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Another wonderful romance, with a touch of the mysterious, from Ms. Lancaster.  
Alexandra takes a position as the governess to Sir Nicholas' illegitimate daughter, Evelina.  Alexandra finds Evelina delightful, but the mystery surrounding the house and family puts her on edge.  As does the attraction she feels for her employer.
Thank you Mary Lancaster, Dragonblade Publishing and NetGalley for allowing me an advance copy for my honest feedback.
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Romance and Mystery

The house and its owner seem to hold secrets, but Alexandra has secrets of her own. Will their secrets bring them together, or will they rip them apart? There is mystery, suspense, and romance. Alexandra and Nicholas will keep you wondering what will happen next. There are heroes, and there are villains. Can you guess who the villain might be? I enjoyed the story and would recommend it to those who like stories with romance, mystery, and a dash of suspense.
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Amazing book! I loved how both the H and h had murky lasts they were trying to overcome. As usual, I was sucked into Lancaster's blend of humor and mystery with some swoonyy scenes. I love how she focuses on the characters and plot rather than overdone sex scenes. Everything is tasteful and romantic. Loved!
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I love a romance book that also has a mystery with it. It helps the story along for me. This story is full of both, which means I thoroughly enjoyed it. As Nicholas and Alexandra work to solve kidnappings, they grow closer and have to overcome some pretty rough truths. Definitely worth reading.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Our heroine is Alexandra, and she is resource, strong, and kind to children. She becomes a governess, sight-unseen, to little Evelina, who is the illegitimate daughter of one, handsome Sir Nicholas Swan. He loves his child, but really has no idea how to form a closer relationship with her. There are secrets on both sides, but Evelina turns out to be a catalyst for Alexandra and Nicholas to examine and nourish their feelings for each other. Loved it!
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Governess Alexandra Battle has to fend for herself in this world. She accepts a position as governess to the untamed Evalina in Nicholas Swan's household. Nicholas is the very epitome of a brooding and enigmatic hero, involved in very mysterious activities. Nicholas has reappeared in London after running away to Europe with a married lover in his youth. His younger brother has set up home with his wife and children in his ancestral home, and Nicholas is living in a strangely located and unusual house now he has returned, with his child and Lady Nora in tow. Alexandra has little trouble with Evalina but she is intrigued and by turns suspicious of Lord Swan and the unusual goings on in the house by day and night. Unsettled when Evalina disappears from the garden, Alexandra calls on Gris and Dragan to assist to uncover the mystery, and when Alexandra's own past comes knocking, the plot thickens. 

This very gothic style romance/mystery was excellent fun to read, and Lord Swan was a wonderful brooding hero and Alexandra a resourceful and engaging heroine.

As always an excellent read from Mary Lancaster. Recommended.

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book and all opinions are my own.
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Alexandra Battle is hired as the governess for Sir Nicholas Swann's daughter. His daughter may be illegitimate, but he deeply loves her. The interest between Nicholas and Alexandra happens very quickly, but the fact she is a member of his staff holds back any pursuit. Children of wealthy parents are missing and held for ransom. Tisa Dragan and his wife Griz are already trying to solve the puzzle when Nicolas' daughter Evalina is kidnapped. Finding her and her kidnappers will lead to many clues to find who is in charge. If only Alexandra can trust Nicholas and his innocence in the kidnappings. Love will lead to trust. Tisa and Griz make a great team at solving puzzles. With their continued involvement, I hope more books are in the series. I've already read this book twice. 
I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book
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Alexandra Battle is true to her name, and ready to face anything, even accepting the post as governess to Evelina, the illegitimate daughter of Sir Nicholas Swan. Whilst Evelina is a challenge, Alexandra comes to care for her whilst her father, is a mystery and a very attractive one. What Alexandra cannot fathom is how a wealthy baronet would choose to live in an unfashionable area of London, caring for a young dying child. When Eveline disappears, Alexandra must call upon her two friends to help in finding Nicholas’ daughter. 
The mystery aspect of this storyline was well delivered with a subtle romance happening in the background. Both were interesting and I particularly enjoyed how the mystery was gradually revealed. Not having read books in this series, I am so looking forward to reading about Tisa and Griz, who make a great team, helping Alexandra and Nicholas to find Evelina.
I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.
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Despite my mountainous TBR pile, I’m always thrilled to add a new favorite writer to my list. I’m currently enjoying the Crime and Passion series by Mary Lancaster. I reviewed Book 1 and Book 2 earlier, and just finished Book 3, Dangerous Lover.

The constant in the series is the delightful crime-solving couple, the unconventional Lady Grizelda and her revolutionary-in-exile husband, Dragan Tizsa.

The most recent novel features Alexandra Battle. After following her criminally charming pianist father across Italy, Alexandra takes refuge in London, respectably caring for children as a governess. She’s very good at it. She finds herself hired to look after a six-year-old girl with a penchant for temper tantrums. The girl is the daughter of Sir Nicholas Swan, a man with a shady, rakish past, also recently returned to England from Italy.

