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Mr. Rook has a great premise, especially if you're of an age that you remember anything about the television show, Fantasy Island. That's what I thought of when I read the blurb, and I was excited to give this one a listen. Oh, yeah, I listened to the audiobook. I have the ebook and just hadn't gotten to it, and now that I've listened, that's probably a good thing because the narration by Lisa Zimmerman is the only reason the book got that second star.
Maybe it's just me - I'm certainly in the minority - but way too many things about this book just didn't work for me. Given the premise, I expected it to require a healthy dose of suspension of disbelief, but too many things went beyond even that. The reveal about Stephanie's sister, for example, was just eye-rollingly ridiculous. Even with that being Stephanie's focus, there is a surprising lack of actual investigation on her part. She's there to get to the bottom of her sister's disappearance, and she's sure Mr. Rook is the man with the answers, but she can't seem to keep her mind on anything but how sexy he is. The reveal about him was out there as well.
Let's see... we have an over-the-top story but really very little action. The bulk of the story takes place inside Stephanie's head, and I spent a lot of that bored out of mine. It's kind of all over the place and nothing of substance happens for way too long. Even the ending was just off in my opinion. I did like the twist with the three older ladies, but that had nothing to do with Stephanie or her sister. It was just a bit of interesting side story. I'll be honest, I'd rather have had more about those women.
Rather than going too far and giving spoilers, I'll stop there and finish with the one bright spot. Lisa Zimmerman's narration is the only reason I finished the book. She has one of those voices that's easy to listen to, and whether I liked Stephanie or not, Zimmerman captures the emotions of various scenes. Needless to say, I won't be continuing this series, but I will search out other books by this narrator, so this one wasn't a complete loss, I guess.
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I love this author and absolutely adored all her other books but the cliffhanger at the end of this one was really annoying. The story just stops with no conclusion to anything. I'm so disappointed and probably won't read the next one. Don't get me wrong, the book is extremely well written and if you like sexual tension (that isn't resolved), suspense, mystery, and if you don't mind a huge cliffhanger ending then this book will be right up your alley.
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I am shocked with all of the five star reviews...did we read the same book? The story started out strong, a Fantasy Island where women get all of their sexual needs catered to. However, the story gets bogged down with a main character, Stephanie, being boring. Also, there are no steamy scenes in this book!
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This was such a great suspense ride in audio. 

I was not expecting all the twists and turns as Stephanie tries to learn the secrets of her sisters disappearance and keep her mind sharp on Rook's island. 
This story kept me on my toes and I was right there with Stephanie- was Rook what we wanted or was he the villain. I have to go and read the rest of this series now!
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It took a while for the story to really get going in this book, but I really enjoyed it once it took off. The premise of a “fantasy island”–type resort is just delicious, but there is so much more going on. Mr. Rook is an enigmatic character who is difficult to deconstruct. He doesn’t seem to have a closet full of secrets and skeletons, but a whole island of them!  There are obviously a lot of layers to this story, so I am eager to see how the story unfolds.

This is my first time listening to Lisa Zimmerman and she did a fantastic job bringing these characters to life.

I received an advanced audio version of this book courtesy of NetGalley. I am voluntarily reviewing this title.
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I was a fan of the book until the ending, which was very convoluted. The concept is an interesting one, and something I could actually see going on. The characters are memorable.
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Hmm.. So this was okay.. I love Mimi Jean Pamfiloff's paranormal series. So when I saw that netgalley had the audiobook for one of her books, I jumped at the chance to read it. Unfortunately it wasn't a book for me.

I was honestly kind of excepting more of a spicy book based off the description. It's set on an island that is suppose to fulfill every woman's fantasy and this book was PG-13 at best. Now I don't need steam but if I am on a woman's fantasy island.. I want steam.

I also wasn't a huge fan of Stephanie.. but the mystery was good and Mr Rook was decent.. I  don't know. I probably wont continue with the series.

The narration was really great though! So if you are interested in the series, I recommend checking out the audiobook!
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When Stephanie’s sister disappears after a vacation to a private island that will make all your wildest dreams come true, she is determined to get the answers she needs.    She arranges to become one of the guests however she is unable to bear the financial cost which puts her in debt to a dangerous man who wants something from her, and failure is not an option.

Mr. Rook owns the island and thrives on ensuring that the experience is everything his guests could want and more.    The only rule that he has is that he does not get personally involved with his guests however every time that they are together the sparks fly.

