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Beneath the Violent Sea

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3 stars.  Thank you Netgalley for the arc.  This poem was striking and violent and intriguing.  It was a short and captivating read.
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This was a dark mermaid novella told in verse. It was eerie and atmospheric. It is a tale of revenge and is pretty immersive. This was short but I enjoyed it.
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Well...I don't know that this is a poem book about the revenge of a siren. It's definitely different from any other mermaid story out there. This book is dark and a tale of revenge.
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I received an ARC of Beneath a Violent Sea by Stephanie Dunham from NetGalley and Xpresso Book Tours in exchange of an honest review. 


In the black waters of the deep, a siren lies in wait. The Captain of King Srang is retired, but his ship still sails, and she is bent on finding him. Disfigured and vengeful, she stalks the ship until it leads her inland and with a deathly beautiful song, she lures them to sea. For weeks, she ravages the lakeside villages, until she finds him. The one who left the scars in her skin.

‘Once she was a small, little beast, cold and hungry, dependent on them. They raked their tools across her flesh, leaving it raw, leaving her tired, alone. They dumped her back in, - corrupted waters. They were tired of her screams.
She writhed in agony, wanting nothing more than oblivion — finding nothing more than life. Beneath the violent sea, she scraped together a life from the scraps of death. She shed her skin, yet the wounds still lingered. They were battle scars, proof of her kinship with the sea. She breathed.’

The poetry was a little hard to follow but I did enjoy reading about the siren and her revenge. I will most likely read the next book in this poetry series. 

‘Beneath the violent sea, a monster was rising.’

3.5/5 Stars!
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I read an eARC of this title thanks to Netgalley. It is a novella told in verse. This is NOT a story like Disney's The Little Mermaid, but rather a revenge tale of a siren seeking to destroy a ship full of sailors. It was a quick, fun read that did a good job personifying sea and sky as spectators to the siren's hunt. I am not an avid poetry fan yet I enjoyed the author's dark and vengeful take on the mythical creature. #NetGalley #BeneathTheViolentSea #eARCs #ReadMore2021 #WomenWriters
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Thank you NetGalley and Stephanie Dunham for the opportunity to read the eARC of Beneath the Violent Sea!

This book is short but very impactful and I very excited to read more about the Siren that the sea itself fears!  Be ready to be pulled into the Sea.... just don't listen to the Siren's call,

I will post my review on Netgalley and Amazon!
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This book was, to my surprise, a mid-length prose poem. I got this book as an ARC from the publisher and I did not realize it was a poem until I open the book up. I haven't read poetry since college, but this was a very easy and fun read. It was not intimidating at all. It was dark, mythical, and vengeful. I enjoyed this story, but I definitely felt like the story could have been expanded on while still keeping the general tone of the poem. This was a story of a siren who is seeking revenge; she has a deep and unyielding urge to reign terror on the sailors who hurt her. I'm not sure that I will be shouting praises from the mountain tops, but I enjoyed this quick read and am interested to see what this author does next!
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Beneath the Violent Sea is a mid-length prose poem that’s surprisingly quite fun to read even for those of us who haven’t read poetry in decades. Dark, brooding, mythical, but a mythic poem about a siren’s seductive call, an Odyssey for the modern age.
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