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On Mission is the 3rd book in the Aunare Chronicles, Amihanna's still kicking ass and her character arc is wonderful. We see her as a teenager trying to survive in the first book, and now, a High Queen who's determined to do what is best for her people. 

Aileen Erin's writing style is beautiful and descriptive. The world-building and alien races are interesting and creative. Plot-wise, I love how political it is despite it being slow-paced. The author has balanced the action, intrigue, romance, and mystery well.

Overall, On Mission is a good continuation of the Aunare Chronicles. It's more politically focused and has set the tone for the next book! Can't wait to read the next installment.

Thanks so much Aileen Erin and Netgalley for the galley. All thoughts and opinions are mine.
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This was the first time I've read a Sci-Fi book so I didn't know what to expect when I read it. HOWEVER!! This book blew me away!!

It's the third book in the series and unfortunately I didn't read the 2 books before. However this book was written so well and I never felt lost, as everything (even from the previous books) was nicely explained. This world felt very real and very creative to me, to the point where I now want to be a part of it too!! I loved the distinction between the different beings and getting to know everything about the Aunare, their customs, beliefs, how their powers work and about their planet. 

My favourite part of the book was the relationship between Lorne and Amihanna!! Their genuine love and concern for each other melted my heart every time. They have such a pure and selfless love and it really shows with all of their actions as they are looking out for each other rather than themselves. I am super excited to see what happens next with their relationship, because after all they've been through they deserve a happy ending.

I also really loved the plot of this book and how political it was! This book sets the war in the future book in  motion really well!! And The ending of this was just sooooooo good!! The stakes in the story were always high and there were many moments where I was genuinely scared for the lives of the characters. This is something that doesn't happen to me often, so all of the credit goes to the beautiful story and writing.

One thing that I didn't like very much was how repetitive the text was. What I mean by this is, whenever Lorne or Amihanna go on internal monologues its very very very repetitive. And this sometimes took me out of the story.

Overall I absolutely fell in love with this book! The story, characters and atmosphere were so captivating that I felt like I was a part of this world and a part of the characters journey!

I would definitely recommend this book to everyone!!

Thank you so much for allowing me to read this e-ARC. I will also be reviewing this on my instagram page as well as TikTok.
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Amihanna has to learn to be the High Queen of Aunare while factions around her are betraying her and Lorne, her fiance and High King. She must stop being the politician she's not and be the warrior she is to succeed. Will she or won't she?
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After In Command, I had high hopes for some amazing political wrangling in this book. Unfortunately, that’s not exactly what I got.

After the events of the last book (and novella), it’s pretty clear that SpaceTech is coming for the Aunare sooner rather than later. But due to parts of the Alliance treaty, Lorne acting preemptively against them could lead to the other parties allying with SpaceTech. On top of that, the other members of the Alliance are still refusing to talk to Lorne, so he agrees to a diplomatic meeting on the Yhona home planet of Telnon. But SpaceTech always attacks in threes, and something’s not right with the alliance – or with Amihanna. Stymied at every turn by people who seem to care more about political machinations than their own people, Ami’s trying to figure out what her new purpose in life is. With time running out, can they figure out how to save the Aunare.. without sacrificing themselves?

“I wasn’t going back to Earth how I left. I was going back stronger.
I was a warrior.
I was a leader.
I was the person that was destined to take down SpaceTech.”

First off, I still really like Amihanna. I was especially touched by the revelation that she still keeps her go bags, and that she had the rest of her security team make them, too. Sure, she’s practically the High Queen now, but the Ami I started out rooting for was the kid just trying to survive in Albuquerque. For his part, Lorne makes some typically dumb Lorne decisions, but I’ve gotten more used to the idea of him and Ami as a couple, and there was one scene that I found really quite sweet.

I liked seeing a new planet and new alien races. Telnon was interesting, but there seemed to be a lot of implications of things going on behind the scenes that never explicitly gelled. There wasn’t too much about the other allies besides the Yhona (basically space Switzerland) and Vyic, who’s kinda Lorne’s friend but also kind of not and who basically defies description. And since we’re talking about Vyic, I noticed it a bit in the novella as well, but there’s a few off-handed comments about God – Amihanna offering up all her worries to God, praying, etc – that stuck out strangely, especially since she wasn’t particularly religious before.

