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I was so excited to get Brenna and Rye’s story. And it didn’t disappoint.
It’s steamy … rich … fabulous!!
I can’t wait for Kristen Callihan’s next book!
Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing an arc in exchange for my honest review.
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Thank you to Kristen Callihan and the publisher for the Advanced Reader Copy in exchange for an honest review.  

I was sooo happy to finally have Rye and Brenna's story.  It feels like I've been waiting forever for their story and it was even better than I had hoped.  I loved how their story flowed, from being friends to enemies and then lovers. 

Exposed was such a good addition to the VIP.  I really love this series and Callihan always delivers really emotional, nuanced stories that feel lived in and well drawn.  I can't wait for Whip's story though I will be sad when this series ends.
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I was soooo excited for this, I LOVE Kristen Callihan's VIP series! It took a while for me to get in to this book though...I think that was just me personally as a reader at the time and not this book, however. I loved seeing all the characters from the other books, and as always the writing is superb.
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Fantastic Fun Read,.  I'm always excited to find a new read from Kristen Callihan who's books are always at the top of my TBR list., but was even more excited to finally get to read Brenna & Rye's story.  Brenna and Rye have been one of my favorite potential couples ever since I read Idol when it was first released, and it was very much worth the wait.
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I adore this hot rocker romance series. Fan have been waiting a while for Rye and Brenn's story and this certainly did not disappoint. Lots of hot moments and sexy banter; however, there is depth to the characters and the narrative.
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Exposed by Kristen Callihan gave me alllll the happy feels. I've been a big fan of this series - Managed, book 2, is a work of art. Though we've understandably had to wait a while for this installment to release, having read it, I can say that it was well worth the wait for me. 

I'm not sure how Kristen Callihan does it to me but she gets me so invested in her couples. Brenna and Rye had my heart in their clutches throughout this book and I was so into them as a couple that I couldn't stop reading the book. What starts off as a strictly "sex-only" sex pact develops into a deep and swoony emotional connection between a cuddly, lovesick hero and a reserved heroine. At the start of the book, the two are nemeses to each other despite Brenna doing PR for Rye and his band. They bicker and step on each other's toes but it's obvious that there's some intense physical attraction between them. The sex pact is the perfect outlet to release all that chemistry and let me tell you, it is hot! However, what's even better is the emotions that build up between the two.

Despite the past animosity between them, it's obvious that these two were totally tuned to each other's likes, dislikes, and feelings. It's so adorable how Rye especially knew all these little things about Brenna. He was such a giant puppy when it came to her. Ugh, fictional men are SO RUDE. I totally understood why Brenna didn't last very long in keeping her emotional walls up. How could she when she had this gentle, caretaker who wanted nothing but to keep her happy and satisfied? I WAS SOFT.

I could go on forever about all that worked for me in Exposed for me (hello, I didn't even talk about matchmaking Scottie - swoon), but I figure I'll let those of you who haven't read it yet discover all the goodness within the pages of this book yourselves. If found-families, steamy sexy times, and soft romances are your thing, you know what to do! :)
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I forgot how much I love Kristen Callihans writing until I pick up a book. I love how close every character is and how their stories are their own but you still get to see the other members each book. The issues Rye and Bren had throughout were real and they evolved as people and a couple. I also loved some of the lines about loving yourself first before loving anyone else.
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I absolutely fell in love with Rye and Brenna. The barbs thrown between them, the sweet and supportive nature of their love, and the steaminess in the bedroom is the perfect romance trifecta.

Rye is absolutely so sweet. His heart was so pure, I couldn’t help but fall for this man. It was endearing how much he loved Brenna. The internal conflicts he has were also relatable, wanting to feel fulfilled in life, worrying as your future you planned for shifts and changes, and worrying about putting your heart in the line. I wanted so much for him to be happy

Brenna is closed off emotionally, but it isn’t severe. She is just protecting her heart from past traumas and embarrassments. I loved seeing her walls be torn down by Rye and the happiness that exuded once he did. Like Rye, she has similar discontentment with her life, struggling with her future and also putting her heart on the line. I love the Brenna did it her way, though, just like she has her whole life.

This romance was really sweet and steamy. Rye was so lovable and charming and Brenna was this fierce PR woman. Their chemistry in and out of the bedroom was palpable. What I loved most though was the theme that centered around taking chances, spreading your wings and flying, searching for fulfillment and happiness, and knowing that those you love will be by your side.

