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This book was different than what I usually read but I actually really enjoyed it. I liked the whole grumpy sunshine trope shown through the romance of Gray and Mercy. I really enjoyed Gray's character and how grumpy he was about just wanting to live a life of retirement but then falling to the town of desolation and having an active role in the community.I also like the conflict that brought the two main characters together. However I felt like the romance was a bit slow to start, it wasn't until the main characters got married that we saw any feelings from both sides. I think making the romance start until the middle of the book, it makes it hard to believe that they actually really like each other. Overall it was a fun, steamy read and hope to see more from this author.
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I was underwhelmed by this book, but I think I may not have been the right audience. The reason I was attracted to this book in the first place is because I love historical romances, and I saw that one of the quotes about the book described it as "hilarious". It's difficult for me to find books that are both romantic and hilarious, so I was hopeful that Hitched to the Gunslinger (great title by the way) would scratch that itch. However, I think the sense of humor just wasn't my cup of tea. It reminds me do I explain this...Facebook humor? Like, things that are very low hanging fruit, obvious sort of "ha-ha, very funny" *eye roll* kind of stuff. For instance, the main character doesn't bathe and him going around smelling to high heaven is supposed to be kind of cheeky and funny, I think...but it's not? Or when the heroine "playfully" scares the hero by shooting a gun at him? I think these moments are supposed to be sort of slapstick/comedy of errors-esque, but I was just like jeez these people are so immature. Actually I just looked up the definition of "comedy of errors" and that's exactly what I mean: "a situation made amusing by bungling and incompetence." The people in the story are definitely incompetent at times (despite Gray being known as the best shot in the West), and it just kept throwing me off. 

I did not find Gray to be attractive in the least. He's a fine dude but would make a better side character. His side kick Sunshine is not much better (and I assume he'll get his own book) because his whole schtick is that he's pathologically optimistic. Cute but maybe I just like my heroes a bit more grizzled? Which is what I thought I would get from Gray, but alas! The tone of the book (silly/tongue in cheek) just wasn't what I was expecting from a Western, but I think that's mostly on me, and I am definitely in the minority here. If you're looking for a silly, breezy romp in the West, this may work for you. I wanted higher stakes and more emotion between the couple. They just seemed like they agreed to be together for convenience and it sort of ended there. They supposedly "fell in love" but I didn't see it.

Things I appreciate: 1) Mercy and Gray are older heroes (Gray is in his forties and Mercy is in her thirties, I believe) which I appreciated because we don't get enough representation of older couples in romance. However, you wouldn't know it based on how immature they are at times!
2) I think the "found family" aspect was very sweet and probably my favorite part. Miss DuVere was great (mayor and brothel owner). I actually wasn't bothered by scenes where other characters butt in and I often am in my romance. I typically like the central focus to be the couple.
Contains: gunfighting, swearing, explicit depictions of sex
Steam level: 2.5/5
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My first book by this author and I really enjoyed! Funny, sweet, romantic...this book had it all. I look forward to more from this author!
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Mercy, Mercy, Me! I loved Hitched to the Gunslinger. It was funny and sweet and sassy. Gray and Mercy were ornery, funny, and so entertaining. I love fake relationships and found family stories.
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Hitched To The Gunslinger by Michelle McLean is a western historical romance. A retired gunslinger/outlaw passes through town & finds a compelling reason to stick around. #HitchedToTheGunslinger #NetGalley
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This book was humorous throughout with a good story line. I enjoyed it because it was ere to read and had such great humor in it. Would definitely recommend to anyone that's looking for a light read.
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What fun this book is. It's funny, it's sweet, it's steamy. Gray “Quick Shot” Woodson was incredibly sweet and endearing. I loved his arc throughout the story; he started off as wanting no connections, no one to lose, and gained a family. The found family themes in this book were exceptional.  Mercy was strong and while there were times I found her to be a *bit* much, I liked her overall. The only reason this book got 3 stars instead of 4 was the pacing. There was a bit too many of these bounty hunter attempts, I could have done with one or two less. The cast of characters in Desolation were *chef's kiss* and I am very interested in  reading more about them and hope this will turn into a series.
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4.5 Stars

A side-splittingly hilarious historical romantic comedy that will have readers roaring with laughter, Michelle McLean’s Hitched to the Gunslinger is an irresistible romp that is simply fantastic.