Not only do Stephanie and Mr. Rook have secrets but the island seems to hold secrets of its own.   Learning what we do about the characters and the happening on the island leaves us with more questions than answers.   I really enjoyed the performance of the narrator as she brought out all the intrigue and emotion of the story.
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Fascinating storytelling - I can't wait for more in this series. 

Mimi Jean Pamfiloff writes a very engaging, engrossing story, and I'm already looking forward to more in this series. As a child of the 80s, this is one part Fantasy Island revisited, one part supernatural suspense, one part romance, and there is a ton of intrigue and action. 

This volume focuses on Stephanie, who is visiting Mr. Rook's Island to try to get some information on the disappearance of her sister. What she finds on the island is a whole lot more than she bargained for, and she's caught up in the mystery of the island, as well as intrigued by the mysterious Mr. Rook, the island's caregiver. 

The narration by Lisa Zimmerman was excellent. I'm really looking forward to more in this series.
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I could feel the incompleteness of it all. I was sort of expecting a full rounded out closure and that is not what I got. But I did enjoy the parts of the story i got. I did leave me wanting more. Stephanie. I was not sure if I wanted to spank her myself. She was a bit foolish and reckeless. She did love her sister. 

Lisa Zimmerman was new to me with audio. I did enjoy her but there was nothing that really stood out.
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❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ out of 5
I listened to this book in audio and all I can say is wow! Not only did this book keep me completely hooked but the narrator did a phenomenal job at giving life to the heroine in a realistic way!

Our heroine is on a mission to find out what happened to her sister. Her sister won a trip to a secret island that promised to fulfil her fantasy however she never came home…. Our heroine moves heaven and earth to get to this secret Island with a mission to cosy up to the mysterious owner of the island in order to find out what happened. But she never expected to become enthralled by this mysterious owner.

Now this book is the first in a trilogy and there is no HEA or HFN even as you need to read all 3 books (which I would normally be annoyed about but I’m so hooked I can’t wait to read/listen to more). This books brings mystery and definitely some 🔥🔥 but it is slow burn (but oh so worth it). The audio is amazing so I’m highly recommending to listen to this book!
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The audiobook for Mr. Rook's Island (Book One) by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff is not your TV Fantasy Island. There is definitely some other worldly magic going on but Mr.Rourke never fulfilled these sexy or life altering fantasies.

Stephanie's sister CiCi wins a trip to this exotic expensive Island  that can grant most fantasies for the rich but she never comes home. Stephanie makes a deal with a dangerous mobster to pay for her trip ($100,000) in exchange for getting dirt on the elusive Mr. Rook and his Island. 

Once on the Island Stephanie plans to find out what Mr. Rook did to her sister. What she doesn't plan for is the undeniable sexual tension between her and the mysterious Mr. Rook. She also does not understand her bizarre dreams (are they really dreams?)or the group of elderly women who all wear butterfly pendants (are they really elderly?)or the unknown creepy hooded man watching her through her window (is he really unknown?).

I laughed out loud so much from the highly amusing narrator #lisazimmerman who added a tone of humor to Stephanie's delimmas.

This start to a trilogy was extremely entertaining hitting all the mysterious suspenseful tropes. I was constantly thinking " What is really going on"? I figured a few mysteries out and was surprised by a few things too. If there weren't more audiobooks to look forward to I would be upset by the ending but instead I will be patient. There is a very frustrating steamy encounter between Stephanie and Mr. Rook that I hope will be resolved in the future. The whole series is available in book form on Kindle and paperback but I am invested in my audiobooks.

I received a free copy of this audiobook from #orangeskyaudio via #NetGalley for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.
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All of the issues here aside, I just couldn't get through the horrible, cheap, idiotic, disgusting sex scene. Not that the rest of the book was any better.
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I did this backward for me as I listened to the audiobook first and have yet to read the physical - Changes the tone definitely

I am not sure how I feel about our heroine
Stephanie comes across as very self-centered to me - Wait let me explain - She is looking into the disappearance of her sister wanting answers and to bring the culprits to justice. That's a good thing yes but is it truly about justice for her sister or to soothe her own feelings of guilt?
If you listen in the beginning I believe it is more about guilt.
Add to that the fact she feels the need to treat people like garbage to get the attention of Rook ... IDK I just wanted to reach in and "correct" her behavior a few times. She acted the prude when she really is not.
Enough of my rant lol