The novel follows the expected trajectory as far as the relationship goes, but takes some adventurous detours. Nicholas is not what he seems. Alexandra’s past comes back to haunt her. And Dragan and Griz, while only secondary characters in this book, do come through to help with their usual panache.

This series is loads of fun, with well-developed protagonists and a charming love story.
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I have read all of Mary Lancaster's books and enjoyed them.  This is no exception.  It was fun to see Lady Griz and her husband Dragan (from Mysterious Lover) come into this story.  So often characters from previous books in a series are mentioned or "come by for a visit" but rarely play any kind of significant role.  In this book, they did, and it was a good way to carry the story along and keep us acquainted with these characters.  Thanks to #NetGalley and Dragonblade Publishing for the opportunity to read this installment of the series.  #DangerousLover
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I couldn't put this book down!  Alexandra is a strong governess, who has experienced a lot of pain in her life.  Sir Nicholas is the eldest son, who ran away at 19 and became his own man.  Little Evelina is his natural daughter and brings the two of them together.  I never write a spoiler.  I will tell you that someone is kidnapping children and ransoming them.  The action is great, the plot well developed and it was close to the end before I could guess who dun it!!  Splendid read.
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Alexandra Battle was hired to be governess to Sir Nicholas Swan's illegitimate 6 year old daughter, Evelina.  Lady Grizelda and Dragon Tizsa, who we met in Book One play supportive roles.
There are many twists and turns in this story with kidnappings and secrets that keep you guessing until the very end.
Excellent well-written story!  Terrific characters!  Wonderful romance between Alexandra and Nicholas! 
I think this is my favorite book in this series!  Mary Lancaster is one of my favorite authors, and she has definitely written a fabulous series.   You should read all of her books if you haven't.
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This book seemed to go on forever needlessly until everything was tied together near the end.  I would have preferred a little more action throughout. It has been a while since I read a romance that was heavy on the crime (although I found this lacking, too) with little passion, but it did manage to keep my interest.
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Ooh I do love this series. 

Miss Alexandra Battle has accepted a job as governess to a sweet little girl who has had a few problems to face in her young life, and is known to let her feelings be known.  Alexandra is a very good governess with a few secrets.  

Sir Nicholas Swan ran away from his family to the continent as a young man who thought he was in love.  Now many years later and a good deal wiser it's time to settle into his real life.  He does have a few ideas that maybe wouldn't be popular among the English elite.  

Our characters in this book may not be quite what you are used to reading about in historical romances of this era, but I promise they will easily grab your attention and keep it.  Don't expect to find meek mannered ladies and gentlemen who do nothing except spend their inheritance. 

This is part of a series that, if you are reading all of them, are best read in order.  You will otherwise find some spoilers.  Each book has,  however it's own lead characters and a fabulous story.  

I have read and enjoyed each one and I'm hoping there will be many more like it.  

I loved it.
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Wow.  Talk about grabbing me from the start, I could not stop until the end! Well written and reading as a wonderful gothic novel, with the setting of a house with many secrets.

She took the job as governess to his daughter. He was an enigma, that took time to unravel, but was well worth the journey!

Step into the imagination of Mary Lancaster and be taken into a story of secrets, suspense, and amazing characters that will keep you on the edge trying to figure out what is happening! 

A slow burning attraction begins and you never know where it will lead!  I have to say this is my favorite of the series so far, although each story is well worth the read!  Mary at her best!
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'Alexandra Battle is desperate enough to accept a new post as governess to the illegitimate daughter of Sir Nicholas Swan, without having met either of them. Fortunately, Evelina turns out to be delightful as well as challenging, though her father, from their first encounter in the dead of night, remains a disturbingly attractive mystery.

Why does a wealthy, well-born baronet choose to live in an old, dusty house in an unfashionable area of London? What is he hiding there that clanks in the night? And who is the dying lady he brought home with him from Italy? Even more worryingly, why does he have such an effect on the prudent Alexandra’s senses?

When Evelina vanishes one day, the search threatens to expose secrets they would both rather hide, not least Alexandra’s growing feelings for her distraught employer. Alexandra asks for the help of her friends, Lady Grizelda and Dragan Tizsa, who never leave a puzzle unsolved.'

3.5 stars, rounded up to 4 stars.

Dangerous Lover is the third book in Mary Lancaster's Crime and Passion series and is a historical mystery and romance.

I have read other books from this author before, but not the previous two books in the series. Despite two main characters from an earlier book showing up quite often here, I don't feel that my enjoyment of the book suffered at all from having not read the other books. Therefore I would say that this book can serve as a stand-alone if you wish.

