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Mrs. Morris and the Vampire by Traci Wilton is the fifth book in the paranormal cozy A Salem B&B Mystery series. Each book in the series holds it’s own mystery that is fully solved so all books can be read as a standalone or in any order if choosing to do so. There will be some character development that carries over book to book though for those that follow the series from the beginning.

The first book of the series introduced readers to Charlene Morris who after losing her husband had needed a fresh start in new surroundings so she decided to move from Chicago to New England. Charlene found a wonderful historic mansion in Salem and thought starting her own bed and breakfast in the touristy town would be the change she needed. What Charlene didn’t expect was to have her new B&B come with it’s own resident ghost.

Charlene’s first experience trying to help solve a murder came when she found that her resident ghost, Jack, had been murdered and needed help finding his killer. Now Charlene is faced with yet another murder to be solved when Charlene attends the annual Witch Ball at the Hawthorne Hotel with her bestie, Brandy Flint. Brandy is not happy with her daughter’s date, a man claiming to be a vampire, so when at midnight he vanishes in a poof leaving only a wooden stake in his wake Brandy isn’t exactly disappointed. However, when the vampire’s body washes up on shore with a hole in his heart Charlene knows she need to find the killer quickly.

The A Salem B&B Mystery series is another that I have followed from the first book and have come to know well. Being a fan of crossing genres in my reads I have really enjoyed the supernatural touch to this cozy series. However, this latest installment of the series seemed to leave me with a couple of questions when done. The book still had the characters that I’ve come to enjoy and a quirky setting that I enjoy of course but overall I’d rate this fifth book at three and half stars after liking some of the previous a bit more but I will definitely be back to continue!

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.
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In Book 5 of the Salem B and B Mystery series, we return to Salem, MA in time for Halloween.  Charlene quickly finds herself amid a mystery when a show does not go right at the Halloween party.  In this book, we get to continue seeing Charlene's relationships with both Jack and Sam, along with other community members.  I enjoyed trying to solve the pieces of the puzzle as Charlene pieces them together, which I am usually far from right.  Salem sounds so cool to visit and the descriptions of the setting are quite inviting! Cannot wait for the next adventure Charlene will go on!
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Mrs. Morris and the Vampire is the fifth book in the Salem B&B Mystery series by Traci Wilton. Lol everyone of the books I read from this series is the best one I think so far. I love the setting of this amazing series, and the awesome cast of characters that we see in each of the succeeding books. After the Witch's Ball which Charlene is a judge this year, once again there is a murder, which she tends to go in search of the culprit. As with each of the previous books the authors write such an amazing story that you hate for the book to come to a end. I certainly would recommend this book to everyone. 

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Kensington Publishing, all thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.
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Mrs. Morris and the Vampire is book #5 in the Salem B&B Mystery series by Traci Wilton.

It is Halloween and Charlene is a judge at the costume ball.  Her friend Brandy’s daughter, Serenity, is very enthralled with Alaric, who claims to be a vampire.  Alaric disappears just before they name the winners.  He turns up dead and Charlene wants to help keep Serenity out of jail.

Murder, ghosts, witches, vampires, mystery - what more can you ask for?  It kept me guessing to the end. I really enjoy this series.

Thank you to the author, Kensington Books, and NetGalley for the Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) copy of this book and I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.
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This is the fifth book in A Salem B&B Mystery series. What better way to celebrate Halloween than a Witches Ball!
Charlene is attending the annual Halloween Witch Ball, and she is one of the judges for the costume contest.
Well, when a murder occurs at the ball, Charlene starts investigating. She just can't help it.
A vampire, witches, a resident ghost, a sexy detective and a wonderful charming Bed and Breakfast hostess. With enough twists and turns to keep you guessing.
This is my favorite book of the series so far.

Thank you NetGalley and Kensington Books for the opportunity to read this book.
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This was a fun and spooky visit to Salem at Halloween time that started with a Halloween ball. Charlene knew her two witch friends were real, but how 'bout those self-professed vampires huh? Charlene had to juggle keeping Sam off her back for doing her usual snooping and keeping herself out of the killer's crosshairs.

We got to learn a little more about Brandy and her daughter Serenity, since Serenity was part of the focus of the story. Charlene and Brandy had a rocky start, and I still wouldn't call her exactly a friendly friend, but Brandy definitely came in handy at the end. Even Sam believed a dream she'd had (would've been pretty bad if he hadn't!). Meanwhile, I love how Jack was learning to do more and more things in his ghostly existence. He's really become quite the computer research wizard. If I was Charlene, I know I'd be so torn between the two men she's crazy about! Although sometimes I lean toward Jack just because he's so darn sweet! I'm always looking forward to the next in this awesome series!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book provided by the publisher via NetGalley, and my opinions are my own.
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A perfect introduction to the Halloween cozy season.. This is a fun intriguing cozy with fun charcters . Thank you to the publisher and to Net Galley.  My review opinions are my own. This book has witches, vampires and lots of spooky Halloween time magical happenings to entice the reader. 

