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Owen and Luna meet early in college in 2002 and become best friends. They are inseparable. If you see one, the other can’t be far behind.  Present day,  they are still inseparable even  though they are married to other people. No one can penetrate the Owen and Luna bubble. People find it weird that they have never been romantically involved and can’t really understand their close friendship. In present day Owen’s wife is found murdered and he becomes the main suspect. By default Luna becomes a suspect. Luna is also the one who finds his wife shot to death in a cemetery near her house.
This was such a multi layered story. The chapters alternate between 2002 - 2005 and present day. We find out that Luna has a big secret that she is keeping from everyone back in the early 2000’s. In 2019 is she guilty of killing his wife? Is Owen guilty? Little by little you learn more and more about their friendship, their betrayals , their love lives, and more. I did not want this book  to end. Luna and Owen were such real characters to me. I feel like they are people I went to college with and know personally.  You should definitely read this book. It is not really a thriller bit more of a literary mystery. Thank you to Net Galley and the publisher for the advanced copy of this book. All opinions are my own.
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I received a reviewer copy of The Accomplice by Lisa Lutz from the publisher Ballatine Books from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

What It’s About: Luna and Owen have been best friends since colleges, they are inseparable and so closely connected, that it shocks people that they’ve never gotten together. And more confusing is that Owen’s girlfriends seem to end up dead.

What I Loved: I love Lisa Lutz’s riding so much. I love her dark sense of humor and her ability of building intriguing characters, plot, and mysteries while not reading too much like a pop-thriller. I loved the character of Luna and her background and guilt was so intriguing as a character without being dislikable. I liked the way the plot played out, and didn’t see the end of the book coming.  

What I didn’t like so much: At times I got frustrated with the male character Owen, he seemed very problematic to me and he got under my skin that made me struggle with picking up the book sometimes, but ultimately that’s what happens with complex character studies! At times it felt like the side characters should have been a bit more prominent.

Who Should Read It: People who love unique mysteries. People who love dark humor.
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"I think that whatever those two are, it's not normal" Luna and Owen. Owen and Luna. They have a bond that is unbreakable. Their frienship is littered with lies, jealousy, and betrayal. Is one of them a murderer? Did one of the kill for the other? Their relationship is complicated to everyone that is pulled in their orbit. The past comes back with a vengence, as the truth threatens to come out Will history repeat itself? This is a fast paced psychological thriller that had me racing to the end. Compelling, suspenseful and highly entertaining describe this character driven story of the power of friendship. Thank you NetGalley and Ballantine Books for my copy.
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This book is full of twisted thrills that makes for a fun and addictive read.
We follow two friends who are the suspects in a murder as they get caught up in a web of secrets, will they stand by each others sides through thick and thin? That is the ultimate question. 

This was a fast paced book that sucked me in from the first few pages and was hard to put down! It is one that you will want to devour in one sitting! 
I really enjoyed the two MC -Luna and Owen, and getting to know each and their deep devotion to one another. 

The ending was a bit of a disappointment, but other than that this was a quick, fun, decent read!
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The Accomplice was a wild ride, though not quite as dark as I expected. 

Bouncing between two timelines, you learn all the dirty secrets of Owen and Luna's lives. Did Owen really kill his wife or is something deeper at play? 

I think Lutz did a great job keeping you in the edge of your seat, and I honestly didn't quite expect that ending.

My main complaint is the amount of vomiting. 

Thanks for NetGalley and the publisher for my copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Owen and Luna have been inseparable best friends since college. They never dated – they've always just been friends, and close ones. When Owen’s wife turns up dead, police quickly discover that she is not the first murder victim that Owen and Luna have been close to. Luna is sure that Owen had nothing to do with either of these murders – but then she finds out that he’s been keeping secrets from her.

