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The Girl Who Knew Too Much

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I received this book as an ARC and this is my review. The characters are stuck on an island, teamed up to perform tasks and tricks, with misfortune coming from all sides and - a fortune in gold waiting to be found - what can go wrong? Only everything! This story is full of flawed characters and the setting itself is perilous and unforgiving. I totally recommend this debut novel to readers who enjoy great adventure with constant upheaval.
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I really got into the plot of this story and it's been awhile since that's happened! I loved the reality show aspect and the treasure of course! I was a little disappointed in the ending, it fell kind of flat. I did enjoy the story though! Thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for an advanced reader's copy in exchange for an honest review.
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I was pulled into this story from the beginning. It is a fast and enjoyable read, with some unexpected twists. I loved the characters and world building--great concept. Other than a few unanswered questions/unsolved mysteries, I loved it!
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I was surprised by how much I liked this book. I never thought I'd enjoy a treasure hunting book so much, but I was really into all the maps and cipher action in this story. This would be a great book to recommend to teens who come in specifically asking for action books, which I always have such a hard time finding titles for! There are so many interesting characters that many teens would find something to relate to and root for with this book, and the fact that the show in the book is so similar to Survivor would also make it an easy sell.
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I enjoyed the survivor-type vibes of this novel mixed with all of the suspense and the fact that it was like a treasure hunt. It worked well for the story and it was an interesting read. I recommend this novel and am looking forward to more novels by this author.
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A great premise (Teen Survivor! Buried treasure!) that ultimately falls a little flat due to lack of character development.
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Riley is a new face of memes and a target of online bullying. She wants to change her public opinion and for this purpose, she has to go in public. What's the better option than participating in a reality show where she'll be able to change her image. So, she decided to be part of a reality show where twenty-teens are going to spend a few weeks on a remote island and finding treasure is also an option.

*I only read 100 pages then jumped to the last chapter so I am going to talk only about that*

The sound of Riley's character was so annoying and unreasonable, it was so hard to relate to her actions. I know the story gave her backstory still I just couldn't relate to her. There were more than 20+ characters and the story kept jumping from one to the other which made it so happy to remember each of them. I read around 100 pages still couldn't remember all of them. The pace was so slow for my taste and the writing style was not my type. After trying a lot, I decided to jump on the last chapter and was glad to make that decision.

It was my mistake to choose this book. Totally not my type.
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THIS BOOK IS ABOUT A LITERAL TREASURE HUNT. Combined with like, a young adult version of Survivor. 

I haven’t read a book about searching for pirate treasure in years. I’m currently in the process of hoping someone on GoodReads can help me find a title, but that’s by the by! (Unless you also read children's books that may have been Australian at the end of the 90s and remember one about some kids searching for pirate treasure…? No?)

I picked up this particular book because it was about a girl who decides to joining a Survivor style reality show “to change her reality after making a fool of herself on social media”. I mean, that sounds a little oxymoronic… but I’m here for it. I love reality TV, I love Hunger Games style drama, and who doesn’t like a treasure hunt?

I liked our main character. She seemed like she had a plan, and she was pretty good at sticking to it. It was interesting to see her mentality change as she went through the show; she started out feeling very much like a victim (at least, that was how she came across), and the author did a really good job of the subtle changes and acceptance that she goes through. The plot was good too, I do wish there had been more of the reality TV aspects, but I understand why there wasn’t, and also that not everyone enjoys that as much as I do.

The supporting characters could have been a little more detailed, but I think this would have slowed down the pace of the overall plot, and it may have made it less enjoyable.

Content Warnings: rascism, injuries, gun violence, statutory rape (hinted at/discussed, not detailed on page), attempted self harm (kind of? Attention ploy more than attempt, but still).

Overall Rating: 4 stars
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I love a good survival-esque book, and although this was not exactly that, the beach setting reminded me of it. I thought this was a great, fun, treasure hunting story. Twists, turns. Unexpected villains. I don’t think I ever guessed the ending correctly. 

Characters were well-rounded. This was a great novel. And fun read for sure
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My middle grade kiddos will LOVE getting their hands on this neat thriller! There is a character for every type of teen to relate to in this book. I love the whole teen reality show concept but I just wish the danger factor had been juiced up just a bit more. I feel this will be a big hit with YA readers!
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I love how different this book is compared to a lot of other YA titles available. It mixes survivor with a treasure hunt and is perfect for anyone looking for a book that is full of adventure, drama and suspense!
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The Girl Who Knew Too Much by Tiffany Brooks was like a train that once it took off, there was no stopping it! 