This is the 5th book in the Salem B&B Mystery series by Traci Wilton .  I have read the entire series and each book is delightful. 

It’s Halloween time  in Salem, Massachusetts and the decor is in full regalia. . Charlene is looking forward to  the Witch Ball . She has been asked to be a judge for costume contest.  When a  vampire is found dead  the next day  Charlene is suspecting nefarious circumstances and investigates with the help of her ghost.  This was such a fun read and perfect for Halloween. A well crafted sleuth, great charcters and plenty of paranormal happenings.
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The 5th Book, in A Salem B&B Series, has succeeded in further feeding my addiction to the awesome characters and the mysterious goings-on in the town of Salem! My favorite B&B owner, Charlene, is attending the famous Witch's Ball where her friend, and witch extraordinare, Brandy let's the dislike for her daughter, Serenity's new boyfriend, who claims to be a real vampire, be known. Planning to announce the King and Queen of the ball at midnight, Charlene and the other attendee's are left in shock when Alaric, the vampire, announces his plans to show proof of his identity. When the ballroom goes dark and the doors are mysteriously locked the end results are different than what was expected! A missing vampire, a cloak and a bloody stake are all that is left in evidence. Was Alaric a victim of something sinister or was this the work of someone of flesh and blood? Will Charlene find herself in the middle of another big mystery ? This is one of my favorite series. I love the characters, even our resident ghost Jack, who keeps Charlene on her toes. This is a great series to read anytime but with the Halloween season coming up, I highly recommend this book! Authors Traci Hall and Patrice Wilton have written a series that has stolen my heart! I always look forward to see what they have Charlene getting into next!
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‘Do you believe in vampires, Jack?
No. But I didn’t believe in ghosts either and look where that got me.’

This is the 5th book in the Salem B&B Mystery series by Traci Wilton and it’s by far my favorite. 

It’s the second Halloween for Charlene at her B&B in Salem, Massachusetts that she shares with the resident ghost, Jack Strathmore. And what an exciting Halloween it is! Charlene is attending the Witch Ball with friends and guests of her B&B where she is also a judge for best costumes. Before the winners are announced at midnight, a self-proclaimed vampire disappears, leaving behind a cloak and bloody wooden stake. His body is found the next day washed up on shore and when a second murder occurs, Charlene finds herself in the middle of Detective Sam Holden’s investigation. 
I love the setting and characters in this series. It’s like visiting old friends and making new ones in each book. All the twists and turns will keep you guessing until the end in this well written paranormal cozy.
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Mrs. Morris and the Vampire by Traci Wilton
This is a ghoulishly delightful read just in time for the Halloween season.  I think this is the best one so far.  Don’t get me wrong, all of the “Mrs. Morris and….” books are fabulous.  I just really enjoyed this one immensely. 
All of your favorite characters are back, Charlene, Jack, Sam, Minnie and Avery along with a couple of ghosts, witches and vampires.  Together, this makes for a wonderful time at the B and B.  As usual, Charlene gets a little too involved in the murder and disappearance of a party goer who has everyone believing he is a real live vampire.  
Wrap up in your favorite afghan with a cup of hot cocoa and prepare to get caught up in this great read.  You won’t want to put it down.  Enjoy!!
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This is the latest installment in a series.  I have not read the previous books in the series and must say I have some questions about relationships and previous happenings.   I think it would be best to start at the beginning of the series.  I love the setting and always enjoy a spooky mystery for Halloween.  
Thank you to Kensington Books and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this book.
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This was a fantastic read! Halloween is one of my favorite themes and Charlene is participating as a judge for The Witch Ball. Charlene's friend, Brandy, is none too pleased with her daughter's new boyfriend, which Brandy informs Charlene that Alaric claims to be a vampire. Charlene observes Serenity and Alaric and overhears them arguing and the next moment, Serenity is love-struck.

Right before the judges can announce the costume winner, Alaric pulls a theatrical stunt where he'd disappear to prove to the doubters that he was who he claimed to be. The lights went out, the door locked and when the lights came back on Alaric was nowhere to be seen. In his place were a cloak and a wooden stake. Serenity came to after fainting and mentioned that the spell must've worked but questioned the stake. Charlene wasted no time calling Sam.

