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"Come along for a passionate story where passion defies time and love conquers betrayal" 

From the blurb of the book I was hooked! At times it was a bit slower paced than I normally like but the romance made up for it. This is actually my first Tracy Sumner book and it won't be my last! 

Thank you for the copy NetGalley!
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I was thrilled to read the blurb on this one. Unfortunately, the slow pace and too much narrative threw me. The characters were likable and seemed interesting but I never felt like they got to shine. They have powers and we didn't really seem them in action much. The Hargraves issue seemed too quickly and easily solved. It just didn't catch and hold my attention like I thought it would based on the blurb.
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I received this book from NetGalley and unfortunately was unable to get past the first chapter. 

The cover states "She traveled through time to find him" but the first chapter states he followed her back in time? I may have misunderstood, but from my understanding he was a poor child/pickpocket from a rough area that was adopted by a wealthy duke that liked him because he saw ghosts. There may have not been ghosts, but supernatural was mentioned. The only person to ever outsmart him was this girl he followed back in time. 

In other words there is a lot going on, to a point that it is distracting and confusing. The adjectives were numerous to boot.
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Thank you netgalley for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
I had a difficult time getting into this novel. I couldn't follow the storyline as it felt like a lot happened between the protagonists before the story began. So the reader is left guessing what might have happened. While I liked the time traveling aspect it leaves a confusing trail. Not my cup of tea.
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The Hellion is Tamed has an intriguing premise. A historical romance where the main characters have supernatural talent? I cannot recall having read anything like this before. Having read and loved T racy Sumner's novellas previously, I was sure I would appreciate the writing in this one as well, although the supernatural element is not something I would usually go for. This book has:
- Supernatural elements: time-travel and interacting with ghosts (I loved Henry the haunt!)
- Gaming hell
- Just the right amount of angst and chemistry
- A fiery FMC who time travels, Emma
- Simon, who has been in love with Emma since the very beginning and will do anything to protect her, and who speaks with ghosts (or as he calls them, his haunts)
- A little bit of suspense/intrigue 

Although this is the 4th book in the League of Lords series, it can be read as a standalone.
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I loved Simon and Emma, their relationship was definitely a passionate one! This book is one of a series and it would really help to read them in order, but you would get the story of all of the wonderful characters then. My only complaint is that we didn’t really get the story on how these two met as teenagers I felt a bit in the dark on that one, did Emma time travel to him? Why? 5 stars.
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A gentleman who came from the slums and a time travelling heroine... imagination at it's best!

Getting off the streets and being taken into the household of a Duke, he is able to be with other people having paranormal abilities and begins to develop his talents of time travel and other things.

She is a time traveler who has taken something from the Duke, to help another. They had met before years ago and now he was determined to find her.

Engaging story with great characters and storyline!
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Info Dumps and Telling (Not Showing)

