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A View Most Glorious by Regina Scott

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Story Notes

Regina invites readers along on a young woman's journey to prove herself strong that inadvertently leads to a unexpected chance at love. 

I've been really loving these stories highlighting moments of the Suffragette movement that impacted others. This particular story focuses on the Pacific Northwest area and gives insight into those who were brave enough to take on a climb of the beautifully dangerous Mt Rainier. Cora Baxter is determined to make her own way in life, regardless of the advantageous matches her mother desires to arrange for her. She likes her freedom and her job at the bank and has no intention of giving them up just to marry a "rich" man. Thus, she strikes a bargain with her mother: If she can reach the summit of Mt Ranier and return unharmed, her mother will let her be. If not, she must marry the man of her mother's choosing. Cora has not earned her degree and her position at the bank through status so she is committed to do whatever it takes to achieve her goal. The first obstacle is convincing the taciturn Nathan Hardee to guide her. Nathan once lived the life of the idle rich, until the death of his father plunged his family into scandal. He has since built his reputation as a mountain and hiking guide and is well trusted by those in his world. Nathan has no time to pamper a spoiled heiress but agrees to guide Cora and her stepfather if they can pass the necessary pre-tests he requires for climbers he guides. Surprised at Cora's stubborn determination and unexpected stamina, Nathan is soon convinced she can make it to the top if she agrees to listen to him along the way. But the climb soon proves to be the least of their worries as Cora's mother and the man wanting to marry Cora keep putting obstacles in their way. Can they break free of these holds and make their goal or will they have to turn back in defeat? And will Cora finally find what she has been looking for all along or will she let a chance at happiness pass her by while she holds tight to her hard-won freedom? You can find out these answers and enjoy a truly delightful story if you'll give this book a read. 
I loved the history, the characters and the plot lines of this story. It was unusual and yet familiar which made it a great read for me. Cora is a strong character, prone to forcefulness to get her way, but she soon learns that is not always the best way to achieve one's goal. She also had to learn that love comes in a variety of ways and sometimes love is hidden behind protectiveness. Nathan was a good hero, with good conversation and excellent challenge to Cora's mindset. He had his own lessons to learn through this experience and it was wonderful to see those learnings fleshed out on the pages of the story. Nothing was assumed to have happened which allowed me to connect well with Cora and Nathan. I loved all the side characters that they met along the way; some of them even real people from the area, though the interactions were fictitious. I definitely recommend this story to those who like historical fiction with real history included in the telling. I certainly do and so enjoyed this delightful story very much!
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Although this is the third book in a series, it starts from a quite different premise than the earlier two & definitely works as a ‘stand-alone.’ It is an unusual subject for a story, & an interesting way of adding to our knowledge of history. It certainly made me glad to have been born in a later era : females may still be fighting for equality even today, but things were so much worse in earlier times. (The book also made me even more thankful for my own mother, I cannot imagine having grown up with either of the main characters’ parental examples!) It was satisfying that no one character was ‘perfect’, they each had something to learn as the story progressed. I can recommend ‘A View Most Glorious’ if you are looking for something more worthwhile than ‘light fiction’, with ‘food for thought’ if you are so inclined, yet without being at all ‘heavy’.
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A View Most Glorious is a fantastic book set in the late 1800's at the height of the Women's Suffrage Movement and follows Ms. Coraline Baxter up Mount Rainier to highlight that cause.  Author Regina Scott developed strong characters in Coraline Baxter and Nathan Hardee. I understand what the author was doing by making Coraline's mother less likeable and she was successful as I found Mrs. Winston insufferable and rude. I was pleased with the ending of the book and the fact that Coraline's mother finally came around to appreciate her independence and ability to think for herself. The Women's Suffrage Movement did take a backseat to the larger story of climbing Mt. Rainier and the love story between Coraline and Nathan. I also appreciated the faith based part that came in occasionally but wasn't overbearing and showing the growing of both lead character's faith.  If you are looking for a clean, Christian romance set in the West in the 1800's, I'd recommend this one. 

Thank you NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book for my honest opinion.
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A View Most Glorious by Regina Scott is book three is the American Wonders Collection.  It reads as a stand alone as I have not read the other two books and didn’t even realize it was part of a series at the time.  The book is set in 1873 Tacoma, Washington. 

