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One of the best new installments in this series.  Jane, Bruiser, and company have a lot ahead of them and with old and new enemies popping back up into the mix, it's non-stop, heart-pounding action.  Can't wait for the next one!
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True Dead is the most resent installment of the Jane Yellowrock series by Faith Hunter Yes, you really do need to read this series in order- and if you enjoy audiobooks this series is done wonderfully in that format. 

Jane used to hunt vampires, but now she’s their queen. She’s holed up in the mountains with the Yellowrock Clan, enjoying a little peace, when a surprise attack on her people proves that trouble is brewing. Someone is using very old magic to launch a bid for power, and it’s all tied to the place where Jane was first drawn into the world of Leo Pellissier—the city of New Orleans.  Jane is compelled to return to NOLA because someone is trying to destabilize the paranormal world order. And because she now sits near the top of the vampire world, the assault is her problem. She will do what she must to protect what’s hers. Her city. Her people. Her power. Her crown.

True Dead is exactly what I needed for the continuation of this series. Jane and her chosen family have been through a lot, and this book starts just as the next wave is about to roll in. I liked the continued character growth for Jane, and her growing awareness about how much is at stake, and how much rides not just on her choices but on her very survival. I was thankful for the moments of Jane's trying to figure out all the important players, and what is likely to come next, included her running through important bits from past books to remind me (and other readers) of moments that might have been forgotten or deemed less important. It helped me get back into the swing of the adventure and layers of planning involved in the larger story line. I was glad to see certain story arcs play out, and interested to see where some of the new threads lead us all. This is very much not for newcomers to the series.

True Dead is a great addition to the series, fans will want to pick it up and dive in.
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SJ, Romance Junkies

TRUE DEAD is the fourteenth book in Faith Hunter’s popular Jane Yellowrock series about a shapeshifter and the supernatural and human company she keeps. Hunter delivers a solid chapter in Jane’s ongoing storyline. Fans will be thrilled to see Jane, the new Dark Queen, manage her health, her consort, and vampire politics. But new readers will be totally lost—you have to be familiar with the series and read the books in order.

It took me a while to get into the story, and I had to go back and reread the previous book, SHATTERED BONDS, to wrap my head around the ongoing plot and multitude of characters. 

When we last left Jane, she had cancer, a new title as Dark Queen, taking over for Leo, and danger in the form of the Son of Darkness. Now she’s dealing with Beast, her feline other half, and trying to figure out what form she’ll stay in. She also needs to come to grips with her overprotectiveness, as well as her makeshift family’s protectiveness over her.

The story is as always, complex, emotional, and fast-paced. Bruiser, Alex, Eli, and crew are working hard in the Appalachians while Jane tries to recover in time for a wedding (not her own but a friend’s.)  

The best parts of the story seem to be between Jane and Beast, and hearing Beast’s thoughts, which add much needed levity to the darkness that can be overwhelming. Bruiser’s solid, as usual, and Eli is her constant. But there are surprises and the return of some characters that are truly shocking. 

A must-read for fans of the series, but if you haven’t read the previous books, you need to. Start with SKINWALKER. You won’t be disappointed.
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Faith Hunter does it again and I can't wait for the next in this series. Jane Yellowrock is my hero and I need a Bruiser of my own! As always, it picked up the story where we left off and continued it in a way that was both logical and new. I love how Jane is continuing to grow and develop as a character and how the story continues to unfold. It's a winner!
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3.5 Going Back to the Beginning Stars

Have you ever started a book and wondered if you accidentally missed a book in-between? It has only happened to me a few times and one time I had forgotten to read the prior book. When we start True Dead Jane is the Dark Queen, has time walked to heal herself and is now back with her Yellowrock clan plus a few new Vamps.

Jane is having some trouble with shapeshifting and because of that it seems that her Consort, Alex and Eli are being a little overprotective of Janie and she is tired of it. There is a new vamp player who is coming to challenge Jane for the crown and a bunch of players from the start of the series will become important again. Bruiser will be there to support Jane through this all in all of his Onoreo glory.

I have struggled a bit with the last two books in this series specifically just because so much of it is in Jane’s head and soul home as she tries to work out who the players are and the magic really at work. Sometimes it is just hard for me to get into that and I didn’t remember Ka or the Firestarter at all so I felt a little disconnected. There is still a lot of action and a lot of stuff to love but sometimes I struggle with Jane as she struggles to get used to her knew roll. She will get there but at the same time I have questions I want answered and so I’d like to get there sooner.