My main critique of the book is that it felt disjointed. There’s the main plot about winning allies in the war against SpaceTech, which involves going to Telnon. Then there’s preparation for the actual war, which Amihanna is convinced needs to involve them going to Earth. Then there’s the latest series of SpaceTech attacks against Amihanna. Then there’s the matter of where the heck are Declan and Ahiga??? And there’s the whole bit about Lorne and Amihanna navigating their personal relationship while all that other stuff is going on. Each of these plot lines moved forward, some more than others, but in ways that never quite connected. I spent sections of the book not quite sure where the plot was supposed to be going.

“Your mission can be so much bigger than what you keep going back to.”

Even more frustrating, I found it a lot harder to suspend disbelief in this book. OK, two day limit to declare war, that’s weird, but I can get that. OK, sure, totally normal for the High King and (future) Queen to go on dangerous missions! But after listening to Lorne’s internal monologue for the past book-and-a-novella, the thing that really broke my brain was that I couldn’t believe that he’d agree to travel on a separate ship from Amihanna. Of course that doesn’t go well, and it sets the stage for Ami being ill for the rest of the book. Now, to be honest, one of my favorite things about Amihanna is how she perseveres even when drastically ill, but the way she reacted to this particular threat seemed foolhardy in the extreme. I couldn’t understand her and Lorne’s motivations at all.

Overall, I left this book feeling confused about the direction the series is going in (back to Earth, I guess?). I’ll probably pick up the final book just because I want closure about what happens with Amihanna, but I won’t have high expectations for it.

I received an advance review copy of this book from NetGalley. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
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I didn’t realize this was a sequel when I first picked this up and quickly realized I had to read the first book before this one and wow, it was worth it. I loved this science fiction. It is hard to find a good balance in science fiction between being too far extreme to the hard sci fi side and not being too unrealistic either. As a YA, this was a great blend of action and adventure, a splash of romance and a strong willed young woman determined to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. 

I appreciated watching Ami learn how to balance her leadership role and also her relationships, which became strained at times under the pressure and the growing threats against her and her people. I think this is an excellent YA Sci-Fi that many will love.
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Ah, Aileen Erin. You gut me every single time. I love Lorne and Amihanna. Although I'd love to see Lorne get destroyed a few times instead of Amihanna. This story did not go in the direction I thought, but it was so good as usual.

Loved it!
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☆☆☆☆☆ /5
(English review below!)

J’ai énormément apprécié découvrir cette saga ! Dans cet univers spatiale, l’autrice nous emporte dans des aventures entraînantes.
Mon avis se concentrera principalement sur le dernier tome sorti, mais j’essaierai d’être la plus générale possible afin de vous dire un petit mot sur tous les tomes présents sur la photo.
Dans un avenir trop plausible où les conglomérats d'entreprises ont laissé les gouvernements du monde en ruine, toute personne ayant des moyens a quitté la Terre polluée pour la promesse d'une vie meilleure sur une colonie appartenant à SpaceTech parmi les étoiles.
Maité Martinez est la fille d'une Earther Latina et d'un puissant homme Aunare, une race extraterrestre que SpaceTech considère comme une menace pour leur domination. Lorsque les tensions deviennent violentes, Maité se retrouve piégée sur Terre et forcée de se cacher.
Pendant plus de dix ans, Maité est restée cachée, mais chaque minute où Maité reste sur Terre augmente le risque de se faire prendre.
Elle a vécu dans la rue et a trouvé un moyen de se battre à travers tout cela. Mais une nuit, alors qu'elle est serveuse dans un restaurant bien gras, une cliente est éliminée. Elle réagit sans réfléchir.
Couverte de sang, Maité court, mais il ne faut pas longtemps avant que SpaceTech la retrouve…
Arrêtée et contrainte à des travaux dangereux sur une planète volcanique, Maité attend que SpaceTech agisse contre les Aunare. Elle sait que si elle ne parvient pas à trouver un moyen de les arrêter, il y aura une guerre interstellaire assez grande pour mettre fin à toute vie dans l'univers.
Une seule question : Maité peut-elle empêcher l'anéantissement total de l'humanité sans se faire tuer au passage ?
Tout d’abord, j’ai apprécié le style d’écriture de l’autrice, que j’ai trouvé assez beau et poétique pour emmener son lecteur dans un autre monde. C’était très graphique aussi. Il y avait de belles descriptions des lieux, des planètes. Ça donnait la sensation de voyager.
L’histoire en elle-même est plutôt intéressante car l’autrice fait intervenir les Aunare, des extraterrestres considérés comme dangereux pour les humains. Notre protagoniste est une hybride qui se cache sur Terre. C’était très intéressant de la suivre dans sa survie. Son parcours est bouleversant et inspirant. Peu importent les fois où Maité semble au plus bas, elle arrive à se relever et à tirer le meilleur d’elle-même.
Il y a beaucoup d’actions dans ce roman. C’est dynamique. D’ailleurs, dans ce tome, le rythme ralentit et on se concentre plutôt sur les intrigues sociétales et politiques, des intrigues qu’on voyait peu dans les 2 premiers tomes. Et j’ai beaucoup apprécié d’en savoir plus autant sur le personnage et ses aventures, que sur la société et l’environnement dans lesquels l’histoire évolue.
Dans cette série de romans, on est beaucoup dans les thèmes de la survie, de l’apprentissage et de l’intégration. Maité est une protagoniste que j’ai pris plaisir à voir évoluer et à apprendre à connaître.
C’est une saga de science-fiction qui offre une bonne lecture. J’ai beaucoup apprécié et je pense que je vais jeter un petit coup d’œil aux autres œuvres de l’autrice !


