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There is a new business in South Lick, an antique store right across the street from Robbie Jordan’s Pans ‘N Pancakes. She hopes it won’t cut into her vintage cookware sales. But sales aren’t her problem right now, shoplifting is. While she and her employees were busy serving food someone walked off with a batch of graters she just picked up at the Scottsburg Antique Fair. Robbie knows who the thief is but hesitates to make a scene.

Robbie strives to serve her customers the highest quality of food possible so she is shocked to learn a group of them took ill after eating at her establishment. Worse, one man whose health is already compromised dies. The health department closes Pans ‘N Pancakes down while they investigate. Robbie does her own investigation and figures out the mushrooms were the problem. Her wholesaler delivered poisonous ones and Robbie and her staff had no clue there weren’t the usual variety they typically use. Strange that as soon as Robbie’s business is shut down a food truck pulls up next to the new antique store and starts serving her customers. That is just one too many coincidences for Robbie. She knows who is responsible she just has to prove it.

My mother ran a restaurant similar to Robbie’s so this story really hit home for me. Competition is one thing, sabotage with foodstuffs is completely another. Many businesses wouldn’t be able to come back from such a serious matter. Robbie is blessed to have such a loyal group of customers and friends. As you can see Maddie Day has written a story that hit me at an emotional level which she continues to do time and time again.

The mystery is more complicated than complex. The suspects are a small pool and it is just a matter of pinning the right person down. They all had the opportunity but true motives were unclear. Robbie withheld the theft of the graters from Lieutenant Buck Bird who eats most of her menu every time he sets foot in the place. That may have ruffled some feathers earlier in the book and changed the outcome. I was just surprised she didn’t tell him right away. I did enjoy following all the clues though. I was on the right track but a left turn changed everything near the conclusion of the mystery.

I love that this series is set in the Midwest and the characters ring true to almost everyone right out my front door. I have sincerely enjoyed Robbie and the rest of the characters from the start of the series. They continue to grow and new members of the supporting cast are added in each book along the way. In fact, Robbie is engaged to be married to a man with a teenage son. Robbie has nurtured a relationship with the young man and that becomes very important in this story. I really admire the way the author has treated these characters and the way these relationships grew over several stories. It feels natural and is really heartwarming. It also sets up a fantastic ending.

No Grater Crime is filled with wonderful characters and delicious food. I am not a mushroom eater so now kitchen sink omelet for me though. Each visit to South Lick seems to end too soon. I can hardly wait for Batter Off Dead to be released in February 2022.
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I love the characters & the mystery. However I think MS Day should replace some if her words she uses to describe people suffering with mental illness. They are not nuts they dealing with an illness. As a mental health advocate this part of the book bothered me. Education is the key and it seems none was done here. Otherwise, it would have been a good book.
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No Grater Crime by Maddie Day is book nine in the A Country Store Mystery series. I have read the entire series and have never been disappointed. This one can be read as a stand alone.
When poison mushrooms find their way into a breakfast special at Robbie's restaurant, Robbie is once again in the middle of an investigation. Who planted them in her order, the owner of a new food truck or Abe's ex. She needs to get to the bottom of it before she is next. Throw in she is planning her and Abe's wedding and her plate is overflowing.
There are suspects galore in this easy to read Cozy. You also have romance, humor, great characters, and a loveable cat. 
Recipes are included.
I was given an ARC by Kensington via NetGalley for an honest review.
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When someone dies from poisoned mushrooms in her diner, Robbie cannot believe it. She is also so cautious and careful about her food. She tries to discover whether her vendor made the mistake or if someone is out to cause her grief. When Robbie discovers the supplier is the son-in-law of someone who has a long-term vendetta against her aunt Adele, she is sure the poisoned mushrooms were deliberate. This is a very enjoyable series especially for the portrayal of life in a small town. Looking forward to the next book in the series.
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It’s a lovely spring day when Robbie Jordan and her Aunt Adele go antiquing for finds to add to the country store portion of Robbie’s Pans ‘N Pancakes cafe. There’s a definite chill in the air, however, when they run into Francis and Hattie Sand, an older couple who still blame Adele for the death of Francis’ son two decades earlier. To add to the awkwardness, the Sands reveal that they’re the ones behind the revitalization of the store across the street from Pans ‘N Pancakes, and that they plan to open an upscale antique business on their new property. 