The book had a lot going for it.  Cora has agreed to climb Mount Rainier to bring attention to the suffragette movement. There were several scenes with this theme and the ladies supporting her. I found it fascinating that the author mentions the woman who really did it in the story too (I highly recommending reading the author’s notes at the end of the book too)

In addition, Cora’s mom is trying to marry her off. Her mom says that if she does not make it then her mom gets to chose her husband. She is convinced that Cora will not be able to do it. Cora is not trained to climb but she is determined.  And she and her step father have found a guide that they have to convince to take them up the mountain.  Nathan is the guide. He and Cora have a great banter.  I also enjoyed the friendship between Nathan and his helper. 

I highly recommend the book.
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Coraline makes a deal, a climb to the top of Mt Rainier in exchange for her step father’s bank getting bailed out.  She knows it will take all she has,but she has the motivation for it.  She realizes she needs help and turns to Nathan for help.  Nathan knows his way around and has extra motivation as well.  He agrees to help Coraline out in the climb to the top.  Along the way they will encounter more than expected.  
I really enjoyed this look in to the past and felt like I was there at times along the way.

I received a copy to read, the review is mine.
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Regina Scott’s “American Wonders Collection” is a very readable series.  I have read A View Most Glorious, book number three from this series.

I found this book to be a most interesting story.  The idea that to bring recognition to the suffragette movement, a member of the cause must climb Mt. Rainier, a most treacherous achievement is probably an idea of the lengths that women had to go to to get the vote.

Coraline Baxter has no climbing experience and is relying on mountain guide, Nathan Hardee to see that she achieves the summit.  Adding controversy to the climb is Coraline’s mother, who wagers that if Coraline cannot reach the summit, she must submit to the attention of a man of her mother’s choosing.

So there are two reasons that this climb must be successful.  I was interested in the very strenuous and dangerous aspects of this attempt.  I fully enjoyed the back and forth between the guide and Coraline.  This book kept my interest throughout, and I would highly recommend it.  I intend to read the other books in this series based on what I read in book number three.
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I enjoyed the first two books in Regina Scott’s American Wonders Collection so it was a given that I must read the final book of the series. I did enjoy A View Most Glorious also but probably would have enjoyed it more if I had not been trying to beat a deadline and found myself nearly unable to keep my eyes open long enough to read it. I’m afraid I may have over committed on review books recently and a few health issues have slowed down my reading pace.

It is always fun to visit other places alongside the characters in a story, especially when it is told through the eyes of history. A View Most Glorious allowed me to accompany Coraline Baxter on her journey to reach the summit of Mt. Ranier in order to prove that if she could do it, any woman was also capable. As a member of Tacoma, Washington society, Cora had many expectations placed on her by her mother but Cora had greater ambitions than to be a useless society woman. When her mother offered her to allow her to attempt to climb the mountain if she would marry a certain man if she failed, Cora was determined to succeed with the help of Nathan, her guide.

Populated with multiple multifaceted characters, both admirable and manipulative, this story moved along at a steady pace as it mostly documented the details involved in reaching the peak of the mountain. Personally, I found Cora’s mother to be quite tiresome in her attempts to run Cora’s life, even if her intentions were for Cora’s benefit. I enjoyed the author’s vivid descriptions of scenery encountered as they ventured up the mountain as well as the people they encountered along the way.

A View Most Glorious was a very satisfying read and I look forward to future books by this author.

I voluntarily reviewed a digital copy of this book provided by Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group. A favorable review was not required. All views expressed are my own.
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“A View Most Glorious,” by Regina Scott is a nice novel about “Cora” Coraline Baxter who is doing all she can in 1863 Tacoma, Washington to avoid being married off by her mother. She has no desire to be dependent on any man after seeing her mother struggle. She would rather devote her time to the women’s voting rights movement than to marry. In order to avoid marrying the wealthy man (Cash Kincaid) that her mother has picked out, she determines to show her worth by climbing Mount Rainier. She enlists the help of local guide Nathan Hardee, who would like nothing better than to get the best of Cash Kincaid. 