The VIP standalone series continues to be one of my favorites from Kristen Callihan. It is filled with wonderful life lessons, steamy romances and a ton of heart.
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My thanks to NetGalley and Kristen Callihan for an eARC copy of this book to read and review.

This wasn't my cup of tea.  Too much foul language and lots of spicy scenes.

However, I know many romance readers enjoy that, so if that is something you don't mind or look for, than this book will fit the bill for you.

It was written well, the characters felt real and the H was a huge cinnamon roll, so major plus in my book.  

It was a friends to enemies to lovers story and I was sad at all of the time that they missed due to misunderstandings and pride.  It is definitely contemporary, because both characters sowed their wild oats, not just the man, and STIs were discussed as well, so it was fair and healthy.  

This is apparently the fourth book of a series, so I missed seeing how the secondary characters got together in their own book and didn't know them as their own characters, but I don't feel that I missed anything, so it seems that you can read these out of order and you can still enjoy the story.  I tend to prefer reading series in order, but you don't seem to have to for this one.  

Due to the bad language and lots of spicy scenes, I didn't really enjoy this, as I prefer cleaner romance myself, but it was written very well and I would definitely recommend it to romance readers who like spice and don't mind the language.  It just didn't work for me and that's fine.  Not all books work for all readers.  I try to read outside of my comfort zone so I can recommend well written books to our customers and this book qualifies.

That being said, I can't give it more than 2 stars.  I give stars based off of my personal enjoyment and try to give as honest of a review as I can so those who don't have my reading quirks can pick up the book and enjoy it themselves.
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EXPOSED is the fourth book in Kristen Callihan’s “VIP” series centered around the members of the rock band Kill John. I have been eagerly awaiting this book, having read and adored the previous books in this series. It starts out a little bit like an enemies or frenemies-to-lovers story – at least from the heroine’s perspective. Rye Peterson is the bassist for the successful band Kill John and Brenna James is the publicist, and cousin of the lead singer. Brenna had a crush on Rye when they were younger. Rye, in Brenna’s view, epically let her down and tried to douse those flames of youthful attraction. In the succeeding years, their relationship has been one including many snarky jabs. Due to one overheard conversation, Rye proposes a physical yet friendly relationship to Brenna, who reluctantly accepts provided it’s kept secret. It’s obvious that it’s just a matter of time before feelings go deeper.

Although I love this author and these characters, I was skeptical how the story would work out when it looked like things might get physical between the main characters too fast. In general, chemistry isn’t always that good so fast. However, because of the history between the characters – which the author details for readers – the chemistry is there. It’s like there’s been the equivalent of years worth of sexual tension. Plus – the characters are true to form for a Kristen Callihan book and delightfully complex. Brenna isn’t the total hardass she constantly portrays in her professional life, and Rye isn’t the vapid bad boy that he likes to portray either. Having EXPOSED told from alternating perspectives gives more insight into the two main characters. This is crucial for the readers, since the characters are slow to reveal everything they feel. They both bring emotional baggage to the relationship and the decisions they make because of the choices their parents made in the past. The book provides some charming vignettes and surprising aspects to these characters that make EXPOSED so special. 

EXPOSED has amazing characters, sensual and sexy scenes galore, and emotional depth. Kristen Callihan once again delivers a story with characters you care about and a divine mix of angst and amazeballs to make you cry and cheer. The climax is powerful and emotionally satisfying. The settings are incredibly vivid and seem expertly tailored to the personalities of the characters. I can’t wait to read Kristen Callihan’s next book!
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Brenna and Rye have worked together for years. He's the bass player for the group, Kill John, and she's the groups publicist. They've been secretly attracted to each other for years but bicker constantly to keep their feelings at bay. Brenna and Rye have too much to lose if the relationship blows up and they're sure it will. But, when they finally get together, the chemistry is explosive. I really enjoyed this enemies to lovers romance with lots of humor and depth. Recommended.
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Prepare to have your heart wrung out as this is a high angst read.  Rye and Brenna have had a long term frenemies relationship that turns into something different when Rye overhears Brenna’s confession. What results is a beautiful to read personal growth for both characters that included many scorching sexy scenes.  Of course there is lots of drama and misunderstandings as they navigate the changing relationship.  It is told in dual POVs so you get a full understanding of each MC’s thought process.  Characters/couples from previous books play into this story bur it is not necessary to have read their books.  I highly recommend as I love this author’s stories!
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So, I'm still attempting to turn my incoherent screams of joy into a review for this long anticipated romance, but really I'm going to have to re-read and unpack my emotions. BUT that said, it was exactly what I hoped for as I've been watching Rye and Brenna circle each other throughout this series, and wow what a payoff.

