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I thoroughly enjoyed this story. The twists and turns kept you guessing and the way the characters were written gave you insight into their behavior and feelings, pulling you deeper into the story. I hope that this continues into a series.
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Kate Marshall’s fledgling PI agency takes off when she and her partner, Tristan Harper, are hired for their first big case. It’s a cold case,  and after twelve years,  the police department tells the victim’s mother they are no longer pursuing it.  The victim is Joanna Duncan, who “vanished” twelve  years before, a few months after exposing a political scandal. Joanna’s mother hires Kate, having heard of her reputation discovering a serial killer that had alluded police for years. 

Kate was given the original case files and discovered what the police overlooked: the names of two young men who also “ vanished” without a trace.   Connecting these three missing persons is the crux of the plot.  There are numerous people that are interconnected. It becomes quite tedious and confusing to keep all the players straight and the part they play in finding what happened to Joanna. As the pace slowed, I was about to give up on the book as I became disinterested in the myriad  of characters and all the rabbit trails of their stories/connections…. Just too many components to care.  Instead I skimmed large sections in the middle, and was able to pick up the storyline towards the last quarter of the book.

👍 Darkness Falls begins with a STARTLING BANG! It pulls the reader in and sets up the mystery.  WOW! 
👎 However, the pace lulls in the middle before it picks up again. 
👎 Too many characters to sort and keep connections straight. 
👍 Intense climactic reveal exciting and satisfying denouement. 

A theme running through this series seems to be finding the serial killer hiding in plain sight. The detective skills employed are impressive but very detailed ( perhaps to the point of slowing the pace with TOO much detail).  This is book three in the Kate Marshall  series.  It is a stand alone, but reading the first in the series would give valuable background on the two protagonists, Kate and Tristan.   I absolutely loved the Erica Foster series.  While not as compelling as the Erica Foster series, I will give Kate and company another try.

I received this ARC from NetGalley.
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3rd in the series and the best one yet. Kate and Tristan are an unlikely duo but make a great team. Solving a cold case was never going to be easy, loads of action, twists and turns. Can't wait for more in the series.
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The third book in the Kate Marshall series is entertaining and easy to read. The reader can enjoy a summer mystery happening in West England (reading it during the heat wave in Mallorca the hot weather described in the book feels quite relative). The story starts rather slowly and begins to evolve at higher pace some pages before the half of the book (completely different from the 1st Kate Marshall installment). It becomes more enjoyable later on. However, it turns to be rather transparent at the climax. We meet characters from different social classes confirming that the money makes the world go round and that the social mobility is a big unresolved issue. 
Two observations: Careful, George -> Jorge in Spanish is not pronounced ‘Yorge’ (for someone who speaks Slovak, it could be rewritten and read as ‘Chorche’, for example). Nevertheless, being from Barcelona I would expect him to be called Jordi (J pronounced as in John in English). In the Operation Dynamo museum in Dunkerque there is an exposition item called Remain of an English truck engine. Despite of being buried in the beach for about 70 years, the tires are still good and displayed in the museum, together with engine part that that got rusty.
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Ex detective Kate Marshall has given up her job in education and finally opened her own private investigation agency with her one time colleague, Tristan Harper. She has also inherited a surf shop and a thankfully small caravan park near her home on England's jurassic coast. With Tristan now only working part-time at Ashdean University they are delighted to be hired for what could be their biggest and most lucrative case to date. 

Twelve years earlier journalist Joanna Duncan left her office at the end of the working day, entered the multi storey car park and disappeared without trace. Now her mother, Bev and partner and local business man, Bill want to end their years of not knowing what happened and try and move on with their lives. 

With access to the original case files, along with the names and addresses of the original suspects, including a local MP who lost his seat thanks to an expose of Joanna's, they begin their investigation which quickly becomes much more involved than they imagined. After a local man goes missing, who Kate and Tristan can link to their own investigation, things get very serious very quickly and it's obvious their cold case has suddenly become very current once again. 

This is the third Kate Marshall mystery and an excellent read. The main protagonists have gelled, Kate and Tristan are a great team, and the storyline was compelling from the start. There are various points of view explored which gave an insight into why the perpetrator behaved the way they did but their identity was a complete surprise although in no way unrealistic. There were some unresolved personal issues which I look forward to following into the next in a series which, after a shaky start for me, has become a firm favourite. 

