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No-Waste Save-the-Planet Vegan Cookbook

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A cookbook with recipes that are designed to help you use by-products of ingredients or recipes that might normally be thrown away. For example, the delicious Smoky Sausages (p. 70) that incorporate the brine from a jar of kimchi. The kimchi juice adds a piquant umami flavor to these seitan sausages to give them an authentic deli-style flavor. Although it isn’t suggested amongst the alternatives, you can always sub in dill pickle juice in a pinch. You can toss leftover pasta in the flavorful Chili Mac Gratin (p. 82) which is basically just a baked pasta dish with a Mexicali flair. If you don’t feel like making things overly complicated, there’s no need to use the homemade chili and queso recipes . A great refrence to add to your cookbook collection.
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I don’t know where to begin. There are so many unique and beautiful recipes throughout this book. I’ll be highlighting them soon on my Instagram. I finally have ideas for my carrot tops! I love the no waste aspect as someone who is always looking for ways to reduce my footprint/waste. I’m looking forward to keeping these recipes in rotation.
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I’m not vegan nor do I plan to be. However, I do try to incorporate non-meat forward meals often. I also like the no waste mentality of this book. That said there’s some interesting things about this book. I honestly believe some recipes really needed a picture. There are a few pictures but the recipes aren’t common so a picture of the process, or final product, would be helpful.
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Many people don’t choose to read actual cookbooks anymore with how easy the internet is to accessing recipes. I love that not only am I eating clean but also not wasting. Recipes were easy to follow but also not the easiest for those that aren’t experienced cooks.
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No-Waste Save-the-Planet is an amazing plant based cookbook with well detailed tips to avoid food waste and move toward a greener way of life. 

Sense becoming vegetarian, more and more I have begun to read as many vegan cookbooks as I can. Immersing myself in this culinary word truly has helped me, not only better my health, but also feel as though my choices are making a change. 

The addition of these recipes to my master cookbook is for sure a great one.
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No-Waste Save-the-Planet Vegan Cookbook was filled with stunning, color-coded photos and amazing information for living a no-waste vegan lifestyle.
The book started like most cookbooks, with information on tools and techniques, however, I enjoyed that this book also had a quick little chapter on the shelf lifespan of foods. I also liked the film recommendations that Steen included to give the reader a better idea of the dangers of creating too much waste and the effect that it is having on our environment. 
The recipes included in the book sounded delicious and included some vegan options for comfort food favorites. A couple recipes that I’m excited to try are the Kimchi Fried “Noodz” and Butternut Squash Lasagna.
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Another great vegan cookbook with helpful tips on food waste and saving our planet.
Everytime we make something, we can use all of the ingredients entirely, either in the same recipe or save for something else on another day. And Celine did certainly write this with every single tiny thing in mind.
I already know some of the interesting recipes I will be making from the cookbook, and hopefully reducing my waste with every meal.
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I love to cook, so having a great cookbook is always handy. With the cost of living crisis have little to no waste is crucial, so that is one of the reasons why I go this No-Waste Save-The-Planet Vegan Cookbook. I've always been nervous about cooking vegan food, partly because some recipes need so many ingredients it's untrue. 
With this cookbook I have 2 thoughts about it, one I like some of the recipes as they are simple and make delicious food, the other recipes do need a large number of ingredients, which I find a little OOT. The only other issue that I have with this book is that the pictures are only of certain recipes, so I'm not 100% sure how it should look at the end. 
The recipes that I have tried are the spicy bean burgers (has a picture) and this was a fantastic recipe, I loved making it and the family really enjoy it too, just watch out for the chilli. The other recipe chocolate banana peanut pie (no picture), turned out well and was enjoyed, but as I didn't have any pictures to follow, I sort of had to wing how it looked. 
Overall I would rate this book 4 out of 5 stars. Worth it for the good recipes.
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Really inspired by the ethos of the No-waste Save-the-Planet Vegan Cookbook by Celine Steen. Whilst I found the recipes exciting, enjoyable and tasty, some of the ingredients were difficult to source, even for someone living in the UK with many specialty food stores. I would recommend this book, though be prepared to spend time sourcing and cooking. A very enjoyable read.
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I really like to try and have a no-waste household where I can so this book was a must-read for me.
First of all, though I need to comment on the photographs, they are stunning examples of food photography and really make your mouth water looking at the recipes.
There's a really good variety of recipes in this and I really feel there is something for everyone, even if you're not vegan it's worth a look for some different recipe ideas for meat-free meals.
The intro I love, the explanations for composting and reducing waste are brilliant and I love love love the planet saving tips with each recipe!
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overall: If you are not a gourmand (gourmet cook) this cookbook isn't for you.

