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In Declutter Like a Mother, Allie Casazza lays out a step by step plan to reclaim your sanity, your home, and your motherhood. Her plan is simple and actionable. This  book came at just the right time. Instead of making lists of areas I ought to simplify, Allie reminds us to just take action. Even just taking one action helped me to immediately feel lighter and encouraged me to continue with the focus on intent. I particularly like the ‘rule of space,’ as an idea of how much to keep and this works well with helping children declutter their things.
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I love this book! It's different from other decluttering books because it makes it realistic and doable for each person. Not a strict set of rules.
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This little gem is the perfect companion for anyone who is interested in cleaning out and decluttering their personal space. There are tons of practical tips and tricks buried within these pages, just waiting on you to jump in and mine through the junk … to finally obtain that diamond … you know… the one where you don’t hold your breath and squeeze your derrière tight enough to MAKE a diamond, because you just heard companies coming and the house is a wreck. The perfect way to bring down your anxiety level! This is a great read for everyone - as well all need to learn how to let go and <I> Declutter Like A Mother!”

Definite 4 out of 5 star book for me and one I will definitely be recommending! 

Thank you so much to #NetGalley, the publisher, Nelson Books, and the author Allie Casazza for providing me with an electronic arc in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.
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This book is the perfect read for anyone looking to de-clutter their spaces and also their lives. 

Allie gives practical tips that people from all stages of lives can use to easily simplify their lives and create a more livable and functional space. 

Thanks so much Netgalley for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.
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This was such a motivational book! As someone who has read at least a dozen decluttering books already, there was not a lot of new information, but the empowerment and motivation were so nice! For someone just dipping their toe into the idea of living with less, this book is the perfect jumping off point that gives you the tools you need to find success and how simplicity fits in to your own life, not anyone else’s! I would highly recommend, especially to young moms.
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This is a book that should have just stayed a blog post.  10% content, 90% filler and self promotion.
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I follow Allie on social media and was so excited to read her book. I felt like it was obviously similar content to her social feeds, but very refreshing compared to the many other decluttering books I’ve read. She does a great job keeping her systems versatile for what works best for different people as opposed to a ‘one size fits all’ or RULES like other systems.
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This book is geared more towards moms with younger kids.  My kids are older now but I still got a lot from this book.  It helps you realize how much stuff is weighing you down and gets you to look at what you have and decide whether its worth all the space its taking up in your home. Yes, you spent (wasted) a lot of money on "XYZ" but is it worth keeping just to take up valuable space in your home?  A lot of great point and tips.
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This is a fantastic book and was very helpful for me. I highly recommend it regardless of how much clutter you currently have. It is full of helpful tips and new ways of thinking about our homes and possessions. The author teaches the connection between clutter and the way we feel. She said this book is for every woman who is overwhelmed and wants more time for what matters. If we get rid of stuff, we feel more peace in our homes. One idea I liked is that we aren’t wasting money when we get rid of clutter, we already wasted it when we purchased something we didn’t need. We also waste time, space, and energy by keeping things we don’t use. I found her idea helpful to set the intent for each room to know what we need to remove or add to it. It is also helpful to identify our clutter crutch so we can see the solution for it. Thanks to NetGalley for a temporary digital copy to use for my review.
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What a great book. Allie Casazza is like so many American moms, too much stuff, over committed and often times finding it hard to see the joys of motherhood. Casazza not only gives you the tools to de clutter  your house but the reasons why it will change your life. She has a light and fun style both in her book and on her podcast. Her steps are easy to follow and you continue to say to yourself that you should have known that. A quick read with tons of info.
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I first heard about Allie Casazza through her Facebook Declutter like a Mother challenge a few years ago. Here I was introduced to the idea of everything in your life taking up your precious time. I kind of think of her as a more relatable Marie Kondo. So I began to follow Allie’s method of getting rid of ‘stuff,’ which has enabled me to spend less time maintaining my home and more time doing the things I love.

I was excited to hear about Casazza’s first book as although I have good routines and rhythms for certain things (e.g. laundry) and have decluttered and maintained specific areas (e.g. bathroom, clothing) there are still areas that needed work (particularly TOYS!)

‘Declutter like a mother,’ the book came at just the right time. Instead of making lists of areas I ought to simplify, Allie reminds us to just take action. Even just taking one action helped me to immediately feel lighter and encouraged me to continue with the focus on intent. I particularly like the ‘rule of space,’ as an idea of how much to keep and this works well with helping children declutter their things.