Some fans of the series are going to be excited that a character finds a way back to the forefront of the story in an unexpected way. There is a wedding on the books too and Jane needs to find a way not to mess this up for Jody and Wrassler, which is hard since trouble just follows Jane.

Overall, there are some great things for the fans of the series in this book. Jane and Beast are always a great duo. I love the give and take of their relationship and how each of them brings something to the story. Beast that ‘dang cat’ can be hilarious, I do wonder what secrets she is keeping from Jane since there seem to be a few. Not my favorite book of the series but still a decent story.
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I have read every book in this series and have never been disappointed but I have to say this one came close but for reasons that I can't talk about other than her loss of the power to shift at will seemed to get a bit cumbersome for the reader.  The book while moving the story along in a superb fashion with the usual multitude of plots and surprises did seem to take a road never taken where it seemed everybody was suddenly less powerful.  This added just a small bit of frustration to my enjoyment which is miles away from not loving the story but keeping up with all the characters was a small chore since I had to stop several times and remember who "Now who was this again" but this is still Jane Yellowrock and I still sense the end of the series coming and that makes me a bit sad but in all I wanted to give this 5 Stars but I felt that was more my love for the series than the actual enjoyment of this book.  In the end they brushed over it quickly but it sounded a lot like the ending of Godfather 1 (and I loved it)
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True Dead is the 14th installment in the Jane Yellowrock series and was another fast paced, exciting, and rollercoaster of emotions!

In this installment, Jane and company head back to NOLA for Wrassler and Jodie’s wedding. This time however, Jane returns not as the Enforcer vampire hunter but as the Dark Queen. Now healed from a form of magical cancer, Jane is the Dark Queen, Master of New Orleans, and every Mithran in North America. However, while some are  her loyal subjects there are also threats among the ancient vampires. So now Jane must figure out her problems with her ability to shift and the politics of her position and she’ll need all the help she can get. The reason is the European vamps allied themselves with a certain group who also want Jane’s magical artifacts for their own gain.

Overall, I loved True Dead with all its twists and turns! Just goes to show Jane has more than a few surprises up her sleeve now that she’s the Dark Queen. Faith Hunter sure did a great job showing the difference between the Jane from Skinwalker and the Jane from True Dead. She’s really come a long way since then. We finally got some questions answered but as always new questions took their place which I look forward to see answered in future installments. Once again, Faith Hunter did not disappoint! 



*I received True Dead from Berkley Publishing Group via NetGalley in return for an honest review.*
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Faith Hunter continues to ramp up the stakes in vampire politics in New Orleans with Jane Yellowrock as the Dark Queen of the vampires. Bodies start falling. Her grandmother turns out to be mad and bad.  All in a day's work for Jane.  Read this exciting action packed vampire tale.
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Jane Yellowrock is a 190-year-old Cherokee shape-shifter. Having been magically cured of her cancer in the last book, Jane is now having trouble holding her form.  Her companions see this, along with Jane’s position as Dark Queen of the vampires, to shield her from danger and any action.  But the danger cannot be avoided as they face an ambush on a simple reconnaissance mission even though they manage to capture a powerful enemy.  Before leaving their mountain home to return to New Orleans Jane participate in a Cherokee ceremony with her brother and grandmother only to learn that her grandmother is part of those who are her enemy.  The return to New Orleans, apart for Lori and Wrassler’s wedding, turns into a series of attacks and counter attacks as Jane and her friends must determine who among them is loyal and who are traitors.  There are challenges galore and if Jane and her friends lose, than hundreds of people, human, witch and vampire, will die.  It is up to Jane to figure out the vampire’s long plan and save her people.

This was an enthralling read, once I started I could not put the book down. I kept telling myself “just one more chapter” until I reached the end. There is sad death, surprising revelations and almost non-stop action until we reach an exciting climax that leaves us longing for the next book to see what happens. The whole series is highly recommended
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I have already ordered this book for my library system. It was a great read. There is a lot going on with vamps not accepting Jane as the Dark Queen and others conspiring against her. Felt like my heart stopped a couple of times during some of the battles. Love the series!

Thank you to the author, publisher and NetGalley for my eARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I love that Jane is back in New Orleans, the place where it all began. Wrassler and the police LT. Jodie are getting married at HQ and Jane needs to make sure their wedding goes off without a hitch. Unfortunately there are enemies in the city who have other ideas over what needs to happen. Constantly under attack, Jane still managers to investigate the past, put pieces into a puzzle that she has been working on for awhile, a puzzle that will explain who the big bad is that is in town.