I really enjoyed discovering this series! In this space universe, the author takes us on catchy adventures.
My review will focus mainly on the last book out, but I will try to be as general as possible so that I can tell you a little about all the books in the series.
Book 1 Blurb:
In an all too plausible future where corporate conglomerates have left the world's governments in shambles, anyone with means has left polluted Earth for the promise of a better life on a SpaceTech-owned colony among the stars.
Maité Martinez is the daughter of an Earther Latina and a powerful man Aunare, an alien race that SpaceTech sees as a threat to their dominance. When tensions turn violent, Maité finds herself trapped on Earth and forced into hiding.
For over ten years, Maité has remained in hiding, but every minute that Maité stays on Earth is one close to being caught.
She lived on the streets. Hungry party. And found a way to fight through it all. But one night, while she is a waitress in a greasy restaurant, a client places herself at her disposal. She reacts without thinking.
Covered in blood, Maité runs, but it doesn't take long before SpaceTech finds her ...
Arrested and forced to do dangerous work on a volcanic planet, Maité waits for SpaceTech to act against the Aunare. She knows that if she can't find a way to stop them, there will be an interstellar war big enough to end all life in the universe.
Only one question: Can Maité prevent the total annihilation of humanity without being killed in the process?
First of all, I liked the author's style of writing, which I found beautiful and poetic enough to take her reader to another world. It was very graphic too. There were beautiful descriptions of the places, of the planets. It gave me the feeling of traveling.
The story itself is rather interesting as the author involves the Aunare, aliens considered dangerous to humans. Our protagonist is a hybrid hiding on Earth. It was very interesting to follow her in her survival. Her journey is overwhelming and inspiring. No matter what times Maité seems at its lowest, she can get up and get the best of herself.
There are a lot of actions in those books. It’s dynamic. Moreover, in ON MISSION, the pace slows down and we focus more on societal and political plots, that we saw little in the first 2 books. And I really enjoyed knowing more about the character and her adventures, as well as the society and environment in which the story unfolds.
In this series, there's a lot in the themes of survival, learning and integration. Maité is a protagonist whom I have enjoyed watching and getting to know.
It's a sci-fi series that makes for a good read. I enjoyed it a lot and I think I'll take a look at the other works of the author!
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As usual Lorne and Amihanna are fighting at the home front and on other planets with allies that are not what they seem to be. We are introduced to a couple of Lorne's acquaintances that are seemingly attempting to help. Declan is still MIA. Amihanna is continuing to develop her fighting skills. Lorne has his hands full with Amihanna and his planet. Really enjoyed Amihanna kicking some butt. Story is steady paced and has lots of action.
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Another fantastic read from Aileen Erin, first fell in love with her books with the Alpha girl series and this series is no exception, like alpha girl you can’t read as a stand-alone, you need to read the previous books to know what’s happening, book dive in as they are really good, this is fantastic and highly recommended 

