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I read this book shortly before its release in November of 2021. I started the book as an e-book and finished reading the book as a finished copy of the physical book.  Review below posted to Goodreads November 5.

For a book series that I’ve only read one other book from I was surprised to be sucked in straight from the beginning. This book held my attention from the first few pages and kept it throughout the entire book. I think this series has something for everyone. It is intelligently written for lovers of literary fiction and historical fiction. It also has romance for lovers of romance and mystery for lovers of mystery.

I am not a big believer in ghosts or the supernatural but I must say that the ghostly elements of the story were written very believably. This series is best read in the fall or winter to align the spooky vibes with the season.

Having only been to Charleston once it was fun getting a sense of the city from the descriptions in the book. I squealed with delight when the pineapple fountain was mentioned. It would be fun to pick up this series when traveling to the city.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it to lovers of historical fiction, romance, mystery and ghost stories.
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I absolutely loved the ending to this series, and I'm so glad that communication is front and center for Jack and Melanie in this book. I loved the unraveling of the mystery of Adrienne's cold case, as well as the mystery of the Victorian coffin doll. Nola has grown here as well, though it looks like she may have some struggles ahead that mirror her father's alcoholism. 

Definitely cannot wait to read the spinoff series.
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Despite not reading any of the other books  in this series, I agreed to read the ARC as it was promoted to be great as a stand-alone. 

Having finally gotten through it, there was clearly a lot of backstory that would have made this book more enjoyable. It just didn’t work for me.
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When reading the last book in a series, there’s something bittersweet about it, and it always makes me want to savor it just a bit more.

I started the TRADD STREET series years ago after searching for a cozy mystery that would satisfy my craving for a not-too-scary ghost story. I loved each book, and it was like being reunited with old friends as I read the last page of THE ATTIC ON QUEEN STREET.

Karen White gave her readers a great end to the series, and while I’ll be sad to say goodbye to Melanie and her whimsical ways of handling her ghostly sightings by singing ABBA and eating her way through all the doughnuts, I’m excited to move on to the next chapter with Nola’s series.

*many thanks to Berkley and Netgalley for the gifted copy for review
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Karen White is a must read author for me, and the books in her Tradd Street series have been among my favorites.  While it was hard to say turn the final page of this last book in the series, White did an amazing job of tying up loose ends and putting finishing touches on the series.
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Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

I found The Attic on Queen Street to be a fitting ending for the series. It didn’t leave me wanting more, it just satisfied me and ended the series in a fitting way.

Listen, it’s no secret that Melanie works my nerves. Her age obsession. Her refusal to wear glasses. Plus both her and Jack and their bordering on childish ways they deal with each other. I almost cringed when I saw they were reverting back to the “almost kiss” dialogue.

However, even though they have flaws- somehow they work together and I HAD to know how this series was going to end. Plus the mystery- I needed to know all the details to the mystery.

What I liked:

This cover. After reading a Tradd Street book, I yearn to go to Charleston!

The mystery in this book. I like a good murder mystery and this fit the bill.

The ending. I enjoyed that.


Bottom line: If you have read the series (or most of the series), you should def check out The Attic on Queen Street.
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This is a well developed mystery in the final book of the Tradd Street series.  The story is interesting with the paranormal element.  I wish I had read the previous six books but felt that I was still able to understand some of the history reading this as a standalone.  I’ve read other books by this author and this was a different style of book for me with communicating with the dead.
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Welcome to Charleston, where the tea is sweet and secrets are aplenty. There are mysteries and crimes to solve, ghosts to contend with and relationships to tend, repair and nurture.

Dysfunction abounds and it was balanced with moments of true tenderness. Characters were quirky, flawed and they seemed so very real. The dialogue between the characters was filled with snark and humor, making this book so much fun to read.

While following the storyline, I enjoyed secrets being uncovered, mysteries being slowly solved and scattered puzzle pieces falling into place. I met some dastardly characters who were busy trying to keep their secrets hidden and hopefully forgotten forever. All of this was happening while the ghosts were busy trying to share some very important secrets.

