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How could I possibly not love a story about a couple of teens with well-meaning but super controlling parents who bond over a mutual love of cosplay and cons and all things nerdy? I mean COME ON! This is a perfect story about friendship and growing into your own and learning how to be who you really are.
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Noah is a high school senior who dreams of being a costume designer, but his parents are dead-set against his "hobby" being a viable career and pressure him to apply to more traditional colleges and think of a more "reasonable" career. Azarie is the daughter of a politician determined to show a perfect family picture to the public. Azarie is the lead cheerleader and the perfect student, a young woman who's in with the in crowd, and nurses a secret love of comic books and a desire to be an actress. The two bond over their shared interests, and Noah introduces Azarie to his friends, who welcome her into their circle - much to the chagrin of the Mean Girls in Azarie's school social circle, and her image-obsessed parents. When introducing Noah's family to Azarie's, her father insists that Noah and his first-responder parents (a firefighter and police officer) enter through the back door - the racial implications, atop the social, cannot be denied. But more than a story about an image-obsessed family of social climbers, Needle and Thread is a story about embracing your passions, honoring yourself and your dreams, and pursuing a supportive community. Azarie is welcomed into Noah's artistic, cosplaying community and grow with that community's encouragement, while hitting some bumps along the way. Characters are diverse, the story and artwork are interesting and work together to create a full narrative that YA readers will dive into.
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I would like to thanks Diamond Book Distributors for providing me this e-arc. 

Needle and thread is a graphic novels about friendship and passion. It's about this moment of our life when we desire so much something that our feelings can change in an instant. 

This graphic novel was cute. Really cute. It was interesting to see the forbidden friendship because the two main characters are from differents "worlds". This is not only about that friendship. This is about love and passion. And it was probably the best part of this cute story.
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This graphic novel contains the heartbreaking reality of wanting to follow your pie in the sky dreams when your parental expectations are more grounded and in line with their dreams and hopes for you. Noah wants to go to an arts college and major in costume design. He's super talented at sewing and works his shirttails off (pun intended) to get accepted to his dream school and dream program by working on a costume to premiere at a comic con. Azarie is held to super high expectation and behaviors set by her pretentious and snobby elitist mayor of a father and her lawyer mother. In fact, her parents don't think Noah is worthy enough to even be her friend since it doesn't fit the family re-election image vibe they need. They don't know about Azarie's passion for cosplay and her dreams to be an actress - she's been practicing her acting skills for years in trying to be the poster perfect model daughter her parents expect. 
The two meet at a comic story and hit off a friendship that is one-sided at times, but helps push them both towards their pie in the sky dreams. 
I love the trending hashtags in this novel at the start of every chapter. I also adore the social media posts and text message images used on some of the pages - great implementation of social media and technology into a graphic novel. 
I LOVE the overall theme of being yourself in this novel. I think most people/students can relate to some aspect or character in this novel. The comic con, cosplay and manga tie ins will be high interest for students. 
Of course, being an English teacher - Ms. French was totally my favorite character. I aspire to her level of Cosplay since she themed each period a different novel. That's not anything I think I could ever pull off, but her Hamlet and Lord of the Flies costumes were on point!
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Needle and Thread is a great story about a young man's dream to create costumes and a young woman's dream to follow her own heart.

This story took a bit for me to get into, but once I finally got captured it was all or nothing. I seriously loved the story line of following these high schoolers and seeing them develop. They all have difficult journeys they have to make, but all of them geek out together, learn, grow and make epic cosplay costumes! The illustrations were a little weird to me at first, but they grow on you too. This is just an excellent story of art, friendship and personal growth.

This is a real winner for me!

Three out of five stars.

Thank you to NetGalley and Diamond Book Distributors for providing me a free copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.
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Couldn't get the Galley to download correctly unfortunately. But I will probably try reading this when it is released in print.
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I absolutely adored this graphic novel with all my heart!