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion
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After reading the In Command novella before this, I was SO ready to get to this book and it did not disappoint. As far as sequels go, I thought this was stronger than the second book, Off Balance and so that was a really nice surprise. I’m totally here for Ami, all the time, I always will be after reading Off Planet but it was so nice to get to have more of her and Lorne on this level where they’re connecting. And the fun doses of drama were always present as ever. This book sets up for the next one perfectly, I would now like my time machine so I can skip ahead to read On Destiny. Thanks so much to the publisher and NetGalley for an eARC of this in exchange for my honest review. (Totally the best auto-approve publisher ever, thank you Ink Monster!)
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I loved reading this book! I actually reread a part of the novella, In Command, because that was just so impactful, of Ami showing the Aunare what SpaceTech did. And then I was ready to dive into this book, which was so great!

I do think that the book when in a drastic direction. There's a synopsis out there that goes along the lines of Declan and co. contacted Ami, and she went to Earth to rescue them. That doesn't happen. One, they're contacted by a different person, and b) other stuff happens. My speculation is that the book was planned to go one way, thus the synopsis, but sometime later, it went in the direction that became this book. Which is why I used the synopsis that was on NetGalley, because it's a part of the book.

Ami learned a lot about being a ruler in this book, and I loved watching her flex her power! On the flip side, she faces a new threat, and I loved watching her deal with it. Her and Lorne, upon whom that threat takes a heavy toll on him!

I loved all that we learned about this world, because there was travel (one thing that previous synopsis had right was the political convention. And it's pretty action packed, event after event happening. And oh, those last few chapters, so much happened! I need to know how it's all going to end!

This was such a fantastic read, and I need the final book now, please!
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I will admit that I'm a huge fan of this series as well as Aileen Erin's Alpha Girl series. That bring said, while the beginning of On Mission was a bit slower than the other books in the series. That's my biggest, well, only disappointment. Once things start moving is just as engrossing as her other works.  I've only read through it once ask far, but I do have plans to reread it in the coming weeks.
 Now, should we throw out a challenge to the author for another book to continue the saga? Maybe a love interest for Roan or a new addition to the family??
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On Mission, by author Aileen Erin, is the third installment in the authors Aunare Chronicles series. Amihanna di Aetes is used to fighting, surviving, and relying on her strength to get through the hard times. She thought the worst was over when she accepted her engagement to Lorne ni Taure, the High King of the Aunare, and claimed her place as the future High Queen. But her fight against Jason Murtagh and SpaceTech isn't finished yet. Ami is tired of the Aunare High Council's bigotry and intolerance towards her because of her dual heritage, and believes that they are leaking information to their enemies. 
It is time for them to go. While she's made peace with her father, and forgiven him for 10 years of abandonment on Earth, she's tired of allies making excuses for why they are not amiable to joining the fight. It's time for them to step up or become enemies. We friends like these allies, who needs enemies? She's angry that her people have been hunted down and killed for the past 13 years on SpaceTech planets while Aunare's former King sat on his hands and did nothing. 
While Ami showed he entire world what SpaceTech did to her while she was hiding out on Earth for 10 years, it may have moved people to understand her better and accept who she is, but it's still taking way too long to gather the help and assistance she needs.  She knows with all her heart that a war with Jason is winnable despite what others are saying. She's tried to prove herself that she's capable of being the Queen of Aunare. She's taken it upon herself to make friends with certain media outlets, and she's decided to take time out of her hectic day to train students to fight. 
When Ami finds out that her friends on are in trouble, (including Declan, Haden & Ahiga) she's steadfast in her determination that the next move is hers and the next destination is Earth where she will reign hell down on SpaceTech. However, after being called to an alleged allies home planet for a peace conference, Ami once again finds out that Jason will do whatever is in his power to target her for removal. Killing Ami would have a devastating effect on Lorne.

