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Dear Diaspora

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It lays out the fragmented memory of someone who grew up in diaspora: snippets of survival, snatches of words and sounds and images from different languages, longing and colors. It gave my own broken, disparate diaspora memories a shape and language to hold on to.

Bold yet shyly intimate: this is a peek into Nguyen's childhood diary, and it feels like an honor to be trusted with such secrets.

A deeply moving project that deconstructs the body and memory as a series of puzzle pieces, waiting to unlock a grander narrative about the self and diaspora.

Favorite poems:
- If I Say My Body is Grieving
- Letter to the Diaspora (all of them)
- The Boat People
- Ode to Hunger
- Suzi as a Series of Questions
- Unending
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Dear Diaspora was a stunning read. Nguyen has such a way with language, I'm glad I discovered her writing through this ARC.
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Overall, I enjoyed the fresh perspective that this book gives into the experience of a Vietnamese immigrant family in America. The poems were raw and emotional in the best possible ways. They were so captivating that I hardly realized that I read this in one sitting. 

This is the debut collection of Susan Nguyen, and considering what I read here, I can hardly wait to see what else she creates in the future!
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