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Mrs. Morris and the Vampire is the 5th book in Traci Wilton’s Salem B&B Mystery series, but can be read as a standalone. I was very impressed with this book.  There is a little bit of everything: suspense, action, tragedy, humor, secrets, history, romance, a ghost, witchcraft, and vampires. 

When a wannabe vampire goes missing during the annual Witch Ball and his body later washes ashore, Charlene Morris, owner of a local B&B, is determined to find the killer before her friend’s daughter goes to jail for murder.

Salem, Massachusetts is a great location to set a mystery, especially at Halloween. I love that the author included so much history about Salem. The fast-paced action kept me turning the pages, wanting to know what was going to happen next. Vivid descriptions allowed me form mental pictures of people and places. The book is expertly plotted, with lots of twists and turns that kept me guessing. A wide range of personalities, from sugary sweet to truly bizarre, made for very interesting characters. Charlene Morris, the protagonist, has a heart of gold, but a snarky side, which I love. I particularly like Brandy, and that she comes from a long line of strong women/witches. I wish I had her powers. Jack is an extremely considerate and loving man, it’s a shame he’s a ghost. 

I highly recommend this book to any cozy reader, but especially fans of Salem, witchcraft and the paranormal. 

Thanks to Traci Wilton for providing me with a digital advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.
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I have read all the books in this paranormal cozy mystery series and this one was quite good, although I still think the first book in the series was the best. The reason I am giving four stars was I thought the book went on for just a bit too long and I was getting annoyed. 

Charlene Morris is celebrating her second Halloween in Salem, MA as a successful B&B owner. This time she is at the annual Halloween masquerade ball when a man professing to be a real vampire pulls off a stunt at midnight supposedly to demonstrate he is the real deal. Instead he disappears from the ball as intended but did not plan to end up dead later with a "stake hole" through his real human heart. Charlene's friend Brandy's daughter is a possible suspect so Charlene again dons her detective hat to discover whodunit.

I thought the vampire lore in this book was a little cheesy, especially with some of these characters that took the charade a bit too far. Sure there were the usual clichés about sunlight, garlic and drinking blood but apparently also drugs, theft and a whole host of other non-supernatural business followed. I still enjoyed the story and I figured out whodunit before the review but again, I thought this was just too long to give 5 stars.
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What a wonderful story and all the ins and outs of who did what.  I love the ghost Jack and can't wait for more books to give him more storylines.
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A big thank you to NetGalley and Kensington Publications for the ARC.  I am voluntarily reviewing this book.  This is part of a series.  I believe this is book 5.  I have not read all the others, but it does read well as a stand alone.  I was a bit confused by the main character's behavior.  Charlotte is a widow and runs a B&B.  She lives with a ghost but it seemed as if Sam was a love interest? or not?  The actual mystery was interesting and the characters were fun.  The story was full of surprises.  Even the killer was a surprise to me.  Didn't really appreciate the ending.  I enjoy the bits of paranormal and the setting of Salem, MA.  Overall a decent quick read.  3 stars  I think most cozy paranormal mystery readers will enjoy.
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Charlene Morris is my absolute favorite book character. This book series keeps getting better and better. Traci Hall and Patrice Wilton have made this series and it's characters so addicting.  Charlene's character is always finding a mystery to solve, and this time she has to solve the murder of a so called real vampire.  With so many lovable characters, Charlene has her pick of supporting friends. Not to mention she still has her live in ghost, Jack.  I can't wait to see Traci and Patrice have in store for Charlene next.  I do know that with these two authors we can expect more great mysteries for Charlene to solve!
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"Mrs. Morris and the Vampire" is the 5th instalment in the Salem B&B Mystery series by Traci Wilton.  This is my favourite one so far, I just loved it, but I say that with each new book!

It's B&B owner Charlene Morris's second Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts, and one she won't soon forget when a self-proclaimed vampire is murdered...

What can I say, this go around it’s Halloween and Wannabe Vampires abound. I love visiting Salem and Charlene’s B&B with its resident ghost Jack and her B&B family.  I love all the characters Charlene, Jack, Minnie, Sam and Avery.

The mystery was interesting, well plotted, with enough twists and turns to keep you guessing till the very end. I definitely was surprised by the ending and can’t wait for book 6 to see what happens next!!!

 I highly recommend this book to all my cozy lover friends.

