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3.5 stars rounded up.  Good world building, you learn about the world's truths as Caitlyn does -- and they are pretty bleak.  Caitlyn's personal strength builds as time goes on, as you might expect!, and, at a pivotal point you learn something fairly mind-blowing with her, changing your view on everything that happened over the course of the story.  <spoiler>Unless you figured Normand out.  His speech about love is quite possibly the most powerful piece of dialogue in the book.  He was, hands-down, a badass and MVP.  Caitlyn/Shadowren has a lot to live up to.  And now there's no one watching out for her.  Things are about to get too real.</spoiler>

Don't go into this expecting the Supergenics to be superheroes -- they really are just people with powers, with all the greyness inherent in merely being human.  Their powers make it easier for them to see the unpowered as beneath them -- it's even easier because they call them "dregs".  

Can't wait for the next in the series!
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Exciting and action-packed. It was fun to read the book and I'm looking forward to more. Caitlin is my supergirl.
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An interesting take on the dystopian genre. It starts out strong and lags a bit in the middle. There were some twists I didn't see coming. I'd definitely be interested in reading the sequel it's so clearly set up for.
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Thanks to the publisher for providing an eARC of Generation Manifestation in exchange for an honest review.

So I try not to go into books with expectations, but when I went to add this to my currently reading on goodreads, I realized that this isn't my first Steven Bereznai superhero book and I was... less than a fan of his other work I've read. For all the flaws in Queeroes though, Generation Manifestation seems to have the solution.

By focusing on only one POV, Bereznai is able to create some really unique, more dynamic characters for reader to get invested in and while superhero stories are definitely known for their tropes, Bereznai does a really good job of subverting genre tropes and expectations here. This was so much better than I was expecting it to be and I'm glad I gave Bereznai a second chance.
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