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It really isn’t every long fantasy series that’s still fun to read by book 14!  Jane has had power creep over the length  of the series of course but it’s all been reasonable and it’s served the changes in the story as it’s gone along.  If you haven’t read this series yet and enjoy an action based urban fantasy this one’s an enjoyable ride though of course it wouldn’t work well as a starting point for the series!
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Jane Yellowrock, the reluctant Dark Queen, has been enjoying much needed peace and quiet with Bruiser and her people after being healed in the Rift. As usual for Jane, the rest time is short lived since the vampires who want to rule just cannot leave her alone for long. Jane and company head back to NOLA to shore up their defenses and get Wrassler and Jodie married in a big, splashy wedding at vamp HQ. Jane is still dealing with problems associated with her ability to shift; she spends quite a bit of time in half form which seems to be controlled by her other half, Beast,…or maybe not.

Jane as a warrior has a difficult time reigning herself in when it comes to being right in the thick of fighting and taking out enemies. If she goes down, Bruiser, the Younger brothers and every one of her followers will suffer. Once in NOLA, she has to get accustomed to queenly duties and protocol which chafes Jane mightily. Heavy is the head that wears the crown and, in this case, Jane’s stubborn resistance to the role Leo forced her into makes everything that much harder.

This book has so many twists and turns including a certain vampire’s body being stolen, questions about whether Sabina survived the devastating fire at the mausoleum, Eurovamps still trying to conquer all, and spies in Jane’s own court. Thankfully, there is a handy dandy timeline in one of the chapters that helps readers remember who is on first. With so many enemies, Jane and Bruiser need a scorecard to keep it all straight.

Those of you who have been waiting for Jane to get into it with dear old granny will not be disappointed. Jane and Ayatas still have a prickly relationship too; however, that will have to change when certain very difficult facts come to light. Jane still has a lot of deep-seated hurt feelings when it comes to poor treatment by her family in the far distant past as well as now.

With the usual high body and weapon count, it is no suppose that there are new and old enemies at every turn who want to take Jane out. With a lot of help from her found family, the love of her life, and friends, Jane throws everything she had in staying alive and protecting her people. This book is non-stop action with some events that will have readers so excited and doing the happy dance. At book #14 and the penultimate in the series, Ms. Hunter does a fine job of keeping her fans entertained especially with a big surprised or two.
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If you’ve been here before, you know I’m a huge fan of Faith Hunter’s Jane Yellowrock series – and I couldn’t wait to read True Dead. Jane/Beast faced some gnarly stuff in Dark Queen and Shattered Bonds, and her slow recovery is worrying EVERYONE. Especially with non-friendlies closing in, chafing against the audacity of a vamp killer wearing le breloque (instead of a vamp, of course).

There’s a lot of history in True Dead, including events that begat the events that started way, way back in Skinwalker (book 1) – and that’s only what Hunter has chosen to reveal to us. It makes one wonder what one might’ve missed by not doing a complete re-read prior to picking up True Dead. Or maybe it just makes one want to do a re-read now, to see if all the newly-revealed nuggets will lead to different perspectives on favorite or hated characters? (That’s a completely rhetorical question; a re-read is never a bad idea, whether its done before or after checking out the latest installment!)

There’s also a lot of action in True Dead, and sometimes you wonder “well, how the heck are Jane/Beast supposed to do anything when they’re so busy dealing with plots and more plots and all that jazz?” But Jane goes on as she always does – one step at a time, even if sometimes she has to go backwards in order to move forward again.

Every book in this series brings out more about Jane, her background, her powers, and so on. True Dead is almost brutal in all the stuff it dumps on her, and I’m amazed that she’s managed to cope as well as she has. Not perfectly by any means, but I’d be curled in a ball and she’s gearing up to take on more baddies. And the surprises – oh my the surprises. I’d need more than tea to deal with some of what Hunter dishes out. As it is, Jane’s growth as a person from Skinwalker to True Dead is what I love about this series. She’s not just a skinwalker, not just a vamp-killer, not just. She’s gained perspective and insight, and the more she learns the more she understands how her choices have consequences. Even if they didn’t seem like a choice in the first place.

