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A Special Cornish Christmas

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Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for a free ARC of this book. I have chosen to write this honest review voluntarily.
I have not read any other books in this series although I have read books by this author in the past. She writes novels in the genre I like although I find her use of 'modern' language (the younger generation tend to use words in everyday language that I avoid) spoils my reading somewhat. I have finished reading this book and it is clear that it can be read as a standalone novel. It is not strictly a Christmas book as it mentions last Christmas at the beginning then runs from summer through to Christmas Day. It focuses on a group of characters who enjoy the music, clothes and dancing from the fifties so if you like that period you are bound to enjoy this story. Unfortunately I do not like it at all; the word 'vintage' fills me with loathing and I read the word 'cheesy' so many times I began to think the author might dislike it too. However, I recognise that whilst aspects of this book did not appeal to me it is well-written with good characterisation
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Another great story in this series,  I love all the books by this author,  helped by the fact that they are all set in my favourite party of the country.  Bo's story is warm and cosy and a great start to the festive season,  which I read in one sitting as I couldn't put it down. As always definitely 5 stars
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I've read a lot of Phillipa's books & always find them really light & enjoyable. I did enjoy this one, however its probably my least favourite of the ones I have read. 

I enjoyed the return to Falford & seeing some familiar faces from previous books. I also enjoyed the rock & roll dancing group & the focus on music in this. Angel is a lovely character, I really enjoyed her character development & how she grew in confidence. Love a small business too & the things she made sounded so lovely, in particular the dresses 🥰! 

A lot of this book isn't set at Christmas which was a bit disappointing. It's only really the beginning & the end parts. I also have to say I really disliked Ran in this 😬 he was just so drippy (if that's a word?! 😂). There's a bit with his ex wife & it's such a major eye roll moment I was like seriously 🤦🏼‍♀️! Bo is quite a frustrating character too in my opinion, I just found it a bit hard to gel with the characters in this (apart from Angel) & found it just a bit too predictable. 

All in all not a bad book. Definitely a book to read if you want something light & fluffy that'll take no time at all to read!
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A lovely wintry read that I raced through in two sittings.
I loved all the characters, especially Thor. I do enjoy animals stealing the show in stories!
The setting was beautiful as you would expect for a Cornish read.
I loved all the music chat and dancing, I could see and hear it all playing out as I read along.
A great author and a great read.
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Christmas, it can either be fabulous or can have a pang of sadness, if someone has broken your heart and that's what happens to Bo. She vows never to fall in love again. This, however is a sparkly feel-good book, so it doesn't end there. There's food to feast your eyes on at her Boatyard Cafe and music from her band, which brings a bit of Christmas cheer and the atmosphere, despite of that, is divine. There's some seasonal eccentricity with Madame Odette telling her fortunes, although they are met by some cynicism by Bo and her friends. Romance is also of course in the air and the setting in Cornwall is beautiful, in this story, which has all the magical Christmas ingredients stirred together and baked just right. It's a bit Christmas movie like in many ways. It is cosy and lovely for pure escapism as you prepare for Christmas.
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Who can resist Cornwall for a good novel and this one is no exception. Fantastic Christmas story very well written and a real pleasure to read. Rating this with 5 stars and well worth it.

Thanks to Netgalley and publisher for this e ARC
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A Special Cornish Christmas
by: Phillipa Ashley
Avon Books UK, Avon
This is a perfect book to cozy up with during the Christmas season, or any time of year. It's an entertaining, well-written story of fate, festivity, and finding love, and provides a warm, comforting read. 
Thank you to Net Galley and Avon for the advance reader's copy and the opportunity to provide my unbiased review.
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What's not to love about this book and the next story in the falford collection. 
This is just a lovely read and could get you up and dancing ❤❤
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Loved this book another success for Philippa Ashley, looking forward to the next one! Took me back many years to Rock and Roll!
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If you're familiar with Philippa Ashley you'll know she loves to write wonderful stories set in Cornwall.

Revolving around Bo, a character I really warmed to, the story is about second chances, learning to value yourself and the things that really matter. And there's loads of wonderful Christmas music and dancing.

Highly recommended!
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A Special Cornish Christmas is such a fun and enjoyable festive book!

After a pretty crappy Christmas main character Bo just wants to get on with life. She’s not looking for a relationship, especially after the way the last one ended. But, a trip to a fortune teller makes Bo rethink things a little, even if it’s very unexpected. 

Having read another of Phillipa Ashley’s books in this series I was happy to be reunited with a familiar setting and some characters I’d already seen before, such as Bo. It was great to read her story in more depth as she was a character I was previously interested in. 