I requested and received an advance reader copy of this book from Kensington Books and Netgalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Mrs Morris is at it again. This time a “vampire” is dead after disappearing at the Witch’s Ball at the Hawthorne hotel (where Charlene is a judge in the costume contest.) This installment has witches, vampires, tour guides, another a Halloween in Salem, an author, and of course a certain detective, 

I loved this book! I am a fan of the city, and have been there a bunch of times so the settings are all familiar to me (at least the real ones!) I can imagine these characters living in Salem. The mystery is my favorite yet. A vampire who wants to die so he can prove he is immortal- I mean wow! It is so out there, but it works. Charlene is getting more aggressive and involved. 

Part of the ending disappointed me. Saying too much might give it away. I hope that it is rectified in the future. It won’t stop me from reading more and I am spooking forward to what is next for Mrs. Morris!
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Charlene Morris, owner of Charlene's B&B in Salem, Massachusetts, is called on to solve a murder by her friend Brandy, who owns the local winery and also happens to be a witch. The murder victim, Alaric is a guy who professes to be a vampire and was seeing Brandy's daughter Serenity. The police believe Serenity may have murdered Alaric. Charlene is determined to help Serenity prove her innocence. During the course of Charlotte's investigation Charlotte faces some danger but still manages to ferret out who the murderer is. I liked this storyline as it includes the sleuthing by Charlotte but also includes Charlotte's enjoyment of hosting guests in her B&B.

I received an ARC in exchange for a honest review.
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This series has been a hit or a miss for me.  I really enjoyed the previous book, but this latest offering just did not grab me.

I will read the next one in the series,  as I enjoy the paranormal aspect.

I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.
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Thank you NetGalley and Kensington Books for providing me with an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. Mrs. Morris and the Vampire was my introduction to the Salem B&B Mystery series, and I should have started reading the series earlier. I had a great time reading this book. The story starts during a Halloween party and nicely sets out everything that follows. I really liked the fact that elements from both the party and what happens at the B&B get connected as the story progresses. The characters, even minor ones, are multidimensional, which makes for a mystery that appeals to the reader's intelligence. Once you find out who the culprit is, previous elements from the story are seen in a different light. This book is highly recommended to people who love good mysteries and Halloween. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series.
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This book like the rest of the books in the series was a quick read. However, I didn't really like this one as much as I did the pervious books in the series. But it was still an enjoyable read.
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Salem, one of my favorite book settings, especially for Halloween mysteries. This book reels you in and keeps you engaged until you have reached the end.
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This series has become one of my new favorites. Great setting in Salem, with a small paranormal twist. But still just a great read.
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Interesting cozy mystery set in Salem.
A B&B with an enthusiastic and welcoming host, with a resident ghost and best friend.
In this instalment, the story is set in Hallowing, a custom ball, and some remarkable disguises. The tone is set when a supposed vampire sweeps away her friend’s daughter, enchanting her in a way that could lead to disaster and murder.
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Charlene, owner of Charlene's Bed and Breakfast, seems to find herself in the middle of trouble often. When a murder occurs at a Halloween party, she investigates to keep her friend's daughter from being suspected. The drama thickens often and so does the list of possible suspects. Her friend, the police detective, wants her to stay safe and away from the action but that doesn't seem possible. Charlene is an interesting character with a business of her own, plenty of friends, a ghost and a love interest if she chooses.
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Wow!  I adore all the books in the Salem B & B series - and this one is no exception!  Charlene Morris owns a B & B in Salem, Massachusetts.  Halloween is an enchanted time in Salem, and Charlene and her guests are attending a Halloween ball at a historic hotel in Salem.  In addition to ghosts and witches, we now have vampires in Salem - or wannabes. 

When a vampire at the ball goes missing in a dramatic incident and is later found dead on the shore, Charlene and her friends are pulled into investigating another murder.  Charlene's friendship with detective Sam Holden is precarious due to her past sleuthing efforts, and Sam has told her in no uncertain terms to quit investigating. 

Charlene's friend and local witch Brandy Flint is especially concerned because her daughter Serenity was dating the mysterious vampire prior to his murder and is now suspect #1.   Charlene steps up to help Brandy solve the crime and clear her daughter's name. 

There are so many reasons I love this series - let me count the ways!  First, I loved visiting Salem, and reading these stories brings me back to the magical city.  The stories also leave me longing for another visit.  Second, Charlene is a fun and sassy character whom I can relate to.  She is a good friend, and a great hostess.  Charlene has a way about her that gets people to open up and share things with her, which is what makes her such a great sleuth.  Third, I love the resident ghost of the B & B Jack Strathmore.  He is Charlene's sounding board and the relationship he and Charlene have is very endearing.  Fourth, I love that the authors give us a peek at the visitors to the B & B.  These characters are new in every book so far, and I enjoy the variety of people Charlene gets to host from week to week.  I hope some of them are repeat customers down the road.  Finally, I also love the ongoing characters.  Minnie, who is Charlene's right hand at the B &B, particularly in the kitchen is one of my favorites.  I also enjoy her teenage employee, Avery, who lives at the local girl's home.  Charlene has been an encouraging supporter of Avery and her post-high school dreams.  