I have loved the evolution of enforcer to Dark Queen. I’ll admit that my head was spinning after Leo died, Jane got cancer, based herself out of a winery in Asheville, and healed. I hated leaving the Tequila Boys, and everyone at HQ behind, so when I saw the synopsis of this novel that Jane and her gang was headed back to New Orleans I was so excited to get the book and start reading. It was everything I wanted it to be. Although Jane is now the big boss as the Dark Queen, to these people that she knows so well she is still “Legs” and finds relief in being treated the same by her friends. At least in private.

There are some evolutions to Jane’s relationship with Beast that are best found out as you read the novel, but they bring an interesting twist to each dangerous escapade that keeps you on the edge of your seat and your heart pumping if you see if Jane will come out of this most recent war intact. As with all the novels, she has her two chosen brothers, Eli and Alex by her side, but her true brother Ayatas Firewind plays a bigger role in this book and their familial relationship advances adding another element to who Jane is and was.

I can’t end this review without talking about Jane’s relationship with her love Bruiser. He has his own bit of discovery and evolution in True Dead. Despite both of their characters learning and evolving never fear, they are truly bonded and together.

You’ve heard me say this before (now, 14 times!) but I have to repeat it. If you haven’t read this series please start with book #1. Admittedly that book is the worst of the series because all of these characters grow so much over every book and are a little flat in the first novel. The books just get better and better after that first novel. You can’t jump in at book #14. You wouldn’t understand the nuances in the story or characters so I wouldn’t even try but if you give book #1 a chance you will be in for a really fun, riotously fanciful, dark and thrilling urban fantasy series. You won’t regret the time it takes for you to catch up, I promise!


I received a copy of this book through NetGalley and the publisher for my honest review and it was honest.
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I received a copy of this book for review from NetGalley.  This book hits the ground running, and never stops. As the Dark Queen, Jane is still working on finding a balance between her urges to fight her own battles, and allow those around her to keep her safe for the good of all. She will never have a quiet life at this rate, and she is still trying to come to terms when the fact that her loved ones are at risk solely by their proximity to her. She has to do some real work on her relationships in this book, and it's really nice to see the evolution of Jane as a character. 
It's hard to discuss a lot of the plot without spoilers, but Jane has a rough ride in this book. Characters that you like get hurt,  people die, and deep-seated treachery is exposed. This book is longish, but it needs to be, because so much happens. A good chunk of this plot is based on events from previous books, so if it has been a minute since you've read the last book or two, maybe pause to do a quick refresh. Overall, this book is absorbing, exciting, emotional, and excellent. I got sucked in completely, and I will absolutely be reading the next book.
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Faith Hunter has done it again.  Just when I think the world of Jane Yellowrock couldn't possibly get better, another book comes out.  Action, suspense, crazy plot got it in True Dead!
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I always look forward to reading the new Jane book, and it was no different with this one. I'd been looking forward to it since I finished reading the last one, and I was not disappointed one little bit. 

We get to see Jane in a new light in this one. She's really struggling with who she is right now and what she has to do. I mean, when you look at it, her life has changed drastically since she first came to NOLA to work with Leo et al. It's really hard for her to deal with all the changes, because she still thinks of herself as that BAMF vamp killer. I'm not saying she isn't still that, but she's more now too. 

I have enjoyed Jane's journey through the entire series, and I think that she took a huge leap in this book. I can't wait until the next one comes out, because I'm pretty sure it's going to be so good.
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Thank you to, Berkeley Publishing Group, and the author, for allowing me to read an advanced copy of this book.

This is book fourteen in the Jane Yellowrock series, so if you feel lost reading this, just remember there was much that happened before.

*** Spoilers Ahead ***

So the tale picks up with Jane still having shifting issues, which is causing stress not only to Jane, but to her clan followers. An attack in the clan territory emphasizes this, plus stresses the issue, because in two weeks, they are returning to NOLA for a wedding. But that return to NOLA, Jane has to BE her titles: Leader of Clan Yellowrock, Master of the City New Orleans, and Dark Queen of the Mithrans. In NOLA they discover a new enemy that is coming against them, and it involves Jane's true Native American, Skinwalker family. Because she is the Queen, it is her duty to find the enemy and wipe it out. Oh, did I forget to mention Leo is back?

May have some spoilers ahead.....

I have really enjoyed this series, and was so happy to get an ARC of this one. I was beginning to wonder if there was going to be any other Yellowrock books, and now know that there is room for the story to continue at least for another book after this one. Plus, I think I might have read somewhere that there may be a second conglomeration book with CE Murphy as well. But back to topic....