The description of the area is wonderful, but I struggled to connect with some of the characters. The romance that ensues is natural and develops well.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher and was not required to post a positive review. All opinions are my own.
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Fighting for women’s suffrage, climbing Mt. Rainier, and fighting society’s unnecessary restrictions, are all themes Regina Scott deals with in A View Most Glorious. Coraline Baxter decides to climb Mt. Rainier (or is it Tacoma?) with social outcast and mountain guide, Nathan Hardee. Doing so will draw attention to her cause and free her of her mother’s matrimonial expectations.
I don’t know if I was delighted or dismayed by the big loop Scott throws the reader for as a character makes a totally unexpected decision. It certainly upped the ante for the outcome of the perilous journey!
Faith is a quiet, steadying influence in both Hardee’s life and the book. Several times, Nathan can be found with his Bible in hand, worshipping outdoors by himself before the day begins. Scott doesn't preach in this story, but the power of the Scripture and its Creator are very evident.
I felt for pitiful Cora, who can stand up for and take care of herself- almost. She is so strong and determined, and she can handle herself at a job in a man’s world. She can be the voice for the suffragettes in Tacoma. Yet, she cannot stand against her mother’s iron will.
I loved Cora’s stepfather. He cares for her in a most loving, diligent way. He sacrifices much for Cora and manages to be a go-between for Cora and her mother, without ruffling feathers. Now, if he can just develop a spine!
Nathan is rough around the edges, but a gem on the interior. The question is, whether he and Cora can find a common calling, or whether Cora will follow society’s designs.
I received a copy of this book from RevellReads via NetGalley. All opinions are my own, and no positive review was required.
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Cora is a fervent supporter of Women's suffrage. She attended university 
and works at her stepfather bank.

With her suffragette group she decides to climb Mount Rainier in order
to rally more supporters to their cause and also demonstrate what women
are capable of.

Climbing Mount Rainier testify of all the efforts women have to do to take
their place in society.

Nathan Hardee lost everything after his father's suicide and left the comfortable
life he once knew to live near the mountain. He is the one who is going to
help Cora in her venture and also challenge her to become who she is supposed
to be.

Besides her goal of reaching Mount Rainier Cora must decide what she really
wants in life and choose between her mother's wishes and standards or listen
to her heart.

I liked Cora's character, her courage, her determination and her integrity are 
good examples.

This is a great book with vivid descriptions of Mount Rainier and I also liked the
facts that the author used true events: Fay Fuller was an american journalist. In 1890 she 
became the first woman to reach the summit of Mount Rainier.

"And if women can climb mountains, surely they have the same right to vote as man."
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Coraline Baxter does not want to fit in with proper society. Her mind is too keen and her interests too broad to play the simpering socialite, doomed to a life of comfort without fulfillment. She is one of few women who have attended college and gone on to get a job outside the home, ambitions that seem frivolous at best for a woman of her social standing in the late 1800’s. With these accomplishments in hand, Cora has been nominated by her friends to climb Mt. Ranier in the name of suffrage; if a woman can summit the grand lady, then a woman surely is capable of the vote. More than advancement of the suffragist movement is at stake, though. If Cora does not succeed, she must marry the man her mother has chosen for her; one whose appearances are greatly deceptive of his character.  To summit Ranier, Cora and her stepfather have enlisted the services of Nathan Hardee. A former fellow Tacoma socialite, family scandal prompted Nathan to eschew the trappings of the proper society which shunned him at a time when his family needed support. Determined to never be like those people again, Nathan has embraced the mountain man lifestyle, caring for neighbors and guiding those who wish to summit the mountain. The last thing he needs is to be responsible for guiding a delicate flower with a weak constitution and her privileged stepfather, but Coraline Baxter is determined to prove she’s no shy violet. Matching his strength with her determination could prove that they are stronger together. And that looking at others with compassion and understanding just might lead to a fulfillment like no other.  Regina Scott forges through several difficult social subjects with grace and passion in A View Most Glorious, the third of her American Wonders Collection series. Her writing is powerful; descriptions that make the reader feel as though they are indeed journeying alongside Cora and Nathan, as well as social statements with purpose and grace. With great attention to detail and historical accuracy, Scott brings us with her to illuminate, educate, and entertain.  Thank you to the author and publisher for allowing me a copy to read and review. All opinions expressed here are my own and are completely genuine.
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A View Most Glorious is part of the American Wonders Collection by Regina Scott. These historical novels all are set in national parks.  This novel is set in Tacoma, Washington and Mount Rainier in 1893. Coraline Baxter is a debutante turned suffragette who wants to climb Mount Rainier to prove that woman can do anything. Her mother objects but her good-natured stepfather wants to climb the mountain as well.  Nathan Hardee was once part of society, but now he works in the wilderness ... and he agrees to help guide Cora and her hiking party up the mountain.

