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As a self proclaimer minimalist, I really enjoyed this book.  I appreciated how she shared the root of clutter and didn't just give tips on how to manage it.
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I had never heard of her author before now, even though she is apparently quite famous for her blog and podcast. That being said, I am always looking into new ways to keep things simple, especially since we recently downsized. Although I didn’t really learn anything new from this book, there were a few quotes that stood out to me. One being, “It’s about having less of what doesn’t matter in order to make room for what does.” Groundbreaking? Not especially. But eye opening? Yep. At least for me. It’s not about just purging everything and then having to replace it later, it’s about minimizing the chaos to create a home you can enjoy rather than one that works you to the bone. 
If you’re a fan of Rachel Hollis or that type of speaker, then this is for you. Quick, to the point and easy to relate to.  
Thanks to Thomas Nelson Books and Netgalley for this Arc in exchange for my review.
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Casazza has a strong voice. She also has some great ideas. Sadly, this book didn't really hit the mark for me. I feel like there were nuggets of wisdom throughout, and that the discussions of how to actually go about decluttering specific areas were fairly strong, but the introductory section was very repetitive. That said, this is a slightly different take than other books I've read on decluttering and minimalism. I think the title says it all- if you're a mom, and you want a less cluttered life, this may be the book for you. Otherwise, perhaps another book less focused on being a mom while trying to reduce one's belongings could be for you.
Particular bits of wisdom that resonated for me:
1. Every item in your home takes up your time as well as the initial cost. The toaster you need to clean, or move to clean the counter, is taking time out of your week. So is it worth it? I liked the idea of exploring what the things in my home do for me, and if they're worth the continued investment.
2. Gifts are just that. If they don't serve you, pass them on or get rid of them. It's the thought that counted, not the hideous vase (or even pretty clothes that don't fit anymore).
3. Having a "number" to strive for is unrealistic. Own what you need and like. Remove the rest.
4. Put the things you want out of the house OUT of the house. Waiting for them to disappear by putting them in storage first is just delaying the inevitable.

Four nuggets of wisdom, but due to repetition and a lot of clutter in the writing- three stars for me. If you are a mother yourself and haven't yet read anything else on minimalism? Four plus for you!
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I didn’t realize when I got this book that the author was already a popular public figure with expertise in reducing clutter. She has a program called The Uncluttered Home, a podcast called The Purpose Show, and an @allie_thatsme Instagram following of 104k 😮. Allie Casazza calls herself The Life Minimalist and it is clear that this has been her focus for quite some  time, while also parenting, homeschooling, and running her business from home. 

From the get-go this book is described as a departure from prior popular books on organization. This book claims to be about minimalism that is more relatable to the realities of parenting. It reads as highly motivational, approachable, and relatable. However, there was nothing in this book that hasn’t been said before. In fact, this book reads like one big commercial for the author’s website and fee-based services, complete with reviews. 

If you are a mother of young children, have a decent amount of space and financial stability, and have not thought much before now about how to manage your life and the stuff within it, you may love the giant pep talk provided within the pages of Declutter Like a Mother. Or, you can skip this step and go directly to Casazza’s online community for advice and support. 

Thank you to NetGalley, the author, and publisher for the opportunity to read this book. The opinions in this review are entirely my own. 

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I love guides on how to get organized and help me take control of my life better. This was a fun helpful guide to help me do so! It was from a moms perspective so you know the advice is going to be good! It’s great for a gift for someone getting a new place or moving into college or just someone looking to be organized.
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I've been following Allie Casazza's work for over a year, so I am familiar with her work and story. I've also read my fair share of books on minimalism and decluttering. 

While the first two chapters are a little drawn out, she quickly goes into the nitty-gritty content thereafter. Each chapter is organized by different areas of the home, such as the bathroom, closet, and kitchen. She also dives deeper into decluttering with kids (which was particularly important for me as a mom).

So what makes this book stand out against other books of this nature? Firstly, if you're mom, it's written for you. I could easily relate to a lot of the anecdotes that she brings up. Secondly, she also mentions how clutter affects the mental health of women specifically, which I found to be valuable. I haven't found this type of information in other books. Furthermore, she's got a unique way of going about minimalism, it's not rigid or legalistic - as she calls it. For those who are interested in minimalism but are not interested in empty spaces or having one pair of pants, this is definitely for you.