Ghosts tried to make their presence and need to communicate known by leaving behind little trinkets from the past. I was fascinated to learn about Frozen Charlotte dolls and charm strings which were made from old buttons. I love dolls and charm bracelets!

I so enjoyed getting to know Melanie and Jack. Theirs was a story of love lost, hoping to be found again. Maybe, just maybe, the love wasn’t actually lost, but just misplaced.

I loved the relationship between Melanie and Nola. Melanie took on the job of being stepmom to Nola and she has definitely risen to the challenge. She is supportive and compassionate, while allowing room for the teen to grow. I love the way Melanie and Nola extend grace to each other.

I enjoyed my time spent in Charleston and will definitely miss the memorable characters.

I received complimentary copies of this fun book from Berkley Publishers through UpLit Reads and NetGalley. All opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.
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A sweet and satisfying ending to the Tradd Street series. While some have said they disliked the relationship struggles of Melanie and Jack, I made peace with them by comparing their relationship to Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler.
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The House on Tradd Street was one of the first Karen White novels that I read and I've loved the series ever since.  So it is somewhat bittersweet to see the series come to a close, but The Attic on Queen Street was a fitting send-off.  

The Christmas Spirits on Tradd Street ended with Jack and Melanie's marriage on the rocks and Marc Longo still up to his villainous ways.  The Attic on Queen Street picks up right where that left off, but it now seems that Marc is having some financial difficulties and with his wife and Melanie's cousin Rebecca pregnant, Jack and Melanie agree to help them out and allow the filming of Marc's movie to continue in Jack and Melanie's home.  Of course, Marc's intentions aren't as pure as they seem, and it isn't long before Jack and Melanie realize Marc is after something more.  With Jack and Melanie struggling to figure out if their relationship can be mended and dealing with whatever Marc has up his sleeve, will they ever find their way back to each other?   And can Melanie finally help her friend Veronica figure out what happened to her sister?  And what is the spirit of the young girl trying to protect Nola from?

The Tradd Street series is so much fun to read and I highly recommend reading all the books in order to truly appreciate how the characters grow and develop over time.  I just recently realized that on Karen White's website, you can see photos of the some of the locations featured in the series.  It just made me want to visit Charleston that much more.  While the Tradd Street series may be over, I can't wait to read The Shop on Royal Street,  a spin-off series featuring Jack and Melanie's daughter Nola set in New Orleans, coming out in March.

I received this book from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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The Attic on Queen Street
Karen White

Karen White’s finale in her Amazing Tradd Street series is a fantastic parting to her legendary Charleston people, places and things that go bump in the night. She picks up right from The Christmas Spirits on Tradd Street where Melanie and Jack’s marriage is in trouble, the ghosts are restless and their nasty adversary, Marc Longo is up to his old tricks. Karen’s characters are genuine and just ooze Low Country charms, habits, and oddities. Fans have seen Melanie develop from an obsessive mess to the strong woman she is now without giving up her donuts, sweet tea, her beloved spreadsheets or humming ABBA to avoid being bombarded by ghostly apparitions. They have also been privy to seeing her fall in love, get married, become a mother and solve many, many ghostly puzzles. The other characters have also become friends or frienemies over the years including Jack, Melanie’s mom, dad and newly found sister plus her step-daughter Nola (who will star in Karen’s new upcoming series set in New Orleans). So while we say goodbye to Tradd Street we only say adieu to many of these fantastic characters. The series is best read in order.

Melanie Trenholm has matured so much from the obsessive-compulsive neurotic woman she once was, a way she dealt with her abandonment issues and seeing dead people who were often very hands-on in solving the mysteries of their demises. Now she almost loves living in her haunted historic Charleston home that’s always under some kind of renovation, a happily married, successful working mom and loving daughter and sister who still deals with the dearly and sometimes angrily departed. Then she falls victim to her old insecurities keeping secrets from her bestselling author husband Jack causing a separation and possible fatal rift in their marriage.