I have read a fair number of books by this author, some I've enjoyed and others I haven't. Unfortunately, this one falls into the latter category. The book turned me off right away when it started with a rather prodigious information dump. I never like to see those in novels or novellas, as I believe a skilled author—as this one is—can artfully weave backstory into the main storyline. This book has elements I usually enjoy in historical romance (second chance romance, an element of danger, character growth arcs)—even the added touches of the paranormal and time travel—but this one left me cold as the telling (not showing) persisted. This puts an artificial distance between the reader and the story. Both the characters and the reader are better served if the author attempts deep characterization rather than simply telling because it's expedient. All in all, I do not feel like I can recommend this book.
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I went into this excited since it surrounded time travel which I love. But sadly this book was not for me. I really enjoyed the authors writing and I am interested in reading a book from another series. But this series is not for me. I got very confused and kinda bored. I really loved the banter and yearning between Simon and Emma
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Time-traveling lovers navigate the sinister streets of London while denying their enchantment and desire. If you like THE NEVERS, this series is for you!He’s a viscount’s bastard who sees more than he wants to.Rescued from the slums and molded into a gentleman, Simon Alexander lost the love of his life to a mystical world he’s always spurned. Still searching for the time traveler who stole his heart.When I started reading I couldn't put it down.Tracy Sumner is magnifysent and amazing writer.I cannot wait to read more of there books.Keep up the great work.You should definitely read this book.Can't wait for the next book.
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The fourth installment of the League of Lords series is another fantastic, but challenging love story between Simon, the boy from the slums, taken in by the League and embraced as family, who sees and communicates with ghosts. He is now a gorgeous and successful young man who has spent the better part of ten years searching for the illusive time traveling beauty, Emma who frequently flickered in and out of Simon’s life until ten years ago she took the League’s precious and powerful artifact, the Soul Catcher stone and never returned. Both Simon and Emma are drawn to each other, kindred spirits who come from such similar backgrounds, though originally 80 years apart. Their future happiness faces many obstacles from their mutual lack of trust, the challenges of societies expectations, as well as a new and unexpected difficulty- the time tracer pacing Emma’s every move seeking to return her to her own time and restore order of the historical timeline. 
The Hellion Is Tamed is an exciting and steamy addition to the League of Lords series. I hope that there will be more to come!
I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.
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This is a great addition to the League of Lords. I enjoy the different and unique talents each person has and how they rely on each other when a crisis arises.  They act as a family even though they are not blood related to each other.  Having met and then separated by time traveling, Simon is finally able to go back and brings Emma to his present time.  Emotions are something that Simon does not express very well but Emma breaks down all of his barriers until he is finally able to tell her he loves her.  There is a lot going on in this story with some unexpected danger lurking.  It is a great read and I would recommend it along with the other books in this series.
I received a free copy of this book via Netgalley and are voluntarily leaving a review.
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I love stories where a love so strong can withstand time especially time travel and Simon and Emma have a love story that transcends time.  Emma Breslin’s a time traveler who abandoned him and then stole something from him in the past. Simon Alexander realizes he needs to save her, he needs to find her, the time traveler who stole his heart. When he does find her can he forgive her for abandoning him? A captivating story of a love for all time, will their love conquer all? I voluntarily read and reviewed this extraordinary story.
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This is Emma and Simon’s story. Simon finally figures out a way to go back in time to 1802 to get Emma. He needs Emma to get them back to 1882. One they get back, the league tries to style Emma as a cousin of the Duke of Ashcroft. Simon is fighting his love for her. She needs protection because someone is trying to send her back to 1802. The league needs to keep her safe. Simon finally accepts his love for her. He will fight for her. She is waiting for him. I loved the league’s supernatural abilities. I can’t wait for the next book in the series.
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Fifteen years ago, a girl appeared from the past and stole young Simon's heart before disappearing. Determined to find her, Simon tracks Emma down in the past and convinces her to come forward with him in time. Now, with the help of his friends he must mold her into a lady who will be accepted by society. 


I had high hopes for this new-to-me author. The world is fascinating... think X-men meets the Nevers with a dash of gaslamp fantasy and of course my favorite trope of all -- time travel. The premise sounded fascinating. 

But the book itself was not. 

I found the prose stilted and almost incomprehensible. I literally could not read it or understand it. There were so many grammar and punctuation faults that my mind just broke and I couldn't enjoy the story. Worse, the story started in the wrong place. What should have been chapter one was the prologue.  A prologue that takes up 10% of the book. 

I kept feeling like I was missing things. Not just things that had happened in previous books, but things relevant to this book. Things like what happened in the past. There was so much infodump on top of the stilted prose that I quickly got bored.  I made it the 30% mark before I gave up. I had liked Emma initially but as the story went on she quickly lost her spark. Simon was just sort of there. I'd be hard pressed to name anything memorable about him. I can't even remember what his power was... and that's a problem. 

The world is fascinating. Emma had potential. But it was a lot of potential unrealized. The book was in desperate need of multiple types of editing from developmental to help with the pacing and plotting, to line edit to help with the stilted prose, and even a copy edit to deal with the very distracting punctuation problems. 

But because I couldn't read this. And because I DNFed this book. I can only give this:

One Star

I received an ARC of this book via NetGalley
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Fourth book in the series and it doesn’t disappoint. Simon the youngest of the Alexander brothers talks with the deceased, but as a youth he also spoke with a young girl who wasn’t a ghost and couldn’t communicate with him. Then she just disappears! Emma is a Time Traveler and falls in love with a young man, really a youth. Still learning how to control her supernatural talent she sees that Simon hasn’t waited for her. She steals from him and the League the Soul Catcher. It takes Simon10 years to figure out how to travel in time and retrieve the gem. 
Once you start reading, you just get caught up in the characters and story. 
I am voluntarily posting an honest review after reading an Advance Reader Copy of this story.
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The Hellion is Tamed by Tracy Sumner
League of Lords #4

Simon Alexander is more than he appears to be. Transplanted into society after beginning in the slums, he has grown into a formidable man who is not 100% comfortable in his skin. When he was fifteen there was a woman that meant the world to him…and then she disappeared. The book begins with him on a quest to bring Emma, the woman from his past, into his life again and that means a bit of time travel…and more. 