Robbie, being an optimist, is pretty sure that the Sands will be serving a far different audience from those attracted to the vintage kitchenware her store already features. Even if their clientele does overlap, most of her income comes from the cafe anyway. But when some of her merchandise goes missing after the Sands drop by, Robbie’s belief that her new neighbors are as happy to coexist as she is begins to waver.

Then the very worst happens: a rash of folks are taken to hospital with food poisoning, and their only commonality was dining at Pans ‘N Pancakes. Robbie has to shut down her cafe as the state investigates, but she’s pretty sure that the root cause was a batch of mushrooms delivered by her regular supplier, FH Foods. When she discovers that FH Foods’ owner is Orland Krueger, and that his wife Krystal is not only the Sands’ daughter but also the chef-proprietor of the food truck that’s just parked itself right across from her closed cafe, she can’t help but wonder whether someone in the extended Sand family is out to get her. After one of her regulars dies from the food poisoning, resulting in charges of negligent homicide being drawn up against her, Robbie will have to go into full detective mode in order to clear her name. But will her investigations hit far closer to home than she could possibly expect?

This intriguing mystery was a return to form for Maddie Day as she handles hot topic social issues with sensitivity and grace. I definitely did not expect the plot to go the way it did, and genuinely grieved at the deaths that occurred. I do rather wish that the denouement of the mystery had been shown on the page, but was delighted that the continuing romance between Robbie and her fiance Abe was given space at the end to truly shine.

There were seven food and drink recipes included of yummy items described in the narrative, and I decided to try out the one that inspired the title:

Grated Everything Fritters

2 medium potatoes
½ cup broccoli florets
1 small onion
1 medium carrot
½ cup cheddar cheese
¼ cup ham, cut into inch-long slivers (omit for vegetarian version)
2 eggs, beaten
⅓ cup flour
½ teaspoon salt
¼ teaspoon black pepper
1 teaspoon curry powder

Preheat oven to 400 F. Cover a large baking sheet with parchment paper.

Grate potatoes (a food processor makes quick work of the grating.) Roll in a clean dishcloth and wring dry. Steam broccoli in microwave for two minutes and chop finely.

Grate onion, carrot, and cheese. In a medium bowl, mix together vegetables, cheese, ham, and eggs. Stir together flour, salt, pepper, and curry powder, then stir into other mixture.

Scoop out a half cup of the mixture and flatten into four-inch disks on the parchment paper. Leave a quarter inch between disks; they will not spread.

Bake for twenty minutes. Turn and bake ten more minutes or until browned and crispy. Enjoy plain or top with salsa, sour cream, or ketchup.

Serve hot for breakfast, on a toasted sandwich roll for lunch, or with a green salad for dinner.

Variations: add fresh chopped herbs, sliced green onions, grated and squeeze-dropped zucchini; substitute sweet potato instead of regular; use a different kind of cheese.

I love this healthy, kitchen-sink cross between an omelette and a hash-brown patty! This recipe is such a great way to use up leftover vegetables and meat: I actually doubled it in order to better utilize some of the extra ingredients I already had at home. The curry powder adds an extra kick of flavor to it, as well. My only regret is that I probably didn’t wring out the potatoes as well as I could, which resulted in a less than crisp patty. It was still very tasty, though I should definitely wring my grated potatoes out more thoroughly the next time I make this dish.

Next week, we start getting into the spirit of spooky season with a trio of murderous novellas, while whipping up a delicious party treat. Do join me!
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Robbie Jordan's life is more stressful than usual, with tainted mushrooms in her restaurant and new neighbors who threaten her livelihood and her peace of mind. Not to mention her upcoming wedding.