I liked the world-building (I was a fan of fantasy island as a child)
The story idea is solid and the author weaves all kinds of OMG moments as well as a lot of misdirection (just makes the unveiling that much more)
Rook is our mystery host - dark and somewhat distant from emotions at times, still, there is something about him
There are quite a few scenes that I call breadcrumb trail moments - little hints at possibilities - some might be misdirection IDK but they did their job - I was on edge wanting to know more and to see what was behind the curtain

This ends on a bit of a "to be continued" cliffy
Packed with twists and reveals that will catch even the best sleuth off guard
Oh and lots and lots of steamy moments
After all, it is all about the fantasy
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This book was not what I expected.  While it is labeled Romantic Suspense I found that it more fell into the suspense category.   Stephanie is determined to find her sister who went missing after a trip to Mr. Rooks Island.  A secret island that very few know about.  It isn't on any map and no government claims ownership but if you are in the know and have the cash you could find yourself fulfilling your every desire.  Stephanie bargains her way onto the island to find our more about what happened to her sister and who the mysterious owner of the island is.  

Mr. Rook is an elusive character with not a lot known about him, other than he is drop dead gorgeous and lives a very reclusive life.  I was a bit turned off by Stephanie's constant irritating attitude, which I guess should not be unexpected given she thinks Mr. Rook is responsible for her sisters death but it got to be tedious.  The mysteries of the island are fascinating and intriguing and while this didn't have the panty dropping romance that most associate with romance books there is definitely a spark kindled and more questions to be answered.  

The narrator easily held my attention and I found I was drawn into the story and the mystery.
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I enjoyed this story thoroughly.  It had me on the edge of my seat.  The narrator brought the story to life for me and kept me even more captivated.  There was steam, suspense and plenty of romance.  I loved every minute of it and I definitely can't wait for more from these books and this author.
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Oh it has been a while since I've picked up a Mimi Jean book and realized how much I've missed her writing style.

I was hoping for a standalone since series have me on a struggle bus, but I'm quite invested.

Lots of questions at every turn, but the biggest ones are about this mysterious island and Mr. Rook himself.

I can't say that I'm on-board with the glimpse of Rook's identity especially since I'm a romance lover. It'll be interesting to see what else unfolds as we make it through this trilogy.

Solid choice for the narrator, I was thoroughly engaged and on edge the whole time!

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A fun, sexy story with a bit of mystery attached.

Stephanie is on a quest to find out what happened to her sister, CeCe, and why she disappeared.  She finds herself on a fantasy island of sorts and falls for the enigmatic Mr. Rook.

I found the book to be enjoyable.  While it dealt with an unrealistic island where fantasies become real for a tremendous amount of money, the interactions of the characters and the descriptions of the beautiful scenery were smooth and believable.

However, I hated the ending.  Others have called it a cliff hanger.  I felt it was abrupt, unrealistic, and confusing.  In fact, I relistened to the last few chapters because I thought I may have missed something.  Nope, that was the way the book ended.  I understand cliff hangers but would like them to be more realistic.

The narrator, Lisa Zimmerman, is fantastic.  Her voice is smooth and easy to listen to.  She applies just the right nuance to the voices of the different characters.  They feel natural and not forced.  I would suggest trying any book narrated by her that piques your interest.

I received an ARC audiobook from OrangeSky Audio through NetGalley.  This in no way affects my opinion or rating of this book.  I am voluntarily submitting this review and am under no obligation to do so.
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This book wasn’t what I thought it would be. While it was billed as a romantic suspense, I thought it would have way more suspense than it did. And the romance aspect just wasn’t good. I didn’t enjoy much of this, honestly. It was a weird story. And it ended on a cliffhanger, which I hate. It’s okay when it’s clearly stated in the synopsis, but when it’s hidden to try and get you to buy more books, I’m not a fan. Overall, this was a huge miss for me.
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I devoured this audiobook in one sitting … captivated from the opening line. 

Stephanie’s sister Cece never returned her vacation. The location was secret and no one could confirm if she was dead or alive. Stephanie takes her own trip to the secret Mr. Rook’s island to expose the truth. What secrets will she uncover? Can she return home with her sister or will she fall prey to the fantasy?

Lisa Zimmerman brought Mimi’s words to life in the most magical ways. Her narration was superb! This is the first book in a series and I am anxiously awaiting the next audiobook!!!
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