I definitely recommend reading the book, there are quite a few gems in the book that make you step back and really pause to think about why we have so much stuff cluttering up our homes and lives.
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This is an amazing book for anyone who needs to declutter. I love Allie's no-nonsense approach to life, and she makes decluttering easy. My life has felt so much fuller since implementing her tips. 

Allie speaks from experience as an overwhelmed Mom, and she doesn't overwhelm the overwhelmed with information. As I walked through this book, I went through all my rooms and got rid of SO much stuff. I know that I now have a sustainable plan for keeping my  home, and life, simple.
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Interesting idea … I enjoyed the book and ideas inside. I have no problems decluttering… problem is I keep buying again.  

   What did I like? The book encompasses the author and her role in the process of preventing clutter. It’s not a necessarily new concept but the author gives examples on how she thwarted clutter in her home. 

   I received a complimentary copy to read and voluntarily left a review. Four stars!
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Thank you for the advanced copy..

An easy read, well put together and some really useful aspects of this book I will incorporate into my life.  I tend to live by a 3mth rule and regularly have a sort out but I will do this with fresh eyes after reading this.
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Declutter Like a Mother provided some helpful tips for going through your house to get rid of clutter, but most of the book contains information I’ve seen many times before. I appreciate the author’s ability to describe her own experience to relate to the reader, including times she’s been unsuccessful in keeping her house/kids/life organized. To me, this book read as a long blog including links and mentions of the authors trademarked decluttering challenges and programs, and overuse of the term “girl” (one of my pet peeves). There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this way of writing, and it will likely make a large part of the target audience feel comfortable; it’s just not my cup of tea. 

Thank you to NetGalley, the author, and publisher for an ARC of this book in exchange for  an honest review.
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This is a wonderful book to help anyone get out of the stress of trying to declutter your home and get to the other side of less overwhelm. I love that reading this book is like what I’d imagine sitting down with Allie to chat would be like! Fast, easy read but with very good and practical insights as to why we gather clutter and how to become free of it! My house runs so much smoother now with less stuff and less stress. I’m excited to put these ideas and strategies to work in my classroom, too, now.
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I tend to have my sh*t together. I don't live a life of stress over stuff. I don't need anyone telling me how to manage my household. And yet...I FIND SO MUCH VALUE IN THIS MESSAGE. 

I've followed Allie for a couple years and have greatly benefitted from her *free* content; just the simple message that less is more; LIVE LIGHTER. Great reminders. Everyone goes through heavy seasons of life (those deep into motherhood is the catered audience) and Allie has a way of visioneering success for any scenario.

Decluttering via Allie's method is not a rigid one-trick-pony; Allie is your friend and cheerleader to push that positive message that progress does not need perfection; life is messy; life/childhood can be enjoyed if you will (because you CAN) create space for it.  Having margin is necessary. Set your mind; set your intent; set your rhythms and realistic expectations and stop allowing visual and physical clutter steal your time/money/space/mental-emotional health. 

Seeing that pink book on the dresser reminds me that I am part of a community of problem-solving, action-taking women who reject the idea that 'hot mess' is our default. I am blessed to have found Allie and proud to support her message <3 We got this!
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Declutter Like A Mother

“Letting go of objects that have memories attached to them doesn’t mean you are letting go of those memories. The memories are yours forever, no matter what is stored in your home.”

Thank you @nelsonbooks & @netgalley for the #gifted copy.

I am not a mother, but I’ve always been drawn to books and stories like these since reading the Marie Kondo books. If you’re not a mother, you will still get so many beneficial tips and tricks from this book, which is so eloquently written and covers every aspect of a home.

We’ve lived in our home for almost four months, and the clutter we’ve accumulated is ridiculous. A lot of it came from unpacking, and not knowing where things should go, so things ended up in the basement or spare bedroom. So many of those items are sentimental, and are sitting in boxes. This book is what kickstarted my journey to decluttering my home. If you need the push, little tips and motivation, this is for you!