And what's up with the disappearance of those antique graters?

Robbie's friends and family are sympathetic characters and the story draws us into their lives, as well as presenting an intriguing puzzle. The book finishes up with tasty-sounding recipes.
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This is the first book I’ve read in the Country Store series.  But this one was so enjoyable, that I’ll definitely be reading more ... even going back to the first one in the series.  The characters are well developed, the mystery is intriguing and keeps you interested, and the recipes will have your mouth watering.  This was a wonderful book to curl up with a glass of lemonade in a rocking chair on the porch and get lost in all of the antics.

Thank you to NetGalley and Kensington Publishing Corporation for my advanced review copy.  All opinions and thoughts are my own.
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No Grater Crime is the ninth book in Maddie Day’s Country Store Mysteries series.  This clean read flows smoothly at a steady pace.  The storyline is well plotted and flows smoothly, and the well-developed characters are three-dimensional.  There’s no shortage of twists and red herrings to keep the reader engaged and guessing.  I recommend this series to readers who enjoy reading a well-crafted cozy mystery.

Robbie Jordan owns a café/antique cookware shop, Pans ‘N Pancakes, in South Lick, Indiana.  Things are going pretty well for the café and as Robbie prepares for her wedding day until she discovers that the owners of an antique shop that’s opening across the street from Pans ‘N Pancakes, Francis Sand and his wife, Hattie, have an unpleasant history with Aunt Adele, and things go downhill from there.  Robbie is devastated when her friend, Lieutenant Buck Bird, tells her that several people who had breakfast at the café were ill and that one elderly gentleman, Jeremiah Ward, had to be hospitalized after eating the breakfast special, a mushroom and Gruyére cheese omelet.  When Mr. Ward passes away, the café is temporarily closed down and Robbie believes she’s being targeted.

I received an Advance Reader Copy of this book from NetGalley and voluntarily reviewed it.
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Book 9 I the Country Store Mysteries, I missed a couple in the series, but it was easy to pick up. Robbie and Abe are getting married! Some small details still to take care off, but all is set. A new antique store is opening across the way, some items from the Robbie’s store disappear, a bad batch of mushrooms makes customers sick and this shuts down the Country Store, … Robbie can’t sit still and dives into the mystery!
Thank you to NetGalley and Kensington Books for a copy in exchange of my opnion.
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This is the 9th book in the Country Store Mystery series and it's a great addition. Robbie has her hands full this time around. Her wedding is a month away, one of her customers gets food poisoning and dies, and she has a new competitor across the street and they also have a food truck. The book is full of good food, quirky characters and a great location. I hope there are many more to come.
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No Grater Crime by Maddie Day is the 9th A Country Store Mystery.  It can be read as a standalone if you are new to the series (but you will be missing out on some cute country cozy mysteries).  Robbie Jordan is getting married in a month and still has some details to finalize.  Her life becomes complicated when customers become ill after eating her mushroom omelet.  Her restaurant is shut down leaving Robbie with unanswered questions and a dead patron.  To top it off, some of her vintage implements have disappeared and a food truck opens across the street.  No Grater Crime is a cute story that is action packed.  I have been looking forward to Robbie and Abe’s wedding.  They are such a sweet couple.  I thought the author captured the area with her word imagery (of South Lick, Indiana) plus the dialects, dialogue, and references to nearby cities.  It is funny how people call items by different names depending on what area of the country they are from.  One example is soda.  When I lived in Ohio, we called it pop.  When I moved to Florida, I was told it was soda.  I like that the author includes different examples.  The mystery was interesting.  There are multiple suspects in this whodunit that easily could have done the deed including Abe’s ex-wife.  I had a good time following the mystery and seeing how it turned it (I love to solve the crimes).   I would have liked a more thorough wrap-up.  I was also baffled as to why Robbie never reported the missing items.  It seemed odd.  The ending will delight fans of the series.  No Grater Crime is an enticing tale with mortal mushrooms, a purloined utensil, a lookie-loo, food truck trouble, and a wonderful wedding.
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It’s time for an annual trip to South Lick, Indiana. This time we visit during spring and wedding season. Robbie is preparing for her wedding to Abe and not everyone is happy with the wedding. Mainly, Abe’s ex who is Sean’s mom, and a relation to the new antique shop owners across the street. When a Pans and Pancakes customer dies, Robbie is the prime suspect. As she starts investigating she learns of the tangled family web. Can she find out what is going on before she spends her wedding night in jail?