- weight measurements are included (example: "1 3/4 cups flour (150g)"
- directions in step format (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4)
- plant-saver tips

The plant saver tips (there's one on nearly every page) were my favorite aspect of the book. Some are 'throw away duh' such as "cook your own beans!" however there were others that I found intriguing or very helpful. For example, she notes that you can puree the entire fruit for most fruits, just remove the seeds. You don't need to remove skin or core with an apple, for example. Some of the tips aren't tips but explain how she figured something out to make a recipe and I enjoyed that too, even if it wasn't a "plant saver tip" in the way I consider a "tip"

- interesting use for ingredients.

For example kombucha is an ingredient for waffles! mind blown! "stale vegan beer" is also an ingredient in another recipe and sparkling water appeared in a recipe for cookies.


- non-specific ingredients (ex: "liquid sweetener of choice" "plant-based milk")

While I prefer not to have to have multiple plant-based milks on hand and "like" that I could use whatever I've got... All milks execute and perform different with cooking and baking. For example, sometimes a thicker, creamier milk (like soy or oat) is needed for the best result while other times a thinner milk (like almond or flax) is best. I can generally guess as to which to use but would have liked a note or author's preference. Ditto for the liquid sweetener. Agave, maple, etc. have such different tastes! Unsure here. Same for using "vegan beer" sometimes she specifies lager but often it's just "beer" I'm not a beer drinker but lager, IPA, stout all seem like they'd make quite the dramatic difference in a recipe!

- the photos are pretty but there aren't a lot of them.

- strange organization. For example trail mix cookies are in "breakfast" with scones and muffins. Maybe I'm not American enough but cookies just aren't a breakfast food for me, even if they have granola in them. Then there was a savory pickle pancake and onion scone in "sides"


- uses a lot of beer
- many "obscure" ingredients that I cannot find locally (some I've never even heard of) and/or are so expensive I couldn't possibly justify the cost for a token dish or two.

examples--not all of them:

toasted coconut flakes
roasted peanut oil
hazelnut oil
vegan white chocolate chips
golden milk powder
vegan halva (If I wasn't jewish I'm not sure I'd know what this is)
coconut manna (still am unsure what this is)
dried hibiscus flower
culinary-grade rose buds
pomegranate molasses
maca powder
shiitake mushroom powder (I suppose I could pulverize dried mushrooms?)
chaat masala blend
lapsang souchong tea
umami sofrito
mushroom dashi
red yuzu paste
wasabi powder
mushroom powder
double-concentrated tomato paste (have literally never seen this)
chinkiang vinegar
shaoshing rice cooking wine
roasted pistascio oil
ground sumac
soy curls

- you have to make one recipe to make another recipe. (e.g. I can't make the waffles without "sourdough discard" which is another recipe in the book. I'd say every 3rd recipe does this and it's usually an ingredient you couldn't just substitute with something store-bought or you already have. However, to her credit, she often uses that 'ingredient' in a few other recipes so you get your monies worth so to speak.

For example to make meatballs I have to first make beet crumbles, a smoky carrot spread, and a miso sauce.

- not comprehensive directions. (e.g. the ingredient is "stale beer" forgive me I'm not a drinker, how do I stale a beer?)

- author assumes cook is an expert in cooking/ingredients. (e.g. "1 tbsp neutral-tasting oil" I literally have no idea which oils would classify here).

To be fair, there might be a glossary of ingredients and I missed it because I was eager to get to the recipes and the font is really tiny in my ebook format. I have to literally screenshot and zoom in to read. I hope the publisher fixes this with the actual book.

- Diamond kosher salt is required for every recipe. I'm sure any salt will do but why this brand specifically?


I wasn't able to make any recipe with what I had on hand already, and sadly, most of the recipes are impossible to make because of to all the hard-to-find ingredients. (I live in a progressive, very vegan-friendly town in the Pacific Northwest. I could probably find most of these obscure things in my native NYC but I also don't know that I'd want to haul my bottom to chinatown...)

HOWEVER I wanted to make something for a fair review... first I made the Sriracha Barbecue Sauce. It was much, much too sweet for us (3/4 c agave, 1/2 c ketchup, 1/4 c molasses, 1/4 c coconut sugar plus spices and 2 tbsp sriracha, which also has sugar) however there was one ingredient in there that surprised me and I added that (plus sriracha) to my usual homemade bbq sauce and we really loved it!