I didn’t really like any of these characters, or connect to them emotionally at all. On a scale of Indifferent to Despise, I’m kind of just vaguely annoyed by them, when I feel anything at all. I kept going because I wanted to know the answers to the various mysteries that the book has intertwined – and the plot was interesting enough. I just didn’t really feel invested in the story because I didn’t connect to the characters, and therefore the emotional stakes of the story didn’t really connect either. I also didn’t really care for the loosey-goosey POV, which was kind of third-person omniscient but also kind of not? In most scenes the POV stuck mostly to one character, but then it would randomly include the thought processes of other people. I’ve never cared for that kind of POV.

That being said, it’s a perfectly fine mystery novel, and people who can connect to it emotionally might enjoy it better than I did.

CW: infidelity, murder, depression, abortion
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Excellent read. Great ending as well. Loved the characters & multiple perspectives throughout the book.
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Excellent read. Great ending as well. Loved the characters & multiple perspectives throughout the book.
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Excellent read. Great ending as well. Loved the characters & multiple perspectives throughout the book.
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I requested this because of The Spellman Files.  I was hoping for another snarky mystery.  While this was not that it was still good enough to keep me reading.
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Luna and Owen have been friends forever.  When Owen's wife is murdered the police think Owen is guilty but can't prove anything.  Luna wants to help Owen and starts investigating on her own.  I was a little disappointed in the outcome of the story line.  I'm a big Lisa Lutz fan and enjoy her books.  I think part of the problem for me was jumping back and forth between the friends past and present. I received a copy of this ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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It's so exciting to finally finish a book. The old me devoured books in a day or two. I don't recognize this person I've become. At one time I was the type of reader that couldn't walk away from a book, regardless of my waning interest in the title. Now... I'm all too happy to chuck anything that doesn't feel worth my time. So... was The Accomplice by Lisa Lutz worth my time? Simply put, obviously since I finished it. On a more complex level, I should have moved on.

Let's get to it... 

The Accomplice introduces us to the dynamic duo that is Luna and Owen. The two are the quintessential pair that come from two very different lives but are brought together (like so many) after meeting in college. I mean really, where else can you meet your complete opposite soulmate? Anyway...

Everyone sees the two as a package deal. No they don't date or have any romantic inclinations towards each other but one would suspect they do since they are practically inseparable. They know each other on a whole other level. Most importantly, they know each other's secrets. Or rather, their secret lives...

The only catch with the two is that there seems to be a trail of dead bodies left behind in their wake. Lisa Lutz opens with the mystery that is the death/murder of Owen's wife Irene. Ironically Luna finds her body on a trail they frequently run together. Lutz offers no shortage of suspicion that jumps from one to the other. The Accomplice develops by altering between the past during their college days, and the present where Irene's been killed. 

Essentially, there's enough intrigue and mystery to hold tight to waning interests but the ending fell kinda flat for me.

Truth be told I had a more elaborate and descriptive ending to this review but I stepped away from what I was writing and when I picked back up and pressed send Goodreads was basically like nope! We will not be accomplice to you finishing this review with a somewhat preserved idea of a point. Therefore I’ll stop right here and say that For the most part I enjoyed reading Lutz The Accomplice. I only wish the ending didn’t fall so flat for me. 

Copy provided by Random Publishing House via Netgalley
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Holy cow, how did I idiotically wait this long to read this story by a long-time beloved author?! While I do miss Ms Lutz’s forays into snarky, crazily-connected-to The Spellman family and such, I have also thoroughly enjoyed this newer path of suspense and serious tales. 
The fascinating plot line and characters in this book, especially the uniquely platonic part, were very engaging and I know they will be for others. Pick this one up, y’all! 
Thanks also do net galley and the publisher for this ARC!
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An entertaining thriller. The flashback chapters took a good long while to dole out information, which got irritating at times, but otherwise I enjoyed it.
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Full of quirky characters and twisty events, this was the best fun I have had with Lutz since the Spellmans. Luna's mysterious background and longtime friendship with Owen is explored in an alternating timeline between their college days at Markham to the present of 2019. Sadly, coincidental murders seem to connect them as well and I was surprised several times at the reveals as the story went along. This was good and you never know, the way it ended certainly leaves the door open for another.
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Finally! A book where the leads are friends that don't turn into lovers. REJOICE!  Luna is quite the character with her idiosyncrasies and past traumas.  But I do so love her attitude and how the author shows that typical sway of how men are interested in those who just don't give is a shit over a girl is way too over available.  Le sigh.