This series always makes me smile as I love the descriptions of the Bloomington, Indiana area. It is a beautiful area to visit. The real Story Inn is mentioned and if you ever get a chance to visit you must.

My only issue with the book (and I had the same issue in the previous book) is there is a small political agenda feel. I read cozy to escape the real world. It wasn’t bad but it is there. I did appreciate the author writing the story after the pandemic shut down and not during.

I look forward to the next book in the series.

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher, Kensington, through NetGalley. All opinions expressed in the above review are entirely my own.
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Robbie Jordan is about to walk down the aisle with Abe in this, the ninth mystery in the Country Store series. She will not only become a wife but also a step mother to Abe's son. It's a lot to juggle but that's not all. She owns Pans 'N Pancakes, selling yummy food and antiques kitchen wares. Life is humming along nicely until a new business moves in across the street and then things go sideways. It's an antiques store and the owners give off an odd vibe. Soon valuable items grow feet and leave her store, some cafe patrons fall ill and, to top it off, one diner dies from an omelet made with poisonous mushrooms. Of course all attention is focused on Robbie and the cafe is shut down until the facts are uncovered. Needless to say she is highly motivated to find the killer - fast. Did the mushroom switch and the missing antiques have anything to do with the new neighbors and the new food truck traveling around town? Hope the answers come before she and Abe walk down the aisle
I have really enjoyed this series having read each one as its been published. Each is like a letter from friends, updating me on how their lives are progressing. Each character has developed from book to book and they have become friends. The mystery is always good with twists and turns to keep me guessing to the end but the major pleasure I get from the series is from the characters and their stories. Together it makes for a welcome reading escape.
My thanks to the publisher Kensington and to NetGalley for givingme an advance copy in exchange for my honest review.
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This is the 9th installment in the Country Store Mysteries.  Robbie Jordon lives in South Lick Indiana and is going to be married to Abe in about a month.  Robbie is at an outdoor market with her Aunt Adele when they run into a couple from South Lick Francis and Hattie Sand but it is apparent that they do not like her Aunt.  Robbie and Adele also learn that they will be opening an antiques store across the street from Robbie’s store and restaurant Pan’s N Pancakes.  Sunday morning the restaurant is packed and Robbie and her team of Danna and Turner are having a hard time keeping up.  The special is a mushroom omelet but when several customers later get sick and one even dies Robbie begins to wonder what is going on.  Robbie later learns that her the food distributor she uses happens to be the daughter (Krystal) and son-in-law (Orland) of Francis and Hattie.  Also that day Hattie stole some items from Robbie’s store.  Robbie’s restaurant is closed down until the health department can get to the reason for the death and people getting sick but Robbie knows it has to be the mushrooms.  A food truck appears outside the new store being opened by the Sands and learn that Krystal is running the food truck and would love to keep business away from Robbie.  Robbie is feeling like all this is getting a little personal and when she learns that Abe’s ex Jan is Orland’s twin sister she has to begin to think could she be behind all of this.  However, when Jan later dies she is struggling to find out who would have the motive.  This was a great story and kept me engaged the entire time.  It was nice to have the story continue thru to the wedding after the murderer was caught.  Looking forward to what is next to come.
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No Grater Crime by Maddie Day is the 9th book in the Country Store Mystery series, and another delightful book. Robbie Jordan owns Pans N Pancakes in South Lick, Indiana.  Robbie and her staff are concerned when items start missing from their store, and their diners are getting sick.  When one of their customers dies after eating a poisonous mushroom omelet, and Pans N Pancakes gets closed down, Robbie is determined to find the truth.  This book kept me guessing until the end. I strongly recommend this book/series for cozy mystery book fans. The story is fast paced with a lot of character development and mystery that keeps your attention. I look forward to reading the in the next book in this series.
I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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No Grater Crime is book #9 in the Country Store Mystery series by Maddie Day.

