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Unfortunately, this book fell flat on me. 

The premise of this book had me really excited to pick this one up! This book promised romance, Egypt mythology and adventure. But, it just didn’t deliver. 

As someone who loves Egyptian mythology and has an interest in archeology, the references made throughout the book just didn’t fit and showed a misunderstanding or lack or knowledge in the field of work. So this aspect  was overall disappointing. 

The romance was definitely steamy and if you like a book with sex scenes then you might enjoy this? I didn’t find much of an emotional connection or much intimacy between the characters during this scene. Just pure lust and desire. 

Ancient History was definitely a disappointing read for me but I would highly recommend this to those out there that like a steamy romance novel!
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This book was a fun read! I like the the mystery, history, and the main character. However, I did not like the romance aspect. The men were not suitable for the heroine, and I believe she deserved better. Thus, the ending ruined it for me. Still, I recommend this for fans of Gwendolyn Womack, Anne Fortier, and Elizabeth Peters.
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I got serious Mummy/ Indiana Jones/ Laura Croft vibes and I would be the first in line if there were more adventures in store!

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for this ARC which I received in return for an honest review.
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The historical aspects of this book were great, the mystery itself was great.

Watch out for a bit of stereotypical characterisation though which spoiled it a bit.
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What can I say. I liked this book. Must read. Do it. If you do anything else. Read this book today. Great read and enjoyable.
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My MA degree is in Cultural Heritage and many of our classes studied the repatriation of objects to their origin country. Therefore, I wanted to like this book but found the romance scenes completely ruined the story due to the male characters being so pervy.
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This is one of those books that really makes me wish publishers would be more honest about what a book truly is.

Everything this book hints at before you actually read it (the cover, the publishers summary, etc.) suggests this will be a fun, light read, women’s fiction with some humor, a simple mystery, a sweet love story. 

In truth? This is a schlocky, badly written romance novel. 

The archaeology? Only there as a prompt for a love triangle that is the book’s only real theme. The protagonist-we’re meant to believe- is a “very smart girl,” with her multiple academic achievements and such. But her behavior suggests an unworldly (ironic considering her family’s travel history) naïf at best and a girl who seems far too dim to pursue graduate level education at worst.

And then there’s the ickiest romance plot line of them all: Older, experienced french man sexually grooms inexperienced 24-year-old who is mourning two recently deceased parents. I….this is just…stomach churning. I cannot believe there’s an audience for this type of “older man patronizingly sexually trains a young woman” plot. What decade is this? Who wants this in 2021? 

Perhaps Romance readers? Those who like the Fabio cover, bodice-ripper kind? I wouldn’t know. I’m not one of them, and wouldn’t have touched this with a ten foot pole had I known it was this sort of sludge and not a fun piece of women’s fiction, as all previewable content would lead one to believe. 

Romance novels are fine as long as they’re classed as such. Between the gross romantic theme in this one (grooming, always a zero out of ten for me) and the badly written plot and dialogue, it was painful to finish this one.
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The first thing that I absolutely loved was the detail in the description of the places Athena went to in Oxford and Paris for example, it was really vivid and you could start to picture what was being described. I naturally loved that there was even a little archaeology in it, which is not a common topic in fiction books. It was a very easy read.
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This book started off well enough and was interesting. With romance, tragedy, and a little bit of steam, Ancient History was a nice read. There were some plot holes left at the end. I really wanted to like Athena more than I did and the men were a little creepy.

Over-all, a solid 3/5. The story was good and I would recommend it to someone who likes romance and a little bit of mystery/thriller. 

**I received an eArc from NetGalley for an honest review.
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I liked the idea of this book but the execution left something to be desired. I love history and mysteries and this book definitely had that. I really don't like love triangles on a good day and apparently I read this book on a bad day because I did not enjoy the romance in this book. Overall, I thought this book was just ok.
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Romance lover as well as love to read history? I think this would be perfect for you.

Well, at least it was perfect for me. I loved reading it, even though some parts bored me to death. But overall it was such a cute cheesy romance with a hint of mystery and history.