When Charlene returned to her B&B and spoke to Jack, her resident ghost, asking him if he believed in vampires, he admitted that he didn't but added he didn't believe in ghosts either. Yet there he was, a ghost.

When a body washes up on shore with a hole in the chest, Serenity becomes a suspect. Charlene joins her friend Brandy to find out more about the coven of vampires that are new transplants to Salem, Massachusetts.

I really enjoyed this story with a lot of twists and turns to keep me guessing. This will get you in the mood for Halloween, with witches, vampires & mystery. I highly recommend this series!

I received an ARC from NetGalley via Kensington and I have voluntarily reviewed this book. #KensingtonPublishing #TeamCharlene
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Mrs. Morris and the Vampire by Traci Wilton is the 5th in the Salem B&B mystery series.  Charlene’s B&B is full and she is eagerly anticipating her first Halloween in Salem especially the Witch Ball. After all, what better holiday to truly experience Salem than Halloween?  If running a B&B isn’t complicated enough, Charlene’s friend Brandy Flint, who owns the local winery, confides in Charlene that she is none too fond of her daughter’s new boyfriend who claims to be a vampire.  When he vanishes during the Witch Ball and later washes ashore, Brandy’s daughter becomes the chief suspect.

Detective Sam Holden is once again on the case, while Charlene and her resident ghost Jack Strathmore work together to solve the mysterious death. Another fun installment in this series, full of mystery and mayhem.  This book captures the essence of Salem and gives the reader a peek behind the scenes of running a B&B - a thoroughly enjoyable read. (I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy and all opinions are my own.)
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This is my second in the series although it is the fifth instalment, and Charlene Morris's 2nd Halloween at her B&B is looming. The annual Witch Ball, held at the historic Hawthorne Hotel is the place everyone wants to be. Protagonist Charlene is a terrific amateur sleuth and gets stuck in when a naked man washes up on the beach with a hole in his chest. It's winery owner Brandy Flint's daughter's beau, called Alaric who claims to be a vampire from Romania.

Set in Salem, Massachusetts, Mrs. Morris and the Vampire was well-crafted, swift-paced, witty and thoroughly entertaining. Charlene is a widow who bought an old mansion now called "Charlene's" and she enjoys the company of Jack Strathmore, the progressive ghost of the former homeowner. The mystery was very engaging and I was kept guessing by the great killer concealment in this lively yarn of surprises. I can’t wait to visit Charlene's in Salem again. Very highly recommended.

I received a complimentary copy of this novel at my request from Kensington Books via NetGalley and this review is my unbiased opinion.
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Mrs. Morris and the Vampire is the 5th book in a Salem B&B Mystery series. It’s Halloween and Charlene has joined her guests and the residents of Salem at a costume ball. She is helping to judge.
Brandy is concerned about her daughter Serenity because she is very involved with a new man, Alaric, who claims to be a vampire. By the morning after the ball, Alaric is dead. Brandy asks Charlene for help to keep Serenity out of jail.
And so the action starts interspersed with the lovely life at the B&B. This mystery has a good mix of every day life, new information and details about Salem, and the investigation into Alaric’s death. The story is well written and the killer concealed until the authors were ready to reveal how the pieces fit together. 
I like Jack but I still wish he would move on to the afterlife so that Charlene would move on too. I think she may be ready because there was less dwelling on her husband’s death in this book.
Each Salem B&B Mystery gets better. And each mystery takes on a new paranormal story - ghosts, witches, sorceress, vampires. Sometimes I almost believe in the paranormal in the way these mysteries play out.
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Mrs. Morris and the Vampire is the fifth book in Traci Wilton’s Salem B&B Mystery series. ( Traci Wilton is the pen name for the collaboration of seasoned authors Traci Hall and Patrice Wilton.) Charlene Morris is a young widow who has established her bed and breakfast in Salem, Massachusetts, and has discovered that she is joined in her home by its late resident, Dr. Jack Strathmore.  This book takes place at Halloween, several months after the third book in the series and about 15 months after she has taken possession of her bed and breakfast.

Charlene has been asked to be a costume judge at the yearly Witch Ball held at the historic Hawthorne Hotel. The ball is a Halloween(Samhain) staple in Salem.  There are many interesting costumes, from a pair of Dalmatians to vampires that believe they truly are vampires. As the ball closes in on midnight and the time for naming the best costumes, Charlene and her fellow judges are off to the side comparing notes when there is a commotion at the center of the dance floor. It seems one of the vampires has called attention to himself repeating his name, Alaric, over and over. As midnight hits, the lights go out and the main door is locked. While there is still candlelight little can be seen until someone outside the door opens it and the exterior light switch is found. The self proclaimed vampire has disappeared leaving behind his cape, a bloodied stake, and a dazed and confused young witch, Serenity, the daughter of one of Charlene’s good friends.

