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This is the first book of the series.  I read these out of sequence so other than being confused why the people weren't together, you don't need to read these in order to enjoy the books.  All the characters are GREAT. Enjoyable to read and a little detective work  you've got a wonderful book.
I recieved a free copy so that I might tell you what I honestly think. Hope you enjoyed my review. Now go enjoy the book.
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What I Liked: 
-I liked getting to know the SNAP crew, Walters balanced out the personalities of the group well and had them play off of each other. I would have liked to get to know them a little more though. :) 

-Lights Out ticks the boxes for Romantic Suspense, juggling both plot lines pretty well. 

What Wasn't My Favorite: 
-The love triangle/tension that was supposed to be created by Amy's character never really worked for me, mostly because we basically never see her and Jack together. 

-There was one point during the climax where it felt like SNAP was way smarter than all of the other government agencies/employees, which bugged me a little bit. However, I might have been reading it wrong. 

Final Thoughts: 
Lights Out is a nice start to the SNAP Agency series and will be a good fit for romantic suspense readers. 

Content Warnings: moderate romance; one kiss; moderate/heavy violence
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I have not read many of Natalie Walters' stories. When Lights Out shows up in a list of books I might like, based on other authors I follow, I thought I would give this story a try.
Brynn Taylor is a CIA Analyst personally impacted by 9/11. She pulls together a new program to help combat terrorism so others do not have to suffer as she has. 
Jack Hudson is working in the private sector for Strategic Neutralization and Protection Agency. He and his team are often contracted to solve mysteries the government and others send his way. Think elite, highly skilled, behind the scenes, get it done, best of the best.
When one of the international spies involved in Brynn's task force goes missing she finds herself assigned to work the SNAP to find answers and corral the missing operative. She's not expecting to be paired up with her old fling to do so. When Jack realized he has to work with the woman who betrayed him and his heart he is less than pleased.
As the story unfolds Jack, his team, and Brynn work against the clock to solve this high stress, high stakes, mystery where every second counts.
I enjoyed this story. It brought forth different aspects of the CIA, introduced SNAP, and kepts my attention as I tried to unravel the tale. I found the end to be a bit anticlimatic which was surprising based on the rest of the story. I will not elaborate as I do not want to include any spoilers. I just was not wrapped up in a fashion I was anticipating. That being said I'm still anxious for the next book in the series.
Thank you to NetGalley and Revell for the opportunity to read a newer to me author. All opinions are my own. I would give this a 3.5 on a 5 star scale.
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This was an intense, action filled, emotional story. The history between Brynn and Jack just adds even more emotion and potential problems as they "work" together. Things are rough on Brynn right away because she overhears Jack say that he "doesn't trust her." That doesn't sound promising does it? But Brynn is one driven woman when it comes to stopping terrorism.  
I've got to admit that there were quite a few people in this story but for the most part I wasn't overwhelmed by that. Especially when it came to the SNAP team, who had some unique people in it. But my favorite has to be Kekoa who was not only a clever hacker but also made me smile..often.
The action and danger just keeps on ramping up until the thrilling ending. I just have to add that the story was a bit low on romance but come on, they were trying to avoid the world blowing up!
I did like how the story ended with hope for the future for many. 

 “I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”
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I have a new favorite author in Natalie Walters.  Lights Out is fast moving, full of suspense, mystery, and romance.  I loved the development of the characters and their relationship to each other.  Jack and Brynn have a history going back eight years which adds a decent amount of tension while rekindling their relationship.  The other members of Jack’s SNAP team add a complex and sometimes humorous dimension to their work family.  I look forward to reading more of this new series and highly recommend it!
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This is my first book by Natalie Walters and definitely won’t be my last! With edge of your seat suspense, non-stop action, intelligent writing, a compelling story, romance, and an inspirational message, this book definitely hit all the right spots and made for an enjoyable read! 

This is the first book in the SNAP (Strategic Neutralization and Protection Agency) series and takes the reader from Egypt to the United States on the hunt for a missing spy. Brynn is a CIA Analyst who’s been working extensively to discover and prevent terrorist attacks. When one of her Egyptian spies goes missing she’s charged with working with SNAP to help find Remon Riad. Unfortunately the person who’s heading up the mission is Jack Hudson. 

Jack and Brynn have a messy past and neither one is anxious to work together again. Jack especially doesn’t trust Brynn and the reasons why are teased out throughout the story. The embers of their past romance still burn under the surface with a lot of feelings still there. As the team gets closer to finding out what happened to Riad and uncovering the terrorist plot, they’re faced with kidnappings, explosions, poisonings, and injuries with Brynn and Jack right in the middle.

It’s a fantastic beginning to a new series and I’m excited to read the next book. It reminded me a lot of a 24 episode without the language and excess violence, where the action is non-stop. The relationships within SNAP are so enjoyable. I really connected with all the characters and look forward to seeing how these relationships continue. The witty dialogue is well done. The writer is well versed in the intelligence world yet makes the technical jargon easily understandable. Along with all the action and trying to prevent a terrorist attack is a sweet second chance romance where trust was broken and needing to be repaired. There’s also an inspirational message which focuses on learning to trust in God and letting go. 