The time has come for Gray “Quick Shot” Woodson to hang up his hat for good. The fastest gun west of Mississippi might have a job that gets his blood pumping on a pretty regular basis, but the nomadic lifestyle and the constant having to look over his shoulder for villains with axes to grind has gotten old now and he just wants to find a place to retire and catch up on his sleep. When Gray makes it to the town called Desolation, he thinks that he may have finally found what he was looking for -until he finds himself embroiled in a town vendetta and married off to a woman called Mercy! So much for peace and quiet!

Gray’s new wife might just be the most infuriating woman he has ever come across! Far from a shrinking violet, Mercy is feisty, tough, courageous and absolutely impossible! Mercy is as far removed from being a biddable wife as it is possible to get. Rather than scream for help if she sees the bad guys approaching, Mercy will grab one of her new husband’s guns and chase after them herself – and she won’t surrender until she has completed her mission. Poor Gray doesn’t know whether to chastise his new bride – or kiss her senseless!

Gray might need to forget about peace and quiet for a while, but with Mercy around his life is certainly going to be interesting!

Michelle McLean’s Hitched to the Gunslinger is a terrific romantic comedy that had me screaming with laughter. Hilarious, uproarious and so compelling I couldn’t resist devouring this book up in a couple of hours, Michelle McLean effortlessly blends delicious wit, sizzling repartee, red-hot chemistry and poignant romance in a first class tale readers will fall head over heels in love with.

Gray and Mercy are two fantastic characters I absolutely adored. Headstrong, determined, courageous and impossible not to like, readers will cheer them both on to get the happy ending they deserve.

A fun read where the pages just turn themselves, Michelle McLean’s Hitched to the Gunslinger is an enjoyable historical romp that should not be missed
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Gray Woodson didn’t know much, but he knew one thing,…Life had been a lot easier when he was killin’ people. 

This story was a thrilling adventure of a “retired” gunslinger who finds himself in a bit of a pickle - hitched to a western spitfire who owns an apple orchard that another townsman wanted. I would have enjoyed this story so much more without all the language and open-door romance. In my opinion, the language and explicitness was a detraction from the story; without that I would highly recommend this story.
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This is my first Michelle MacLean book and I’m sure I’ll read more. 
This was a fun book with great secondary characters and good compatible hero/heroine. 
Mercy is a strong independent woman who thinks she needs no one else until Gray walks into her life and changes everything. Gray felt he belonged nowhere until Mercy and the town of Desolation.
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I FREAKING LUUUURRRVVVEEEDDD this book, Lol. I couldn't stop myself from picturing the faces of Gray and Mercy and Gray's horse, Birdie, and the wannabe gunslinger, Jason sunshine, Lol. Just an awesome read. Mercy, who lives in a town called Desolation is trying to keep her land from the greedy hands of Josiah after her father has passed away, is just at her wit's end, when she claims Gray as her fiance, cue Gray's face, Lol. Gray is a famous gunslinger who is known as Quick Shot, and Mercy recognizes an opportunity and grasps it. I loved the town folks and how they banded together to get them properly married and Gray to become the sheriff, a wanted man. I couldn't stop laughing at those moments when all Gray wanted to do is sleep, but yet once Mercy claimed him, he found himself jealous of any other man trying to get her attention. It was a great read and I enjoyed it immensely. 4 stars
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Gray “Quick Shot” Woodson, fastest gun slinger west of the Mississippi, set out to find a quiet, remote location to retire. What he found in Desolation instead was a whole new kind of trouble in Mercy, his very soon to be new wife!

The quick witted humor and quirky members of this small town will have you laughing and page turning. Even the goats and horses have personality!