"Needle and Thread" follow two high schoolers, Noah and Azarie as they form an unlikely friendship and grow to become the people they've always wanted to be. First of all, Noah as the main character was amazing. I definitely have a soft spot for him because I do decided to pursue Costume Design in college and a lot of the questions/reactions he got from his family and peers was so similar to reactions I received when I was in high school. I loved seeing his confidence and sense of self grow throughout the book as he worked to put together his first costume for a con. I I thought Azarie's story was also really great and I appreciated her growth of character towards the end of the story when she final stands up for herself and what she wanted. She was, by no means, a good friend throughout the the book and it was nice to see her come to that conclusion towards the end. I think Ms. French and Hiroki were amazing and supportive side characters.

The art style was stunning. There were pages with no text and the art along told the full story. I thought chapter nine being told primarily through screenshots and texts/tweets was so genius and the intro panel for every chapter was a great way to continue to propel the story forward.

This book made me feel happy, filled with love, angry (Azarie's father is an actual garbage human) and so many more emotions. I would highly recommend this book to everyone. I can't wait to own a physical copy!

Thank you to NetGalley and Diamond Book Distributors for this e-arc of "Needle and Thread" in exchange for an honest review.
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This turned out to be better than I had expected! 

Noah, a school senior, wants to make a career as a costume designer and hence wishes to join a visual arts academy but his parents are opposed to it. Though they are great parents, they feel that it’s not a suitable career for a boy and want him to choose something nobler and socially worthy.
Azarie is the local mayor’s daughter. Coming from a prominent family means that she has to constantly maintain her social image as the perfect daughter of a successful politician. She dreams of being an actress and finding more like-minded friends but her dad crushes both ideas in order to maintain his standing in public so that he can be re-elected.
The story tells us of their efforts to fulfil their dreams.

This is a sweet little story of passion and dreams. There are so many cute things about this book. It was great to see a book show a boy, and a straight one at that, interested in clothes and sewing. Azarie too broke the stereotype by reading comics and being interested in cosplay. I also loved how she was portrayed with freckles all over her body; it was a pleasure to see something so realistic. What I also appreciated was the lack of a romantic connection between Azarie and Noah. Theirs is a story about friendship and it stays that way, unlike so many other books that force a romantic subplot even when a platonic relationship would have been fine. Hiroki, Noah’s best friend, is a fabulous secondary character and brings the perfect amount of joviality and loyalty to the story.

The graphics are good. Some of the panels seemed a bit sketchy, but overall, I enjoyed the illustrations. They weren’t too cramped, and the storyline progressed well through the panels. 

The book puts across a clear message of “Be what you want to be, not what everyone says you should be.” It will certainly resonate with readers. The only issue could be that the book is predictable. As an adult, I could easily guess where the story was going and I might have rated it a 4. But as its target audience is teenagers, I need to view the book from their perspective and I think they’ll really connect with Noah and Azarie and their struggles to fit in, to follow their dreams, and to keep up their social image. So regardless of the predictability, I still think the book does a great job in entertaining and educating its main readers. 

Thank you, NetGalley and Diamond Book Distributors, for the ARC of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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A sweet little tale. Obvious moral is a little obvious, but sometimes a moral can’t be stated enough.
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I received an eARC copy from Diamond Book Distributors and Maverick via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

On the most overwhelming crossroad in life, two teenagers face judgement and disagreement with their personal choices. Noah, an aspiring costume designer, struggles with making his parents understand that art and sewing are his passion and that, no matter how young he is, no matter how much he has yet to comprehend, he knows this is his path in life. Azarie, a picture-perfect politician's daughter who cannot be seen with just anyone who does not belong to her father's milieu, fights with keeping up the appearance in the public eye and her dedication to becoming an actress. 

This charming graphic novel talks about finding one's true call in life and finding support on that journey. Both Noah and Azarie, although coming from different backgrounds, managed to find some common ground, appreciate each other's passion, and push each other forward, growing stronger and more determined. They both succeeded in stepping out of the shadows and emerging as valuable and opinionated people, real grown-ups. 