This comes out today.
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I enjoyed the easy read, yet feel like I got a lot out of it. I love how she said, “if there is so emitting for you in this book please take it.” It acknowledges that everyone has different experiences, is in a different stage of the decluttering process, has different needs. I have been following her for a while & have decluttered multiple times. I still felt like I got good advice & ideas from this book, especially when discussing minimalism and kids.
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Love, Love, Love this book!  I recommend it 1000%.  Allie puts minimalism into perspective while running a household.   I can't get enough of her straight-forward but grace-giving attitude.  There are so many take-aways from this book.  She tells you exactly where to start and how to find your momentum.   I feel lighter after reading and taking action.  Everyone can gain knowledge from reading this book.  As an overwhelmed Momma, I feel lucky to have found Allie and have her in my corner!!!   Get the book!  You won't regret it!!!
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I was hopeful when reading the intro to this book. Allie really nailed what it’s like to be a tired, overworked mom who spends way too much time cleaning. However, the actual tips were nothing I hadn’t heard before.
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I enjoy reading personal development books so I've read quite a few books similar to this. While this isn't my all time favorite decluttering book, I can tell you what I did like about it. It focuses on decluttering from a minimalistic perspective. Delcutter Like a Mother is great for is getting you into a more minimalistic mindset and walking you through room-by-room to make it happen. 

This book is different from most other minimalism books, as it introduces a flexible style that focuses on living with less stuff for the sake of freeing yourself from the constant management of stuff. This provides you time and space for enjoying everything more. There are no hard and fast rules about what you can and cannot keep. By following this method you are still allowed to shop and you are allowed to keep things that you want to keep, but these things are done in a more mindful way. 

This book is not meant to be read in a casual way. It is most effective if you are willing to commit to at least 15-20 minutes a day to decluttering along with the book. You will get most from this book if you read a chapter about a particular area and then put down the book and get to work in that area. I recommend that you reread the chapter about that area often until that area is complete. You could treat the book as a challenge where you aim to focus on one area per day or one area per week. The book is relatively short and to the point in the get-to-work type chapters. I appreciate the directness and not a ton of fluff. 

Be aware that the first of the book is her story of how she got into minimalism, kind of before it was really a thing. There are some brief references to scripture in the beginning of the book since the Bible and God are a big part of her life and since it directly relates to her motivation to start this method, her online courses, and this book. If your background and motivation are different, don't be scared off. You will still enjoy the book. Her advice and method will still work 😉. She does not come off as preachy at all. It's simply her story. 

I recommend reading this book to get you started on a more minimal life, especially if you feel like you are drowning in stuff and constantly cleaning up. The author does have an online course called Your Uncluttered Home that is basically the same type of content as this book, but as a little more interactive with audio, videos, and a private Facebook community. The course goes into a little more depth. For me the book is enough, but some might benefit from the course as well (which she does mention multiple times in the book).

I would also recommend reading Decluttering at the Speed of Life by Dana K. White if after this book you need some more tips. I would say Decluttering at the Speed of Life is my favorite "decluttering" book and Essentialism by Greg McKeown is my favorite "minimalism" book, but Decluttering Like a Mother works as an inbetween the two, other perspective. I'm overall glad I read it.
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This book is amazing! I have followed Allie online for several years now. The advice she gives, and the way she encourages mothers in their journey is so uplifting and inspiring. I knew I would love her book, and I was right! I loved how true to Allie the book was. I could hear her voice as I read her words. The book challenged me more than I ever thought it would. I had to put it down once when I was reading it on an airplane because I didn’t want to cry in front of complete strangers. But in the challenge, there was also hope. There was the knowledge that I can do this, and it will be a struggle sometimes, but it will be life changing. I really appreciated how Allie emphasized that decluttering is not a one size fits all approach. You don’t need to keep only a certain number of items if that’s not what works for you. That felt so freeing, and made me feel like I can do this! After reading this book, I know I can declutter my environment, and in doing so, change my life for the better! Thank you, Allie for this wonderful
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Declutter Like A Mother by Allie Casazza is a motivating book about simplifying our homes and lives. It's written in an engaging, conversational tone with the focus being on intentionality and simplicity, which will help give us more time and clarity. Though it doesn't really bring any new insight into the genre of home decluttering and organization, it is very motivating. Casazza gives guidelines for each area of the home and advice for mental blocks that may keep us from achieving the living space we want. I really enjoyed this book, which is not about minimalism as an aesthetic, but as a way of simplifying our lives and giving us more time back for more important things. 
Thank you Thomas Nelson and NetGalley for providing this ARC.
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I love how easy this book is to read. It’s a quick read with a lot of useful, easy to accomplish tips on how to declutter your home. The anecdotes are relatable and humorous, and make you feel like you’re not alone in having too much stuff in your house. I love the tips and easy to follow instructions to declutter!
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