Who wouldn't want to go on a national tv show--much like survivor--and have a chance to find buried treasure? For Riley, it was all about redemption. Redeeming herself from and incident and her actions from the previous school year. Riley went into the production wanting only to show she was the spoiled brat everyone thought she was.

She received a whole lot more. Going back to the island where her godfather, a treasure hunter, was killed the previous year filled her with fear and hope at the same time. But 5 other people were killed on this island, hunting for treasure. One of the other contestants is hurt badly. Many others get food poisoning and land in the hospital. Is the island really cursed?

Is it? Will anyone find the treasure? Is the production company in on the strange happenings? Is there such a thing as "treasure fever." Fans of survival and/or adventure novels will love this. There's even a little romance--or is it drama--contained in the pages. The Girl Who Knew Too Much will have you guessing the whole time!

Thanks to NetGalley and Sourcebooks Fire for this E-ARC in return for my honest review.
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For fans of the extreme! A bunch of teens on an island searching for gold and with an accessibility to alcohol...what could go wrong? For Riley, the search for gold is personal as she feels compelled to finish the quest her godfather died for. While the cameras roll, she connects with other contestants also on the hunt while also responsible for creating 'good tv.' Nothing seems to go right for the production crew trying to wrangle the teens while keeping them safe. And Riley is hiding a secret...just like everyone else on the island. Will she find the gold before someone else gets hurt?
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The synopsis described this book as <i>"Survivor meets Lord of the Flies"</i> and I was immediately sold. I would say this book definitely feels like an amalgamation of the two, as fun challenges get overshadowed by an encroaching darkness whilst twenty teens are isolated on a tropical island together.

The book is told from the perspective of teenage Riley. She, along with the other nineteen contestants, are all vying for a cut of one-million dollars on a new reality TV show. A twist occurs during their first day together when they are told about the existence of buried treasure on their new island home. If they uncover this treasure they will also be able to receive even more money during the final but the production company will keep hold of whatever the treasure actually consists of. Riley already knew about the treasure and, she soon realises, so does one other contestant. Whether she will strike out alone and gain it for herself or learn to trust the others and share this experience (and the money!) remains to be seen.

I am trash for reality TV, with Survivor and The Challenge forming my favourite two. I was eager to see a fictional take on this world and I was not disappointed. This proved just as fun, entertaining, and drama-filled as any successful reality show and I felt it emulated the vibes correctly, whilst also containing something mysterious and thrilling too.

I would have wished for a few more challenges to appear, and for more of a deeper understanding of the other contestants, but the focus switched quickly to the treasure hunts and the eeriness occurring on the island and off camera. I did not mind this new focus as I found it to be just as entertaining and I was eager to puzzle out exactly what was occurring, along with the characters.

Riley was both a strong but initially distant main character. I enjoyed witnessing her break down these barriers and expose her truth to the other contestants and to the reader. I bonded with her as the story continued and was satisfied with the conclusion she was involved in.
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Well, this is a fun little YA thriller.

It mixes a game similar to Survivor with Social Media Influencer Culture and a little treasure hunting!

The reality show aspect is very well done – the behind the scenes manipulation was especially fun.  I also liked that I had no clue who to trust!

The danger factor was a little light for me, but it was very entertaining and I have to admit that I’d totally go on this show if I were in that age group!

Definitely enjoyed this!

*ARC via Net Galley
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For starters the cover is gorgeous, but it is the plot that made me go into this one, it sounded so interesting and for me it is so intriguing to be able to see behind the cameras when a show is being produced. 

Also, the mystery is good, it kept me reading and trying to solve the case.

An interesting and intriguing read for fans of realities or mysteries.
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Sourcebooks Fire I can't thank you enough for this extraordinary ebook copy! 

The Girl Who Knew Too Much by Tiffany Brooks was an amazing story! And one had so much fun reading! 
20 teens taken to an island to play a game! And look for treasure.... What could possibly go wrong here?! 

This was a good quick read! With great characters! Then writing was well done it Helen my attention throughout the entire read and never eased up! 
This is my first Brooks book and I hope she continues to write these types of books! 
A thrilling ride from start to finish!
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I’ve actually been looking forward to reading this book for months. It absolutely did not disappoint, what a thrill ride.  I highly recommend this book to anyone that likes a mystery thriller.
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