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This is generally an easy-going and light read. It’s humorous, nothing too heavy and one can easily breeze through within a sitting or two.

Plot-wise, like most romance books, the direction is easily predictable. In my opinion, the factor that changes everything lays within the characters and their development. Anyway, the character development between our two mc isn’t very wow per see.
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Who doesn’t love a bad boy? But what happens when you are over them?  That’s what Chelsea is about to find out. Tom, her roommate and nice guy, has agreed to show Chelsea what it’s like to date a nice guy and the only rule is it’s not a friends with benefits situation. Cue the tension! Does Tom have what it takes to change Chelsea’s mind about dating nice guys? 

Mr. Nice Guy was such a cute and easy read full of tension and angst between Chelsea and Tom. This is the first book in Belinda Williams’ new series about the Pierce brothers so I can’t wait to read more about the brothers. 

Thank you Netgalley and publishers for this eARC in exchange for my honest feedback.
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I really enjoyed this first book in a new series. Chelsea was having the worst luck with men, because she tended to date the "bad boy." Insert her next friend Nadia that planted the seed of Chelsea's roommate Tom showing her what dating a nice guy would look like. 

This was really heartwarming and such a beautiful friends to lovers with fake dating trope. Both characters had to work through their own struggles, but ultimately realized that the fake dating brought out feelings that were there long before. 

I'm looking forward to continuing with the series and seeing more from the author. 

I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.
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Thank you to Netgalley, BWrite Publishers and the author for this advance copy to read and review.

Just what I felt like, a light and easy romance with a nice girl and a nice guy who loves her even if he is a bit shy to admit it. 

Chelsea has been roommates with her older brother’s friend Tom for two years when one night her friend Nadia suggests he be her pretend boyfriend so that she can see what dating a “nice guy” can be like. 

To her surprise Tom agrees but makes it a condition that it’s not a “friends with benefits” deal. 

Because Tom really likes Chelsea and Chelsea realises that she likes him too. 

I read this book quickly, the pace is perfect and nothing is too drawn out and repetitive or unbelievable. It’s a goodie! ❤️
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Mr Nice Guy follows Chelsea, who has a habit of always going for the bad boy and her roommate / brother’s best friend, Tom (aka. Mr Nice Guy). Their friend Nadia comes up with an idea for Chelsea and Tom to fake-date for a week to prove to Chelsea that what she really needs and wants is a nice guy. 

This is the first instalment in the Pierce Brother’s series. 

I flew through this book, it was a super easy, short and fun read. I thought the pacing was great, the relationship building between Chelsea and Tom didn’t feel too rushed as is often the case with short romances! I was engaged throughout the book and was invested in the characters lives.

Also, Nadia was a great additional character, she had me giggling a few times throughout the book! 

If you like fake dating, brother’s best friend or friends to lovers tropes I would recommend picking this up.

TW: mental health, suicide, cancer

Thank you NetGalley for providing me with an ARC for an honest review
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This is the first book in the Pierce Brothers series and follows youngest Tom and his friend's little sister, Chelsea. Chelsea moved in with Tom after moving away from home 3 years ago.  After Chelsea's latest boyfriend turns out to be yet another jerk, her friend says Chelsea needs to find a nice guy to date.  Tom agrees to be her 'trial nice guy' for a week. For seven days, he'll show her how dating an actually nice guy can be in hopes that she'll give nice guys a chance. As the week progresses and both start to see the other in a new light, this nice guy might be naughtier than expected. This story was basically just one big checklist of tropes I love - brother's best friend, friends to lovers, only one bed, fake dating! I really liked Tom's character and how he proved the nice guys aren't boring doormats, but rather considerate partners.  He and Chelsea had great chemistry, even when they were talking more so as friends in the beginning of the book. I really loved Chelsea and her character growth throughout the book and that, while Tom encouraged some of that growth like going back to school, she pursued it all on her own.  I thought Tom's main conflict was interesting, especially because that's a flaw I've seen before in heroines in romance books, not so much the heroes. Both Tom and Chelsea have some bad relationship habits to break in this story, luckily they are perfect for each other.  I do wish we would have seen a bit more of their dynamic before the fake dating arrangement (which gets set up in the first few pages).  I was a bit confused at times at just how close they were before because they grew up together and have been living together for 3 years, but there were some lines that indicated they didn't interact much and both kept to themselves. 