The problem actually lies with Lorne and his failure to declare war after several attacks on Aunare and assassination attempts which continue on Ami. Lorne is desperately trying to fix his mistakes. Nothing is working. According to a treaty that was signed years ago, Lorne has 2 days to declare war. He didn't. Lorne is having no luck in convincing alleged allies that SpaceTech is moving towards war because of that failure. He literally gives them proof that their ships are on the border. SpaceTech attacked Ta'Shena. 
They slaughtered people on Sa'Shotain. They have SpaceTech operatives and spies literally on the streets of Sel'Ani waiting for the perfect moment to capture or kill Ami. When they attack Ami with an lucole bio-weapon that leads to her being poisoned and nearly dying, again, Lorne has had enough. Lorne also discovers a secret; Ami has been running secret war games against SpaceTech. She's been training hard along with her guards and others for the day when she will finally get a chance to go after Jason and try to get people on Earth to join the cause against SpaceTech. 
Ami has become so quick and powerful she sometimes forgets to refuel. When Lorne and Ami travel to a distant planet for a conference, pretty much everyone knows that this is the perfect opportunity for Jason to spring another attack on Ami and Lorne who would die without her. It is fair to say that one should keep an eye out for some unusual characters who appear to be friendly and allied with Ami & Lorne. I am encouraged that Lorne seems to understand that war with SpaceTech on Earth is inevitable. 
Technically, there is a fourth installment/novella called In Command. In Command is a 40K novella that takes place between Off Balance and On Mission. While some say that you don't have to actually read novellas, I encourage you to do so in this case. A major part of Ami's background and history is revealed in the story itself which sets up On Mission. I can't help but like Ami. She's been through way too much stuff in her short time alive. She even keeps go-bags filled with necessities in case her enemies get too close. One of the key moments in this book is when Ami is asked, 'What is your mission in this life?' I think we should all do the same of our own lives.
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Bless the stars! This book was intense, intriguing and powerful! 
Amihanna & Lorne are the ultimate power couple, their love is one of pure beauty but they're journey is incredibly dangerous and at times heartbreaking. I didn't think I could love this series more but this book is my favorite! 
Danger lurks around every corner, traitors are still all around and things are not adding up, but Amihanna & Lorne and the rest of the Aurare are ready to take down Space Tech!
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My Kindle lay untouched for almost a year, speaking volumes about my mental health. I tried picking it up now and again to no avail. Aileen Erin happened to be the one author that finally got me out of a reading rut.

On Mission is a tad more serious than the last titles in this series, probably owing to the necessity of politics as part of the plot instrument. I found the pace a bit slower compared to what I personally prefer. Action also appears less often compared to previous titles.

However, I loved seeing how Amihanna gets herself settled into her new role as a future Queen. Taking back control is a big theme in this book, which is a powerful message for those who’ve been through tough times – especially those who suffered at others’ hands much like our main character.

Readers who raved about Lorne x Amihanna romance in the previous book will find themselves wanting. Their romance is minimal in terms of proportion, but still meaningful and sweet.

In contrary to other readers of the ARC, I wasn’t particularly raving about this title, but that’s more likely due to my current mood rather than the writing. In spite of that, I’m eager to read the conclusion to this series!

I sincerely thank the publishers via  NetGalley for pre-approving me for all their titles on NetGalley.

All opinions are my own and are based on the advanced digital review copy.
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ON MISSION is a truly spectacular continuation of the Aunare Chronicles leaving the reader only enough breath to clamor for more. It was a fantastic on-the-edge-of-my-seat binge and I am positively screeching for the next book! If you have yet to begin this sensational intergalactic adventure, then it's time for a change. You do not want to miss out on this series!
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I received this ARC for an honest review. This is NOT a stand along book. You must read in order, and I highly recommend this series.
In this story Amihanna accepts the fact that she is going to be High Queen. Even though she already acts like the queen Aunare needs. Amihanna and Lorne was asked to Telnon to meet with the Alliance, but things didn’t go as planned. I’m not saying what because you NEED you read this story. So many things happened I won’t talk about because I don’t post spoilers.
I love the writing style of Aileen Erin. This story line is complex and has so many layers, twist, & turns. I’m  always wondering what will happen next.
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Aileen Erin is in a tie for first place as my favorite author. I first discovered her when I picked up her Alpha Girl series and I loved it. I didn't want it to end. When she started the Aunare Chronicals I didn't think she could do it again but she has, this is an awesome series. Amihanna is a fantastic heroine. Independent but loyal to her team and partner. Brave, strong, in spirit and muscle, and someone who leads by example. She and Lorn are magical together. The supporting characters are endearing and give the story even more depth. If I could give this book more than 5 stars I would!
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This is another great read. The protagonists continue to grow and develop. I have read all the books in the series and can say I really enjoy it.
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