I looked forward to True Dead for so long that it’s almost anticlimactic when you’re done with the book. Then you have to re-read right away in case you missed something. Then you do a series re-read in case you missed anything else. And you rue the day you finished this book, because now you’ve got another long wait before the next one.

Definitely add this series (and book) to your TBR if you haven’t yet.

drey’s rating: Excellent!
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The time has finally come! Jane Yellowrock #14, True Dead, is in my hands, and I couldn't be more excited if I tried. Seriously, I think the neighbors heard me squealing with delight. Written by Faith Hunter, our vampire hunter turned Dark Queen is back for yet another adventure, and this time the stakes (pun intended) are higher than ever.

Jane Yellowrock, otherwise known as the Dark Queen, was supposed to be spending some much needed time up in the mountains. Instead of a nice calm time up there, she and her people are surprised by a sneak attack - one that launches a whole new series of deadly events.

We all knew that Jane's crown and title wouldn't go uncontested. Not with so many power-hungry vampires – and especially not while the European vamp threat still lingered. Which means it's time for this queen to prepare for battle.

“Beast did not worry as stupid humans worried. But Beast feared Beast had missed important thing.”

True Dead is arguably one of my most anticipated reads, not just of the series but this year. I literally counted down the days until I could finally sit down and read this beauty. And I know that I'm not the only one.

It is time to take all of your expectations and assumptions, bundle them neatly into a little box, and dump them in the trash. Because there is no way, those expectations will live up to reality. Faith Hunter delivered big time, proving once again that her novels will always be worth the wait.

Admittedly, the last few years have been rather difficult for Jane Yellowrock fans. The status of certain characters has been left up in the air, and it has been a very delicate form of torture, having to wait and see how it would all unfold. That just made True Dead's release all the sweeter.

“On second thought, I'd like tea.”
“Too late. You had your chance. I don't negotiate. I just bust skills, break arms, and collect vamp heads.”

I am constantly blown away by Faith Hunter's writing. Her character design and worldbuilding are to die for. Her worlds have always been expansive and fascinating (as any world with magical creatures should be), but I feel like lately, she's really been upping the ante. It makes me all the more excited to see what will be in store for readers next.

Likewise, the characters are pure perfection. Not literally, of course. Perfect characters are boring characters. Every character in Jane Yellowrock's world feels very real, from the characters we love to the ones we love to hate.

There were some fresh faces in this novel, which is always a delight. And there are several character arcs in particular that really caught my attention, especially when combined with all of the politics of the world.

Consider yourselves warned: this is a book that will demand all of your attention, even after you've read the final page. I speak from experience here, having already read True Dead twice (and with full intentions of reading it a third time before the week is out).
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"True Dead" by Faith Hunter

"True Dead" by Faith Hunter is the 14th novel in the Jane Yellowrock series. I am always excited for a new book in this series and this installment definitely did not disappoint!  Jane is under attack once again.  She is surrounded by her chosen family as well as her brother by blood and has gathered an amazing contingent of warriors to defend her Dark Queen status.  Koun, her enforcer, is my favorite! The action was non-stop and I love the bits of humor that are sprinkled through out. Jane and her family continue to battle for each other and discover new tools and magical skills.  Another great adventure!
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4.5 hearts

<strong>True Dead</strong> was exciting and had a story I needed and wanted. It has been almost two years since <strong>Shattered Bonds</strong> and that time gap hurt me.  I didn't remember some of the newer characters introduced there who were also key here. I had forgotten how much happened besides Jane being healed. She also started learning her role as Dark Queen.

Jane continues to figure things out about her newer abilities, the etiquette and politics of her position. She needs the history behind the making of her newest enemies.  She has some excellent tools to help her in Alex's computer skills, her own ability to scent magics, and various elders and diaries she can consult for more historical information.  They help her form her theories and confirm some things.

Beast is both a help and a problem.  She is making some of her own choices which leave Jane weak or in trouble.  I love Beast but almost felt she was dangerous to Jane sometimes. Beast is bigger on fighting and sex than she is smart strategy.  I hope they make  a better understanding at some point to go forward.

It was great to see some favorite characters and learn more about what others have been doing. On the other hand, some characters are not around at all (the witches, Edmund).  Of course,  some characters die, not all of them the enemies.  There are some characters who should die, but have yet to be brought to justice.  The ending is a pause,  before the next big battle they know will come.

