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If I Had Two Lives

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This book was great! I highly recommend it. It was a non stop page turner! For sure will read more by this author!
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Offensive, judgemental religious propaganda dressed up as a suspense novel. While the writing is a little clanky, the compelling storyline drives the action along quite nicely for the first couple of chapters, until weird little comments start sneaking in and you realise you're reading evangelical Christian lit. Please make this clearer in future.
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I listened to an audio of this novel and the narrator was pretty good. 
Novel is quite short, therefore some of the things are happening in a really short time and you need to pay attention. 

This is a thriller indeed, the main character Vicky Collins is an FBI agent searching for the serial killer, since several woman have been missing in the area. At the point of time she joins FBI, she is confronted by her supervisor that her DNA has a match in database with one convict. This is where it gets interesting. And where all the small pieces of puzzle start to fall into place. Maybe a little bit too much and some things that happened in this book are extremely improbable that the investigation gets solved this easy. 

I liked the main character Vicky, she was determined and strong woman, not doubting herself. Her boyfriend was a totally annoying ass and I would kick him right away (but Ok that's just my opinion). Since this book had less than 300 pages it is worth to read/listen. Quite an interesting story and something new, even though I read many criminal/detective/thriller stories.
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I received this as an Advanced Readers Copy (ARC) as a book seller, in audiobook format (which was not an available option to choose).

The story follows a woman who meets a man, and about a year later moves in with him to a new home in a gated community, "The Circle", in London. She throws a house warming party inviting the members of the circle. During this party she gets to know the other community members, including one who gives her quite the cold shoulder. Later she finds out someone crashed the party and misrepresented themselves, which has her quite shook as she is in a gated community!

Later this person shows up to her door, and advises her they are a Private Detective investigating the murder of the former owner - something she was unaware of. Having not been told by the house seller (a friend of a friend), nor her boyfriend, she feels betrayed, and is unsure who she can trust. The Private Detective asks her to share anything she learns from her fellow circle members, as he is trying to clear the name of the husband who was accused of the crime.

The book follows her as she navigates her paranoia and betrayal, and becomes obsessed with trying to find out who killed Nina (the former home owner).

Aside from the fact that, to add to the obsession, they throw in a story line about how her sisters name was Nina, and she died in a car accident, so whenever she meets someone, or learns about someone called Nina she becomes obsessed, I enjoyed every aspect of the book. I just felt like this tidbit was unnecessary. I know the purpose was to validate her obsession, but it just did not need to be included.

The audio book has a great narrator - whos name I cannot remember at the moment. I have listened to a few she has done, and I enjoy her. The cadence of the book and the narration was great. You are absolutely pulled in, and need to know who did it. With lots of paranoia and may potential suspects and red herrings along the way. Though I guess who the murder was about a 3rd of the way into the book - sadly not uncommon for me, maybe I read too much (HAHA) - there was a twist I never saw coming.

Definitely a book worth reading. I look forward to more from AB Whelan.
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Enjoyed this one, kept me on my toes and wanting to find out what happens next. Psychological thrillers are one of my favourite genres and this did not disappoint! Definitely recommend.
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I feel this book had potential but I had problems with a few plot holes and character logic. But it was moderately entertaining enough for me to complete the story. 

Right at the beginning a new FBI agent Vicky learns of a long lost brother through her new hire background DNA test. But as this is suppose to be the FBI I would expect they would have done a little more investigating before questioning her and could easily see that this brother has a different last name and had been in and out of foster care. 

I felt the chapters from the male perspective did not bring too much to the story as it never explained why he was doing all he was doing. Not even in the end where he was ranting about women and his horrible childhood. 

Also Vicky was a huge hypocrite when it comes to her relationship and it made it hard to root for her. 

Thank you to NetGalley and OrangeSky Audio for an advanced audiobook for review.
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I enjoyed listening to this book!  I would rate it 3.5 stars.  There were many twists and turns.. The story jumped around a bit, but I'm glad I stayed with it. because it was worth it!  Once I understood why the story turned, I got into it and couldn't wait to see what happened!  I felt satisfied with how all the twists and turns tied together at the end and would recommend to others!
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What a WILD RIDE! The DRAMA in this one! I was holding my breath until the last minute. The ins and outs of the relationships between the characters was amazing, and it had a twist I wasn’t expecting!
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Wow!! 4 powerful stars! Loved the sorry line characters and the intriguing plot…. Loved that the story was filled with secrets, twists and draw dropping moments!! This is a must read!