The expressiveness of the artistic illustrations matches the story and its positive message perfectly. The panel showing Azarie in a gorgeous green costume hand-made by Noah was, in my opinion, the highlight of the entire plot. And that very panel displays a triumph as well, a victory after all the obstacles these two teenagers faced on their way to success.

However, I did find Needle and Thread to be too generic and predictive. It is a cute story that delivers a powerful message, no question about that. But I could have guessed what's going to happen next, and that was quite off-putting. 

Needle and Thread is an inspiring graphic novel for everyone unsure about their passions and interests, as it screams from the bottom of its lungs: "GO FOR IT!"
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I was not able to access and read this title, which is a shame. I was really excited about the premise and promise of the art on the cover. But I will definitely check this out when it’s available.
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Unfortunately, I had problems with the download and was unable to read it. I look forward to reading it in the future. The cover and blurb have me excited  to enjoy the story as soon as I can.
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This graphic novel touches on many different topics. One of the most important being following your passions. Both Noah and Azarie are struggling to make choices about their futures, but their desires are completely different from what all of their parents expect from them. Azarie struggles to break out of the role of a "perfect" daughter. Her father is a politician and obsessed with the optics of his campaign. Noah loves to sew and longs to be a costume designer, but his public servant parents don't understand how his passion can become a career. 

I loved seeing Noah and Azarie find a community of folx who supported them and their passions. Noah also shows a lot of depth as a character as he takes risks and gives Azarie multiple chances to break out of her parents' expectations. Teens will easily relate to this book and enjoy the diverse cast of characters.
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I absolutely fell in love with this graphic novel from the very first frame! During this graphic novel we follow two very different people whose paths end up crossing in a way nobody would expect! The super popular cheerleader and the quietest person in school grow as they are about to graduate high school and want to pursue their dreams in college. Their dreams end up being the complete opposite of what their parents want for them but, that doesn't stop them from really going after what they wanted in life! This graphic novel teaches you to follow your dreams no matter how big or small you may think that they are! One of my favorite reads of the entire year so far!
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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Being yourself and doing what you love sometimes it can be difficult to be accepted by your family and friends. Noah want to follow his dream of a career in costume design but his public service parents have other dreams for him. Azarie, is your perfect popular model politician's daughter of a traditional family with a snobbish group of friends that will never accept her nerdy hidden personality. Will Noah and Azarie be able to stand for their dreams and make the others see them for who they really are?

I liked it and got interested in the story from the start, it's so true how family's expectations can become such a burden on their kids. This was so good and I hope that it will inspire a lot of teenagers for their future lives. Do what you like and be who you want to be because at the end you have this only life to enjoy. Anyway, it was a good book to read and I loved the main characters, the artwork was nice.
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Needle and Thread is about two teenagers having to decide between following their dreams, or obeying their parents’ wishes. Azarie and Noah are seemingly from 2 different worlds, socially and economically, but after a chance meeting they become friends and decide to work together. Will everything work out so they can prove to their parents that their dreams aren’t just dreams, or will the pressures from all the non-believers convince them to give up?

This book was heckin’ cute!! The art was simple yet expressive. I could always follow the flow of the panels and understand the nuances of the story. 

I really liked the characters, though Azarie was my favourite. I think the author did a good job of portraying both sets of parents and how they could be the same in some aspects, and different in others. 

I’d be very interested to read more from David Pinckney, or even more of this particular story.

This was a fun, sweet story relatable to any college hopefuls and dreamers of every age.
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I wasn't able to read this book as it wouldn't download :((
Very upset about this as I was really excited to read it. Hopefully a kindle version can be available in the future.
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This book is centered around two high school teens: an outcast sewer who's parents don't approve of his dream to be a fashion designer and the popular girl who's dad insists that she should keep her love of comic books and acting dreams a secret from the public eye. It's a fast-paced quirky love story. with a slow start.
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Unfortunately this didn't download correctly and I couldn't read it. The cover looks great and the blurb sounds fun. Looking forward to getting this out of my library when it comes out so I can try it.
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Wasn't able to read it, disappointed. because it looked cool. The file type wouldn't download. The cover looks amazing though.
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