I've long been a fan of the  <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer"><em><strong>Jane Yellowrock series.</strong></em></a>  I highly recommend this series, which does need to be read in order (like most urban fantasy).  The fast paced action and complexity of the world and its magic systems is exceptional. The strategy along with both the planned and spontaneous attacks is thrilling!

<h3><span style="font-weight: 400;"><strong>TRUE DEAD</strong> Q&A with Faith Hunter:</span></h3>

<b>Can you help me understand Jane and Gee's Goddess blood more?</b>

<span style="font-weight: 400;">Answer: This is the first time I’ve been asked this in just this way. Short answer—Le breloque will only accept a few beings as its own. A very few humans throughout history, the arcenciels, and Jane. Gee DiMercy knew that the crown would take Jane. His blood and arcenciels’ blood is similar, as in they come from the same world and neither really belongs on Earth. Jane was an outlier, the only skinwalker with two souls who had not been driven insane. And … Beast knew an arcenciel back in the hunger times, so there was a connection. A sharing of meals. Perhaps … a sharing of blood.</span>

<b>I'm listening to Shadow Rites (again) and it has made me wonder. Is there any chance that you will do a series or follow-up novel in the future to let us know what happens with Angie Baby and Edmond once she is grown?</b>

<span style="font-weight: 400;">Answer: Not planning at this time. Not thinking that far ahead. I have contracts through 2022, and after that I’ll decide what to do series wise. I think about spinoffs all the time, but finding the character voices isn’t always easy. I try not to promise books I may not have in me to write.</span>

<b>When fighting the EV’s how did you decide who would win and who died and why? (A few of my favorites were gone.)</b>

<span style="font-weight: 400;">Answer: A few of my favorites were gone too. I had no idea when I started who would live or die, except for the chicky who got burned up in the rising sun. She had to go, and it had to be bad. Why? TRUE DEAD holds the answers. </span>

<b>Your books rollercoaster readers’ emotions, but what was the personally most emotional scene for you to write?</b>

<span style="font-weight: 400;">Answer: I’ve been writing for over 30 years. After all this time, the most emotionally difficult to write was the scene in BETRAYAL (by Gwen Hunter, first pub’ed in 1994) where my character waits for her husband to come after her to kill her. He was abusive, dangerous, violent, and she knew with a certainty that he was going to kill her. So she let him come. That set-up scene, where she prepares herself emotional and physically and spiritually for what was to come, was powerful and empowering for me. And still one of my best.</span>

<b>It has already been established that Jane can travel to alternate universes if that's what we can call it when she met Joann and Papa Legba. Could it be that she did again and the Sangre Duello actually took place not her time but in the other one?</b>

<span style="font-weight: 400;">Answer: Nope. That alternate universe was a special situation, part of what is called a crossover story. However, CE Murphy (author of the Walker Papers) and I might be talking into doing a second crossover story… Maybe. 😊 </span>


Beast growled low, showed killing teeth again, eyes still on Koun. Sat with cow meat between claws. Ripped cover off meat and spat to floor. Tore meat off. Ate. Swallowed. Ate chunks. Water-blood ran across floor.

“You are angry. So, the messy kitchen is a lesson for Eli. What are you going to do to George? Hack up a hairball onto his pillow?”

Beast chuffed. Ate more meat. Belly was full. Dead cow meat was gone.

“Tell me, Vengeful Cat. Would you like to join the vampire hunters? The Chief strategist of Clan Yellowrock would be happy to follow you into battle.”

Beast ear tabs perked high. Venge-ful Cat. Was good name. Beast nodded as human does.

“Do you go in cat form, or do you shift into Jane?”

Most vampires and humans in Winter Court of Dark Queen did not know the I/we of Beast was not always Jane. Most did not know how to talk to not-human-forms. Koun knew how to talk but did not always act with knowledge. Koun asked two questions at one time. Could only ask one. Beast waited. Stared at Koun.

Koun pursed lips, thinking. “Do you hunt vampires in cat form?”

Beast licked paws and muzzle free of blood, rough tongue getting all blood and meat-bits from paws and toes and off pelt. Shook head no.