What I liked: 
* Simon: fast-fingered, soft-hearted, sometimes angry, giving, sees and speaks with ghosts, owner of a business, “brother” to more than one, part off  the League of paranormals, in love with Emma…whether or not he is willing to admit it. 
* Emma: time traveler, born almost a century before Simon, reminded me a bit of Eliza in My Fair Lady, giving, kind, loving, intriguing, perfect for Simon
* Josie: Simon’s friend from the past and saver of women
* Seeing characters from previous books
* The writing, plot, potential for more stories
* The way good thwarted evil
* All of it except…

What I didn’t like: 
* What I was meant not to like…the baddies…and how they were thwarted

Did I enjoy this book? Yes
Would I read more by this author? Yes

Thank you to the author and NetGalley for the ARC – This is my honest review. 

5 Stars
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This may have been my favorite book in the series. Having met Simon as a young boy and knowing how much he struggled with his gift made me so much more invested in learning about him as an adult and finding his way through the world.  I would have really liked to have gotten to know more about Emma - we get glimpses, but not a ton of backstory (how she discovered her gift, what she was doing with it, her first interaction with the tracker, etc). I also would have really liked her Emma and Simon to have a full conversation about what happened when she came back to him and found him with another woman. I felt like he thought she was upset over nothing because "it didn't mean anything". I really enjoyed the fact that Emma wasn't one to just sit around and wait things out and continued to be independent and strong willed. I thought maybe there would be some connection between Emma and Henry (to explain why he had taken such an interest in her), but I guess that might have been a stretch. The moment when Simon realizes Emma is his other half and he wouldn't be able to live a full life without her was probably my favorite (a close second was when he was able to sense Emma was in danger despite being in the middle of a scuffle with his brother). The epilogue was sweet and I'm hoping we will get to see more of Lucien as a young man working with Simon.
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Rescued from the slums and moulded into a gentleman, Simon Alexander lost the love of his life to a mystical world he’s always spurned. Still searching for the time traveller who stole his heart, he’ll stop at nothing to find her. When he does, he finds he can’t trust her—or his desire. Transforming Emma Breslin from a poverty-stricken termagant into an aristocrat is easier than anyone imagined. Nearly overnight, she delights society as a trend setting sensation. Torn between her obsession with the man who’s never forgiven her for leaving and her fight to safeguard the magical gem she stole from him, Emma battles to survive without the man she loves. But when her life is threatened, Simon Alexander is the only person in any time she can trust.
This is the fourth book in the series, it’s easily read on its own but to fully appreciate it I’d recommend reading the series in order. It takes place a decade after the third book & Simon is now a grown man & has spent the last ten years trying to find Emma. A well written book with strong characters, I really liked Emma who had been kept from Simon through no fault of her own. I liked Simon but wanted to shake him several times. I loved the attraction between the pair which was beyond electric. This series has  been different from the norm & I loved the time travelling aspects. I found myself engrossed & read it in an afternoon
My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read
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This exquisite romance gives new meaning to forever!

Set ten years after the close of the last book, this one picks up where Simon finally locates Emma, determined to get the Soul Catcher stone back that she stole from the League.  Oh my, do these two have some unfinished business!

I loved the intensity of their attraction, the pulse-pounding narrative that draws the reading instantly into the story, and the swoon-worthy scenes as these two figured out just how to forgive each other - her for leaving, him for not waiting.  

Emma may be a bit of a hellion - there's a bit of an Eliza Doolittle story here - but Simon is definitely the one who needs to be tamed.  He's carrying so many haunting burdens; it was such a joy to watch him realize that he could chart a new path to happiness and fulfillment with Emma.  

There's plenty of steam between these two - their intimate scenes are unlike any I've ever read before!  I loved how the author zeroed in on their hearts at every point along the story.  They certainly aren't short on physical attraction, but there's just so much more to their romance, even when they can't see a future together.  

The author definitely utilizes the intricacies of time-travel to add emotional depth to their dilemma in ways that are fresh and original.  Each of the "gifts" pertaining to the amazing characters in this series is unique and creatively presented.  This series really brings a lot of originality to the paranormal world building and I, for one, loved every bit of it.  

If you love Victorian romances or paranormal stories, you really don't want to miss this series.  The spectacular writing and unforgettable characters combine to make this a truly enjoyable reading experience.  I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
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