Janes character has changed so much through the storyline of fourteen books. Being solely responsible for so long is hard to change, but she is learning now that is has to happen. With a seeming lack of control on the her/Beast changes, whether to/from human/Beast/half-beast it comes randomly with different effects: pain, quickness of change, etc. Her clan, and personal guards have to learn to let her know details of missions/plans to keep her safe otherwise Jane goes nutso and charges right in, putting herself at danger (sense she cannot shift on will, cannot heal herself quickly).

I don't believe there was much world-building going on in this tale. NOLA had been pretty well set-up in previous books, though this time having the higher titles, obviously more money , meant more properties around the town were owned by Jane. There was more background built up on the Mithrans, as they uncover information of 'The Rule of Three' and I look forward to much more of that being shown in the next novel. Also, this Heir, name being revealed, but what level of power are we talking about? With Leo now a second-born, outclan priest, he has gained more power, but he was powerful before - and this Heir being of that line, could they have even more power? Things to make one anxiously await the next book.

Overall, I truly enjoyed this one. This series has been one I have read for the past couple years, having binged through half the series or more to catch up. I like Faith Hunter's writing style, and the way she tells her tale. I am not a romance reader, and the author keeps it at a minimum, with an absence of explicit details (thank you!) that even older YA would enjoy to read. Looking forward to the next book in the series!

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Erica – ☆☆☆☆☆
True Dead is the 14th installment in the Jane Yellowrock series. It absolutely cannot be read as a standalone or out of series order. Not only is the world building complex, crafted from Skinwalker (Jane Yellowrock book one) onward but it's a continuing story arc throughout all the novels. Extreme confusion would be had for new readers. Start at Skinwalker.

Eagerly anticipated and well worth the wait, I savored True Dead, thrilled to move forward in Jane Yellowrock's universe.

Healed from a form of magical cancer, heavy is the head that wears the crown. Our Dark Queen, Jane is used to being the first to run into battle, used to being the cannon fodder for political monsters, a pawn maneuvered on the Southeast territory's game board. With Leo's death, with the crown choosing to rest upon Jane's head, she is the Dark Queen, and it's beyond difficult to switch gears from the underling to one of the most powerful, wealthy, and influential beings on the planet.

Based in North Carolina, Jane and company are prepared to journey back to NOLA for Wrassler and Jodi's upcoming nuptials. A large portion of the beginning, around the first third, the reader joins Jane as she tries to get her footing in North Carolina. Make no mistake, those pages are filled with action and the gamut of the human condition as Jane struggles. Not only is she having trouble adapting, her human form is a cost paid via the healing of the magical cancer. Jane's half form is becoming the natural skin she wears, taking a toll for her to try to maintain a human form for more than a few hours.

Where Faith Hunter shines is the connections she's created for Jane. The orphan has constructed a large, extended family of chosen confidantes who accept Jane for who she is, people willing to lay their lives down for her. They're frustrated with her, because Jane is the ultimate alpha predator, believing she needs to be between her loved ones and danger, when with her death it will bring destruction to all they know and hold dear. They're the fodder now, but they're too valuable emotionally for Jane to lose.

The familial connection, the romantic entanglement Jane has with her mate/consort, the camaraderie and laughter between them all, especially the uncanny thought process of Beast, this brings levity to a very deep and heavy novel, lessens the stress felt on every page, as the reader empathizes with Jane's plight.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. No matter where Jane and company reside, the target is firmly resting upon her head. Greed and lust for power, the European vamps are in cahoots with a surprising faction of supes, which I will not name as that would spoil the reader's journey. Both factions seeking Jane's magical artifacts for their own gain.

Set to the backdrop of a NOLA wedding, Jane is in danger on every page. The title – True Dead – had fear in my heart for the entire time, many of Jane's nearest and dearest in peril. There are hard hitting deaths, surprisingly fitting twists, new positions created and held, and a slight cliffhanger as readers ravenously await what this new connection made means for Jane and another.

As always, the best parts of the novel feature Beast-speak. Beast is a separate entity in her own right, with her own emotions, desires, needs, and drive, and she pushes Jane sometimes for Jane's benefit and sometimes to her detriment.

I won't lie, I got majorly choked up when Jane stepped foot into the foyer at HQ. I won't explain, as I hope readers have a similar, shocked emotional reaction.

The twist... holy crap, Batman!

Have some tissues handy, tears from shock, grief, and emotional overload will undoubtedly fall.