“Shift then. I’ll weapon up.” Koun turned and left kitchen, closing door softly.

Beast looked at office area. Met Brute eyes, blue as sun on ice. Brute shook head and went back to big mattress in office corner. Turned three times and curled into ball with lizard. Beast raced up stairs and into sleeping room. Went to place where Bruiser kept clothes. Nosed open door. Found Bruiser best shoes for dancing. Carried one to empty room and hid in empty closet. Could bite holes in dead-cow-skin-shoes with killing teeth, but did not want to make Bruiser sigh. Hiding shoe was enough. Chuffed. Padded back to bedroom, to bathroom, and leaped into place where humans lay in hot water. Was cold on Beast belly. Took claws off of Jane.

What the heck are you doing? Jane shouted at Beast.

Beast reached into Jane skinwalker magics and thought about Jane half form. Did not know what would happen when shifted. Did not know what form I/we would be. Most of Jane people did not know of Jane shifting problems. Some knew secret. Beast liked secrets. All cats liked secrets.
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Of course I loved reading this book! I love this series and world so much, and it was fantastic to spend this time with Jane, and boy does she have a lot on her plate! Being the Dark Queen and all, and now that she's healed of the cancer, it's time for her to focus on the threats brewing!

The way things started off was pretty fantastic. We got a moment of concern, and then a moment to get our bearings in this world again, and then we were fairly thick in the action, and it was just wonderful to read! Jane is just bad ass, and Beast is amazing, and I just love them! 

I felt so badly for Bruiser, he's been through a lot through this series, between Leo and Jane, and dealing with what he wants and what his place in the world is. And a big question on my mind was about Leo, because some interesting developments happened, about what plots he left, and how that might affect Jane, and the world, to Bruiser. 

This book is a rollercoaster of emotions. There's some really high moments, but there's some really hard ones as well, and there's adrenalin. And that ending was just so captivating! I'm so excited to see how those developments play out!  

I loved reading this book so much, and I can't wait for the next book in this series, and the next book in the Soulwood series!
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True Dead is the 14th installment in author Faith Hunter's Jane Yellowrock series. If you haven't read Shattered Bonds or Dark Queen yet, I highly recommend that you do so since this story is not a standalone. It's the aftermath of the previous books events. Jane is a shapeshifting, skinwalker who used to hunt vampires for a living. She was very good it. After moving to New Orleans, she soon became the master of the city's enforcer. After standing with Leo Pellissier against a serious threat from European vampires, she's now the Dark Queen of the Mithrans thanks to powerful relics. 
She's also Leader of Clan Yellowrock, and Master of the City New Orleans which means that she literally has a large group of people surrounding her trying to keep her safe. To top things off, Jane has become a scary combination of beast and human since coming back from the arcenciel rift. A half Human/Half beast mode that makes her look as deadly as anything, or anyone she'll have to face. When Eli plans a recon that turns into a rescue, it ends in a surprise attack on Jane and Bruiser by vampires, humans, onorio's, and a firestarter. 
Jane knows that it's because she's become the most valuable target in the world. She's not only has political value, but the significance of taking her down and out of the picture, would change the balance of power. Someone is using very old magic to launch a bid for power, and it’s all tied to the place where Jane was first drawn into the world of Leo Pellissier—the city of New Orleans. Leo had been fighting the European vamps for centuries, playing a long game. When Jane arrived on the scene, he knew she would be the wild card to tip the world on its axis. 
Jane is compelled to return to NOLA because someone is trying to destabilize the paranormal world order. And because she now sits near the top of the vampire world, the assault is her problem. Another reason to return to NOLA is the wedding between Jodi and Wrassler which is beautiful. Part of the book is once again through the eyes of beast with banter between Beast and Jane. It's funny if you think about it. One upon a time, Jane was an orphan. She's since learned she has a brother who works for PsyLED. She's has a relationship with Bruiser which only gets stronger. 
She has new characters who try to keep her out of danger knowing that they will eventually fail since nobody keeps Jane from doing what she wants to do. There is a surprise in this book which someone have already spoiled. If you like spoilers, try Goodreads. There's also a hint of things to come in the next installment which I won't spoil. This book is filled with action, powerful new villains, and Jane being Jane and not taking any crap from anyone.
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True Dead by Faith Hunter is the 14th book in her fantastic Jane Yellowrock series.  As I have said previously, this series just keeps on getting better and better. I had previously noted that the last two books were the best in the series, and now I have to say True Dead is also a fantastic read. I pray Faith will continue giving us these great stories on our fabulous Jane Yellowrock.