But alas, do YOU like people? Here's the question that starts their entire friendship and I was riveted... until I wasn't.  I love that suspenseful feel we get through the entire read but I think I was expecting that beat to drop and when it came down to what should've felt like an explosive part, it just kinda fizzled.  I think the ending may have tried a little too much. *shrug*

This is my third by this author and I would absolutely recommend The Swallows as it is currently my favorite by Lutz.  This, and the Passengers, were fun reads and Lutz does a fantastic job of bringing the reader in.  Unfortunately, I felt the air go out of this balloon with this ending.  

Friendships, family trauma, secrets... it's all in here.  If you prefer the character driven part where we learn about Luna and Owen and how their friendship develops and maintains over time, I'd definitely recommend this.  If you're looking for explosive twists that leave your head spinning... well, it's not going to happen here.
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Always on the search for page-turning suspense, I am frequently disappointed. This book did not disappoint me even though I doubted in the first few pages. 

There were enough twists, turns, and misdirections to keep me satisfied and reading furiously. And the nice thing about the misdirection was that it wasn't completely over-the-top or unbelievable. She deftly laid out a scatter of breadcrumbs and was able to tie everything together. 

I really enjoyed the author's use of the back and forth jumps in time and character to keep things moving, and her chapter structure was fabulous. If I taught a course on how to develop your chapters, this book would be in the syllabus. 

While I didn't really ever like any of the characters or feel like cheering them on, I felt like they were true to themselves and their stories. I don't want to post any spoilers, but would have loved more of Irene because I think she was intriguing.
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I read the passenger a few years ago and was so consumed by the character and the story I remember wanting more from this author. Flash forward to 2022 and this new release. Again immediately engaging and it kept me guessing all the way through. The characters were so twisted I only predicted one half of the mystery. Again I want more !
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How much is too much for your ride or die?

Luna Grey and Owen Mann have an unbeatable bond and have been best friends since college. Complete opposites, they became known as Owen and Luna, Luna and Owen. They go together like peas and carrots.  Not everyone understands their relationship, and how it never turned into love.

Their friendship survives secrets, gossip, and a curious death back in their college days.

Years into the future, Luna and Owen are married to their respective partners. One day, Luna finds Owen’s wife, Irene, shot dead in a cemetery. How?! Who?! Why?!?!  Luna is convinced Owen is innocent.

Long buried secrets come to light, and these two friends realize they might not know each other as well as they thought they did.

I looked forward to this book after reading and loving "The Passenger" several years ago, and I’m glad it didn't disappoint!  The writing draws you immediately into the crux of the mystery and doesn't let go until the end. I loved the author's technique of switching between two timelines (college years and 2019). I was enthralled and couldn’t wait to see how everything tied together at the end.

I went into this expecting a pulse pounding thriller. It’s more of a slow burn suspene. While I was fine with it, other readers may have to adjust expectations. The ending, though enjoyable and well plotted, felt a bit anticlimactic. Again, for some reason, I wasn’t bothered by that...maybe because the execution from start to finish was really strong. I guess it was the right read at the right time.

Overall, this is a hard-to-put-down and compelling tale with mysterious undertones, suspenseful chapters that keep you hooked, and brilliant/biting dialogue (which I really love).
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The Accomplice is an dual-timeline murder mystery.

Owen and Luna have been best friends—and only friends—since college. When Owen’s wife is shot and killed, both Owen and Luna are suspects.

The Accomplice had more than one twist and I definitely didn’t see any of them coming. I enjoyed the dual-timeline aspect, so I could do how the events of the past transformed Owen and Luna into their present day selves.

Thank you Ballantine Books and Netgalley for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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