Thanks NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for review.  Expected publication date is June 28, 2021.
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Hi, y'all! We are back with another fun book review. Today I'm talking about Mr. Nice Guy by Belinda Williams. 

This delightful Australian romance is gripping from the start. The two main characters. Chelsea and Tom, have an undeniable attraction. The slow burn these two go through to get to each other is on the verge of torture but in the best way possible. 

Williams creates characters that you are rooting for from the get-go. I found myself giggling, gasping, and tearing up in all the right places. Chelsea and Tom are truly compelling and realistic characters. I loved that the main focus was not always on their relationship, but rather on their careers and personal growth. 

While I tend to avoid books that feature cancer in any aspect, I think Williams did a really tasteful job when mentioning the disease. She didn't over-dramatize it or make it a be-all-end-all, which is really important to me. This is a nice romantic read that ends quicker than you want it to, but it does have a slow exposition than I was hoping for (which I mostly attribute to the world-building that first books in a series tend to have).

Mr. Nice Guy is actually the first of The Pierce Brothers books, which means I have something to look forward to! Getting to meet Tom's brother, Luke, was an excellent preview for Book 2!

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Mr. Nice Guy will be available for purchase starting June 28th. Be sure to add it to your Goodreads shelf and see where it's available for purchase here. Also, be sure to check out Belinda Williams's website here!

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3.5 stars for me.
The premise of this book made me really want to like it. Trying to reform a serial dater of the wrong guys, great pinch but was a miss for me. Some parts of this book were just random and kind of heavy topics; domestic violence and suicide attempts, like where did that come from?? These characters are awkward and do too much overthinking which made the sex scenes awkward as well. I'll pass on this one.
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↠ 4.0  ★★★★☆

A very addictive book and extremely fast to read. I think is perfect if you come from a slump or from a series of tough books, or if simply you only want to relax with a fun read.

This book is about the story of Chealsea and Tom, two characters that I loved, the chapters are interspersed between their perspectives and for me was something that gave its touch to the story. Chealsea likes bad boys, the ones that always hurt her and never compromised. At the start of the book, we saw her like somebody insecure, that didn’t know what to do in the future and she didn’t hold herself in high regard, but throughout the book we saw how these things were changing, I loved her development, I thought it was super nice. For the other side we have Tom, the good guy, but that actually have his owns problems, I loved that he was paramedic, it’s something that you don’t see much in books, but in the final he was making me a little desperate, like “Boy, notice” I NEED that everything will end well 

The book could have some common tropes but the author focus them in a different way that make them feel fresh, we have a bit of good girl-bad boy, fake relationship and even one bed. For me some moments were too much in the form of classified everything, like good girls/bad boys do this, women/men do that, I don’t know, for me was so white and black in some parts, but I cannot deny that some points are correct and that I could note the different between the boys. 

Definitively if you are looking for a light, funny story with a beautiful romance, this is your book, I read it in less than two days because I couldn’t stop. This was the first book in a series about the Pierce brothers and obviously I will be here waiting for the next books. 

 ↠ Posted on Goodreads: 8/June/21
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The premise of this book was so interesting for me however there were parts I didn't love.
The heroine made pretty bad decisions and always seem to doubt of herself. Nevertheless, I think this a fun and quick read to enjoy some free time.
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Mr. Nice Guy was the first book I’ve read from Belinda Williams and I am thoroughly impressed. I finished this book in one sitting because I could not put it down! Mr. Nice Guy is a story about two roommates, Chelsea and Tom, who arrange a fake dating situation to convince Chelsea to go for better guys. Tom, the nicest of nice guys agrees to a week or showing Chelsea what a good guy should do in a relationship and does such a good job that even the reader might fall in love with him! The characters are so lovable and I really liked that Williams included both Chelsea’s and Tom’s perspective throughout the story. Mr. Nice Guy is a light, entertaining read that will have you hooked from the beginning. I recommend that any reader who loves a good rom-com or beach read run to pick this book up when it comes out on June 28th! 4/5 stars from me!
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Mr. Nice Guy is fun, it's cute and it's an easy read to get through in an afternoon. I think Tom and Chelsea are both likeable, and their fake to real romance is super sweet. I would have enjoyed a bit more fleshing out of the rest of their backgrounds/story's/lives outside of each other but overall a good book. I will be looking out for the next books in the series!
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Easy to read book, looove the fake relationship trope and the Diana Ross reference at the end was hilarious. I really appreciated the relationship between Chelsea and Tom, everybody was rooting for them, even Nadia lol, I have a feeling we'll be hearing more from her in the next book. 