I tried to make the pulled pork sandwiches and they were just okay; far far too sweet (1/2 cup sweet red chili sauce). I think if I'd been able to find wasabi powder and mushroom powder (and used double-concentrate tomato paste instead of 'regular') it would have helped tremendously.

The spicy bean burgers are more or less the same bean burger I've made for ages, the only difference is she adds chipotle powder and the elusive mushroom powder, which I'm sure adds a nice little zip and umami taste.

Overall, I really love the idea of these recipes including the "weird" ingredients, but they aren't practical for me. Even if I lived in NYC I wouldn't necessarily want to own or buy all these ingredients but I would love to see these recipes at a restaurant.

Thanks netgalley for my ARC!
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Inspired by her mother’s dedication to saving food, financial hardship and the COVID19 lockdown, this book, packed full of vegan recipes, is for those of us who like to use every single thing, wasting as little as possible.

According to statistics from The World Counts, roughly a third of the world’s food is wasted. That’s a shocking 1.3 billion tonnes each year. To add to this, much of the food that is thrown away is actually perfectly fit for eating.

With this shocking statistic in mind, let’s all be more conscious about what we throw away. If composting is an option for you, the book explains the different alternatives and how to start your own.

Celine introduces the book with useful information on kitchen tools, the shelf lifespan of food and common ingredients. The book is nicely organised, and there is a clear division of sections for different meal times, making it very easy to read.

One thing I did find was that there are a number of ingredients I wasn’t familiar with and probably wouldn’t have in my cupboard without buying in – I often try to avoid doing this just for one recipe, as this can lead to food waste itself. Celine makes suggestions for alternative ingredients throughout the book, and this is really useful. Many of my American reader’s may be more familiar with some of these ingredients, as Celine is based in the US herself.

One recipe that really stood out to me was the Baked Banana Nut Oatmeal. Sounds like a basic oatmeal recipe, right? Well, just a small difference – this one calls for the use of whole bananas, including the skin! Yes! And as Celine explains, it’s a very common ingredient in many parts of the world – and it really is saving waste!

Celine provides lots of other Planet Saver Tips throughout the book – and I absolutely love these. It adds something a little different to the book.

In my opinion, this book is suitable for a confident cook, rather than someone just starting out. However, it’s definitely a book for anyone who wants to discover new and interesting ways to cook new and interesting ingredients! I definitely recommend it.
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While this was a beautiful cookbook with interesting recipes it felt a bit pretentious and elitist. The recipe required specialized ingredients and overall I don't think it was very approachable. I didn't feel inspired or empowered to create less waste by being vegan.
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Thank you Netgalley and publisher for the arc in exchange of an honest review.
This book was a pretty cool. Recently, I am trying to go vegan, so it was pretty helpful especially the no- wastage recipes.
It has recipes for everyone- from beginners to experts.
Definitely gonna try some of these recipes!!
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Lovely book! i appreciate the planet saver tips throughout the entire book that relate to each recipe and have definitely learnt a lot from them! My favourite thing has to be how short and simple the steps are, i often find vegan cooking has far too many steps that i end up getting lost in and have to keep rereading the page. The photos are beautiful as well, i only wish there was more of them as sometimes i hadn’t a clue what the recipe was for as i hadn't heard of them before, a picture wouldn’t of helped me to decide if i wanted to make it
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I love a good vegan cookbook! I’ve been vegan about 6-7 years now and I still love finding new recipes to try out. This book has so many new recipes I’ve never tried and I love how it is all about reducing waste in the kitchen
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I will start by saying I am not vegan, but I do very much enjoy vegetarian and vegan dishes from time to time. Sometimes it can be hard to create stand alone dishes without meat if that's what you're used to cooking. 

I appreciate the explanations of earth friendly alternatives for storage and small changes to make around the kitchen, but I'm afraid that's where my affection for this book ends. 

If almost every other recipe references (and requires as an ingredient) another recipe from the book, it gets very tiresome and actively puts me off wanting to make anything from the book in the first place. 

Plus I find the "vegan for the planet" message on every page just a little too 'holier than thou' and heavy handed.
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What a cool concept! I’ll be using these recipes for sure! I think it’s really important that we don’t waste food, so meal planning is key. This cookbook helps you to do that.
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Whether you are new to a plant based lifestyle or a long life vegan, you should be able to find some new recipes to try in this book. Thank you for the opportunity.
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Full of interesting recipes and helpful tips to kickstart a change in perspective and life. Lots of interesting food I'm excited to try.
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