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Great Book of Grilled Cheese

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Pros: I agree that a grilled cheese sandwich is the ultimate comfort food and love that there is a cookbook devoted specifically to the grilled cheese sandwich. There are so many fantastic ways to pair bread and cheese! One thing I picked up from this book that I thought was brilliant is putting Goldfish crackers on tomato soup. I’m not sure all of these sandwich ideas sound appetizing, but I appreciate the creativity behind them! One recipe I definitely want to try is the naan grilled cheese. 

Cons: I did not love the cover of this book. It feels too busy. I also didn’t love all of the photographs in the book—some didn’t make the food look very appetizing. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Fox Chapel Publishing for the opportunity to read this book.
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There is a grilled cheese for everyone in this book, There are also many wonderful sides to choose from.  To name just a few ( I had my work cutout to only name a few) that I wan to try- Meatloaf Melt, Rooster and Honey, Mississippi Chicken, Cinco de Mayo, and Chicken and Waffle.  There are also vegetarian options such as Super Cheesy, Naan, Caprese and even Peanut Butter and Cheddar.  Regional flavors include Nashville Hot Grilled Cheese, All Shook Up Grilled Cheese and some of the wonderful sides are Orange Salad, Pinto Bean Soup, Homemade Applesauce, Grilled Pineapple, Homemade Chips and Pickled Red Onion.  Seriously, everything in this book looks mouth wateringly good. This book will make you hungry!
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Cafe owner Kim Wilcox definitely knows what she's talking about when it comes to grilled cheese. She starts this comprehensive guide with a history of grilled cheese sandwiches, followed by a scientific look at different types of bread, tools and heat sources, etc. The recipes are bold, from a crab rangoon grilled cheese to an Eminem-inspired sandwich with spaghetti inside. There are interesting side suggestions for each grilled cheese variety, from pinto bean soup to a frozen berry salad. This is diner food at its best, and the photography is full of gooey cheese and hearty portions.
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My go to comfort food has always been grilled cheese sandwiches.  The Great Book of Grilled Cheese by Kim Wilcox has over 100 recipes all of which she serves at her restaurant, It's All So Yummy in Knoxville, Tennessee. With this book you not only get recipes for grilled cheese sandwiches but also side dishes that perfectly go with each type of sandwich.  The book also includes salad and dessert recipes. The recipes look very easy to follow and the ingredients will be easy to find.  There are also beautiful pictures of every recipe.  

Overall, I really liked this book.  I can't wait to try several of the recipes. I also put It's All So Yummy on my list of restaurants I have to try.
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When I saw this title advertised on Netgalley, I knew I just HAD to get a copy. As if I needed a reason (or multiple reasons) to like grilled cheeses more, this book gives me a million new recipes to fall in love with! Not only does the book focus on grilled cheese-esque recipes, but recipes of sides and desserts are also included in these pages. I cannot recommend enough! Thank you to NetGalley and Fox Chapel Publishing for a copy of this book for an honest review.
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OHMYYUM! Who doesn’t love grilled cheese?! This cookbook is obviously a labor of love by the owner of a little eatery in a strip mall in Knoxville, Tennessee, called It’s All So Yummy Cafe. Here they serve down home cooking and southern comfort food from family recipes passed down through generations. I want to take a road trip just to visit this place! This cookbook includes so many recipes for grilled cheese sandwiches, many are delicious combinations I never would have thought up, such as, Manchego, Sriracha, Orange Grilled cheese, using orange marmalade and bacon! Or the dessert-ish grilled cheese using edible cookie dough on brioche, you’re killing me here! This cookbook also includes many recipes for sides, desserts and custom condiments, like Truffle Aoli and Banana Cheesecake! The best part of this cookbook is the beautiful pictures for each recipe and the little fun facts sprinkled throughout. This book is so fun and useful and it is available now on Amazon. I already ordered mine, what are you waiting for!
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I love grilled cheese sandwiches, so I was so excited to check out this book. And it did not disappoint!!

There are so many recipes I'm excited to check out. The recipes, for the most part, use basic ingredients that I typically have on hand. I appreciated the fact that the author also includes side options to complement the sandwich. These aren't your basic, boring (though yummy!) grilled cheese sandwiches! And the pictures are such a nice addition to the recipes.

Here are a few recipes that immediately caught my eye:

Deviled Bacon Grilled Cheese
The Ultimate Grilled Cheese/Creamy Tomato Basil Soup
Meatloaf Melt Grilled Cheese/Granny's Potato Salad
TBR Grilled Cheese
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I enjoy this cookbook and recommend it. There are a wide variety of recipes in this cookbook. It includes recipes for grilled cheese and a few for items that work well with grilled cheese including the different varieties in this cookbook. Looking forward to trying the pizza grilled cheese and jalapeno popper grilled cheese as well as salads and homemade chips. It provides nice tips too such as what types of cheese are best to use. This really is the ultimate cookbook.
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I  received a free digital copy of this book from Netgalley for an honest review.

Great googamooga of ooey gooey goodness! Let me start out by saying, anything related to grilled cheese is on my to do list. There's nothing more comforting than grilled cheese, and this is an entire book dedicated to grilled cheeses and the sides to go with.

I've seriously died and gone to heaven with this book. The majority of the recipes hit the spot, with one or two exceptions, mostly allergy related. Grilled cheese made out of glazed donuts is not something I would make, but I would try a bite if someone else made one. 