Has a crime been committed? When the vampire’s body washes ashore the next day it is certain that it was murder and Charlene’s young friend is a top suspect. When a second murder occurs and is linked to the first, a full fledged investigation begins, both on the part of Detective Sam Holden and the curious Charlene.

With so many twists and turns the reader is kept guessing and second guessing until the very end of the story.  Again this series entry will not disappoint fans of these books. I very much enjoyed this book and I wholeheartedly recommend it
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Here we are at the fifth book in this series, and it’s still going strong. Charlene seems to be really successful with her B&B, and yet again, she gets tangled up in a mystery. This time, the daughter of a friend is mixed up with a man who claims to be a vampire, and he ends up dead. Charlene takes the case to find out who actually committed the murder when the daughter is one of the suspects even when Sam isn’t happy when she’s involved in murder once again. I love how this world is expanding when Charlene comes to realize that witches with powers exist, and how accepting she is of that. This was an entertaining read from beginning to end. I hate to harp on the same thing ever book, but I still don’t like that Jack is still kinda a contender for Charlene’s heart. Other than that, I absolutely loved this book. Recommend. I was provided a complimentary copy which I voluntarily reviewed.
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Yeah yeah yeah, he's a vampire.  It's Halloween and Salem is overrun with those who want to present as witches and vampires, among other things but Charlene has an actual ghost- Jack- in her B&B.  Her friend Brandy, who is a witch, is unhappy about her daughter Serenity's boyfriend - he's older, he's Romanian, he claims to be a vampire- but she didn't kill him nor did Serenity,.  But who did?  Charlene, Jack, and Detective Sam Holden all work the case.  I love this series because it's a hoot.  Yes, there are ghosts and witches and so on but it never gets too woo woo.  Moreover, Jack is smart, funny, and very much attuned to Charlene.  Then there's Sam.....Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.  It's a fun, entertaining read that will be fine as a standalone.  Series fans will be delighted.
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This is the 5th installment in the Salem B&B mystery series.  Charlene Morris moved to Salem from Chicago over a year ago to move on from the loss of her husband.  Charlene is attending the Halloween Annual witch ball and is one of the costume judges.  Charlene’s friend Brandy’s daughter Serenity is with a much older man named Alaric who recently arrived from New Orleans and he tells everyone he is a vampire.  At midnight, he tells everyone he is going to prove he is a vampire and the lights go out and then when they come on, he is gone but his cloak and a stake in on the ground with blood on it.  No one can find him and Serenity leaves with Alaric’s friend Elisabeta.  Charlene believes something is off and calls Sam to tell him and he comes but they are still mad at each other for her involvement in other investigations and she is mad as he put her in jail.  They are keeping things “professional” and he agrees to look into it.  Alaric is later found dead and Serenity becomes a prime suspect and Brandy requests Charlene to help her investigate this to get Serenity off the hook.  Charlene and Brandy go to the house where Alaric was living and then visit another man who is in town from New Orleans who knew Alaric and his friends.  As soon as they leave, the man falls to the street below from his hotel room.  Yikes Charlene is at yet another crime scene and Sam is less than thrilled.  Once she gets home she runs everything by Jack her resident ghost and he is willing to help her investigate .. amazing that Jack as a ghost can work the computer but it is fascinating to see the two of them work together.  Charlene is a great sleuth and tries to be careful but of course she gets into trouble along the way.  This is a great series and this was a great addition to the series and kept me reading into the early morning hours to finish the book.  Cannot wait for the next installment.
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amateur-sleuth, bed-and-breakfast, cozy-mystery, friendship, ghosts, murder-investigation, law-enforcement, witches, snarky*****

Charlene Morris is a fairly recent widow who bought a marvelous old mansion which she operates as a B&B in the historic town of Salem, Massachusetts and enjoys the company of a wonderful man who is a rather progressive ghost. This is book 5 in series, but easily stands alone.
This time the holiday is Halloween and a scam artist/magician from NOLA purporting to be a vampire has set his sights on the daughter of one of the witches. But he winds up dead for real so Charlotte and friends get involved in the investigation despite the objections of the local detective. Great characters, both ongoing and temporary make this a great escape! Loved it!
I requested and received a free temporary ebook from Kensington Books via NetGalley. Thank you!
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