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4.5 stars

In this fifth installment in Traci Wilton's Salem B&B Mystery series, it's Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts, and Charlene's bed and breakfast is fully booked with guests wanting to get the full Halloween experience, including attending the annual Witch Ball, held at the historic Hawthorne Hotel. During the ball, Charlene's friend Brandy expresses her disapproval over her daughter's new boyfriend, who claims to be a vampire. Since moving to Salem, Charlene has learned that the world is not as black and white as she once thought and ghosts and witches are real...but vampires? Charlene and the other guests are shocked when at midnight the vampire puts on a big show and vanishes in a poof, leaving behind only a wooden stake with blood on the tip. When he is found dead the next day, Brandy's daughter immediately becomes one of the main suspects. Charlene teams up with her live-in ghost Jack to find the real culprit.

Another wonderful addition to the series. As always, I enjoyed catching up with Charlene and the gang. If you're looking for a paranormal cozy mystery, then you can't go wrong with this series set in Salem, with ghosts, witches, haunted houses, and Salem's rich history. I will definitely be back for another visit.

Thank you to NetGalley and Kensington Books for the opportunity to read this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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B&B owner Charlene Morris is in the amazing town of Salem and on the trail of some Halloween tricks and treats. Armed with her wits and pepper spray she will once again be the hostess with most-est in the way of social hour snacks (truly cook inspiring) and Samhain sleuthing. Not the first in the series but definitely not hard to follow as plenty of backstory is added to keep the reader engaged and engrossed. Set in the town of Salem, I wonder if Charlene or Jack watches local reporter, Lee Barrett (from the Witch City cozies). This series has inspired me to add Salem, Mass as a bucket list destination and to add social hour to my Friday schedule.
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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for my copy of Mrs. Morris and the Vampire by Traci Wilson. All opinions are my own. 

This wasn't my typical read but I'm glad I picked it up around Halloween. It was just spooky enough and the mystery in it was fantastic. I'm not much of a cozy mystery fan, but this is a series I plan on reading the rest of!
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other series that is becoming one of my favorite series to read, its perfect to read when you just want a cute cozy to get lost in and enjoy no matter the time or day
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This was an impressive little cozy mystery. It reminded me of Heather Graham and her style of paranormal books, but with more of a "cozy" feel and less focus on "romance". This is the 5th book in <b>Salem B&B Mystery Series</b> and works very well as a standalone. It was well written and well plotted. The mystery kept me guessing until the end and honestly surprised me. So kudos to the author for that! I loved the bits of Salem history that the author included. And the characters (most of them) were very likable. 

The only slight issue I had was "BRANDY." With not having read any of the previous books in the series. I was unsure what dynamic Brandy and Charlene share. Are they supposed to be good friends? Acquaintances? Because I found Brandy a bit of a witch with a capital "B" towards Charlene a lot of time. 🤷🏻‍♀️Maybe it was just because the story involved her daughter this time, I don't know. She just wasn't a very likable character in this book. 

**ARC Via NetGalley**
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I enjoyed this fun read , Vampires are trying to infiltrate Salem, but something goes wrong, Charlene and Jack are on the case too save their "witch" friends from taking  the fall.
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Princess Fuzzypants here:  We have enjoyed this series which is best described as The Ghost and Mrs. Morris, as opposed to Mrs. Muir.  Jack, handsome and charming is dead.  Charlene bought his house and turned it into a B & B and also found his murderer.  There is some serious chemistry at work here but alas, he is dead.  She also had a cop who is attracted to her and vice versa and he is alive but often frustrated by her investigations in nefarious doings.  It is an interesting triangle to say the least.

This time it is Halloween and while ghosts and witches are common place in Salem, there is a coven of vampires who want to put down stakes- pun not intended-and are doing all sorts of creepy things including seducing the daughter of one of Salem’s top witches.  When the seducer is murdered, the daughter, Serenity, is high on the suspect list.  And when a second vampire is also killed, it no longer becomes a question of whether these guys are the real thing or wanna be’s.  It seems pretty clear one of them might be out for blood and not the drinking variety.

