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She Works His Way

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I think every woman who reads this book will resonate with Michelle and Somer who so transparently and authentically share their stories right from the very beginning.  As you read their words, you will begin to breathe deeper and more easily as they equip you to live counter-culturally by giving you tangible and practical ways to keep your eyes fixed on Christ, and not the ways of this world that are so very fleeting.  Their prayers at the end are an added blessing that I will continue to go back to again and again.
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This book is a must read for all women - whether you work in a traditional 9-5, ministry or are a stay at home mom. The way Michelle and Somer share "culture says vs. God says" is easy to see the stark differences. I love the prayers at the end of each chapter!
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I am slightly disappointed. It’s clear from the first chapter this is a book writing to continue the brand of the authors which goes against what they claim they want to do. I feel Scripture was manipulated to mean what the authors wanted it to as opposed to diving into the Old and New Testaments as examples of how to work for the Lord. As opposed to pointing to large passages in Scripture the authors only pieced together verses they felt worked with their message. Again, this goes against the main idea behind the book.

I like that the book is an open conversation. I love the prayer provided before reading. Finding new ways to prayer is such a great way to deeper a relationship with God.
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