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You're kind of a big deal is a hilarious yet thought provoking book on being the best version of yourself. With stories and prompts sure to make you take action. You're kind of a big deal is sure to leave you having that big deal energy.
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Unfortunately couldn't read due to weird formatting. none of my reading devices were able to display it correctly. so its a shame as I'm really interested in the topic.
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I absolutely loved this book! It really bigs you up, encourages you to take positive action in acknowledging your self-worth and it is basically like having the best cheerleader ever in a  book!
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I’m not usually one to pick up a non-fiction book, but this one had me excited from the get go! The way Erin writes makes it feel personable to the reader and the stories she tells shows a depiction of most people’s lives. I hope I can take some of this advice and use it in my every day life.
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This book does the motivation speak by telling women they can achieve anything by being brave.

I loved the conversational tone since I am a big skeptic about self help books and don't normally go for them.

Charting out her problems and how she dealt with them was how the author tries to encourage the reader to do the same.

I do wish that part was shorter since you have to read through it to get to the advice. My kind of self help books - short.

Thank you netgalley for the ARC.
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Unable to read due to copyright notice running through all pages of the copy I downloaded. No other version available.
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Although I appreciated the author's enthusiasm, message, and encouragement, this book was not for me. I found the author's voice to be a bit casual—like the reader is one of her best girlfriends—and it didn't seem genuine to me. Although the book is loaded with ways to break free from our fears and take risks, I feel like the same information is available in many other places. I thank Net Galley and the publisher for the opportunity to read and review this book.
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This book was sent to me as an ARC on NetGalley. However All Opinions Are of my own.
I often struggle with self help books just purely to do with the nature. This one wasn’t so bad, although I did still struggle. It was compelling in some areas and quick witted. It’s technically a massive pep talk.
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While this book is outside my usual chosen genres, I am trying to read more self-help or self-inspired books. This book mixed real-life experiences and humor to deliver the message that we women should empower ourselves and take our place at the table in this male dominated society.
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The best Self-Development book I have read in years.
Self-realisation for women is a hot topic right now, and there are plenty of guides available online.
After wading through dozens of business-minded hustle books, I came across this book and I was totally blown  away by it. 
I have pages of notes, sketches of ideas and project plans and best of all - the information is practical, in-depth, authentic and real. I believe that Erin was someone that I could trust.
You can do this thing.
You can start this thing.
You can quite this thing.
You can be the thing.
And if you don't know what this thing is - Erin will show you how to find it in a fresh, radical and real way.
Highly recommended.
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Just finished You’re Kind of a Big Deal by @mrs.erin.king 

This was an ARC via @netgalley and I really enjoyed reading it this last week. There are 9 chapters which are completely empowering and covers leadership, friendships, facing adversity, negative thoughts etc and is written in a really conversational way which works very well. I really liked the pro active tasks of the Big Deal Diary at the end of each chapter which allowed you to reflect and think/write freely. 

The language of the book is aimed at US readers but is very accessible to all. Thoroughly enjoyed it - 4/5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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Self-help books are always going to be hit or miss. Sometimes, an author has good advice, but it's not advice that you need or not advice that's right for the moment. That's how I felt about this. 

There were lots of good points made by the author, but I found it grating. Part of it was the tone, which seems to want to be your girlfriend and is a little too comfortable and too slang-y, but part of it was just that the advice felt like common sense to me. As I say, we all need different advice, but the advice I'm personally never going to need is that I'm important and that I matter.

I really do appreciate how open this author was about her own failures and struggles and I thought the active journaling component was a good addition. I did think it felt a little bit "prosperity gospel"-esque in that if you try hard, believe in yourself, you can do anything, when the reality is that some people face external pressures that can't be solved that way.

I also felt a little like this was an advertisement for the author's other products (course, conference, etc.). As someone who wasn't aware of who she was beforehand, it just kind of felt like I was being sold a product. It feels a little like she wants to be the next Rachel Hollis. Maybe that's appealing to some, but it's not for me.

I received a free ARC from the publisher for providing an honest opinion.
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This is such a wonderful book to read. Erin King, a super-enthusiastic coach, has written an extra-special pep-talk book. She's on a quest to inspire women to unleash their boldness and claim their due position in today's (still) male-dominated society, using a mix of comedy and real-life examples.
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This book takes an empathetic approach and gives bite size approaches and allows you to have kindness and patience with yourself when dealing with life. This is so necessary for everyone to read in life. Highly recommend. Especially loved the reflection to true life to humanize my feelings and relate. I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.
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I normally don't care for books of this genre: the advice is focused on a group that I'm not part of, or is simply not relevant to me. This book is written for the females, and might not suit those who can't relate to those experiences.