It’s a good mystery, back on top form, with lots of interesting characters and unexpected twists and turns.  I enjoyed it from beginning to end.  It has just the right touch.  Five purrs and two paws up.
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Mrs. Morris and the Vampire:  A Salem B&B Mystery
By Traci Wilton
September 2021

Review by Cynthia Chow

Since moving to Salem, Massachusetts and starting her life over running a Bed-and-Breakfast, Charlene Morris has come to accept a lot.  The existence of witches (her friend Brandy Flint is a practicing Wiccan), and even haunting ghosts (an admittedly attractive one has taken up residence in her home).  Vampires though, are a little too much even for her.  Yet that’s what new Salem resident Alaric Mayar claims to be, and budding young wiccan Serenity Flint has fallen under his spell.  Charlene was doing her best to watch over the couple during the Hawthorne Hotel’s fall Witch Ball, but she is distracted as one of the judges for their competitive costume competition.  Brandy isn’t shy about expressing her disbelief in Alaric’s vampirism nor her disapproval of his attempt to seduce her daughter; and neither is Serenity’s ex-boyfriend Dru Ormand.  So when Alaric disappears (not in a bat way) and his body later washes up on the shore, both Brandy and Dru top off the suspect list.  Since one of the investigating officers seems to hate Charlene while the other detective is intent on protecting her, Brandy’s pleas for Charlene to look into the matter will not be without a few obstacles.

As much as Detective Sam Holden would prefer that Charlene stay safe on the sidelines, he does reveal that the very human Alaric had another identity back in his hometown of New Orleans.  Questioning her own B&B guests leads to the knowledge that there may be reasons behind his belief in his family lineage of vampirism, although it doesn’t explain why or how he intended to create his own coven of vampires.  Helping Charlene with surprisingly impressive computer skills is her resident ghost, the late Dr. Jonathan “Jack” Strathmore IV.  Handsome, charming, flirtatious, and very dead, Jack is the ultimate unobtainable man.  That doesn’t mean that he still doesn’t display jealousy towards Sam, nor that Charlene feels a spark of “something” whenever he’s around.  So it’s all the more practical to focus on the case of the man who seemed allergic to both garlic and sunlight, and who stirred up jealousy among rival aspiring vampires.

This 5th in the series continues to be a fun, rather complicated series as it juggles Charlene’s personal life with Salem’s unique community.  A widow who very much loved her husband, Charlene is just now beginning to feel ready to move on to the next stage in her life.  That one romantic prospect is closed off to the possibility of the paranormal while the other not on this plane of existence makes choosing between them a challenge.  The B&B employees Minnie and Avery are as blunt as they are helpful in the kitchen, providing to-the-point hilarious observations.  New guests round out the eclectic cast of characters, keeping the pace of the novel lively as events speed towards an unexpected conclusion.  While this Salem is full of wiccans and ghosts all year round, mystery readers will especially enjoy these events that occur during Samhain and its Day of the Dead celebrations.  Humor, ghosts, and hints of romance make this the perfect read for those looking to dive into the Fall festival season.
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This one has everything a cozy mystery could want! Witches of the Wiccan variety, wannabe Vampires, a sexy handsome ghost, an inquisitive Victorian bed and breakfast owner, a sexy handsome detective, and a murder. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
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Mrs. Morris and the Vampire by Traci Wilton is book five in the A Salem B&B mystery. This is a wonderful series.
This easy to read Cozy is full of plot twists and suspects. The characters are relatable. There is a bit of humor and a possible romance. There is a "house" ghost, a family of witches along with some wanna be vampires..
After reading this series, I find myself wanting to visit the B&B and tour the area.
I was given an ARC by Kensington via NetGalley for an honest review.
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Highly readable with great characters and solid mysteries, this series has set a standard throughout the all 5 books. Charlene Morris moved to Salem after the death of her husband to open a B&B. The old house has a resident ghost. After her initial dismay and fright, she and the handsome ghost, Jack, combine forces to solve various murders with a supernatural element. In this book, her friend/witch, Brandy, asks for Charlene's assistance in convincing her daughter that the so-called vampire that has her transfixed is up-to-no-good. When he dies, a cornucopia of other vampire wannabes appear on the scene. But who killed Alaric? And why? As always the mystery is intriguing and fairly plotted  with enough red herrings to keep everything guessing. The emotional core of the series is Charlene's relationship with Jack along with Sam the homicide detective. Charlene is inquisitive but not reckless showing real concern for her friends and her guests.
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This is the fifth book in this cozy paranormal series and it’s another winner from Traci Wilton!

Charlene is a judge at a Halloween costume ball and she immediately notices something is off. Her friend Brandy’s daughter, Serenity, is with a dodgy guy Alaric who’s claiming to be a vampire. When Alaric disappears and ends up dead, of course Charlene wants to rove Serenity didn’t do it (and prove Alaric wasn’t a vampire while she’s at it). 