I really enjoyed the mystery aspect of the storyline, which was very much front and center in the plot. The series is called Crime and Passion and I think that is an apt name because the mystery or crime aspect is the main driving force of the plot, whilst the passion or romance simmers quietly in the background until everything comes together with the plot. The mystery was easy to unravel, there are some clear clues, but I enjoyed reading the unveiling even if I knew what the reveal would be.

I enjoyed this book and will probably read more from this series, perhaps going back to read the book about Gris and Dragan because I was intigued by the glimpes into their backstories that we saw.

I would like to thank NetGalley and Drangonblade Publishing for sharing an eARC of Dangerous Lover with me. This is my honest review.
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Mary Lancaster has written an ominous suspenseful book that has such an explosive storyline the pages almost turn themselves! 
Who hires a governess for their child without interviewing them? Sir Nicholas Swan returns from Italy to London and it seems dark and mystifying things occur. 
Alexandra Battle is put in a precarious position and finds she needs a position. She takes the governess placement and never imagines that she will become embroiled in murky circumstances. 

I enjoyed the characters and the storyline. 

I received a free advanced copy from NetGalley and these are my willingly given thoughts and opinions.
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Dangerous Lover by Mary Lancaster is an enticing love story full of intrigue, lies, and mistrust. It is a Crime and Passion book #3. One of the best things about it is how much we see of Griz and Dragan. It is a stand-alone but we have met these characters in the past. Alexandra Battle is just starting her third job as a governess and, to be honest, she is startled by the state of the house. It is an older home, perched in a neighborhood that has seen better days. Mrs. Dart met her at the door and introduced her to Evelina, who would be her charge. The house was definitely in a period of transition. Some of it was spotless, some of it was not. Alexandra had definite ideas about how to do her job. There were few rules here, and none she couldn't obey. After just a day, she became aware that Sir Nicholas was a touch over protective of his daughter, but Alex could deal with that, too. It became clear to her that Evelina was both spoiled and neglected. She threw tantrums, occasionally, bad ones. Alex could help with that. Sir Nicholas was a frightening man, except when he wasn't. Alex fell a pull toward him, but she never trusted him. Her self-esteem was so low that she anticipated being let go on a daily basis. It was all very strange. Then Evelina was taken, and Alex called Dragan and Griz for assistance. 

Alex had lived a privileged life on the good days and one of poverty on other days. Her father was a less than honest man, and she had helped fake his death to save his death. In actuality she was glad to be rid of him. She really needed this position but no man had ever affected her as Sir Nicholas did and there were so many secrets. Nicholas carried many burdens, but he was a kind man at heart. He had been hurt when his father and his brother stopped communicating, but her deserved that, too, in a way. His luck with women had been dismal and he had paid for that as well. He was a good man, when all he secrets were uncovered, and he loved Alex, despite their difference in station. The journey to their happily-ever-after was an interesting one. A clever story, full of clever people. I enjoyed it.

I was invited to read a free e-ARC of Dangerous Lover by Dragonblade, through Netgalley. All thoughts and opinions are mine. #netgalley #dangerouslover
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Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for allowing me to review this book early. Rating and review are my own.

     I did not know this book was the third in a series when I got the arc. However, it is not needed to enjoy this story. There are characters on the side from the previous books, and I liked this book and those characters enough to want to go back and read the ones before!
      This book is about a governess and her mysterious employer and a mystery involving missing children. I don't think I have read a historical romance quite like this before but I am pleasantly surprised by it. I enjoyed the mystery and I liked the characters and though at first I did not feel their immediate attraction to each other, I was fully there for it by the end!

     I would recommend this to anyone who likes historical romances with more unique characters and a little mystery.
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Mystery and romance combine to deliver a brilliant, intelligent, passionate story.  There is no doubt that this book is the author’s most exemplary.  I was intrigued from page one.  The romance combined with the mystery created a rich world which captivated me.

Sir Nicholas Swan hires a new governess, Alexandra Battle, to teach his illegitimate daughter, Evelina.  The connection between the couple came from a place of genuine respect and burgeoning love.  The passion was elemental.  The couple complimented each other perfectly.  The main characters were lovingly written with care and precision.  I fell in love with Evelina from her first scene.  Returning characters from previous books brought a rich world-building feel.  The couple’s love for one another ignited the page.  

This book was as much a mystery as it was a romance.  However, the two different themes complimented each other.  I was drawn into the drama and complexity of the plot.  The story kept my attention and was a page-turner.  The romance and mystery were combined effortlessly.  I was guessing the resolution of the puzzle up until the very end.  Sparks flew between the couple at their first meeting and grew in intensity from there.

I enjoyed the other books in this series. However, this one is by far the best.  This story proved that two people who are both generous and flawed could find happiness.  I wished that there had been an epilogue; these books do not have them.  The book ended to my delighted satisfaction.  I do not read many mysteries, but these books caught my attention.  The journey is fraught with peril, yet the wild ride is very entertaining.  This story is a journey well worth taking.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through Netgalley and the publisher.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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