I will definitely be reading another book by this author and look forward to continuing on with this series. Highly recommend especially to romantic suspense fans! I received an advanced complimentary copy from the publisher through NetGalley. All opinions are my own and I was not required to provide a positive review.
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Except for a novella that got me interested in this author, this is the first book by her that I’ve read. It definitely won’t be the last! This book is fast paced, tense and suspenseful throughout, and kept me guessing. I loved the tension and emotion between Jack and Brynn, as well as the interactions between the other SNAP team members. Excellent romantic suspense! I was hooked from the first page.
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“Choose fear or choose faith, but only one choice will bring peace.” — Natalie Walter, Lights Out

As a CIA analyst, Brynn Taylor developed a new program to combat terrorism, and invited members of foreign intelligence agencies to America to foster cooperation between countries. Now one of them, Egyptian spy Remon Riad, is missing.

Jack Hudson has been working for the Strategic Neutralization and Protection Agency (SNAP) for almost nine years and takes the lead in hunting down the missing spy. But he isn’t at all pleased to find out Brynn is involved. It’s hard to trust a woman who’s already betrayed you.

Every lead they follow draws them dangerously deeper into an international plot and the terrorists will do anything to accomplish their goal of causing a digital blackout that will blind a strategic US military communications center and throw the world into chaos.

This hits home, doesn’t it? I’m less afraid of a terrorist attack via explosives or missiles; it’s the chaos of a cyberattack that keeps me up at night. Lights Out by Natalie Walters had me hooked from the get-go. The plot is gripping and suspenseful with a modicum of romantic tension. I was on the edge or my proverbial seat! The author did a marvellous job with characterization, too; I appreciated their points of view, personalities, and emotional tells… The Hawaiian techie, Kekoa, is a hoot! 

The faith elements are minimal, so this is a splendid choice for someone looking for a fast-paced thriller without gratuitous sex and violence. The tagline on her website perfectly describes what you can expect in this book: “The fight against evil and the promise of hope.” This is my first book by Natalie Walters, and she has definitely gained a new fan. Book two in The SNAP Agency series was released in May, so check out Lights Out now. 5 stars.

Published Date: November 2021
Genres: Christian fiction, Christian suspense
Read-alikes: Life Flight by Lynette Eason, End Game by Rachel Dylan, Against All Odds by Irene Hamilton
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Natalie Walters quickly became one of my favorite authors with her Harbored Secrets. With this first book of her new series, she has created new characters for us to know and love, as well as bringing back a familiar favorite from a previous book.

All her books are fast-paced, edge of your seat, keep you guessing mysteries, and this one just keeps it coming! The romance is mild, maybe a few kisses, and the humor interlaced into the story is just perfect. Looking forward to reading the next in the series!
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I did find it a bit difficult to connect with this story at first, as it seemed to hit the road at 0-200 speed and I felt like I was pinned to the back of my seat, trying to orient myself to who the characters were and what was going on. But once I’d read the first 1/3 of the book three times over I managed to get oriented and then read the whole rest of the book in just a couple days.

Brooke and Jack made a great couple and it was a pleasure to see them work their way from “never again” to “maybe” to “can’t live without.” The mystery kept me guessing and was very intense (have the kleenex ready for a few folks in the story!)

Definitely a good start to the series, proving Natalie Walters has plenty of good writing ahead of her.

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for a free reading copy. A favorable review was not required.
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This is an amazing ride of a story!
The first book in a new series, the SNAP Agency. This is about spies. intelligence. and plenty of letter-name agencies.
I enjoyed meeting Brynn. She's made her job at the CIA top priority in her life. Now an Egyptian spy is missing, and if he turns out to be a terrorist, the blame will rest on her.

I'm such a fan of CIA stories, and this one was fun and exciting to read. So much action. Lots of danger. Murder, attempted murder, and more.
If you enjoy mysteries, you will definitely want to read this one!

Disclaimer: I receive complimentary books from various sources, including, publishers, publicists, authors, and/or NetGalley. I am not required to write a positive review, and have not received any compensation. The opinions shared here are my own entirely.  I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255
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Wow. Wow. Wow. 

This is my first book by Natalie Walters and her suspense game is STRONG! I loved all of the political intrigue--it went above and beyond US national security and went to a full-blown WORLDWIDE national security. 

Forgive my use of cap locks, but this book demands the use of cap locks! 

This had a second chance romance which has become a favorite of mine. I would categorize this book more under the suspense than romance category--but thought the romance was very nicely done. It helped add balance with the suspense and anticipation overall. 

I loved the mystery aspect of this novel. The clues were perfectly paced with the book. It gave off a lot of 24 vibes. If you liked that TV series you would undoubtedly love this book. There was some violence in the book-which was to be expected and never came across as gory or inappropriate. 

This book was a page turner for me and I'm already looking forward to book 2!

Thanks to the Author, Publisher & NetGalley for the copy. All thoughts in this review are my own.
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I am not typically a suspense reader, but I have been a fan of Natalie Walters since day one. When I saw she had a new series coming out, I knew I would for sure be reading it. With high stakes and endearing characters, Lights Out creates a plausible team fighting an enemy that feels all too real-world.