On the negative side. I spent a large portion of the novel just rolling with it. Bear in mind, I just reread all 14 novels back-to-back in two weeks' time, the world building and events firmly in my mind. Some of the world building, the jumps in logic, the actions of enemies, I was totally lost on what was occurring. Maybe I'm head-blind after reading nonstop, but it felt as if Hunter managed to connect A to G, without leaving breadcrumbs from B to F for readers to follow. This left me confused, where I just had to take it as face-value and roll with it. Too much information dumped, where Hunter tried to explain a simple plot with a very complicated explanation, featuring hundreds of years’ worth of political maneuverings.

Now the wait begins anew, where I eagerly await what will happen next for Jane and Beast, along with all they call their own, targeted by their enemies both near and far.
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★ ★ ★ ★ 1/2 (rounded up)
This originally appeared at The Irresponsible Reader.
Jane and the rest of the Yellowrock Clan are headed for New Orleans after a little excitement near her new home. There are two things that bring her to her old hunting grounds and her "freebie house."

The first is a new, looming threat to her as Dark Queen, Master of New Orleans, and pretty much every Mithran in North America—at least those who are her loyal subjects. It's a threat that has roots in ancient vampires, magic that Jane hasn't encountered before, and possibly a tie to the "liver eaters" of the Cherokees. It's going to take more than a couple of sliver stakes, shotgun blasts, and a wicked grin to take care of things.

The second reason to head for New Orleans is much more pleasant—almost as elaborate, it should be added. Jane's strengths are best displayed in combat, figuring out what supernatural threat is out there, and that sort of thing. But social events, diplomatic moves, and things like that? Not what anyone thinks of when they think Jane Yellowrock. For good reason. Thankfully, she now has a staff.

While dealing with new supernatural forces set against her and the big social event, something more immediate is plaguing Jane. She's unable to control her shifts—she'll wake as the cat, or in half-shifted form. She won't be able to change back when she wants to—and Beast isn't doing much better with it than Jane is.

All in all, Jane's got her hands (or paws) full.

Beast gets some great moments—possibly better than Jane. She has her own agenda at points and is keeping secrets still.

I feel like I should have more to say about Beast here, but I really don't. Mostly because I wouldn't be able to avoid spoilers. Also, I'm not sure when I'd shut up.

Simply put, she's a delight.

Over the course of the book, Jane learns some things, pieces together a few more, and makes a couple of good guesses about what she calls Leo's long game. What she comes up with helps her—and the reader—to see her arrival in New Orleans and most of what she's done in various situations for Leo in a new light.

It's not as drastic as some other UF series have been when the chief protagonist learns that changes their understanding of pivotal moments in the series—but it is pretty significant. You won't be able to think of the series and Jane's adventures in quite the same way again—you'll have a richer, more nuanced idea.

I'm so glad she did that.

This thing started off with a bang—a killer first chapter that had everything a Yellowrock fan would want. When I saw the heading reading "Chapter 2," I stopped cold. How had she fit all that into a chapter? I seriously thought I was wrapping up Chapter 3 at that point. Sure, Hunter's chapters tend to be longer than many of the things I read, but anyway you cut it—Chapter 1 gets things rolling in a big way.

It didn't stop from there—the hits keep coming, Jane's sharper than she's been in a couple of books. Not that I'm complaining about the books, but Jane's been going through a lot lately—and now that's fairly settled. She's adjusted (at least more adjusted) to her new role and position. So now when trouble is on the horizon, she can throw herself at it.

And, boy howdy, does she. There are a few scenes that feel like vintage Jane—sure, given her new status she ends up dealing with things in a very non-vintage way. Long-time fans will enjoy seeing Old School Jane.

But New School Jane has more than a few surprises up her sleeve, and as fun, as it is to take a nostalgic look at how Jane dealt with problems, it's more fun to see the way Jane deals with them now.

True Dead felt like a gift to the reader—not just because we get to see Jane tooling around New Orleans again with a vamp killer in hand, but because of everything else. The new challenges are great—and watching all the members of Clan Yellowrock rise to them is just as great. There's a lot of joy, some sweetness, a little romance (and a little of the stuff that accompanies romance), we get to see some old friends--including a couple of pleasant surprises. And there are some very unpleasant surprises, too. Like every good writer of a long-running series, Hunter knows how to put her readers through the emotional wringer.

What it sets up for book 15? Ohh boy, I already can't wait.