I thought this book was a really fun one and different from a lot I’ve read before. This was helped by Bo’s love of rock and roll and dancing as well as Ran’s vinyl collection. It really added something a bit different, especially for a festive book.
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What a pleasure to return to Falford and briefly revisit old friends and meet many new ones.
with themes of Rock n Roll dancing, stitching, record collecting and old and new relationships, there is something for everyone in this book.
Bo Grayson is an integral member of the Falford Flingers dancers and has no interest in men since her last boyfriend returned to his fiancée. . Ran is recovering from a broken marriage and Angel  needs a confidence boost after her husband walks out and her boss bullies her. 
With a fabulous cast of characters this is a book to enjoy.
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This novel was OK but it wasn't one of my favourites by Phillipa Ashley. The mention of vintage music was a bit too much for me but I enjoyed the characters and of course the location
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Having read this author’s other book “an Endless Cornish Summer” , I was delighted to be able to read this Christmas book, especially as it had some of the same characters, making it feel cosy and familiar. The main character this time, Bo, is the owner of the Boatyard Cafe (from the other book) so I knew some of her history. It starts at Christmas one year with a break up and then the story goes into the year and up to the next Christmas. There are ups and downs, dancing and work and friendships with romance thrown in, making it an easy to read, lovely story. Loved it!
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This is my second Phillipa Christmas book, what a lovely read, it is a bit of a slow burn but it gets there in the end, I enjoyed the way the characters are written and the area it is set in is well described, thanks for the advanced copy.
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Bo Grayson loves Christmas and she thinks this year is going to be even more wonderful as she gets to spend it with the one she loves. Until he decides on Christmas eve that perhaps trying again with his fiancé might be a better option.

Bo heartbroken, decides that she will throw herself into all the other wonderful and enjoyable parts of her life. Her café is popular and she has a band of loyal local customers as well as the holiday makers but she still wants to give more. Then there is her hobby with the Falford Flingers – a rock and roll dance group which bleeds into her own personal style which makes her unique from a lot of other women.

Ran, has noticed Bo before, but his heart is also battered and bruised and merely looks from afar. However, along with Bo’s friend April for fun at a fete go and see what Madame Odette predicts for them all. All come out with the same result it seems – a generic “you will meet the love of your life by Christmas”. Looking for love is the last thing all three of them would be thinking about, however it seems that love can come in many forms and guises.

Phillipa Ashley has created another wonderful Cornish tale of Christmas, community and somehow brings the world of rock and roll dancing to life from the page as I am sure I was tapping my foot along as the Falford Flingers – flung each other round various dance floors and with varying partners!

A wonderful joyous book for a Christmas read which brought together, the delicious smells and tastes of Christmas, the Cornish coastline, the crafts that can help us heal and the wonderful added bonus a sprinkling of romance just like the sprinkling of snow we all want at Christmas.
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Last Christmas Bo had her heart broken. Fast forward to the next summer Bo and her friends get their fortunes told by Madame Odette she is told that she will meet the love of her life by Christmas day. Will madam Odette‘s prediction come true?

I have loved every one of Philippa Ashley‘s books set in Falford Cornwall. It’s like returning to visit with friends and I loved the festive feel of this book.
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Pure festive escapism. A magical world of rock and roll music, dance, vintage costumes and joie de vivre! It was such a delight to revisit this glorious Cornish setting and some of the characters from a previous book. This time we focus on Bo, Ran,Angel and the Flingers rock and roll dance group. This charming book has it all, friendship,love and a sense of stepping into a well loved community peopled by warm, delightful character who draw us into their world. Another triumph !
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Thank you NetGalley and HarperCollins Publishers for a copy of "A Special Cornish Christmas" in exchange for my honest review.

This was a lovely story set in Cornwall during the festive season. Bo Grayson and her friends have gone to the village fete where they encounter the mysterious Madame Odette. While each claims to not believe in fortune tellers, her predictions leave all of them questioning what she told them.
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This is a lovely festive read set on the Cornish coast.  Detailed, vivid descriptions take the reader on an armchair adventure. Strong female protagonists, believable friendship dynamics and a touch of magic make this engaging.

The cafe setting has original touches and a definite retro flavour that draws the reader into the characters' world. Heartbreak gives way to second chances, but not until mysteries are solved and secrets revealed.  

 An entertaining festive read with a coastal setting, gentle romance and a little enchantment.

I received a copy of this book from Avon Books UK via NetGalley in return for an honest review.
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