Sending a sincere thank you to NetGalley for an early audio edition of this book for my honest review.
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I received this book through NetGalley for my honest opinion. I would describe it as fictional mystery with a little bit of thriller at the very end and I rated this book 3 stars. It was a good book, it just wasn't a great book. I felt I had whiplash at times for all the story turns the book took but it all wrapped up nicely at the end. I did guess the end (somehow, I'm not really sure!) but I do think most would find it surprising. I listened to the audiobook version and think the narrator did a great job with emotion and different characters. I enjoyed the writing style and would read another from this author.
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I’m a huge thriller fan. And this one was not short of thrilling. I listened to the audiobook and it only added to the emotion and thrill. The voice gave more insight into how the characters were feeling. Making it spooky at some points even.
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This was a great listen and a really wild story! Dark psychological thriller that you just can't put down.
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OMG! I binged this one in audio and don't tell anyone I had it running while working today and had a hard time working because I had to keep going back to make sure I didn't miss something!  Vicki joins the FBI and her DNA profile comes back showing she has a brother who is a criminal who she didn't disclose.  WHAT! She is floored. She didn't know about this brother. At the same time she is working on a copy cat serial killer case then temporarily suspended the brought back on and all at the same time trying to find out what her family is hiding.  So many twists and turns ups and downs and roller coaster whiplash.  Definitely a recommendation from me!
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I would give this book a 3.5 rating. It kept me intrigued throughout the book. The narrator did a great job conveying the characters. So this book follows an FBI team trying to catch a serial killer named the Piggyback killer. The MC Special Agent Vicky Collins has just been assigned tot he task force trying to make a name for herself. While helping the team track down a killer Collins is also trying to track down a brother she never knew even existed. Throughout the book Collins is left wondering is she adopted or did her dad have an affair? Is her brother alive? So many questions but Whelan does a great job answering everything at the end of the book. 

Thanks to NetGalley for a audiobook version of the book. This is an honest review.
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A thrilling listening as the book has so many twists and turns with an ending that you just won't expect! Love it!!
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"He is gay because his brothers showed him porn at a young age and that led to sexual deviance!!!!??!??!?! "

"He was my friend, he kissed me yesterday, but I have a boyfriend "

"I'd rather he cheats on me with 3 women at the same time but with a man "

But when she almost has sex with a stranger in a hot tub, while having this same boyfriwnd, that is perfectly fine. 

I am done with this book!
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2 stars = it was ok

So many trigger warnings.  Like, all the trigger warnings.
I was offered an e-ARC copy of this book by the publisher, and in reading the book, I think I liked it more than in listing to the ALC audio that I received through Net Galley.  I'm not sure if it was the narrator's voice that I disliked or if I had to pay more attention to the story while listening rather than reading.  (I think I tend to skim-read a lot, especially with e-books).

I would  not have picked it up if not for it being offered to me as an ARC, as I don't usually go for FBI type suspense books. But overall, I don't feel like the book really met up with it's description, overall.  I might consider looking for other books by the author, it seems that she had several titles, and I don't think the writing was really 'bad', but I will have to look for trigger warnings more closely, because - wow.  

Thanks to the author and publisher for the eARC of this book in exchange for my review.  Thank you to Net Galley for providing with an audio ALC copy.
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Vicky Collins has a semi normal life as an FBI agent. She and her real estate boyfriend have a comfortable life in San Diego. Vicky is recruited to join an elite task force for the FBI to investigate a serial killer, when this happens she has to submit paperwork and finds she has a long lost brother. This doesn’t make any sense, Vicky grew up in a loving home with great parents and siblings she knows. Then the secrets begin to unravel and it’s more than Vicky could ever imagine. 

The premise of the book was great, a classic game of cat and mouse. Whose the good guy? Whose the bad guy? However, it just did not mesh well for me. The characters were not likable. The plot was extremely predictable and not climatic. 

Trigger Warnings: 
 *Sexual Assault 

Thank you to NetGalley for this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own
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Vicky is an FBI cybercrime agent assigned to find a serial killer. What she didn’t expect to discover is what she had in common with him.
   There are so many secrets that are unlocked in this fast paced psychological thriller. Vicky’s feelings about her family and her personal relationships all take a nose dive after making a discovery that sets this story on its fast paced journey. The reader is repeatedly shocked by Vicky’s discoveries.
   I must admit, her resolve in the end was a surprise response to what transpired in her life. 
   The reader of the audio book brought all the characters to life.
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A new author for me and I will be reading more of her works. Thank you Netgalley for the opportunity to review the novel. The family and friends intertwined relationship and secrets had me speculating in several directions, but never the right one. I actually listened to it rather than read it. Loved the narrator.
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