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I was given a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Content Warning: 
Drug Addiction, Drug Dealing, Murder, Torture, Car Crashs, Death, Attempted Murder, Unsafe Sex

2.5/5 Stars

I picked this up, because it had two things I like: WlW and vampires. I got both and yet I can't help but feel split about this book.

One thing that bothered me is the fact that, this book was dealing with a lot of heavy stuff, but couldn't bother to include a Trigger/Content Warning list. Especially since - and I'll talk about this in a second - some of the stuff it tackeld was done really poorly. And I'm not talking about the sex scenes - even though one of them was ... something else. I'm talking about the whole drug part of the book. Taking drugs was completly romanticized!! Faye claims she isn't an addict, but honey, that's not how this works. It's implied that she's been taking Heroin for years. You can't just stop and go cold turkey and walk something like that off. Addiction is a mental thing as much as it is a physical one. But not once do we see her face the aftermath. She has not a single withdrawal symptom. At least none that are directly implied to have a connection with/to her addiction. What this shows and implies is, that it's just this 'feel good' thing, just this 'making it easier' thing.
It's completly ignoring all the damage drugs inflicts on those that fall victim to it. And I hated that. A lot.

I heard that there would be a lot of sex scenes and yeah, but also no. They weren't as bad as I feared them to be. The placement of the masturbation scene was kinda questionable though. And the sex scene with the org under the bride was ... something else. I was warned about it beforhand - which I'm thankfull for - but it was still making me uncomfortable. Especially since there was no real reason for the scene to be in there. Hell, a lot of the sex Faye has doesn't need to be there. But I guess my asexual ass just couldn't understand the importance of random smut. But eyyy, you know, maybe people actually want to read plot-irrelevant sex scenes nowadays?

I did like the worldbuilding in general, but I still felt like we could have learned more about it. I understand that Faye doesn't really care and that the other characters don't need to be told those things, since they already know about them, but some more information about what Molly was actually doing and what "Tainted" people were and where they came from (and how they are tied into the human world) would have been cool.
On a side note, as a croatian speaking person, I had to smile the second the Sismis appeared on page, because ... hihi :D. They are a made up species and are apparently related to vampires and boy oh boy do I wonder what the croatian word for 'bat' is. xD (Spoiler, it's šišmiš) This isn't a critic, I just wanted to let you know, because I couldn't stop smiling everytime they talked about them.

For all the stuff that I didn't like, I have to say that the story still kept me hooked. It was weirdly exciting and hypnotic. Probably because of the characters. They were all unique and interesting and you just wanted to read more about them. Not only because of the romance, but because they just felt so human. And that, although not a single one of them is.
The (sassy) conversations were really nice to read and their relationships felt genuine. Funny thing is, I even felt like they started to give me some 'found-family' trope vibes.

The plot in itself was good. Faye's motive was pretty simpel and although I felt like some steps she took to get to the end weren't needed, I still enjoyed reading about her. She's absolutly flawed and yet - in her own way - an interesting and good character.

I had feared, that her relationship with Molly would be hella toxic, but it wasn't even that bad. They have both a lot of issues that they need to deal with and a lot of baggage that needs to be unpacked, but their base dyniamic and relationship was fine. I'm not denying the manipulation that took place. But to pretend that they weren't both trying to out-manipulate the other would be taking away a lot of the books appeal.
Look, I'm not saying that they are the most healthy couple out there, but I also think that they could totally make it work. Don't expect sunshine and rainbows. This book is heavy and the characters are too.

Just a few words towards the rep. We have - from my understanding - 4 bisexuals. Who end up in one sapphic and one achillean relationship. The achillean one was really cute by the way. I wish we would have gotten more from them. I also liked the accepting and LGBT friendly handling of the rep. Yes, character A didn't like and trust our MC, but not because she's bi. But rather, because she's a manipulative liar. There's a difference. :P

This book was ... an interesting read. Not what I usually tend to consume, but in it's basis an ok book. Had it not mistreated the drug part, I could have maybe even seen myself giving this 4 stars.
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I don't really know what to say about this book... I have such a duality about it, it left me kind of doubting that I'll give a fair review and grade.
I really liked the plot of it, the idea was great, and I'm a big fan of supernatural novels. However, I found myself wanting to skip pages because the book was dragging along and, in my opinion, was poorly edited. Also, many things in it weren't really believable (like Faye hiding who she was while being with an empath and a witch all the time)...
At the end, from initial giddiness, it sort of left me feeling "meh, I might even stop reading it", because I didn't really care what will happen until the end.
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I was given a kindle copy of this book via Netgalley. 

"Unbound" is a run-of-the-mill urban fantasy novel that includes supernatural and super powered elements. I know that sounds like a rough assessment, but bear with me. This novel fits squarely in one of my favorite categories: Readable TV. 

The author's gratuitous descriptions of the people and locations in "Unbound" only lend to creating a clear picture in your mind and make up for the somewhat disrupted flow in some spots. Where this book loses me however is just how over the top the sexual scenes are. They spring up at odd and unsuspecting moments, including during a mundane phone conversation about work. Overall the chemistry between Molly and Faye is like moths to a flame, as is Molly's chemistry with most of her team. 

This book is a stand-out beach read, but overall a weak introduction to a series.
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