When we last left off, Jane had just recovered from her cancer battle, but she continues to have issues with her shifting (with Beast), and never knows what she will look like each time.  When a surprise attack in New Orleans happens, Jane and her team (Bruiser, Eli, Alex, Brute) know it is time to return to NOLA, as a powerful magical evil is bent on eliminating Jane, and take control of the paranormal world.  Jane had already made plans to return to NOLA, since she was attending Wrassler and Jodi’s wedding. 

As the Dark Queen, Jane has always been the one who would step forward and defeat the enemy. In True Dead, things are slowly changing, as Jane now has added security to protect her, not to mention help in defeating their enemies.  I have to say I loved all these new people, who are there for Jane, such as Koun, Quint, Thelma, Kojo, and Brute played a big part. She is after all the Queen, and with evil once again coming for her, the extended team is up for the task, and will protect her with everything they have. Jane does need to get used to others fighting with/or for her.  An amazing group…love them.

From start to finish, the story is action-packed, constant danger, deaths, and surprises along the way (someone you may have been waiting for).  There are a few times I held my breath that we would lose one of our favorites.  I loved Beast even more, as she pushes Jane aside to come forth and fight; and the banter between them is fun, as they are now fully one; stronger, better, smarter and unbeatable.  Jane’s brother does come forth to help her battle a surprising enemy within the family.  

What follows is an exciting, intense, action-packed thriller, with Jane and team in constant danger, especially from those who have taken the side of the enemy.  She, Beast, Eli, Bruiser, Alex and the rest of their extended team, will need to use all those who have sworn loyalty to Jane, as well as other help, such as the Aya, Mithrans, Arcenniels, Infermieri, just to name a few. To tell too much more would ruin this for you, and this must be read to see some of those surprises.

True Dead was another fantastic addition to the Jane Yellowrock series.  I was thrilled with all the changes and new characters, as well as excited to see where Faith Hunter will take us next. For those of you who have not read this series (which you need to start at the beginning), you are missing a great series, a super wonderful bad-ass heroine in Jane Yellowrock, and author who kills it (& us) every time.
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I want to start out by reiterating my love for this series even if I didn't love this particular book. While it's not a series that I would re-read, I always enjoy jumping back into the world Hunter created. Jane easily lands on my top 10 list of favorite kick ass protagonists. She's funny, she takes care of herself, and shows character development in 14 books that we have had with her. Unfortunately, Jane's not super likable in this book and the world that I know and love is really muddled in this book. 

For those of you who may not know, this series was originally intended to end with Dark Queen, book 12 in the series. Late in the publishing game of that book, the series was granted a reprieve and Hunter announced that we wod be getting at least 2 more books. Unfortunately, Queen was basically already written at that point so there were a few changes to make it so another book could happen but it really felt like the ending of the series. Now, some series like the Rachel Morgan books, have successfully navigated the scenario where the series ended but then the author returns to the world. In the case of Jane, where the series ender was changed to leave the series open, we are left with a series that feels like it should have gotten a clear ending but is now continuing on. It's clear that the following books Shattered Bonds and True Dead are meant to be a new chapter in the Jane saga which is wonderful but the execution of the transition from old to new is really muddled. We lose a lot of the characters and connections that have kept me engaged in the series. 

For example, one of the best things about this series, for me, is the relationship between Jane and Leo. It's so much fun. Leo is rich and privileged in a way that reminds me both of Schitt's Creek and Succession. Basically, Jane is Leo's cousin Greg (shout out to anyone who got that reference. If you didn't, please go watch Succession immediately on HBO) and it's a gift that keeps on giving. Yet, with the presumed death of Leo in Dark Queen, we lose a magnificent relationship. The loss of Leo and Jane stepping up as the ruler really highlights how mundane it is to be the ruler. 

