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Everything is perfect after Lucy and Paul's wedding until Lucy uncovers some old photographs. Then she spots the text messages she's not meant to see. What is Paul hiding? And why? And now that Lucy knows his secret, is her life in danger? ⁣
I was hooked from the start of this audio and ended up ignoring my family (dinner? what dinner? 😂) just to get to the end. With lots of twists, I highly recommend this one to my fellow thriller fans.
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Thank you Saga egmont media, Elena Wilkes, and Netgalley for this audio version of this book in exchange for an honest review. It moved quickly and the narration was good. I found Lucy to be likable and annoying at times. I did not like the ending as it left a lot of things open and I was confused as to what happened with Lucy. 🌟🌟🌟1/2 from me rounded up to four for goodreads.
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A thrilling novel that will have you hooked as you listen along. I love domestic thrillers and this one fit the bill nicely.

A book that I recommend you read/listen to.
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A compelling read, Many possible endings.   About compulsion, about how a man can keep a woman a prisoner of love.   I was on the edge of my seat all the way through.  But after all the listening I was left feeling bereft because I did not understand the ending.  Very well read and a book that kept you wanting to know what he will do next. Shame about the end.  Thank you for letting me listen to this audiobook.
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This audiobook is quite good. I liked the story of how if someone tells you often enough you end up believing everything you hear. The ending was a bit random and I couldn't work out if it was all mostly psychosis. Good narration.
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I was unable to give feedback on this title as it disappeared off my netgalley app due to an error so it wasn’t my fault I couldn’t give feedback.
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Audio version of this book 📚- I was pleasantly surprised by this book , the first book I’ve read by this author and would definitely read another one . The storyline highlighted the horrendous psychological abuse women and men can endure at the hands of their partners and how easy for people to be manipulated. Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy the narrator, I found her to be a little robotic which was very off putting but due to the good storyline I kept on listening
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An enjoyable psychological thriller that kept me gripped throughout.

The narrator really brought this story to life and easy to listen to.
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I’ve read a lot of thrillers and this one kind of fell flat for me. Lucy discovers her husbands secrets and starts to question herself. The story is entertaining but very easy to see the twists unfold. Predictable for sure. Not a bad read but not great either. 

Thanks to  Netgalley for the ARC for my honest review
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I really don’t want to meet Lucy, I’ll become just as unhinged as her!
She ridiculously got on my nerves.

Why did she stay married to Peter, why? Especially when she found that photo, why! When she gathered what is was he was hiding, why?!

On some plane in this book I was liking it, on another she annoyed the hell out of me.

You know what I mean right?

It’s dark….don’t go in there….
It’s dangerous, stay away.

But they don’t! Off they pop creeping in where I’d not need to be told twice, I’d be gone in a heartbeat.

Peter. The manipulator.

I don’t need to like the characters to like a book.
But I do need to understand why Lucy stayed with Peter.

At the end of the day I hear you say “why did you give it 4* then Sue?”

Because the plot was good although frustratingly obvious. The author writes well. 

There were plenty of tropes in this thriller I liked, there were a few things I wasn’t expecting.
So for that, it went from a 3* to a 4*. However, that couple still got on me nerves! 

It’s worth reading, even just to ping me your thoughts!
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This book is advertised as a must for " The girl on the train" and I was so pleased to get a free audio copy to read via Netgalley in return for a honest review 
Sorry but this book is not a patch on  " The girl on the train" 

After a slow start this book and the plot seemed full of promise but then it got confusing 
I was listening to this book on audio and I had to keep going back and listening to chapters to get back on track
When Lucy met Paul  the character was slimy and controlling and Lucy just very quickly went along with it and married him even though she had doubts about him

Not sure where Simon the paedophile fit into the story. Emma , Lucy's best friend had doubts about Paul but then turned on Lucy believing Paul over her "best friend "  

The story progressed and had promise of a good ending but then the plot failed miserably the ending I listened  to 3 times to try and understand it but I'm sorry I got the gist of what the ending was trying to tell but it was really poorly executed by the author  and looking at the reviews on Amazon I am not alone with this view 

If I had purchased this book on Audio I not have finished it and I would have returned it
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A well written story with characters you can thoroughly get behind or dislike with a passion! 
A story with more twists , turns , ups and downs than a rollercoaster!!! An easy fast paced tale therefore Would be an ideal staycation read
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Okay, so here's the deal. I just could not get into this book the way I had hoped. I found the narrator didn't engage me or enrich the story much. She wasn't terrible, and I've heard much worse, but I personally had a hard time connecting to the book because of it and honestly, the story didn't grab me either, though the description was great. I just kind of went through the story in a general haze of confusion and annoyance. 

Lucy ends up meeting and marrying Paul, who seems like the perfect guy. As their marriage progresses, Lucy ends up pretty isolated from her friends and when she finds some things from Paul's past, Lucy doesn't really have anyone to turn to. She feels like she's in danger and though she tries to uncover the truth about Paul, it seems like he's always one step ahead of her. 