I also loved how the author had Rye address a few lingering concerns I had about some of the things Rye has said to Brenna RE: her sex life.

CW for past suicide attempt of a character
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Exposed is book 4 of the VIP series by Kristen Callihan. I anticipated this book because I have greatly enjoyed this series, but I was almost reticent to read it because neither Rye or Brenna have been the characters that really drew me in during the previous books.  I knew this book was coming, but I was not necessarily looking forward to this book, but Kristen Callihan presented me with a wonderful new addition to this series. As someone who has been in a romance reading funk for the last few weeks it was great to have engaging characters and witty dialogue that not only drew me in, but made it so I did not want to put the book down.

I enjoyed the ups and downs of Rye and Brenna’s relationship. Kristen Callihan is always able to find that sweet spot for me. The spot where there is just enough angst and trouble to make the story interesting, but not enough to put me off the book. I loved that the characters stayed true to themselves and their back stories supported the people who they are now. This brings a realism to the book that kept me engaged and wanting to know more.

I loved returning to the Kill John world and seeing all of the familiar faces. I would highly recommend this book to people who enjoyed Kylie Scott’s Stage Dive Series or Olivia Cunning’s Sinners on Tour series.   
I was provided a copy of this book through NetGalley for an honest review of the material.
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The first two books in this series,<strong> Idol</strong> and <strong>Managed</strong>, came out in 2016, and the third and most recent one, Fall, in 2018. That means it has been a 3 year wait for the fourth (though hopefully not last) book in this series and let me just begin by saying this book is more than worth the wait. </p>

Maybe a third of the way into this book, I texted Angela to say that there was a solid chance my entire review for this book would just consist of heart-eye emojis. I don’t know if there is a word in the English language for when someone is highly anticipating something eagerly and their expectations are out of control and then the thing finally arrives and not only meets every expectation but just completely blows it out of the water. That’s how I felt about this book.

So, this series, if you’re unfamiliar with it, focuses on Kill John, the biggest rock band in the world, and this book in particular, focuses on Rye Peterson, the bassist for the band, and Brenna James, the band’s long-time publicist as well as cousin to Killian, the band’s lead singer. It’s really best if you read these books in order because there’s a lot of stuff that happens in the first three books that are referred to in this one and secondly, Rye and Brenna are the kind of slow-burn relationship that has been teased over the course of the first three books. To get the full impact of their love story, you really need to witness all the highs and lows (ok, mostly lows) that come before.

Brenna and Rye have a history that is over a decade in the making. When the band was first starting out, Brenna developed a crush on Rye, and Rye rebuffed Brenna in a very public and humiliating manner, thus setting off years of bitterness and bad blood between the two. When most of the rest of the band have paired off and found their HEAs, Brenna finds herself increasingly lonely and to put if bluntly, in need of some great sex. When Rye catches wind of that information, the two come to an agreement of sorts, setting the tone for a book that’s full of delightful banter and super hot sexy times and a romance that is at once tender and sweet and poignant in how much power each of these characters wield over the other.

Brenna, for her part, harbors massive trust issues regarding Rye and their past. Unwilling to put herself completely out there, she’s hesitant to show her true vulnerabilities in front of him. Rye has his own secrets he’s dealing with, along with this revelation that his feelings for Brenna may go far deeper than just physical desire. One of my favorite things about this book is that it doesn’t immediately just have these two jump from their antagonistic relationship to a  sexual one without addressing the giant elephant in the room, their shared history and how awkward it all is to suddenly make it more. 

I love that these two characters, who have been through a LOT, both with each other and with the rest of the band, aren’t just jumping blindly into bed, never mind the consequences and how it might affect not just them, but the rest of the band, too. And when that inevitable dark moment comes, it doesn’t feel abrupt or like it’s coming out of left field because Kristen Callihan is so good at laying the groundwork and doing the character development in such a way that you can see how these two characters might act and react in exactly the way they do. That’s not to say it’s predictable, but after spending the first three books in the series getting to know Rye and Brenna and their strange, tension-filled dynamics, their burgeoning relationship in this book is explored in a way that feels true to both of them. 