So thank you NetGalley for giving me this book to review.
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An interesting story, especially for someone who loves romance as well as history. But the execution leaves something to be desired, I found myself skimming more than reading as some parts were not engaging enough but some were tii rushed. The plot ans suspense was genuinely entertaining so I would still give the author a second chance and read another book.
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This was a fun story! Romance with just a hint of suspense. Athena has a mystery to solve- her parents death. She has 2 love interests, and she doesn't know who to trust, which is hard enough right there for a story. It all comes together quite nicely, and the happy ever after is so sweet, that I'm still savoring it.
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I’m not sure if this is the author’s first book but sometimes it felt like it was. I enjoyed it enough to finish it but there were plenty of things that I think need improvement. First of all, all of the pet names was really annoying. If someone were to call me honey, babe, darling that much it would drive me crazy. Also, I found the romance scenes to be very cheesy and need development. Lastly, the dialogue overall was just cringey and the sex scenes weren’t good. On top of it all, it seemed very instlove-ish to me which I am not a fan of. I have another book by this author that I plan to read and see if anything improves. I sure hope so!
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I really struggled to read this book. Athena is an archaeologist who's life takes an unexpected turn when her beloved parents die in a car accident. I was really intrigued by this book, the romance elements mixed with an Indiana Jones vibe but it didn't live up to my expectations. 
It's set across some gorgeous locations but I felt like I was told they were pretty without actually feeling there. Athena seemed inconsistent as a character and there were too many references to her athletic build. I was instantly put off both the love interests by their initial introduction where they seemed arrogant, rude, and in some ways slimy.
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Athena is the only child and brought up in a well protected and loved atmosphere. When they suffer an accident under extra ordinary circumstances in Crete and when both of them are killed, Athena returns to her Oxford roots to try to make a start of her life without  them. 

Athena had a suspicion that everything was not quite what it was with the death of her parents. Meeting the enigmatic Patrice very much man about town who befriends Athena and becomes her lover and indicates that other than sex, he has no interest in any kind of relationship. Hovering in the background is Dr. Jack Latimer, whom she met at her uncle's home and whom she heard having arguments with her uncle.  When he turns up in Oxford as her Professor the coincidence seems too much, but Athena is a bit naive and accepts that it is just a  coincidence.

The story dealing with artefacts from Egypt and the lucrative trade in them and how unwittingly Athena and her father have become part of this and how many people are on her tail trying to see whether she knows anything about the piece missing and which belongs to a museum in Egypt and which is being pursued by both good and bad guys. Athena becomes the magnet because both sides know that it has to be somewhere which she may knowingly or unwittingly know of.

Set in Oxford, Crete and Paris all three settings unimaginably lovely the story was a good one. Athena is a bit naive for a grown up woman but the story was good.
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Unfortunately, this book and I just could not connect. I have tried multiple times, but each time it feels more and more like a chore to read. I really wanted to like it. I wanted to enjoy the story, but I just couldn’t.
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The idea of this book is very intriguing. The basic premise is solid, unfortunately it lacks a little in execution. The writing is a little clunky, the dialogue felt unnatural and inconsistent and so much of the story was telling and not showing. 

The romance aspect, while it had a nice amount of spice, felt a little contrived. The first love interest seems somewhat gratuitous and definitely gave off creepy predatory vibes. And the second one was a little bit of an odd origin not to mention sudden. She went from borderline virginal and asexual to adventurous sex fiend in a hot minute. It just felt like the characters and their relationship weren’t developed enough. 

And the mystery itself was barely addressed until it was rushed in the end. We got snippets of attention paid to it but barely there then all the sudden it’s resolved. I wanted more of that throughout.
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"Ancient History": 2.5 ⭐

(Unpaid Review: thank you to @netgalley, @sophiepenhaligon and the publishers for allowing me to read this eArc copy in exchange for a review).

When you look at the cover of this book, you're automatically transported to Egypt, as if you're going on a trip through Egyptian mythology.

That's exactly what happens in the book. The premise is so promising, so alluring. However, I didn't connect much with the book, except for some specific scenes. I felt like the pace of the book was super slow and gravy, and there was unnecessary stereotypical attention towards women. This just wasn't for me.
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A very "tell don't show" fluff romance of no substance.

Athena's father was Indiana Jones after it was cool, an archaeologist invested into returning priceless artefacts to their rightful owners - Athena travels the world with him, attending digs until both her parents are killed in a car accident.

Emerging from grief and staying with her parents close friends, she meets Patrice and Jack - two gorgeous older men with ulterior motives.

The rest is a cheap romance novel with none of the suspense
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