guy. Why not try out a nice guy to see what she's missing. This love story is cute and lighthearted with some serious undertones. I read it in a couple of hours because I just couldn't put it down. Chelsea is young and full of life while Tom is serious and stable. What could go wrong?
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Chelsea seems to attract bad boys who by nature treat her badly and leaves her drowning her sorrows with best friend Nadia. Her latest bad boy, Darren, managed to convince Chelsea to lend him $3k for his gym business but suddenly appears with a new car.

Returning from a long work shift as a paramedic, Tom can tell straight away that douchebag Darren has messed things up, leaving his best friend’s little sister and flatmate Chelsea upset. Listening to her and Nadia talk about the bad boys she chooses to date when Nadia suggests that she needs a nice guy – highlighting that Tom would make the perfect Mr Nice Guy.

Agreeing to seven days, seven dates, Tom hopes to show Chelsea that dating a nice guy doesn’t have to mean boring. Although he needs to keep his feelings in check after being attracted to her for the past year. Their dates come with little hiccups along the way from a choking incident, a raunchy film, scorned lovers and revelations from Tom’s past. But they also allow Chelsea to think about the future and what she wants from life.

Whilst they blur some boundaries it becomes clear that Tom has some issues he needs to deal with from his past in order to move forward, but has he pushed Chelsea away for good?
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Tom is the kind of man women dream of. He is polite and intuitive and reading this book sends shivers down your spine in wanting a man just like him. When Tom offers to show Chelsea what a "nice guy" entails, you immediately dive into a pool of wonder what it would be like to date a nice guy. Belinda Williams does an amazing job at giving the readers what they want in a story. It is heartwarming, captivating, and an overall enjoyable read. I was engrossed from the beginning and  was intrigued to learn more about the character development. I was hooked on every page and could not put the book down. I too became enthralled in wanting to have a relationship with a good guy and what that would be like ( a girl can dream!). Chelsea found herself a keeper, even I am jealous! ;) Also the last chapter was such a fun way to end a book!
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The bad boy wins the girl because the nice guy always finishes last, right? 

As I navigated my twenties, I fell into the trap of always choosing the bad boy to crush on. Of course, this always led to tears and a bruised heart. So when I read the premise of this book and the choices of its main character, Chelsea, I just had to see how she broke this same vicious cycle.

Enter Nadia and Tom to help. Nadia is Chelsea's vivacious best friend, and Tom, well he's "just Tom" (who happens to be Chelsea's brother's best friend and her roommate). Why is Tom "just Tom"? He has earned that title being the prime example of a nice guy. Nadia and Tom accidentally pitch the idea that Chelsea should fake date Tom for seven days to help her see what the nice guys might "just" be the thing she truly needs. She agrees and a lot of quirky dates fill the week. And maybe Tom isn't too bad on the eyes. 

Belinda Williams does a great job making these characters easy to cheer on and connect with. Chelsea is kind, spunky, smarter than she realizes, and most importantly always stays true to herself. She cannot see just how wonderful people think she is. Tom is strong both emotionally and physically, tender, and puts others before himself. However, he might have some pieces within himself that might need to be fixed. There is even a Dragon Lady, whose fire might not be as hot as one believes. 

Set in Australia, I loved both the imagery (live by the water is my fantasy) and the lingo used (living in America I love learning how other people use cooler words to say the same thing in another country!). She even sets up a strong sequel using characters within this book (shhh not giving that away!).

And I am not also giving away if seven days is all it takes. ;)
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⭐️⭐️⭐️ 3 Stars for Mr. Nice Guy.

Tom and Chelsea are housemates, and Tom is sick and tired of watching Chelsea have her heart broken by “bad boys.” proposing that they fake date for a week, Tom is determined to show Chelsea what dating a nice guy can be like for once.

This book has a fake relationships, a best friend/little sister relationship, and lots of mutual pining. It's a great beach read because it's short and Relatively well-paced. 

The book fell a bit flat for me because I prefer my novels to be longer. A week of fake dating didn't seem long enough, especially with all of the cancelled dates and series of unfortunate events. Also, the reveal about his ex came right at the very end once they'd had their Happily Ever After, which felt mistimed. 

If the next book in the series is about Nadia and Luke though... I may check it out. That one would be spicy I'm sure.
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