Now, all that being said, I think that True Dead is attempting to bring the elements that we missed back while still embracing Jane as a ruler. There are some moves made in the plot that make me think that any future books will bring back some of the banter and humor that I love so much. Overall, I think that this book is setting the scene to re-align the series, but we gotta get some things figured out if I am going to keep coming back to this world because I really want to love these books again. Dark Queen was so much fun, but the last two books have been on the lackluster side. 

True Dead is available at a bookshop near you on September 7, 2021. Thank you so much to NetGalley & Ace for the early access in exchange for my honest review.For example, one of the best things about this series, for me, is the relationship between Jane and Leo. It's so much fun. Leo is rich and privileged in a way that reminds me both of Schitt's Creek and Succession. Basically, Jane is Leo's cousin Greg (shout out to anyone who got that reference. If you didn't, please go watch Succession immediately on HBO) and it's a gift that keeps on giving. Yet, with the presumed death of Leo in Dark Queen, we lose a magnificent relationship. The loss of Leo and Jane stepping up as the ruler really highlights how mundane it is to be the ruler. 

Now, all that being said, I think that True Dead is attempting to bring the elements that we missed back while still embracing Jane as a ruler. There are some moves made in the plot that make me think that any future books will bring back some of the banter and humor that I love so much. Overall, I think that this book is setting the scene to re-align the series, but we gotta get some things figured out if I am going to keep coming back to this world because I really want to love these books again. Dark Queen was so much fun, but the last two books have been on the lackluster side. 

True Dead is available at a bookshop near you on September 7, 2021. Thank you so much to NetGalley & Ace for the early access in exchange for my honest review.
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Thanks to Netgalley and Berkley Publishing Group for providing me with an advanced copy in exchange for nothing more than an honest review.

FAITH YOU ARE A GENIUS.  You've given new life to an already amazing series. You've sent some surprising shockwaves through Jane's world that are sure to massive consequences and reverberations throughout the rest of the Jane series and into Nell's series as well.  And you've just blown me away.

I loved the heck out of this one. More big bad setup. Some storylines tied up, but in a way that means they were really threads of a bigger story. Progress on some already setup plotlines. Huge shocks. More Jane-family. More Beast.

Needless to say, I am even more excited about the next Jane book now, and I know that while it's a longer wait, it'll be worth it.  We'll have a Nell to tide us over. 

Gosh, I can't rave about the Jane-verse enough!!!!

GO READ THIS! But if you've not read the rest of the series and it's Nell spinoffs, please read those too.  You'll be glad you did, both because they're awesome books and because there's so much history that you'd miss out on!
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A fantastic entry to the series where questions are raised, some answers are given, and the balance between power, grief, and family come to light.
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Another good addition to the Jane Yellowrock universe. While this book is not as action packed as many of the earlier installments, there is still a good story line and many beloved characters. 
	Not recommend for readers unfamiliar with the Jane Yellowrock books, but for the long time fans eagerly awaiting a new installment. (Like me!) 
	I look forward to the next book (and any other books Faith Hunter writes).
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Jane Yellowrock is back!  Now recovered from cancer but still with issues, Jane returns to NOlA for a wedding and enemies. ARC from NetGalley
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Jane, Bruiser, and company are back in NOLA. Jane's cancer is gone but she's still having issues with shifting which means she could end up dead, for real.

As the Dark Queen, she's trying to adjust and understand that she can't lead the charge any longer. She and her team are trying to unravel plots that have been unfolding over centuries.

I always love the inner dialogue between Jane and Beast - both have such well-developed voices and personalities.

Despite Jane not leading the charge, mostly, there are plenty of battle scenes - lots of blood.

Lots of snarky dialogue between Jane and her team - especially the Youngers. A tender bit about Wrassler.

With the team back in NOLA, there are some delicious food descriptions. I've never been there but the books certainly seem to capture the flavor of NOLA.

I appreciate that, unlike some urban fantasy series, Jane's powers don't seem to grow and grow exponentially. I also appreciate a lack of orgies.

Not a good entry point to the series if you're a newcomer. Start at the beginning so you can appreciate the build-up to True Dead. Long-time readers, we get some but not even close to all of our questions answered. But don't despair, there are some great revelations that make it worthwhile.
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This is the book I have been waiting for a long while. In this series, we have seen Jane grow from a lone ranger to a person responsible for a small company.  At one point she becomes the de facto person in charge of all the security for the Master of the City, Leo.  The last couple of books have languished a bit for me because, well, *spoiler alert*, Leo DIED!  I keeled over and cried in shock with Leo passed away.  How could this be?  How could Ms. Hunter do this to a pivotal character?  Why would she do this?  Well, turns out there is method to her madness.