I love this collection of recipes and I'm definitely buying a copy!

Favorite recipes:
Deviled Bacon Grilled Cheese
Creamy Tomato Basil Soup
Sausage and Gravy Grilled Cheese
Marinara Grilled Cheese Float
Buffalo Tater Tots
Frog Eye Grilled Cheese
Banana Jam
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Grilled Cheese
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Thank you NetGalley! I never really thought about changing up a grilled cheese until I received this book. So many wonderful ideas, I had to try some right away and they were a hit! I’m not sure I’ll be able to go back to the old dull grilled cheese after this. It gives an interesting overview about the sandwich and what’s needed to cook it, then it goes into the recipes.  With each recipe it it also has a side to serve with it. I can definitely say that we will be trying more of these recipes as the weather gets cooler.
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Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC copy to read and then write an honest review. 

Awesome collection of grilled cheese recipes and pictures. I am so hungry now. 
There is also a super interesting history of grilled cheese. 
I love that each sandwich has a pairing for a side and extras. A grilled cheese SHOULD be a meal! 
Loved the fun facts throughout the book as well. 
Amazing photos. YUM! YUM!
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Thank you to Netgalley for the chance to check out this fun book.
Grilled cheese is the most comforting thing in the world. So this book is like a big warm hug. I was surprised to find some combinations I hadn’t seen before, definitely going to try these, The combinations are adventurous at times, but honestly some of the recipes did just seem OTT for their own sake, rather than for actual taste. Happy to see photos for  every recipe, always a plus. Though I did feel like the photos and cover were a bit dated, which is a shame, as it’s a super fun book.
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A peanut butter grilled cheese?? Finally, vindication for my much-maligned peanut-butter-and-cheddar-cheese sandwiches!! But seriously, it doesn’t seem possible that anyone exists who wouldn’t be made hungry by the pictures & recipes in this book. All I want right now is a grilled cheese. Luckily, I’ve just read about so many good recipes to try! Also, I’m a huge sucker for food history, so that section on the history of the grilled cheese was perfect.
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This book is insane in all the best ways!! I mean who doesn't love grilled cheese!!! This book has it all recipes I could never have dreamed of. I mean I'm completely in love. If you want to try something new or just love cheese this book is your jam. I absolutely highly recommend it. I was impressed by the sheer amount of choices bevermibd the recipes and photos.
 LOVE IT!!! I'd give 10 stars if possible!
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I was enthralled by this title and the cover. Who doesn't love a grilled cheese and tomato soup on a cool day? The book has some chef-inspired combinations like Black Fig Grilled Cheese and Manchego and Sriracha Grilled Cheese, as well as some Vegetarian Options and Fan Favorites. I like that the author included side dish recipes so the reader can create an entire meal, and even tack on a dessert if they so choose. The desserts are traditional family favorites like Carrot Cake, Bread Pudding, and Sugar Cookies. Each recipe has a photo included which is important for most readers; we want to see what the finished product will look like and of course, cooking and eating involves all of our senses. 

I couldn't help but feel like some of the recipes included taking whatever was left in the fridge, plopping it on some bread, and grilling it up (just don't forget the cheese). Spaghetti Grilled Cheese? Check. Meatloaf Grilled Cheese? Check. Deviled Bacon Grilled Cheese? Check. Palak Paneer Grilled Cheese with Naan? No, but maybe they should add this recipe in the second edition. Anything can become grilled cheese if you put some butter on both sides and grill it up. This book clogged my arteries just looking at it, but I think I would give one of the recipes a try out of curiosity or for a cheat meal.
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This book is literally all about grilled cheese and its variations. So many different combinations but I would still stick to the traditional one. The photos are pretty nice and I love seeing the melted cheese in every photo. The cover looks like those old cookbooks that my grandma would have in her house but inside is colorful and fun. I received a free digital copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.
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"No matter how old, rich or famous you get, you are never too old for a grilled cheese"

I was raised on grilled cheese and I still have at least once a week at a minimum. So, this book piqued my interest. The history of grilled cheese was fascinating. There are some interesting recipes included. I don't know that I am that adventurous but some of them do look good. I think I'll try my hand at Kim's Sausage and Gravy Grilled Cheese. YUM! I appreciate the side recipes included. Sometimes it's hard to know what to serve with a grilled cheese and there are many options included. They range from fruits to potatoes cooked several ways to salads and soups and more. There are some crazy ones too, like peanut butter stuffed jalapenos. I enjoyed the fun facts spread throughout the book. Overall, I don't know how many of these I would actually make but it is a fun cookbook to browse.
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I featured this book in a cookbook roundup here: I featured this book here:
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I got this book to try out some different grilled cheese sandwiches for dad and he really liked some of them I tried along with the side dishes. I will be taking some of the side dishes next time with have a neighborhood party cause I know they would love it. I can't wait to get a hard copy of this book to share with my family. Thank you netgalley and the publisher for letting me read and review this book.
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Wowwwww this book has me drooling! I have never seen so many great ways to make grilled cheese AND there are also suggested sides to go along with it! The first one I am going to try is the crab rangoon grilled cheese or the Slim Shady Supreme Grilled Cheese. I may end up just going through the whole book and making a new recipe once a week. This was a great find!
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