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Another excellent book from Emily Royal.  This series has everything and will keep you reading from start to finish.
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As with all of the Lyon books, this was a fun read. Mason Redstone has let pride get in the way of the only love he ever knew. In going to the Lyon's Den he finds Lily again. Can they find their love in the here and now? Can they let go of the ten years they have lost and start new from today? Those are the things they each need to think about and see if it can happen.
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This is my first experience reading something by Ms. Royal so I really didn't know what to expect. I have to say it was a quite interesting and intriguing read and I enjoyed it very much. I was drawn into Lily and Mason's story right from the start and could not put it down. Ms. Royal did a really nice job of bringing the characters and story to life, and it was easy to see everything in my mind's eye. The characters were well-developed and so raw and real, making them easily relatable. Lily and Mason have a difficult past to work through, which brought about some very heartwrenching and emotional moments. The storyline had a nice smooth flow and there were plenty of plot twists to keep me guessing and turning the pages anxious to see what happens next. This was a very entertaining and enjoyable story, and I am very glad I had the chance to read it.

I was given a complimentary advanced reader's copy via Netgalley and am voluntarily leaving my review.
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Redstone returns from the militia to claim his title, only to discover his family estate is nearing bankruptcy. He needs money, and he needs it quickly. What better means to secure it than a rich wife.When I started reading I couldn't put it down. Emily Royal is magnifysent and amazing writer.I cannot wait to read more of there books.Keep up the great work.You should definitely read this book.Can't wait for the next book.
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It seemed like a good arrangement. He wanted a rich wife, she wanted respectability and a father to her two girls.
She knew England was not a country that was going to let her girls stand a chance without the legitimacy of two
parents. She was willing to sacrifice anything for the twins. What she did not take into account that the partner
that was set up for her, was the love of her life who deserted her for an aristocratic wife so many years ago.

It was a light hearted romance. Just nice for a Sunday afternoon reading. The setting was descriptive and romantic
and I like the way the town and countryside were both described.

Everything worked out nicely after a few initial hitches, like all good romances do.
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Emily Royal writes an engaging, second chance love story in “A Lyons Pride”. Don’t you just love the cover!!! I enjoy seeing a bit more mature couples and just love seeing he cover.

Mason, Lord Redstone and Lily Diamond were young and in love with plans to marry years ago when Mason’s father insisted that Mason marry his deceased brother’s intended. Lily and her mother were forced from their home and left destitute on the streets of London.
Mason could not go through with the forced marriage and backed out, leaving to find Lily. Being told that she had died he left brokenhearted and joined the army where he ended up going to war. He returns all these years later when his father dies and finds the estate near broke.

Mason needs a wife, a rich wife. He has no desire for love, for he could never love another woman after Lily. She was all he ever loved or ever could love. Lily is in need of a title in order to provide a better life and standing in society for her daughters. She’s become a successful business woman and has no time nor desire for love in her life since the only man she ever loved abandoned her. She merely seeks a business arrangement with no expectations of love or sharing a marriage bed. Lily enlists and the help of her mother’s long time friend, Mrs. Bessie Dove-Lyon who uses her scheming, talented, match-making skills as Mrs. Dove-Lyon’s games, the Black Widow of Whitehall. Unbeknownst to Lily, it seems that Mason has enlisted the aid of Mrs. Dove-Lyon and her proven skills as well. 

I loved the characters! Lily is an intelligent woman with a head for business. She’s strong and family l oriented, wanting only the best for her daughters and her mother. I really did like Mason though I was disappointed in his resolve to follow his father’s wishes however short-lived that resolve was. He suffered the consequences of too little too late. I’m surprised he wasn’t putting one and one together realizing the twins (who were delightful by the way) were his, right away. Although he did suffer for his foolishness however, I think Lily should have made Mason grovel a bit more…lol.

This story breaks your heart, inspires you and slowly begins to mend it. It makes you tear up one minute and giggle another. It makes you want to shake Mason! Secrets, misconceptions, and even lies play their role but in spite of the obstacles is it written in the stars for these two? It’s a story of forgiveness and redemption, a story about learning to forge your own path and grasp your happiness and hold it close.

Thank you so much Ms. Royal for this captivating story of a fated second chance. I look forward to your next book.