I think the overall premise of the book is good, but at the end, I still had a lot of unanswered questions and was a bit frustrated by the continual gaslighting of Lucy by Paul, and I honestly feel a bit gaslit by the story myself! Ha!  What was real? What wasn't? 

I was given this ARC in return for an honest review. Thank you! #TheManIMarried #NetGalley
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I couldn’t get into this story due to the narrator being so boring I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Maybe next time.
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Dark thrillers are one of my favorite kinds of books, so this one was a book that I thought I'd be a great fan of!
The main character, Lucy, is a probation officer to criminals who do some of the worst acts, especially to children. Lucy also marries a man named Paul, who wants to control her and possibly kill her after doing the same to his past wife and children.

This seems like it will be a great audiobook based on the description, but after listening, I don't feel much that way. The two different aspects of Lucy never fully get finished and it left me wanting so much more from this story.
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This audio book was a delightful, easy listen. The narrator was clear and able to differentiate between the different characters making it easy to follow. 

Spoiler alert; I was happy at the end when a certain character died. I think the author portrayed his controlling, abusive behaviours well and as the story progressed, the character development allowed the audience to see his true colours, and the monster he really is. 

I liked how the author was able to create the emotions of the characters, like the anxiety and unease really came through in the writing. 

Overall, I enjoyed this audio book. I would definitely recommend to someone who enjoys a domestic thriller. 

** I received an advanced copy of this audiobook to listen to and review. Thanks to NetGalley, the author and publishers for allowing me this opportunity **
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The Man I Married is the story of Lucy and Paul's marriage. On the surface, they have the perfect relationship, the whirlwind romance, the undying affection, and the wedding for the ages. 

Paul is the perfect man, and Lucy cannot find fault with him... Yet, when Lucy discovers photos and text messages that Paul cannot explain away, she begins to wonder how well she actually knows the man she chose to spend the rest of her life with. Paul's secrets are far darker than Lucy knows, and what's worse? How far he'll go to keep those secrets quiet.

I wanted to enjoy this book a lot more than I actually did. While the first half was incredibly slow, the second half felt rushed and vaguely puzzling. With that being said, this is a nice book to spend your weekend with. I wasn't sure what the twist would be and was surprised, which was nice given my overall feelings about the book. The audiobook was more engrossing than I was expecting, but it only marginally improved my opinions.

Overall rating: 2.5/5 (rounded to 3)

The Man I Married is now available for purchase. Be sure to add it to your Goodreads shelf, and see where it's available to buy. Also, be sure to check out Elena Wilkes’s profile on Fantastic Fiction!
I was lucky enough to be able to listen to this Advanced Reader's Copy through my partnership with NetGalley. All opinions are my own.
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The Man I Married is a psychotic thriller by Elena Wilkes. It is told by Lucy's POV, she was living normal life until she met Paul. 
They met. They fell deeply in love. They got married.
Lucy thought that she had everything she wanted. Until she found the photograph from Paul's past life, read the text messages he's so desperately trying to hide. Until she uncovered Paul's darkest secrets.
Now Lucy realises she doesn't really know her husband. She doesn't know if she can trust her own mind. She doesn't know the lengths Paul would go to keep his perfect life. And worst of all, she doesn't know that she's in danger...
Psychotic thrillers aren't something I generally read but when I was randomly browsing through the book the description of it immediately caught my eye. It took me  some time to get into & the plot twists were worth the wait. I often found myself yelling at Lucy. I loved the way the narrator Colleen Prendergast narrated the whole thing!! The way she changed her voice and accent for all the characters was amazing! 
There were some things that I didn't liked, like the whole Simon Gould situation and even the end for that matter. 
Overall I liked it! I would definitely recommend this Audiobook to so the thriller suckers out there. Give it a try (:
Thank-you NetGalley & Saga Egmont Audio for this review copy!
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The Man I Married 
By Elena Wilkes

This domestic thriller is full of suspense and goosebump moments that will keep readers wondering what is Paul hiding from Lucy? Or is Paul on the up and up while Lucy is just plain crazy?

Fast paced and smartly written, this book will pull readers in from page one. Unfortunately, the ending is rather cryptic leaving readers wondering just were the truth lies…..

⭐️⭐️⭐️💫3.5 starts for and addictive read with a disappointing finish… or perhaps I just missed something?!
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At the beginning of this book, I was intrigued; it had many possibilities and had good potential. However, this tale of gaslighting and how Lucy tried to justify Paul's wrong actions and doubting herself ended up having many other plots and left many unanswered questions. I felt some situations were repeating over and over, and some scenes were far-fetched. Other parts of the book had nothing to do with the main plot. 

Thank you, NetGalley and Saga Egmont Audio, for this opportunity. 
#TheManIMarried #NetGalley
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