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I definitely enjoyed this one. It motivated me to organize some trouble spots in my house and finally let go if some useless items I've been holding onto. I love anything that can convince me to to that. She has a fun writing voice that definitely makes me like her. I recommend this book to any mom that feels buried in stuff that keeps making messes. I got rid of several toys that are constantly a painful mess on the floor and my kids haven't noticed but I have. My house has been staying more clean and organized.
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Great book to begin the new year on a decluttering  journey. A lot of wise pieces of advice such as to envision how you want a space to work for you and make it happen. The author was relatable and down to earth. Gave the reader confidence to begin this journey and not to read the book and quit before the process even begins. I do think the book is geared toward mothers, which it what I was looking for, but others could get valuable tips as well. I will read more by her.
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It wasn't groundbreaking if you have read other books on decluttering, but I did find it inspiring and motivational. I would definitely recommend if you are looking for a little kick to get you going on a declutter. It definitely helps focus and give you a method to be successful.
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I am constantly looking for new ways to declutter and give meaning to my space. I feel as if we collect so many things as we navigate life and sometime you have no real place or a space to put That is where this book came in. I appreciate the advice given and plan to incorporate.
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This is a fantastic book. I have read quite a few books about decluttering, but I really like the step by step plan given in this one. I have just begun to work through it, and it is very manageable, taking just one step at a time. I really like the way she starts by asking you to declutter in the bathrooms and throw out everything you don't use. I have started with this, and it was a very good place to start.
I've read the whole plan, and I'm going to challenge myself to complete it in this order. It will take a while (she suggests 30 minutes every day), but it is achievable. I really like the way that she gives practical examples of how minimalism means different things to different people, but that less stuff makes life less stressful. I also enjoyed the links to her website - I went online to read a few of her blogs and watch a video. I also see that she has a podcast, so it will be interesting to listen to that.
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Even though I'm not the target audience for this book I still learned a lot about declutting and and letting go of things even when it's hard.  I do recommend it more towards moms though.
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“Your home is a reflection of your life’s story.” I love that line and I love how this book gives you permission to declutter in a way that works for your life. This is such a refreshing, practical book for moms who feel overwhelmed.
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This book is like the practical side of Marie Kondo. You know, without all the weird "hold it in my hands and conjure good memories" babble. (Because, I'm a mom. I cannot remember where I put my glasses never mind any good memories of a specific object.) It gives a room-by-room blueprint of purging all your stuff, and why you will be happier because of it. It's a book about real life solutions for the stressed out mom (or dad, or whoever).
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I really liked Allie's approach to clearing out the house. 
So much so, after 10 plus years, I finally cleared out my 
bedroom of some clothes I haven't worn in many years. I'm not
completely finished but I've gotten farther along than I ever have
reading one of these books and feeling the desire to get busy. 
I like this book!  I think it will be very helpful to others as well. 

Thank you, NetGalley, Allie Casazza, and your publisher for
allowing me to read and review this book.
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Like a challenge? need to minimalize your household? Pick this book up!
The author guides you to making you and your families lives easier and less jumbled.
100% worth every minute.
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Unlike many decluttering books (or one very well-known one), this one does not impose rules about quantities of things you need. Author Allie Casazza emphasizes that you need to do what works for you. She suggests determining your intent for each room as you decide what to keep and what to get rid of. 

Her methods are supporting and encouraging, yet she reiterates that clutter affects many aspects of your life, while there is something inherently clutter-creating about kids. Having less stuff to deal with will give you more time to spend with your family.

A lot of this book advertises her other business concerns, but it’s still an engaging, informative guide for clearing clutter and making time and space for other things, Despite her intentions not to, the book still made me feel bad about my chronically messy house. #DeclutterLikeaMother #NetGalley
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I have been listening to The Purpose Show for almost two years. A friend told me about it when I was in the thick of PPD while raising 4 kids under 5. It feels trite to say Allie Casazza changed my life but she definitely changed my home and my motherhood. 

This book did not disappoint in any way. Allie is encouraging but also willing to be real and call you out. Her advice is practical and also sustainable. Allie has taught me how to be intentional with my time, my children, my home and my stuff. Thanks to this book, my home is (mostly) clutter free and my time is now spent with my children...instead of cleaning up after them.
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Thank you NetGalley and Nelson Books for an e-book copy of DECLUTTER LIKE A MOTHER for me to review.