But there’s more to worry about than their marriage so Melanie and Jack must provide a united front to protect those they love to battle their nemesis who’s trying to destroy Jack’s career and several specters who want retribution for what happened to them.
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I was unaware this book was about spirits, and I do not care to read about that.  I usually LOVE Karen White's books, but I have yet to read this series of hers.  I will therefore be unable to give feedback.  I apologize, and thank you for allowing me to look at this book.
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Karen White does it again! I haven't read all of these books in the series but some. I received this book and it was so beautiful I had to jump in. I was not confused at all with starting this one without reading them all. The book starts out with a recap of this series. I look forward to catching up on the rest of the series. Karen White is definitely an auto buy author for me!
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This was my first time reading a book by Karen White. One thing in particular that I didn't know about this book is that it was a part of a series. I am the type of reader that needs to read all of the series before jumping in however, Karen White does a fantastic job of floating through the pages that it doesn't even seem to be a part of a series. I would love to go back and visit the other books in the series! Karen White does a fantastic job with character plot and I enjoyed getting to know them even though it was the series finale!
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Love. Love, love, love. If you've been reading this series from the beginning, you will appreciate this final book as much as I do. While you can read as a stand-alone, I think you will enjoy, and appreciate, this book even more. Karen White combines my favorite genre (southern fic) with the paranormal and she does it with perfection. 

A wonderful finale. I'll miss this crazy cast of characters.
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How gorgeous is this final installment of the Tradd Street series?! I hadn’t read any of the other books before starting with the finale, and I would recommend going back and reading from the start. I read this during spooky season and it fit right into the Halloween vibes with the main character, Melanie, being able to communicate with those who have passed on. I thought this was a really fun conclusion to my spooky season reads, and I can’t wait to go back and read this series from start to finish!✨

Thank you @uplitreads @karenwhitewrite @berkleypub and NetGalley for the opportunity to review this novel.
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This is book 7 in the Tradd Street series and it appears to be the last.  I hope I'm wrong and the family saga continues.  Psychic medium Melanie Trenholm is stunned when her husband asks for a separation and says it's her fault.  Jack is in a writing slump and his nemesis Marc want's to rent their home to film a new movie from his book that he stole from Jack.  The ghosts are not happy and Marc is really looking for the lost jewelry hidden by Melanie's ancestors. A great addition to the series with the ghost continuing to take an active role in their lives.  I received a copy of this ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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This novel had all the elements that I love in a well-written ghost story. Amazing characters, questionable motives, eerie ambiance, and a ghost that has something to say. The narrator, Aimée Bruneau, did a fantastic job of captivating my interest and keeping me listening, eager to solve the mystery. This is the last book in the series, however, I haven't read the other books yet and it works great as a standalone too.
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The Attic on Queen Street by Karen White is the seventh book in the Tradd Street series. This is a series of historic houses, paranormal elements, romance, family, and ghosts. Melanie Trenholm, our main character, can see and speak to the dead. The Attic on Queen Street is a women's, historical fiction with a bit of humor and complex plots.

Going into this book I wasn't aware that The Attic on Queen Street follows a set of characters that have grown and evolved over a series of books. With that being said there were moments from previous books that were referenced and I wasn't aware of the context nor the backstory of these specific moments. This left me feeling a bit lost as I read the book and I really would have liked the addition of some more details to allow this book to be read as a standalone. Because I didn't have the background of the previous books, I also felt the characters were shallow.

Other than that I really enjoyed the historical elements and the mystery. There were enjoyable, heartwarming, and entertaining moments of the characters as a family.
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This series by Karen White is on of my favorites. I lived in Columbia, SC for 15 years and visited Charleston frequently during that time. I remember picking the first book in the series up because of the cover, the setting, and the fact that it had ghosts. A trifecta of perfection for me. I’m so glad I was able to read the series and even though it has come to an end with this book, I think this final book in the series is perfect. Oh how the characters have grown!

I do like the fact that this book could be read  as a stand alone. I hope lots of people will read this and then go back for the entire series!
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