I was able to read an advanced copy of this book thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the opinions expressed are my own. I thoroughly enjoyed this excellent addition to a very good series.
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This is Book 3 in the Kate Marshall series and she and firmly remain my favourite crime solving duo. Kate and Tristan play off each other nicely with their different perspectives while meshing well as a team.

Kate and Tristan have been approached by a woman whose journalist daughter disappeared without a trace eight years earlier to find out what happened and, more importantly, to find her daughter. The case is very cold but the newly fledged private investigator business is desperate for business so Kate and Tristan take it on. Their search takes them in unexpected directions and the key figures who they come across cause Tristan to do some soul searching, wondering where his life is taking him and what he might be missing out on. Meanwhile Kate’s personal world has been rocked by her mentor, leaving her to find her own way and we find out whether she can remain strong without Myra’s support.

I loved the further character development in this book. It seemed more subtle and yet stronger because of it. In particular I feel as though we got to know Tristan better on a more personal level. I really like the direction this series is going.
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Story of the book-
Private agents Kate and Tristan have been entrusted with tracking down a missing writer, Joanna Duncan. It has been a long time since she vanished, and there has been no hint of her. Her mom won’t surrender trust and accepts that Kate and Tristan can succeed where the police have fizzled. Little do they understand that this present lady’s vanishing will turn out to be essential for a lot bigger examination. They find that Joanna was researching young fellows who themselves had vanished mysteriously. She stumbled upon these cases but she doesn’t know why these cases interest her. Kate and Tristan are certain that these missing men are the way to discovering reality concerning Joanna.

Would they be able to do as such without warning some unacceptable individual? Since somebody might know everything and will remain determined to guarantee that nobody uncovers their most obscure mystery.

My review-
I love Kat and Tristan. They make an incredible duo to solve the mystery cases. Both bring such a huge amount to this book and I am as of now frantic for the following book in the series. The blend in the storyline was soothing to read. The author has made the ideal working organization with Kate and Tristan.

I need to say this book was a particularly cunning storyline and as they begin to join the parts of the mystery and zone in on drawing nearer to reality, I genuinely couldn’t turn the pages sufficiently fast to discover exactly what had befallen Joanna that a load of years prior just as the missing men. I like this peculiarity about the writer’s composing style. The story begins with a feeling of premonition yet rather than sweeping the readers away, it simply powers their interest.

I can identify with Tristan’s issues on society’s assumptions for grown-ups getting hitched and having children. Furthermore, seeing her recuperation according to her point of view gave me an alternate attitude towards addiction. This book is an amazing anecdote about decisions. We don’t have a lot of choices on certain things in life that are given to us- we cannot pick our folks, family, childhood, and how others treat us. The ability to pick how to manage ourselves is inside our control.

This book had me consistently. It’s one of those books that the readers will get so immersed in the story, they will disregard all other things. How everything meets up features how splendid this narration is. This is an interesting and exciting read that will leave the readers frantic. Highly recommended!

Rating of the book- 4⭐/5⭐
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Absolutely fantastic third book in this series.
I received a copy on Netgalley and was lucky enough to win a signed copy of a physical arc from Robert.

The writing in this book is in Robert’s perfect style that draws you in and holds your attention throughout the book.

Instalment number three in this series is absolutely brilliant and I loved how it moved on. So far in this series the books keep getting better and better, none of them have fallen flat. With Robert’s fantastic writing he just pulls you deeper and deeper in to this series.

I highly recommend everything that Robert writes and this book is no different, i can’t recommend this book enough. 

With this review I can’t go in to the book too much with it being the third book. They can be read alone but you are better reading the series in order as there are parts in the book that link them to the previous ones, even if it is just slightly the links are there.

This series how it is going, I think it will be better than the series before.
Huge thanks for the review copies, I had an amazing time reading these. I will definitely reread this series as i can’t get enough of these books.
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It’s their first big case and Kate and Tristan are tasked with investigating a cold case. Ten years ago Joanna disappeared, her mother wants the case resolved.
This book can be read as part of a series or as a stand-alone, you will enjoy the storyline and characters, who doesn’t love a good whodunnit? I particularly love the partnership of Kate and Tristan and their interactions. I’m sure I’ll read more books by this author!