In this book, events further pushes Jane to grow again.  Jane is best as a do-er.  She is the type of person who likes to contribute.  She is now in a leadership position and honestly, she sucks at it.  What Jane is going through is what I see so often with hot shot/rockstar contributors at work who are suddenly promoted to a people manager.  They completely fall flat on their face because they don't realize that their roles and responsibilities change over.  I doubt many people reading this book will care or get how carefully Ms. Hunter highlights Jane's failings.  Unless the reader is in HR and understand how and why people managers fail or the reader is a people manager who is really good at their job.  I digress.

There is quite a bit of Jane not understanding that as the big "Kahuna" she needs to stop putting herself in positions where she can get severely hurt or killed.  Why?  Because it isn't all about her.  When she was an individual contributor... meh, so she dies.  There are others that can take up her spot.  When she's the symbol of protection of hundreds of "minions" this is a different story.  She may not like this but reality is, if she is hurt, that makes hundreds of vampires, people and shifters fair game for any bad guys to come in and wreck havoc.  I understand this all to well from my own work experiences.  I experienced both first hand when I was only a contributor and then later when I became a people manager.  I digress again.

This story contains some good epiphany for several key characters in this book.  It also brings an interesting twist that I think will appeal to most of the die hard fans who were devastated by the loss of a main character.  I really enjoyed this book as it matures more into an urban fantasy with high action and interesting characters.  It is a bit removed from earlier books where it felt more paranormal with the potential love triangle between Leo, Bruiser and Jane.  Since Bruiser was dedicated to Leo.  Leo wanted Jane and Jane wanted Bruiser.  If you are looking for a return to the erotic tension, go look for an erotic book, this isn't it.  This urban fantasy is highly recommended to readers who enjoy character growths, loss and reunions.
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Another fantastic installment in the Jane Yellowrock series. Jane is having trouble controlling her shifting, which is not good with a friend's wedding coming up, and a possible new liver eater in town. It also turns out that former master of the city Leo Pellisier was playing a REALLY long game, and Jane is about to get caught up in it, again. I love the family Jane created for herself, and how they play such an important role in her story.
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Another amazing book by Faith Hunter. Jane and crew are back in NOLA and back to what they do best, hunting down the bad guys. There are many surprise twist and turns in this book especially one that will have long time fans very excited. I won't spoil it, but I am looking forward to what this might mean for future books. Even though Jane was healed of the cancer in the last book she is still having a hard time with her shifting but as usual is too deep in trouble and trying to keep everyone alive to address it. We get a closer look at the new dynamics since Jane became the Dark Queen and how everyone it having to adjust. If you are looking for everything to be tied up nice and neat by the end you will be disappointed as the book ended on a huge cliff hanger. I am waiting with bated breath for the next book and what it might bring.
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The first 1/4 of the book wasn’t particularly interesting to me, I skimmed a lot. After Jane got back to New Orleans the plotline picked up…for most of the book. There was less of the woo woo magic I do not care for, but that left room for more bloody, drawn out battles. Jane spent way too much time in her head. If I was playing a drinking game with how many times she though about how she didn’t want to be Dark Queen, I’d never have gotten this written. 

The book was uneven, overly wordy, and not a particularly absorbing read (for me). Lots of time spent harking back to events of previous books, many of which I barely remembered. Even the ‘big twist’ in this book failed to perk up my interest. Not to say there weren’t a lot of good parts of the book, there were; just not enough to balance the things and parts I didn’t enjoy.

I really miss the Jane and stories of the early books. The plots/investigations were interesting and streamlined. I haven’t liked the latter books of this series nearly as much. This series has just gotten too bloated and weird for me. 

<I>At least there is Hunter’s ‘Soulwood’ series, I’m still enjoying that one…
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OMG YES!!!! loved this book. The things that happen!!!!  YAY Faith Hunter.. you did it again...There is so much happening you really don't want to put it down
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