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The Impossible Kid

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This fun, short book on the struggles of motherhood was just what I needed! Author Lucille Williams helps mothers of all kinds of children feel validated in their parenting journey while offering insight, uncomplicated, straight-forward advice, and in-depth Scriptures that offer hope, reassurance and encouragement.

As I read through this book, I enjoyed several aspects. The first being that it doesn’t just pertain to the child mothers may feel is “impossible”. It also spoke volumes on how to foster a healthy, beautiful relationship with a child of any personality type. Lucille focuses on developing a deep and meaningful relationship with your children over worrying about behavior and I found that encouraging.

The book is divided into sections that make reading easy for the mom who has time constraints. I had no trouble reading it in bite-sized portions at a time. In addition, Lucille offers three questions at the end of each chapter as a way for mothers to absorb and reflect on what she just read and how it pertains to her own situation.

I particularly loved how Lucille’s own “impossible” child, Monica, chimes in with her thoughts and observations at the end of each chapter. It was refreshing and offered a fresh viewpoint from the child’s perspective as to what a strong-willed personality may be feeling.

I laughed throughout this book as Lucille shared many of her own humorous faux pas and stories, making this book enjoyable and extremely relatable. I definitely recommend this book to other mothers and am very appreciative of Lucille and Monica for sharing their stories with us!

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I think we all have children that require more of us. I love how the author shared funny stories but also practical tips. It helped me to think about my children as I read the stories of her and her daughter. This is a real but encouraging book I recommend to parents.
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The Impossible Kid really spoke to me. I decided to read it based on the title. I also feel like I have an impossible kid. Everything Lucille described about her daughter sounded like what I deal with with one of my kids. So it was a really relatable read for me. I loved all the scripture quotes and really real advice from someone that lived through an impossible child with a Christian focus. This book gave me hope and great advice. I highlighted so much. If you have an impossible child. This is differently worth a read. 

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This was an interesting book about a woman and her strong-willed daughter.  It was interesting to read about how things worked for her daughter and how each situation can be different and how what works for one, doesn't always work for another.  
I liked how both mother and daughter contributed their own thoughts in each chapter.  Made it interesting to see both viewpoints and to know that despite all the struggles she grew up well and made good life decisions. The author writes about faith in God and turning things over to Him.  I saw in her writings that although her marriage had rough times, she still felt the importance to nourish the relationship with her husband.

There was good advice and suggestions on raising children that have strong spirits and I would recommend this book to others raising children.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and NetGalley.  All thoughts are my own.
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I really enjoyed the openness and honesty of the struggles and joys of raising Children. And yes, your definition of a strong willed child will differ from mine, and even from season to season and situation to situation.

And yes, what might have worked for this author might not work for you or me - because each child, parent and home is unique and different, while reading this book it just felt like having coffee with friends and talking about our struggles and having that ‘I totally understand’ moment.

So, even though you might not have that strong willed child, you might still pick up a few ideas in this book on dealing with struggles specific to your situation.

Children is a gift and raising them requires lots of help!
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