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The Reincarnationist Papers

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This is a story about recursion.

I really enjoyed the concept of this one, although it wasn’t a perfect fit for me.  I think I wanted something a bit tighter plot wise, but ymmv & I will definitely read more by the author!  The action scenes were very well done, and I can absolutely see why this was adapted for film.

Thank you so much Netgalley & Blackstone Publishing for this audio copy!
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The Reincarnationist Papers by D.Eric Maikranz, narrated by Michael David Axtell and Bronson Pinchot.

Thank you to NetGalley and Blackstone Audiobooks for a complimentary audio-ARC for my honest review. 

The narrators were wonderful, loved listening to them.

I found this to be a very engrossing read. It was interesting to hear the stories of the different characters during their previous lives. As a unique take, there is a secret society of  Reincarnationists, the Cognomina, who can remember all of their past lives. When they discover others with the same abilities, they are interrogated thoroughly before being accepted into their group. It was fascinating to follow Evan's self discovery. Looking forward to a follow-up book!

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Thank you #netgalley for allowing me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review. 

I honestly don't know how to review this book right now. I can see it being really enjoyable for certain people but for me, I found it boring overall and I felt like it kept jumping around randomly to pieces of information that didn't matter to the storyline. I can understand the reasoning behind doing this because he's trying to build a world and characters, but I feel that it could have been better executed. The actual idea behind the story is a great idea. 100% a great idea. And there are definitely pieces of this book that were well done. I felt that it started out strong and then fizzled out. I like some of his characters as well and the idea of the past lives but I felt like it could have been so much more interesting and funny and well done. And it has the potential to be an amazing movie, but for me the book fell short. I also was bothered by the sheer gratuity of the sexual encounters of all kinds that also felt like the author was throwing random porn into the story for no reason. (Overall they did not contribute to the story). It was almost like he was writing a story and then got horny and then randomly wrote about it and then started the process up again. 😂

He also had these really random footnotes placed all throughout the book that sounded real, but I'm pretty sure they're fiction. That's exactly the problem. You cannot tell if they are real or fiction. The whole idea of leaving those notes, which I'm pretty sure he tried to properly explain at the beginning but failed to do so (it was just confusing), just made the whole thing feel like a parrot on the 4th of July with no idea which direction to fly to find safety. Distracted and all over the place. 

I'm not really sure what type of book this is supposed to be considered. Thriller? Drama? I don't know, which makes it difficult to rate. I read the audiobook version, which may be part of why It felt so disjointed. I would be interested in hearing the point of view of somebody who read it only without the audio to see if they would agree that it felt disjointed. It's possible that the book notes and things of that nature only felt out of place because of that.
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This was unfortunately one of the worst reads I had this year.

The story had so much potential, and the movie wasn't bad in all realness, it was okay, not the book though. 

It was so good up until they went to Munich, then I lost it, I didn't like it, I wasn't in any way interested, I was grossed out of the main characters, and so much explanations lacking, like wtf.

Excuse my upset reaction but I have nothing good to say about this book at all.

Thanks to NetGalley for providing an ARC.
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When Evan Michaels, petty criminal and arsonist, gets shot by police after torching a building for the owner's insurance scam, situation looks grim--until he's rescued by a mysterious Asian beauty, Poppy, who answers the door of the church and opens a whole new life to Evan, He's long been haunted by memories of previous lives, and when he admits his torment to Poppy, she reveals that not only is she one who remembers previous existences, but is a member of a secret group of other reincarnated beings, the Cognomina. The audiobook, expertly narrated by Bronson Pinchot and Michael David Axtell, is probably undoubtedly better than a print experience, and I could hardly turn it off. I would certainly be interested in listening to a sequel. Originally published in 2009, a film based on the novel was released June, 2021.
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It took me a while to get into this book, but I started to like it about 1/4 of the way in, and then I started love it once I was introduced to the Cognomina. The story is incredibly well written, and each chapter surprised me; every time I expected the other shoe to drop, the story went on. I only wish it continued further so I could learn more about the Cognomina and Evan’s future.
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This book was bizarre but so engaging. The story itself is one I have not seen told before - there being a secret society of individuals who get reincarnated and remember each life as they lived them. It tackles religion and faith, existentialism, good vs. evil, and even gender and sexuality to some extent. Each character our protagonist, Evan, meets has their own story to tell - both from their past lives and their current one. The book makes you ask the question, if you knew for certain you would come back, what would you do with your time? What risks would you take? What would matter to you and what wouldnt?
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Thank you so damn much to Blackstone Audiobooks, NetGalley and Author for this amazing audio book!

WoW! I was completely captivated by this story. An extremely well written and thought provoking read!
This storytelling is simply outta this world!. I could not stop listening to this book! 
The characters dang man they felt real in every way possible..
An entertaining and engrossing story that I thoroughly enjoyed.
The characters were simply so enjoyable I felt like it was a movie! 
Bravo Maikranz you have yourself a brand new fan!
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