This book, however - I felt like I had a good friend come over, and share stories of how accomplishments are done, and stories of what happens if they work, or don't work, or get sidetracked. This was a outstanding look at how to improve the chances of things going well for you. And a blunt look at how others might resist the changes, and how to deal with this.

Not all changes have to be large to others - and that's one of the lessons that I took from this. Making a small shift to get you what you need is sometimes the best step forward - there's no one saying this is the only step you need to take. The diary section helps you take the time to put these ideas into words. If you do the work with this, I can see that being able to make the changes you want would be easier.

The words are read, but the work of this book is far from over. And that's a delight.
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I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I enjoyed reading this motivational book. It gave me some insight on how I could be happier and more confident. Some things are simple but can have an profound effect on your life. The anecdotal stories were well done as well. One quote that I will be utilizing in my life is “sometimes just a slight reallocation of time and energy can be enough to remove the sarcasm from our versions of ‘just living the dream.’
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I like to get a bit of motivation from my self-help books, something that inspires me to try something differently, break up the work year, and tackle a problem differently. This book, by Erin King, is targeted toward women and building confidence, finding your voice, and stepping up. I think every woman should be having these conversations or reading these types of books from time to time. I recommend this one! Thanks to NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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You're Kind of a Big Deal was a positive and inspiring read. It was also humorous at some points so I wasn't bored at all. Erin King talks about how women can unleash their inner audacity and talks about her own life experiences, past failures and the lessons she learned from those failures. 
The author (who is also an entrepreneur) gives us advice on how to deal with all these difficult stuff relating to teams and start-ups and workplace. However, I didn't find anything new that I already didn't know. It was quite predictable for me and a little bit slow paced. 
There was also a "Big Deal Diary" which was kind of a self analysis, I found it quite interesting like asking those questions to yourself.  It is quite a useful book for those people who want to overcome some obstacles in their lives.
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While confidence might ignite your personal or professional momentum, sustaining it takes something a little bolder. Get ready to activate your audacity by unlocking your “Big Deal Energy”.Women are often told that dreaming bigger and exuding confidence is the key to achieving professional success. While big dreams and confidence might get you started, they won’t fuel you throughout the marathon and over the finish line. In order to keep going through thick and thin, you need audacity. You’re Kind of a Big Deal provides the strategies, tools, and inspiration you need to power up your potential, break free from limiting beliefs, and make your biggest dreams a reality. International keynote speaker and successful entrepreneur Erin King helps you step into the role of CEO of your own life and better execute your responses to challenging feedback from the world around you, so you can:

Move through any and all obstacles between you and your goals

Be more present, honest, and authentic in your professional and personal life

Increase your energy to take on the toughest challenges

Develop greater clarity on your place and purpose in life

Handle social settings and meet new people with a new sense of confidence

Drop the automatic negative thoughts and stay positive even in the face of adversity

You’re Kind of a Big Deal dares you to listen more closely to your intuition when it comes to pulling the trigger on big, courageous business decisions―even if those decisions might initially shock those in your orbit. 

Get ready to finally break through all barriers standing between you and the goals you were born to absolutely crush because the fact is, You’re Kind of a Big Deal. 
Loved this book, lately I’ve been lacking in confidence so found this book at the right time!
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Finding my voice has been a challenge as a teacher, as a counselor, and as a woman. For many years I agreed to favors, advances, countless things I didn't want to do simply because I thought saying no was equivalent to being lazy or not a good friend/good daughter/good person. It was when I went to grad school that I learned a lesson that is reiterated in much better detail throughout this book: Assertive DOES NOT equal Aggressive. I am so glad this book exists and I plan to use parts of it in my counseling girl group lessons. This book reads like a discussion with a friend and made me feel less alone in my constant battle with Imposter Syndrome and feeling the need to be perfect simply out of the fear of failure that borders on phobia. I felt warm and welcomed from the beginning of this book to the end- and I typically do not read anything outside of fiction. This was wonderful and I feel changed and validated from reading it.
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