Charlene, her ghost resident Jack, and her almost maybe boyfriend to be, police detective Sam along with some of her friends team up to solve this whodunit. The mystery is interesting and it kept me guessing, the characters are fun, and just enough of the paranormal to add a different twist to a cozy. I definitely recommend this entire series!
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Mrs. Morris and the Vampire by Traci Wilton is the fifth book in the Salem B&B Mystery series. I adore this paranormal cozy series and have read them all, but each book can be read as a stand alone.

Charlene Morris moves to Salem, Mass. after the death of her husband to start a B and B.  She gets an amazing deal on a historic mansion in town only to realize it's because the house has a resident ghost! Jack the ghost of the houses former owner helps Charlene solve the mysteries she comes across along with her friends and her potential boyfriend who's a Salem police detective. 

This book takes place around Halloween in Salem and centers around the death of a "vampire" who disappears at the annul Witch Ball costume party and is found dead the next morning. This man claimed he was a real vampire and has bewitched the daughter of Charlene's friend Brandy Flint. Brandy's daughter is a suspect and Charlene wants to help her friend find the real killer so she isn't falsely accused. 

The mystery leads Charlene under the city of Salem and into the infamous tunnels that run under the town, left over from years ago when they were used to smuggle goods, transport residents and bring merchandise from the shipyards to the local businesses. This book had some twists and turns that I wasn't expecting and I thourghly enjoyed it.
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Mrs. Morris lives with a ghost in a Salem, Massachusetts, mansion that she runs as a bed and breakfast. She is friends with witches. And on this Halloween night, she is hanging out with vampires and pirates. 

When the most flamboyant of the vampires dies, she finds herself involved in the investigation --for the safety of her guests and her friends. But she may be in danger herself. 

The book is filled with local color and interesting characters treated with compassion nd insight. The story is filled with twists and turns. Mrs. Morris stumbles upon the solution rather than solving th4e puzzle, but it's a fun read.
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This series does such a great job of mingling unusual characters with Salem’s more current history.  Without giving too much away, the introduction of the pathways throughout Salem was an interesting look into how business was conducted when the city was first founded and how we constantly tread in the footsteps of those who were there before.  The mystery was definitely in the forefront and not lost in the everyday business of the bed & breakfast but Charlene did not neglect her business to conduct her investigation (one of my pet peeves).  Vampires are not my favorite (I can’t imagine living forever and not being able to eat!) but they were tastefully added to the story (although my eyes did roll several times, which I think was the point).  All in all, a good addition to the series and I look forward to the next.
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This was a great mystery. It's Halloween and a party is going on that ends with a death. Vampire wanna be's, witches and spells are all a part of this story. Charlene tries to help her friends by questioning people about the murder, Sam is not happy with her and Jack, resident ghost, helps her to brainstorm. You will be surprised who the killer is. I received a copy through Netgalley and this is my voluntary review.
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I enjoyed all the books in this series and this is the best so far.
There's something special in books set in Salem at Halloween and there's plenty going on in this book.
Charlene and Jack are as likeable as usual and the solid mystery kept me guessing.
One of the best paranormal cozy series, highly recommended.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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This lovely cozy mystery brings to life a handsome ghost and a witchy bed and breakfast owner, trying to solve a murder set in the most mysterious of towns, Salem. Loved the setting and and the story!
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Each time I finish a Salem B & B book, I think it’s the best one so far.  So, I’m going to say, this is the BEST one so far!  LOL

This time around Charlene and the gang are faced with the disappearance of the vampire, Alaric, during The Witch Ball and everything escalates from there. With the help of the sexy detective and her ghostly housemate, can Charlene solve the mystery before the vampires get her?

I absolutely love this series and can’t wait for the next book!
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Salem and Halloween make a great reason to pull out all of the stops and put on a big party. Who wouldn't want to dress up as witches, a rowan tree, an eight foot alien creature, a Southern Belle, a Dalmatian or the classic vampire? Charlene is focused on one vampire in particular. It appears that her best friend, Brandy is not at all pleased that her daughter is being mesmerized by a man, fifteen years her senior which is bad enough, but one who claims to be the real deal. He sure looks the part from the whiter than white cold skin to the way he emits a creepy vibe. It gets even creepier when the clock strikes midnight and he vanishes. The only traces left are his cape and a bloody stake. In no time at all he turns up dead with a whole in his chest - made by a wooden stake?
I have enjoyed every one of the mysteries in this delightful series. Charlene and her ghostly housemate, Jack, make a great team. The puzzle is full of the desired twists and turns with a awesome finish. Add a well drawn cast of supporting characters and the lovely setting of Salem with its fascinating history - this series earns my five stars every time.
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