This is the first book I’ve read in the series and I was able to read it as a standalone book, though I look forward to starting at the beginning of the series to see how Robbie and Abe’s relationship developed.

Robbie Jordon is getting married soon when customers get food poisoning in her restaurant and items are stolen from her shop.   Robbie has an idea of who it could be, but can she and Buck prove it?

It was a really fun book to read and was hard to put down. Robbie and her friends and family are wonderful characters.   It was a real page turner and kept me guessing.  There were events that completely surprised me.  I can’t wait to catch up on the previous book and read future ones.

Thank you to the author, Kensington, and NetGalley for the Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) copy of this book and I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.
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Robbie has alot on her plate: one of her customers gets sick and dies after eating at her restaurant, the Health Dept shows up, and a new antique store and food truck have moved in across the street. And she's getting married in a month. Robbie's gonna have to work overtime to solve the possible murder of her customer and deal with her competition.

Excellent book with an intriguing mystery that kept me guessing. The story is well-paced, and the characters are engaging and believable. I love Robbie, her fiance, Abe, his son Sean, and all of her friends and staff. This is one of my favorite cozy series.

Many thanks to the publisher, Kensington, and NetGalley for an advance copy of this book. My thoughts and opinions are my own and without bias or favor or expectation.
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Another wonderful addition to this fun series. Thank you to the publisher, author and Net Galley for the opportunity. 

Robbie's cafe Pans N Pancakes is a very popular cafe with a fun vintage cook wear shop included. Her shop is well loved by the locals and very successful.  When a new shop, a antique  shop prepares to open near her shop all of a sudden she has strange occurrences and difficulties occurring. Her new neighbors are not friendly and may be purposely causing her difficulties.  Things get stranger when a breakfast truck parks outside her shop and a elderly customer suddenly dies after eating at her cafe.  Now the cafe must close while Robbie struggles to solve the murder and save her cafe from ruin.  This is a wonderful series with a great sense of community and kindness at the heart of the charcters. I love how all the charcters add to the intrigue in this mystery.  The mystery kept me reading into the night and the conclusion was pleasing as well as surprising . A wonderful next in series. Thank you to the author for this delightful series.
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No Grater Crime by Maddie Day (pen name of the author Edith Maxwell)
Book nine in the Country Store Mystery Series
I have enjoyed this series from the beginning and this book is no exception. I love Robbie’s  Aunt Adele and the quirky words she uses such as anyhoo. I really like the flavor of the locale, especially the food. I think I gained weight just reading this book. Oh, andI liked the mystery too even if it wasn’t very mysterious as to who the culprit was.
Big changes are coming in Robbie’s life and I’m looking forward to see what happens next.  And the ending brought a few tears, it was so sweet and just right for the characters and the setting.
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This is the 9th Country Store Mystery. I have read every book. I enjoy how the author makes each story unique. Each has Robbie’s puzzle solving mind at work but each puzzle/mystery has different elements. I enjoy visiting Pans ‘N’ Pancake and catching up with the locals and life in South Lick, Indiana. The food sounds good, making me wish I could visit for breakfast.
This mystery starts with food poisoning that ends in death. It seems one step removed from direct murder but it still sets Robbie’s mind to work looking at angles and motives. The group behind the poisoning seems obvious so it is interesting to see how the solution plays out. 
I think it was funny that Robbie says she is trying to avoid TSTL (too stupid to live) actions. I would have to say I didn’t feel the need to yell at the book, which I admit to doing with other books when the main character does something really dumb.
There was a calm to the feeling of the book to me. Robbie is preparing for her marriage to Abe. Abe sounds like the nicest guy. I’m glad the author included the wedding. It finishes the story well.
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