Walters excels at creating an intense yet subtle plot that builds tension until the stories end. At the same time, she brings to life amazing characters that seem like real people. I know some of them have their own story, and I can only hope we get to read those in a future novel.

Brynn and Jack have a history together, which sets up for some interesting interactions when they are brought together again by necessity. I appreciate that it’s not too dramatic – they have to focus on saving the day, of course, which is dramatic enough as it is; however, it does bring a depth to the story that may not have been present had they known each other already.

I’m definitely looking forward to the next book in the SNAP Agency series and can easily recommend this book (and her previous series) to fans of contemporary suspense.

A complimentary copy of this novel was provided by the publisher; this review is my honest opinion.
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This book was one non stop heart pounding what will happen next thrill ride! Mixed in with some romance and a little big of quirky humor. I really enjoyed the introduction to the new agency and I can't wait for the other characters stories to be told!!
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Lights Out by Natalie Walters is book 1 in the SNAP Agency Series. Wow— I was already a fan of this author but this series is her best work yet. Get ready for nonstop action and intrigue. Multiple organizations working together to keep America safe— this book has it all and you won’t be able to put it down. Readers of romantic suspense, this one is for you. I received a digital copy of this book from the publisher with no obligations. These opinions are entirely my own.
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Highly recommended! Well thought out and very well executed.Thank you for the opportunity to review this story.
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“It wasn’t that she suspected everyone. She just couldn’t turn the suspicion off. It made her an excellent intelligence officer, but it also made her a dreadful friend. Daughter. Girlfriend.”

If you are looking for an excellent focus on a female CIA operative, then this is the book for you.  Brynn is a tough, intelligent, and strong leading lady in her position as an intelligence analyst. Her heart shows in her struggles with some of the decisions she’s made. “Lights Out” was a thrilling and intense look into the world behind extremism and terrorism working within the agencies that watch for those threats. It was witty and smart and moved at a fast clip. I appreciated the educational awareness regarding extremists that can be created internationally as well as on domestic soil. I also appreciated the heart for different cultures even in the midst of the fight against terrorism.

The characters were intense, the romance was lovely, and I definitely look forward to more from the SNAP team.

“Not only had terrorism stolen the life she once knew inside of her home, it had stolen the life she had beyond it.”

Bryn is a strong leading lady struggling in her position as a intelligence analyst. When she joins Jack and his team, the sparks fly and the struggle to work together while putting their past aside made for a good addition to the story. I really enjoyed both of these characters. The team has all the notes of being like a family, which really added to the story.

“I get it! I get it!” Brynn cut her friend off with a laugh. “Jack’s a hero, but you better never tell him I said so.”

Overall, I found the storyline engaging and I look forward to the rest of the series with other team members. If you’re looking for a good CIA/FBI thriller, this might be just the book for you.

I received a copy of this book through NetGalley by the publisher. All opinions are my own and have been given honestly.
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This is a well-crafted story with likable characters.  It gives the reader an in-depth look into the workings of the different government agencies - even ones we don't know about.  The time span of the action is less that a week, but there is so much packed into that week.  I had to smile at the main character, Jack Hudson.  He reminded of one of the FBI men on Sue Thomas, FBEye.  So when you can relate to a character it makes for more enjoyable reading.
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This is the third book I’ve read by Elizabeth Goddard. This one delivered dramatic action in an interesting outdoor setting just like the previous novels. The characters were resilient and smart. They had multiple mysteries to solve. As you’re drawn deeper into the plot, these terrifying and near fatal events happen with greater frequency. You wonder how much more these characters can take. Elizabeth Goddard weaves a cross continent trail from sea-to-sea with a layover in Montana for some of the most dramatic action. It’s a breakneck race to the end to see the mystery solved.

The book is second in the Rocky Mountain Courage series and it flows seamlessly from book one. The story is based on the experiences of Erin Larson and Nathan Campbell, who were secondary characters in Book 1 of this series. Erin’s job as a criminal psychologist adds an interesting twist to the plot. Her sideline vocation is broadcasting a podcast on cold cases. She publishes each episode anonymously to protect herself and the identities of those involved.

I found the book well written. The roster of characters is interesting and I appreciated how you never knew for certain exactly who was 100% genuine or a fake with a hidden agenda. I received a print book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. #DeadlyTarget #RockyMountainCourage!
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Natalie, Natalie, Natalie!!! This book! The idea of a non-governmental agency such as SNAP was so unique and fascinating, and Walters did a fabulous job creating such a fictional agency. As for characters, I fell in love with Jack right away. (Anyone else want his full backstory??) Brynn as well was a very compelling and interesting character and I loved the way their romance unfolded throughout the book. Their joint backstory about their previous romance was rather confusing to me and even after finishing the book, I'm still not sure I understand what exactly happened, which was slightly frustrating after all that romantic tension. ;) But that didn't detract much from my enjoyment of the book. All in all, Walters has written a wonderful new series debut and I cannot wait to see where this series goes!
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