I kind of think that both of them should have had more character development, the book was a bit slow for my taste, and a little rushed at the end. And the Gemma thing took quite a while to be revealed.
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This book follows a girl named Chelsea who has the worst taste in men. Her brothers friend offers to help her realize she’s dating the wrong type of guys by pretending to be her boyfriend for a week. The nice guy experiment, needless to say things don’t go as planned. I liked the book, it kept me engaged and I was invested in the characters.
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Chelsea has a bad habit of falling for bad boys. After her most recent relationship drama, her roommate and old friend Tom makes a deal with her. They pretend date for a week so Chelsea can see what it’s like to finally date a nice guy.

This book was great. Chelsea and Tom messed so well together as friends and as a couple. I absolutely adored them together and was cheering them on throughout the entire story! Their banter throughout the book made them feel like a real couple. I also loved the side characters and everything they brought to the story to make it feel more real.

The plot was well thought out and the idea of “fake dating” to find Mr. Nice Guy was such a great idea. It didn’t follow the normal “fake dating” path, it was a refreshing twist. And the chemistry between the main characters was undeniable and off the charts. They brought out the best in the other person and had a spicy romance along the way.

This book was such an easy and fun read. I finished it about 12 hours, I was dying to know how it played out!
I really enjoyed this book and I’m excited to read about the next three Pierce brothers in the series!

A special thank you to NetGalley for allowing me to read and review this book.
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Mr. Nice Guy is a light read, perfect to enjoy poolside or at the beach. 

I enjoyed the pacing. With a shorter book, it was nice the author didn’t spend too much time on secondary or unnecessary details. I appreciated that, and it made time with the story fly by. 

Although I enjoyed watching the story of Chelsea and Tom unfold, I was particularly drawn to their friend, Nadia. She was an unexpected treat whenever she popped up, and her unpredictability made her a fun asset to the story.   I enjoy a strong sub character/friend in books. 

Thank you to Netgalley for the advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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This was an ok story. I felt that the ending was hurried, and that Tom's issues didn't equal the gravity Gemma. Besides that though, I liked how he wanted to show Chelsea what a nice guy is instead of what she knows....and that she fell in love with him. 
I felt that there could have been more character development, maybe more backstory especially with the "did you hear about Gemma", and hopefully Nadia gets her own story! I really liked the best friend. She was a hoot!
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Thank you Netgelley for this ARC for an exchange of an honest review. 

A fun read.  Enjoyed it and recommend it.
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This friends to lovers romance was such a joy to read! 
I loved the characters how they stood out! Chelsea and Tom are roommates and she tends to be drawn to bad boy's!.
So Tom being a nice guy offers her something..... Date me for a week and ill show you what's it like dating a nice guy!
She thinks it could be fun. There is one rule though.... No friends with benefits sorta thing! 

Y'all this book was gold! I honestly enjoyed everything in this romantic novel!
Some words I would describe Mr. Nice Guy! Captivating, charming, infatuating, loveable. 
Overall this book was beautifully written I enjoyed the story.and what Williams was going for!

Also I'm so excited to see this is going to be a series, Pierce Brothers! So now I have another book to look forward to! Yay!.
Thank you NetGalley, BWrite and Author for this cute novel!.

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This is a quick read, relatively short but good fun.  I found the main character hard to lime and felt she brought a lot of her problems on herself but it was generally humorous and light.  The standard ingredients of a romance are all here - misunderstandings galore! - and it will appeal to many as an opportunity for escape.
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