The book kept me guessing until the end and I really believed I had it figured out - and I was wrong!  It is a great series and I look forward to more.    

I received an advance reader copy of this book from the publisher and #NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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This is the fifth book in a cozy mystery series set in the town of Salem, Massachusetts. This is the first book in the series that I have read. The milieu has been firmly established and the characters already developed. The author did a good job of familiarizing me-the-new-reader with the background and the setting. It was quite smooth.

Charlene Morris, owner of a fancy bed and breakfast haunted by a ghost named Jack, is one of the judges at the annual Halloween ball. By the end of the night there has been drama, flirtation, and a mysterious disappearance. The next morning someone turns up dead. And we're off!

This was a fun cozy. It hews to many tropes, but does so in an entertaining way. The characters are bright, there's some fun history of Salem, and there are witches with some real magic and some theoretical vampires.

This is a frothy bit of fun and really hit the spot on a hot, humid day!
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Charlene Morris is a widow who owns a Victorian B&B in Salem, Massachusetts.  The former owner is Dr. Jack Strathmore, a ghost who haunts the B&B and has become Charlene's friend and companion.  Unfortunately, the only other living thing who knows about Jack is Charlene's cat, Silva.  So she's naturally discreet when talking with him so as not to have people think she's less-than-sane.  

But on this night she's one of the judges at the annual Halloween costume ball at the Hawthorne Hotel, and as she's watching the people, she sees her friend Brandy, a powerful witch of the Flint family, who also owns the winery that supplies the B&B with their own brand, staring out to the patio.  Brandy isn't happy that her daughter Serenity has taken up with a man who's at least two decades older, and he's insisting he's a vampire.  Brandy knows they don't exist, and wants him out of the picture.  Charlene secretly agrees, but knows that Brandy will have to handle it her way.

But then there are altercations with the self-named vampire, Alaric, that get heated with threats, including one from Serenity.  Before anything can blow up, however, just before the costume judging begins, Alaric states that he is going to show everyone he is a vampire, then disappears when the lights go out and isn't seen again.

When a body washes up on the beach the next morning, it's discovered to be Alaric, and now Detective Sam Holden has a homicide on his hands.  But who is the killer?  Brandy?  Serenity?  One of Alaric's followers?  Or Orpheus -- who followed Alaric from New Orleans for his own reasons?  Brandy wants her daughter cleared, and asks Charlene to investigate.  Now Charlene is stuck in the middle of another murder investigation, a fully packed B&B full of guests, and trying to stay out of the crosshairs of a deputy who doesn't like her.  Will she find the killer or be the next victim?...

This is the fifth book in the series and I have read every one of them, savoring the plot right down to its conclusion.  I will admit I'm a sucker for books with ghosts in them, and have many series in my book collection.  When this series came out, I thought great -- another one for the shelves.  But I've become attached to Charlene and Jack, and even some of the secondary characters.

I love the fact that the books are progressing as the series grows.  Charlene is growing closer to Jack (which I do love), and wish he could find a way to eventually return to earth. (Ah, well); and then Avery, her teenage employee, is coming into her own and looking up to Charlene as a role model, which is nice.  I also like the rest of the characters, but am withholding judgment on the deputy, only because I abhor the "evil nemesis" in a book.  However, I will state that she's not in it enough to ruin the book for me, but this is all my own opinion.

The plot is definitely interesting -- a group of people move from New Orleans and all proclaim to want to be (or are) vampires; something Brandy insists doesn't exist.  So why are they interested in Serenity?  And is there more to the story that neither Sam nor Charlene are learning?  But when Charlene becomes interested in a book written by a local author on the the history of Salem and its secrets, she becomes more interested in what's really going on...

I would love to reveal more about this book, but I won't, since it's the discovering it on your own that is the best part.  When the ending comes and the killer is revealed, it comes as a complete surprise, which is a good thing.  There are clues hidden throughout, but done so well as to keep us focused on other areas.  This is an entrancing book, and a wonderful addition to the series.  Highly recommended.
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This was a quick read and so much fun! Now I need to go back and read the prior books, starting with how Charlene came to open the B&B and meet Jack. Highly recommended for fans of paranormal cozy mysteries.
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Loved this book! The characters and the story kept me reading until the end! I enjoyed the storyline and the characters throughout the book. Such a great read to get lost in. I highly recommend this book! Thank you for letting me review this book!
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