There is so much information out there about decluttering, but I enjoyed Allie's approach. Nothing too complicated and strict.

She goes with more of a "if you haven't used it" and "if you don't like it - get rid of it" approach rather than you needing a certain number of items or they need to bring you "joy."

I think some of what the book has to offer is common sense, but I particularly enjoyed her chapter about receiving gifts and not feeling guilt over donating them if 1) they don't fit 2) not your style or you just don't like them.

Her chapter about clothes and buying yourself NEW clothes made me stop and think. I wear the same things I've worn for years, even if there are small stains or a button is missing. She talks about valuing yourself enough to donate the old items and buy new ones (but don't go overboard with it).

Toys are also a big guilt-ridden thing for parents to overcome. Her chapter about letting the children pick out their favorite toys and NOT getting rid of them behind their back will be helpful to readers.

I also liked her idea of having a linens-only closet. The sheets/comforters/blankets are a big problem in my house. I plan on finding a closet just for those items so I don't get as stressed looking for sheets at night when I realize I've washed them and forgot to put them in the dryer. 

I rate DECLUTTER LIKE A MOTHER four out of five stars.
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Organization is a topic that I love to read about and consider myself quite knowledgeable on. When I heard that a new book about decluttering and organizing just came out written by Allie Casazza, I was so excited to get into it. Declutter like a Mother, or DCLM, is a stress-free, step-by-step plan to take back your home and finally get back to enjoying your life. Allie claims that when you are through with this process you will stop spending time dealing with stuff and start spending time enjoying your family. While this book is geared more towards families with children, I still found myself relating to a lot of the situations that Allie pointed out. Even without children in our household yet, I find myself dealing with an overload of stuff that takes up most of my time to put away and clean up. Keeping up with cleaning my house can be tiring and get in the way of my life goals. If any of this resonates with you so far, then this is the book for you. 

Allie gives basic guidelines for what to keep in each space, but she still leaves the final decisions and choices up to you so you can make the space your own. The whole philosophy behind this challenge and process is to make your home “work for you and your family.” It’s just up to you to decide what that means when clearing out the junk. If you need more help making these decisions, she continuously gives additional resources that you can find on her website. If you are looking for a book that tells you exactly what to keep and get rid of, then move on! This book isn’t for you.  

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this decluttering/organization book. I think that it would be a great addition to other organizational books, such as Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and The Home Edit’s books. It is always good to get a few different view-points on this subject to see what resonates most with you and your life.
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I enjoyed this book. I love the author’s style of organization which is not too time consuming or stressful. I feel like I can take pointers from each chapter of this book to organize my house in a more orderly fashion. Thank you to Net Galley for an advanced copy of this book.
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I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a motivational reminder of what we need or want! Allie will guide you with ideas and helpful tips, how to let go of ‘things’! Containing lots of ideas, Allie is there to help, share this book around ladies!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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I asked for this advanced reader copy, because so many decluttering and home help type book are such duds. I was hoping this one would prove to me that there is still hope. It did not disappoint! I am gifting this to all of my friends when they get married and have to combine households. I am now looking up everything Allie Casazza!
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Lots of enthusiasm and energy can be found in this book for those who need a kickstart in decluttering their house.
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In Declutter Like a Mother, Allie Casazza lays out a step by step plan to reclaim your sanity, your home, and your motherhood. Her plan is simple and actionable. This  book came at just the right time. Instead of making lists of areas I ought to simplify, Allie reminds us to just take action. Even just taking one action helped me to immediately feel lighter and encouraged me to continue with the focus on intent. I particularly like the ‘rule of space,’ as an idea of how much to keep and this works well with helping children declutter their things.
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This little gem is the perfect companion for anyone who is interested in cleaning out and decluttering their personal space. There are tons of practical tips and tricks buried within these pages, just waiting on you to jump in and mine through the junk … to finally obtain that diamond … you know… the one where you don’t hold your breath and squeeze your derrière tight enough to MAKE a diamond, because you just heard companies coming and the house is a wreck. The perfect way to bring down your anxiety level! This is a great read for everyone - as well all need to learn how to let go and <I> Declutter Like A Mother!”

Definite 4 out of 5 star book for me and one I will definitely be recommending! 

Thank you so much to #NetGalley, the publisher, Nelson Books, and the author Allie Casazza for providing me with an electronic arc in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.
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