I have to say as much as I loved Brenna and Rye, both as individuals and as a couple, I also love the rest of the band members (and their significant others) and the role they all play. It’s such a beautiful found family series, their bond stronger than ever, especially due to the events that unfold to start the series. (CW: The series kicks off when one of the band members attempts suicide and the attempt is referred to in this book but not depicted on the page). Watching the whole band and their love interests come together is a beautiful affirmation of the true and lasting power of friendship. 

In the end though, it is Brenna and Rye who are the focal points of this story and again, I can’t stress enough how much joy I got from finally reading their story. It’s got hints of enemies to lovers and friends to lovers and there’s also a secrecy element to the relationship because Brenna doesn’t want the whole band finding out and being all up in their business. The writing is beautiful, the dialogue is sharp and funny, and at the heart of the book are these two lost, lonely souls, who manage to find themselves even as they lose their hearts to each other.
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Under the guise of sexy, bantery romances about a band of famous rock stars falling in love, Kristen Callihan continues to deliver breathtaking tales of friendship, acceptance, and family found—both delighting and pushing readers out of their emotional comfort zones—and her latest offering in the VIP series is no exception. It’s the long-awaited story of Rye and Brenna, two thirtyish frenemies and colleagues who’ve spent their entire adult lives working towards making their dreams a reality, but now, while both at the top of their game, the future is staring them in the face, and it’s looking colourless and lonely. A no-strings-attached, sex-only arrangement between them seems like the answer to both their problems . . . until things get very complicated in and out of the bedroom, and two people who’ve spent far too long pretending not to like each other are forced to face their true feelings for one another or continue to live the lie. The playful yet wildly combustible chemistry between the characters alone makes this the kind of book I will want to read over and over again.

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I've always been a fan of Callihan's books, and Exposed is already near the top of the list of favorites. Fans of the series will be delighted by the steamy romance and tension between Rye and Brenna. Yet new fans to the series (should they read this one first) will love the romance regardless. The chemistry between all the characters is so endearing and wonderful, and the chemistry between Brenna and Rye is gut-punching and electric. Another fantastically-written book by Callihan.
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Thanks to NetGalley and Ms. Callihan for the opportunity to read an ARC of this title. An honest review was requested but not required.

Ms. Callihan writes a REALLY dependably good romance. Of course my absolute favorite are her sports romances, particularly Hot Shot (one of my all time favorites) and I love her Firelight series too. But the VIP series (contemporaries featuring rock stars) are a real comfort read for me. I know they'll be good, I know I'll get the warm fuzzies, I know each band member will get their turn in the sack, I mean, sun.

This was no exception. The enemies-to-lovers, sexual tension vibe between Rye and Brenna has been strong over the course of several books and it comes to a head (ha) here. All the sudden Rye has a personality turnaround in which he abruptly matures and decides he doesn't want to be the class clown anymore, and instead seeks a connection. With Brenna, specifically, whom he finally admits he's wanted all along. Brenna on the other hand is more resistant.

I totally agree that both Brenna AND their bandmates as a group were right to have reservations; the proverbial saying "don't shit where you eat" is crude but apt. If something were to go south between Rye and Brenna, then the band would probably have been ripped apart. Of course, being a KC romance, you can pretty much count on it working out in the end, but boy was it a rocky ride.
Brenna is incredibly prideful and her personal issues and hangups get in the way of her ability (or even willingness) to open up and expose her vulnerability. Rye is much less inhibited but nonetheless has his own issues holding him back a little. Seeing these two stubborn prideful people learning to unbend was almost as much a treat as seeing them fall in love.
And of course, Rye is apparently the most romantic man of all time (*mini swoon*) and also apparently is a Chris Hemsworth Thor doppelganger (*gigantic swoon*) so he may have moved into the top five all time book boyfriends.

Definitely recommended to anyone who likes a satisfying and ROMANTIC contemporary romance.
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I love this series. You can read out of order, but you're going to want to read them all. Contemporary romance or paranormal romance Ms. Callihan's books are hot, sweet and compelling.
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It's Rye and Brenna of course this is five stars! Also it's Kristen Callihan so it's almost guaranteed I will love the heck out of it!  Their story was a lot more....intense? than I thought it would be. The friends-to-lovers elements got a twist of self-discovery and hashing out of old hurts, which I really loved. So seldom do wounds like the ones they inflicted on each other just spontaneously heal into happily ever after. I really enjoyed the work they put into making their relationships as friends strong and realizing their foundation was shaky. Of course highlights were seeing our old friends in the band and their significant others, and finally FINALLY getting to see Rye and Brenna's HEA. I can't wait for Whip and to see who brings down or up? the last one standing.
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