If you have been listening to Allie for some time, there may not be much new here. However, it is great for being able to go back to those specific sections whenever you like in the book. For those new to Allie Casazza - if you are feeling overwhelmed - this is a great place to start. Recommended.
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The entire book feels like 20% content and 80% filler - much of it an infomercial for Cassaza’s online courses and podcast. I do like the idea of rejecting rigid minimalism and capsule wardrobes and finding your own sweet spot. Writing feels chatty rather than conversational and loses flow. I also appreciate how the target audience is not exclusively upper middle class stay at home WASPs - anyone can benefit from the advice, but it would have been better as an article in good housekeeping rather than an entire book.
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Very informative and a useful guide to have.  I like that there are no ‘set rules’ and people are encourage to find a way to declutter which best suits them,  their family and lifestyle.  An honest reflection of motherhood as well!
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Decluttering is hard. Decluttering as a parent is extra hard. Stuff seems to accumulate and multiply and it can be overwhelming and seem like an insurmountable task. If you're looking for a cheerleader and encouragement then Declutter Like a Mother might be for you. If you're looking for strategies, techniques or a guide then it might not be. 
Allie Casazza is personable and friendly, although a little overzealous in her use of the term 'girl' in a motivational capacity (e.g. Girl, you've got this). I have followed Allie for some time and have found lately that there is a lot of advertising her courses and scant information on decluttering strategies and tips. The same could be said of this book. It often felt like she was peddling her courses and there was not a lot of tangible content in the terms of techniques or guides. 
Allie is good at motivating you, supporting you and changing your mindset, so if you're a self-starter this might be all you need. If you're looking for more structure then perhaps look to some other guides. 
I appreciated Allie's candour and her personable way of writing which is familiar and comforting. It did get a little annoying and repetitive when you wanted more information and she suggested joining her paid courses though. If you're familiar with Allies story then that was also a bit monotonous for me and I skimmed over that quickly hoping to get to the bones of the book. Unfortunately, for me, it never arrived. Sure, I was very motivated and it helped with my mindset but after a little while this wanes and upon reflection there was not a lot else that I gained from reading this which I find disappointing. 
If you're a superfan or in need of a supportive voice cheering you on then this might be for you
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So so good! I listened to this book on Audible and it is so nice to be able to work while I listen. I listened to it all one time through while picking up, cooking dinner, etc. I have already tossed a few things while picking up and listening. I can’t wait to go through each room while listening to it at the same time. Next week I plan on starting on a room with trash bags in hand! I can’t wait to live lighter!
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I am a mom of 3 kids. I definitely needed some good tips on decluttering. I loved all the encouragement I felt while reading this book. I thought the author's advice was practical and very helpful. I can't wait to get more time back by living with less. Huge thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for allowing me to read and review this book.
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This was a fun, light, self-help read. Being a mom of two, who could definitely use some decluttering tips, I was looking forward to this book. There are some helpful ideas - although many are common sense, sometimes we all need it spelled out for us a bit. The book is written in a very approachable, friendly manner and I can see fans of books by Rachel Hollis and similar authors enjoying the style. 
Thanks to the publisher and to NetGalley for the ARC to read and review. All opinions are my own.
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I really enjoyed this book. I am not a mother so I was worried I wouldn't relate to this book. That wasn't the case at all, this book is for everyone. It is completely relatable. It is encouraging and motivating, what I loved most about this book, it was real. It takes a very "real" outlook on life and schedules. 
I would 100% recommend this book.
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Thank you to Nelson Books and NetGalley for allowing me to read Declutter Like a Mother.

u'll instantly feel your day brighten. With an uplifting voice and infectious laugh, Casazza challenges her listeners in their everyday lives. Her story really begins with the art of minimalism.

Don't let that word scare you though. Don't picture Emily Gilmore from the Gilmore Girls revival (if you know you know). Over and over again, Casazza stresses that her approach to minimalism isn't so much about hard and fast rules but rather about creating a space that feels good and promotes a positive and healthy atmosphere for the whole family.

I'll let you in on a little secret. Right now, my house of 10 years sits partially boxed up, waiting for our next step. While putting all our stuff into boxes required a lot of time and thought, I can tell you it feels absolutely wonderful and freeing to live in an uncluttered house. I feel so much less stress and anxiety. And I know my husband, who hates clutter, feels the same. My kids...well, we'll get there.

While I read Declutter Like a Mother after putting my life into boxes, I know I will implement Casazza's strategies once we land. They're that good!

On a Personal Note
So, what will you find in Declutter Like a Mother? Wisdom. Straight up. Casazza encourages moms (and others reading her book) to make minimalism work for them. That will look different for everyone, yes, but Casazza does offer some ground rules. One that I appreciate is to stick with a plan. Like Casazza writes, when I'm overwhelmed, I can often start a task and distract myself into what I like to call "purging my belongings". Without finishing the task, e.g., putting everything away, Casazza simply says to start with sorting your belongings into piles: keep, toss and donate. I've lost hundreds of dollars by distracting myself from this method…Ooops...

One of the book's subsections is entitled "Clutter is a Thief". Boy, isn't that the truth. Clutter steals time. It steals serenity. It steals joy. I've felt all of these emotions in the past, but I don't know that I could have articulated what I was feeling before I read Casazza's book.

After Casazza introduces her method, she asks the reader to set the intent of each room. I love this! I want to do this! 


Because it helps to narrow down the functionality of a given space. To me, this equates to simplicity, which equals less stress and more time.

By creating the idea of intent, you (and I) will know how to simplify the space to what it needs to be.

For example, my husband and I are foodie people. So, I can't wait to make my kitchen more functional, to make it clean and appealing, with my favorite cooking tools easily accessible. I loved her section on kitchens for this reason. I can design my kitchen space how I need it to be without it overflowing with tools and appliances that might get used once in a while.

Bottom Line
Is this book worth your time? YES! Are there other organizational books out there? Yes. 

So, why by Casazza's book?

Simplicity. If you're looking to find serenity in your house, to create a healthy and appealing space, one that you want to be in, then read Casazza's book. Mother to mother, I know what it's like to be stressed out. To be running after the kids at all hours of the days. To have to separate your personal and business life and home management life.

Casazza is relatable. She understands what it means to be a full-time mom, running a business on the side, and managing the everyday ins and outs of managing the house. 

Highly rated!
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Prior to picking up Declutter Like a Mother I had never heard of Allie Casazza.  I loved how clearly organized this book was.  I have tried other forms of decluttering and every time I ended up overwhelmed and quitting.  This fun guide helped me put things into perspective and I managed to thoroughly declutter my kitchen and it is so much easier to keep it clean!  I have been inspired to slowly declutter the rest of my house too and I loved the suggestion to break it up into a couple of scheduled days each week.  

Another section of the book that I loved was the section on how every kid is unique.  As a mother of four children I find it amazing how different each of my children are especially in regards to how they approach clutter.  I think that the tips to help each type of child will be very useful.
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