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I love the Lyon's Den and recommend not just this book, but the entire series. In a nutshell, if you need to get married and are open to a not-so-straightforward-but-thrilling solution.... head over to the Lyon's Den and see Mrs Dove-Lyon. She will pair you up. Each story is unique with amazing characters. Our heroine is Lily Diamond, now single mom looking for a convenient marriage. Mason Redstone is our hero--he also needs to marry to pump money into his newly-acquired titled estate. This pair though, have history. Great story of their path to love.
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This is apparently the 17th book in the series. So I was nervous as I thought I would need to read the previous books but after I started I realised I can totally read it as a stand-alone. 

It was a very short book, that I finished in a day. I absolutely loved the independence of the protagonist and for a change it's the man needing help. I am such a feminist. 

But yeah, I loved it seriously. But I also thought Lily should not have forgiven Mason so easily, even so after the second time. Mason is an idiot. But he came to his senses at the end.

Now I just need to read the previous 16 books. But I am sure I will enjoy those too. Also thanks to NetGalley and Emily Royal and Dragonblade Publishing for the e-copy.
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I so enjoyed this installment of the Lyon series. It was so interesting. I loved the characters and interplay. I can't wait for the next one to come out!
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I really enjoyed the heroine’s family. They add a lot to the story. The heroine has gone from poverty to wealth and now wants security and a place I society for her daughters. The hero is a little harder to like as I felt he wasn’t as forceful as I would have liked. The storyline follows how they come back together and get through their mixed feelings until they gat their HEA. I received an ARC for an honest review.
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This is Mason & Lily's story and their second chance at love courtesy of a trip to the Lyon's Den.  I have to chuckle at how Mrs. Dove Lyon is always able to manipulate the games so that the right couple always end up together.
Part of me was very quick to judge Mason when he abandoned Lily when his father wanted him to marry his brother's intended.  Then I thought - a different time with different expectations and norms.
Lily and her mother were brave and resourceful and did what they needed to do in order to survive and thrive.  Loved the twins!
Another great Lyon's Den story!  Be sure and add this one to your library!
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Self-made woman Lily Diamond is looking for a titled husband, but not love so she approached Mrs. Bessie Lyons for her famous matching skills and a husband. Mason Redstone returns from the militia to claim his title to find his estate is bankrupt. He finds himself racing for a high states money race to only to find himself with a new finance. Mason doesn’t care about love he’s had love and lost it ten years ago when he let his pride stand in the way of his happiness he needs money for his estate and family. I love a second chance romance book and this doesn’t disappoint poor mason though Lily had dies ten years ago after he through her love away. The two are both stubborn mason wants a second chance, but Lily doesn’t know if her heart can take and what about her secrets? I voluntarily read and reviewed this excellent book filled romance.
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Quick read!  A man who broke her heart. A woman he loved forever.   A matchmaker! I did think Lily forgave a bit quickly, but otherwise loved this sweet story.
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A Love lost 10 years ago because of pride left two people heartbroken. But into The Lyon's Den one Mrs Dove-Lyon brings couples together in the most particular ways. By chance Lily is reunited with Mason. Will the wrongs made in the past by Mason's pride be able to be forgiven? Lyon's Pride is a second chance at love if Mason can heal his lady's love broken heart. Emily Royal  has given readers a book that is well-written and well-paced, filled it with great cast of characters that come off the pages and pull you into this emotional ride that keeps you involved until the very end, sensual passion, heartfelt dialogue, with an enjoyable plot that brings this read together perfectly!
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Successful businesswoman Lily Diamond has the money to introduce her daughters into society, but alas, not the approved husband, nor indeed, any husband. She has learned almost anything can be purchased with her fortune, so goes to Mrs. Lyon to acquire a husband strictly to give the desired entrée. Friend of her mother, Mrs. Lyon has her own idea of a good match in the situation, and the announcement that Lily is engaged to Earl of Redstone is not one that pleases Lily. She and the earl meet to great surprise on the earl’s part and great despair on Lily’s. Can these two make the match last, and perhaps find love in the bargain?
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I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley and I am voluntarily reviewing it.

This was a story that I was hard pressed to put down. It was refreshing to see older protagonists (at least for a historical romance). The characters and the plot were realistic. I adored the twins such charmers.

There were a few twists and turns for the couple in reaching their HEA. At times, I wanted to slap Mason upside the head! That says a great deal for a book to bring out emotions in a reader.