I wanted to read this novel because I enjoyed the previous two books in the series so much. I love historical fiction and am interested in the national parks.  The subtle inspirational message of these books is also very appealing to me.

This was a delightful read! Cora is a sympathetic protagonist. She wants more out of life than an arranged society marriage. I admired her determination and strength of conviction. And Nathan!  I enjoyed getting to know him slowly, as a reader, as Cora got to know him on their trip. Their slow building love story was very appealing.

I recommend A View Most Glorious, and this series, for fans of historical fiction and especially for anyone who is interested in the national parks.  The novels are so well written and provide a glimpse at a historical setting that is rarely seen in fiction.
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This American Wonders series showcasing the National Parks has been educational and fun to read. I especially liked how the author included such serious women’s suffragette matters in this story. It was eye-opening to see what women would do for the movement. I appreciated how the author showed the struggles and how the socialites ruled. It gave insight into what was expected of Caroline Baxter (who was reluctantly part of that group). How could she be respectful to her mother yet follow her heart and convictions. Coraline was willing to accept her mother’s wishes for her life if she failed to climb to the top of Mount Rainier, hence proving a woman can do anything. Cora soon finds this task is far more complicated and demanding than she ever imagined. The thought that she could lose at this task scared her. 

This is a well-written compelling story, demonstrating just how far and to what lengths women went through to get the right to vote. I liked how the author showed the huge opposition that was willing to stop them from reaching their goal. I appreciated the fact that Cora wanted to respect her mother’s wishes yet still stick to what she believed her heart was her calling.

I enjoyed her levelheaded, thoughtful, mountain climber guide Nathan Hardee who knew firsthand what high society dictated. He escaped that life and was happier, or so he thought until he starts on this adventure with opinionated Cora Baxter. The year is 1893 Tacoma, Washington. Cora and Nathan are headed to the summit of a 14, 000 mountain. She was required to bring along a chaperone – her stepfather believes in Cora and agrees to play his part.

I enjoyed how the main characters grew as they climbed up the mountain. All the travelers get a view most glorious, not only of the mountain, but also a surprising view on their lives and what’s important. Rock climbing is not like today, where we have lots of fancy equipment. I liked how the author made the reader feel as if they were part of the climb. This was a fun read that leaves a smile on your face and happiness in your heard when you close the book.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I have received a complimentary copy of this book by the publisher through NetGalley. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”

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The story opens in Tacoma in 1893.  Coraline Baxter, a socialite who is also a member of the Women's Suffrage Association, has made a deal with her mother.  Coraline wants to climb to the summit of Mt. Rainier to prove that  women can do anything a man can do and thereby should  given the right to vote.  Should she fail she will marry the man her mother chooses for her.  Coraline needs a guide and Nathan Hardee is the best.  He is a man with a troubled past and he knows the trappings of Coraline's world.  After testing her stamina, he agrees to act as her guide. With a great deal at stake, their adventure begins.  Will Coraline realize her dream?
The author brings to readers a world so vividly depicted that readers are immersed in it.  It is as though we are we are making the climb, too.  The characters are a fascinating group, coming from all walks of life.  Set during a time when so many are hurting financially, a realistic picture of the hardships and inequities is put forth.  The story line is not predictable, nor are the actions of the characters.  There are surprises and challenges of all sorts.  
I found this story to be exciting and informative.  It is well worth reading.  Highly recommended.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell and NetGalley.  The opinions expressed in this review are my own.
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I enjoyed this sweet historical romance! I loved the setting of the Pacific Northwest! I especially enjoyed the journey of defying what was "expected" of a lady at that time. That she did something that was difficult for everyone not just women. A fantastic novel! 

I received an ARC through Netgalley and all opinions are my own.
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Thank you NetGalley for sending this arc for an honest review! 

This story was such an enticing and captivating adventure. It’s a one of a kind epic journey where we watch the MC grow, travel, and make her mark on the world. It is truly a never to forget story that sets not just the charcaters goals, but also gets you motivated to want to do more and set your goals as well. 

This historical story of a female traveling truly inspired me, and showed me many things a woman was able to do and prove how strong willed they can be to move forward.
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A View Most Glorious is the third book in the American Wonders Collection by Regina Scott. While being part of a great series, this is a wonderful stand alone story. This story takes place in Washington in 1893. When most people are financially struggling and many out of work, Coraline has attended college and works at her step-father’s bank. To avoid a marriage she does not want, she makes a deal with her mother that if she can climb Mount Rainer, she will not be forced to marry.