In the meantime, get your copy of True Dead as soon as you can. If you've read this far in this post and don't know Jane Yellowrock? Fix that and thank me later.
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It really isn’t every long fantasy series that’s still fun to read by book 14!  Jane has had power creep over the length  of the series of course but it’s all been reasonable and it’s served the changes in the story as it’s gone along.  If you haven’t read this series yet and enjoy an action based urban fantasy this one’s an enjoyable ride though of course it wouldn’t work well as a starting point for the series!
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Jane Yellowrock, the reluctant Dark Queen, has been enjoying much needed peace and quiet with Bruiser and her people after being healed in the Rift. As usual for Jane, the rest time is short lived since the vampires who want to rule just cannot leave her alone for long. Jane and company head back to NOLA to shore up their defenses and get Wrassler and Jodie married in a big, splashy wedding at vamp HQ. Jane is still dealing with problems associated with her ability to shift; she spends quite a bit of time in half form which seems to be controlled by her other half, Beast,…or maybe not.

Jane as a warrior has a difficult time reigning herself in when it comes to being right in the thick of fighting and taking out enemies. If she goes down, Bruiser, the Younger brothers and every one of her followers will suffer. Once in NOLA, she has to get accustomed to queenly duties and protocol which chafes Jane mightily. Heavy is the head that wears the crown and, in this case, Jane’s stubborn resistance to the role Leo forced her into makes everything that much harder.

This book has so many twists and turns including a certain vampire’s body being stolen, questions about whether Sabina survived the devastating fire at the mausoleum, Eurovamps still trying to conquer all, and spies in Jane’s own court. Thankfully, there is a handy dandy timeline in one of the chapters that helps readers remember who is on first. With so many enemies, Jane and Bruiser need a scorecard to keep it all straight.

Those of you who have been waiting for Jane to get into it with dear old granny will not be disappointed. Jane and Ayatas still have a prickly relationship too; however, that will have to change when certain very difficult facts come to light. Jane still has a lot of deep-seated hurt feelings when it comes to poor treatment by her family in the far distant past as well as now.

With the usual high body and weapon count, it is no suppose that there are new and old enemies at every turn who want to take Jane out. With a lot of help from her found family, the love of her life, and friends, Jane throws everything she had in staying alive and protecting her people. This book is non-stop action with some events that will have readers so excited and doing the happy dance. At book #14 and the penultimate in the series, Ms. Hunter does a fine job of keeping her fans entertained especially with a big surprised or two.
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If you’ve been here before, you know I’m a huge fan of Faith Hunter’s Jane Yellowrock series – and I couldn’t wait to read True Dead. Jane/Beast faced some gnarly stuff in Dark Queen and Shattered Bonds, and her slow recovery is worrying EVERYONE. Especially with non-friendlies closing in, chafing against the audacity of a vamp killer wearing le breloque (instead of a vamp, of course).

There’s a lot of history in True Dead, including events that begat the events that started way, way back in Skinwalker (book 1) – and that’s only what Hunter has chosen to reveal to us. It makes one wonder what one might’ve missed by not doing a complete re-read prior to picking up True Dead. Or maybe it just makes one want to do a re-read now, to see if all the newly-revealed nuggets will lead to different perspectives on favorite or hated characters? (That’s a completely rhetorical question; a re-read is never a bad idea, whether its done before or after checking out the latest installment!)

There’s also a lot of action in True Dead, and sometimes you wonder “well, how the heck are Jane/Beast supposed to do anything when they’re so busy dealing with plots and more plots and all that jazz?” But Jane goes on as she always does – one step at a time, even if sometimes she has to go backwards in order to move forward again.

Every book in this series brings out more about Jane, her background, her powers, and so on. True Dead is almost brutal in all the stuff it dumps on her, and I’m amazed that she’s managed to cope as well as she has. Not perfectly by any means, but I’d be curled in a ball and she’s gearing up to take on more baddies. And the surprises – oh my the surprises. I’d need more than tea to deal with some of what Hunter dishes out. As it is, Jane’s growth as a person from Skinwalker to True Dead is what I love about this series. She’s not just a skinwalker, not just a vamp-killer, not just. She’s gained perspective and insight, and the more she learns the more she understands how her choices have consequences. Even if they didn’t seem like a choice in the first place.

I looked forward to True Dead for so long that it’s almost anticlimactic when you’re done with the book. Then you have to re-read right away in case you missed something. Then you do a series re-read in case you missed anything else. And you rue the day you finished this book, because now you’ve got another long wait before the next one.

Definitely add this series (and book) to your TBR if you haven’t yet.

drey’s rating: Excellent!
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