This is a sexy story with some scenes that may offend some. That being said, I would only recommend this to someone over the age of 18.
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Mason, the hero here, made a mistake ten l-o-n-g years ago. He fought as a courageous solider during that after Lily life, but he obviously faltered and didn’t fight for love when it counted. Lily and her family paid the price. No wonder she’s stacked bricks around her heart and cemented a resolve never to travel down that heart breaking road again. Sassy, resilient, and now a woman of her own means and making, the tables have been turned. 

Mason has his work cut out for him, folks. He has to lay a new foundation of trust and honesty in order to convince Lily to start building together the life they should have had all along. Not surprisingly, secrets do start seeping out on both sides. Some I half expected, while others not so much. 

I have pride of my own as an avid 100% romantic at heart, therefore, I must admit I would have loved to have seen Lily keeping him at a distance even longer. You got to give Mason credit for two things though that came to light that made a difference in how you might view his past actions. However, the gist of the overall breakup is head shaking and heart shattering considering the intimacy this couple had just shared for the first time. 

Though rather too much like a dangerous, unsafe, hair brained TikTok idea  challenge, Mason gets talked into a strange pay to play game where the odds seem in his favor. Little did he know destiny was at the wheel steering him right where he needed to be.

It was refreshing to see a heroine take matters into her own hands instead of being the helpless, damsel in distress, marriage mart victim, strange as the set up was, that is. 

I found the couple of books in this lengthy series I’ve read an interesting premise to matching up reluctant to love but ultimately fated to be together lovebirds. It is a series written by various authors, btw. 

Title: A Lyon’s Pride, Series: The Lyon’s Den, Author: Emily Royal, Pages: 126, stand-alone but part of a series, reunited after long separation, apologetic wants forgiveness and her hero, sassy resilient smart business minded heroine, hero not celibate during decade separation, some graphic steamy scenes.

(I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced reader copy via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not compensated in any form for this review. There is no relationship or affiliation between this reviewer and the author, publisher, NetGalley, or any PR firm.)
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Regrets and Second Chances

Mason is a man with too much pride, and lily is a woman with too many secrets. Mason’s pride lost him the woman he loves, leaving him an empty shell. Will Lily ever forgive him for abandoning her? Perhaps, if she knew the whole, sordid tale, she might forgive him. 

Both Lily and Mason have challenges they must overcome. What happens when Mason discovers Lily’s secrets? This is such an emotional story; I found myself shedding tears throughout the book. I loved the story and would recommend it to those who like Regency, second-chance romance. There is heartbreak, but there is also redemption.
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Mason Redstone returns to England to find his father has driven the estate to the brink of bankruptcy.  He needs a rich wife without the pomp and fuss of the English ways.  She needs a titled man to give her daughters respectability.  Can they reignite an old flame squashed by pride?  The Black Widow knows......
A wonderful read with undertones you will enjoy.  A series written by a host of different authors all titles are standalone with the same theme.
I received a copy of this book free for my honest review.
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A Lyon's Pride by Emily Royal is a second chance love story. Lily has approached her mother's old friend, Bessie Dove-Lyon with the same sort of proposition many women have. She needs a noble husband who needs her money in exchange for taking care of her daughters and raising them up in society. She wants nothing to do with love or demands in the bedroom. Mason, Lord Redstone has been brought to Mrs. Dove-Lyon's gambling den by his banker, Dexter Hart, who plans to help him make some money in one of three practical ways: marry it. There has been a challenged planned and Hart buys Mason's way in. Of course, he loses and so has to become betrothed to the lady Mrs. Dove-Lyon decrees. Lily. Lily who he had loved as a youth. Lily who his father had callously turned out of the house when his older brother was killed, and his betrothed needed a new fiancé: Mason. Lily who he had tried to find but reports of her death came back to him. Was this his second chance?

As is often the case, this story is riddled with either miscommunication or downright lies. Lily is a woman of business, a very successful one, but many men cannot believe this is possible, Mason among them. She is strong, intelligent, and has loyal friends and employees. There are several very well-written characters in this book. The plot is simple enough. They are still in love, but through a series of miscommunications, both have decided that it will not work for them. Strangely, it is Wilhelmina, his stepmother, his brother's fiancé to whom he did not become betrothed, that speaks sense to him. Just as Lily's mother, who made the biggest sacrifices, is talking sense to her. It is a fun read, with plenty of angst to go around. Try it. 

I was invited to read a free e-ARC of A Lyon's Pride by Dragonblade through Netgalley. All thoughts and opinions are mine. #netgalley #alyonspride
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