This is a fun book to read that has several messages within it. Cora’s mother has married three times and uses her status to get what she wants. Cora longs for living a different life, one of value and helping others. Her step-father loves her as his own and will do anything to help her. Nathan left the life he was use to after his father’s death and now lives away from the city while helping others. His mother married after his father’s death to maintain her position in society and had nothing to do with him.

This is an easy to read story with wonderful main characters. It is well written and easy to imagine the breathtaking view of the mountain and it’s surroundings. I really enjoyed how Nathan and Cora were able to make it through the climb as well as dealt with their mother’s attitudes and make allowances in their lives for the good of not just themselves but their families as well.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley, this is my honest review.
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Title:  A View Most Glorious
Author: Regina Scott

Series: American Wonders Collection Book 3

Chapters: 31

Pages: 368

Genre: Christian Historical Fiction, Christian Historical Romance  

Rating: 4 stars

Publisher: Revell


I'm not going to lie A View Most Glorious by Regina Scott while an enjoyable read it was not my favorite of the series. Though I did enjoy learning about Mt. Rainier before it become a National Park.  As are the books in the series are set at National Parks before they were parks.  And even though this wasn't my favorite of the series I loved Coraline Baxter as a character and heroine. I loved her determination and the fact that she didn't fit the mold that her mother wanted to put her in. It was because of real life women like Cora that I am able to not only vote but climb a mountain if I so chose. Not that my asthma would let me.   Nathan Hardee was a hero that was technically between two worlds, though he fit better in the one he chose than the one he was born into. 


A View Most Glorious was a book about not only trusting God but about learning not only who you are, but knowing who your true friends are.  All in all it was a good ending to a great series. 

I received a copy of this book from the publisher a part of a blog tour. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are mine alone. 


I received a copy of this book from the publisher through netgalley. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are mine alone.
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In 1893 Tacoma, WA, Coraline Baxter stands out. Not just for her beauty, but because she holds a college degree and works as an accountant at her stepfather’s bank. When the members of the Tacoma Women’s Suffrage Association elect her to reignite their campaign to give women the vote by proving women have the same capabilities as men, Cora agrees. Even though it means climbing to the top of Tacoma (Mt. Rainier). Against the wishes of her socialite mother.

Her stepfather applauds Cora’s goal and agrees to procure a guide and climb with her to maintain propriety. To placate her mother, Cora must agree to marry the man of her mother’s choice upon her return. And Cora has no intention of marrying Cash Kincaid. Failure is not an option. 

Once a man of society, nor a mountain guide, Nathan Hardee wants nothing to do with the life he left behind. And when Mr. Winston offers to pay generously for Nathan’s guiding services, Nathan has no desire to lead a pampered, frivolous socialite up the tallest mountain in Washington. Until he meets Miss Coraline Baxter. At his partner’s urging, Nathan agrees to put her through a series of tests before making his final decision. As he gets to know Cora, he understands her conviction and drive to make the world better for others. 

Will Cora summit the mountain? And once she sees a view most glorious, will she ever feel satisfied with her normal life?

Why I Loved This Book

Scott builds a charming cast of characters and invites the reader along on an impressive feat for any generation—summiting Mt. Rainier. Along the way, readers learn about the name controversy, the suffrage movement, and the Panic of 1893. The meticulous attention to detail and cameo appearances by historical figures make this a true work of historical fiction. 

Fans of Tracie Peterson, Karen Witemeyer, and Kim Vogel Sawyer will enjoy this third installment in Scott’s American Wonders Collection (a standalone book series set in different National Parks).
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A View Most Glorious, by Regina   Scott, opens up with Caroline Baxter attempting to convince Nathan Hardee to accompany her to the peak of Mount Rainier.  The year is 1893 and Nathan does not trust that this woman and father will be able to pay the fee.  Also, his experience with society women leads Nathan to believe that she may not be up to the trek!

After Nathan agrees to accompany Caroline and her father up this amazing mountain peak, he is amazed to see all that Caroline is able to do on this dangerous journey.  Once Caroline finally accomplishes her goal, you sense that she feels a bit attached to Nathan!

The next question concerns whether this attraction is strong enough to cause her to leave the wealth of her current world to embrace a quieter life with Nathan.  Hold tight for an exciting conclusion to this tale!
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