Despite this being quirky and funny, there are some words to live by sprinkled throughout as well: 

“Age doesn’t generally bother me one way or the other. You could be fifty years old and act like a child or be a child and act more mature than most adults.”
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Michelle McLean has written a humorous tale about a gunslinger who is trying to retire so that he could take it easy and nap.  Hitched to the Gunslinger mostly takes place in Desolation, a place that seemed to live up to its name.  Gray Woodson and his horse, Birdie, wondered into the cemetery where Mercy Douglas was visiting her father’s grave, all because Birdie was after the apple that was in her pocket.  It didn’t matter that Josiah Banff was there trying to ask Mercy to marry him, a task that she did not want to do.  Those other men with Banff got a little shy when they realized that Gray was Quick Shot Woodson, the fastest gunslinger west of the Mississippi.  Banff wasn’t put off either that Mercy told he and his cohorts that Gray was her fiancé.
	Gray could not believe the circumstances he found himself in and Mercy was hoping that it would stop Banff from pursuing her and her land.  Gray just wanted to find a place to nap and get a few good meals.  The town has a cast of supporting characters that are an odd bunch but a well likeable crew, as is Jason Sunshine who is following Woodson trying to get lessons on how to be a good gunslinger.  Trouble and the laughs do not stop even when Mercy and Gray get married.  
	I was given a free copy of this book for review and the opinion is my own.  #HitchedToTheGunslinger #MichelleMcLean
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The fastest gun in the West is looking to retire and find a place he can relax and live in peace.  His travels lead him to Desolation and his world is turned upside-down.  

I thoroughly loved this book and enjoyed it from start to finish.  The hero and heroine have their own problems that they have to overcome.  The gunslinger is not looking for any attachments and neither is the heroine.  This story is so well written and so well developed and is packed with drama, suspense, emotion, colorful and wonderful characters, unexpected friendships, a few twists and turns, a villain, humor and romance.

At some point you might just get choked up with emotion as I did.  AWESOME BOOK!  Highly recommended.
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Fun read. It wasn't as laugh out loud as I had anticipated but it did leave me with a smile on my face. Loved the characters. The entire town of Desolation was great. I kinda want to learn everyone's secrets now.
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Wild West romance that was light and fluffy like a giant sweet cotton candy and brought me just as much happiness!!!  I loved the humor and laughed out loud at Mercy and Grey and the fun that their relationship gets into!!  This book was perfect timing for me- an easy romp that made me laugh and sigh in pleasure at the happy ever after!!

In this book, Grey Woodson also know as Quick Shot is a infamous gunslinger who has decided to retire. He is searching through the Wild West for a quiet town where his reputation has not preceded him!  He wants peace and quiet with no more need for his quick draw skills. He is looking for naps, good food and most important- to live up to his resolution not to kill anyone.  But Grey’s horse is as stubborn as he is and is focused on dragging him to an apple orchard and right into the midst of all kinds of trouble!

Mercy Douglas is a feisty woman who is determined to run her life on her own. She is fighting off the advances of a neighbor who is interested in her land and will use any means necessary to take it.  When Grey and his horse wander into the midst of the most aggressive attack yet, Mercy offers Grey food and lodging to pretend to be her fiancé. 

The sparks fly between the two as Grey appears lazy and uninterested in getting involved and Mercy doggedly tries to get Grey to train her in gun usage. 
Add Jason Sunshine, a wannabe gunslinger that tracked Grey down to try to learn his trade secrets, a town full of interesting characters, and you have a recipe for lots of laughter!  This romance has tons of awesome banter between Mercy and Grey and quite a bit of steam!!

Well worth the read and I’m so grateful that NetGalley, Michelle McLean, and Entangled allowed me an early copy of the book!!   I loved reading this and am happy to share my opinions!!
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Retired gunfighter plus spirited spinster equals a match in cowboy heaven!

In Hitched to theGunslinger by Michelle McLean, a retired gun slinger, Grey “Quick Shot” Woodson stumbles upon the town of Desolation in his search for a place to hang up his guns and nap… too bad for him , at the same time he steps into the middle Mercy land feud and finds himself with a fake fiancée!

Grey agrees to stay and help Mercy and soon their fake engagement becomes all too real as the threats to boy of them heat up!

This was a fun book! I found myself laughing multiple times at Grey’s curmudgeonly antics. Also, when the romance between our two lost souls kicks into gear, it gets pretty hot! These two were meant for each other- both alone I. The world and not feeling deserving of love and companionship. It was so sweet to see them find a sense of home and belonging together.

I think my favourite part of the book was the creation of the characters and their backstories- even the lesser characters! There are so many unique characters and I have my fingers crossed that this is only the first book for Desolation! 

Hitched to the Gunslinger by Michelle McLean was released August 24th, 2021.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Entangled Publishing and NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
#HitchedToTheGunslinger #MichelleMcLean #NetGalley #pinkcowlandreads
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It's a deal. Free room and board for a fake fiancé. However, the fake fiancé is an unsociable, ill-mannered retired gunslinger, and the free barely edible food is provided by a stubborn and sassy woman with a plan to keep her land from being taken.

Gray is tired. Tired of looking over his shoulder for the next wanna-be gunfighter to challenge Quick Shot Woodson to a gunfight. Tired of being alone because everyone he cared about is dead because of him. So he chose the town of Desolation. A perfect place for a retired gunfighter to hang up his hat and wait to die. Unfortunately, Gray's stubborn horse, Birdie, has other ideas as her nose for apples leads him to the headstrong and mesmerizing Miss Mercy Douglas who is literally going to be the death of him.

Mercy is desperate to save her land. Desperate enough to announce that a complete stranger and notorious gunslinger is her fiance to keep the dangerous Josiah Banff, the biggest landowner in the area, away from her. Little did she know Gray would take her up on it, though he didn't impress her with his grumpy demeanor and constant napping. What did she get herself into?

Where has this author been all my life? Ms. McLean's writing is delightful and her characters are relatable and extremely entertaining. I couldn't stop laughing at Gray's sarcastic quips and playful banter with the oh, so feisty and independent Mercy. The sparks fly with these two as their constant arguing becomes a whole lot hotter with their steamy looks and suggestive remarks. Gray is my favorite endearing character with his love for napping, daisies, and for the only woman who gets under his skin. His past is heartbreaking losing his parents at a young age and accidentally becoming one of the most infamous gunslingers in the country who never once went looking for a fight until Mercy and the townspeople of Desolation needed his help. Mercy is a force to be reckoned with and she's not afraid of anything. Especially, a gruff, uncivilized man who has a great sense of humor and a sexy smile. With a price on Gray's head, they work together with the kind and colorful people of Desolation to rid the town of a dangerous man determined to destroy them both. 

I love the townspeople including Doc, Preacher, Martha, and Mrs. DuVere, as well as Jason Sunshine with his sunny disposition and uncanny knack of being there whenever Gray needs him. 

I highly recommend this LOL funny, smart, and unique romantic comedy set in a town full of lively characters who have each other's backs. It's a story of restoration and peace, love and redemption, and finding a home to hang your hat.

Thank you to Ms. McLean for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.
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Desolation is a cute old western town with the characters to match. Mercy had to become self sufficient and able to stand up for herself in order to not be taken advantage of and you can see it in her personality. Gray is a softy at heart who has learned to hide it or else it could be used against him in the life of a deadly shooter. When they team up to take on a bully who wants Mercy's land we get to watch the feelings build. Filled with banter, romance, and written in a way that is entertaining and relaxing.
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Very pleasantly surprised.  This was first read from this author and I found it very entertaining.  The book was well written with entraining characters, a developed plot, a realistic timeline, and wonderfully descriptive scenes.  I enjoyed watching  the characters grow and change before me eyes and really loved watching the romance and it developed into that once in a lifetime love.  I highly recommend this book and will be checking for past books by this author and waiting for future books.

I just reviewed Hitched To The Gunslinger by Michelle McLean. #HitchedToTheGunslinger #NetGalley
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