Thanks to Thomas & Mercer, NetGalley and the author for the opportunity to read and review this book.
I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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I enjoyed this book, it is part of a series, but is fine to read as a stand a lone,  likeable main characters and i liked that I didn't guess who the bad guy was and that it didn't end in the typical way of the main female character being caught by the bad guy and needing to be rescued.  Also that the gay characters were both good and "bad"
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Robert Bryndza is an author I found on NetGalley. I can never put his books down once I open them. Totally worth the read. I love the character Kate Marshall. ​(And the covers are great too)
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This is a great book and it has such great characters.  Though I do find that I compare it to the other books in this series.  While I loved this book I do find that it doesn't have the same draw as the first book which was one of those books that you are gasping and just want more.

I think the main character has evolved but still not sure how far this character will go and I am not sure I always like her either.
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Robert Bryndza can do no wrong for me, his books hit the mark every time.  They make me read long into the night because they’re so engrossing and the character development is so good that you love them and cheer them on or they’re just completely vile and you can’t wait until the mystery is solved and the person gets their due. I love Kate and Tristan in this particular series, such a good team!
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I first want to thank the publisher, Thomas and Mercer, as well as NetGalley for my eARC in exchange for my honest review.  Robert Bryndza continues to write bold evocative mysteries that key on his strong characters.  Once again in this the third Kate Marshall mystery we are pulled every which way as we chase down the most evil of all criminals, the serial murderer.  Robert has the strong ability to make us care, to have us as invested as his main characters in solving yet another mystery.
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Unnervingly Credible Cast….
This new entry in the Kate Marshall series finds the Detective agency investigating a cold case. Things are soon to take a dark and sinister turn. Accomplished and solid character led mystery with an unnerveringly credible cast and a fast paced, tense storyline. Grips from first page to the very last.
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I really enjoy the authors other police detective series so I thought I'd try this one  I'm not as keen on the main character's in this book. I found them boring if I'm honest . The storyline was ok but I'm not 100% convinced on the killer and his abilities of double life . I think i will be sticking to his other series in the future
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Really enjoyed this story and I had read the previous books so it seamlessly continued with Kate in charge and Tristan assisting.
I like the relationship between the two of them. 

Kate and Tristan take on a cold case which leaves them frustrated and chasing up possible leads. 

At the same time Kate has welcome company from her son Jake while she is mourning the loss of a dear friend. 

I would recommend this book especially if you have read the previous ones.
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Darkness Falls was so worth the wait. I loved this book by Robert Bryndza he is a great writer and I've enjoyed his work. This is the third the Kate Marshall series.

The story was exciting, entertaining, great. The characters are complex and wonderful. The whole atmosphere of the book was great! I love every little thing about the book....I
Riveting perfectly paced and heart pounding, a terrific installment in a very promising and captivating series.

Thank you again for the opportunity to read and review this amazing book!.
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This is the third book in the Kate Marshall series by Robert Bryndza. Don't worry, you can read and enjoy this as stand alone, 

In Darkness Falls, Kate and her business partner Tristan are hired as private investigators to hopefully locate long missing journalist Johanna Duncan by her mother. Johanna has been missing for over 12 years and the police have closed the investigation.  Kate and Tristan slowly go through the cold case and methodically reinterview witnesses and suspects. As they draw closer to answers an actual serial killer tracks his own prey.

Really enjoyed this mystery. There was a great twist at the end that I didn't see coming. Even better, was learning more about Tristan and Kate lives and their personal issues. I love British mystery novels because they include so much more about the characters.

I will say, the serial killer, and the killing was violent. For me, it was more violent that I am used to. Perhaps it was just great writing that made the murder stick in my head.  If you like cold cases, private eyes, British style mysteries and mysteries in general than this is a great book for you! Thank you to @NetGalley, Thomas and Mercer Publishing and the author for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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This is book #3 in the Kate Marshall series.  Whilst it is part of a series, it can be read as a standalone book, although I would recommend they are read in order.  I love this author, and have really enjoyed this series so far!  This book is no exception and I was hooked instantly as soon as I started it.  We’re back with Kate, who is working at her struggling Private Detective agency with her friend and colleague, Tristan.  They are asked to investigate a cold case involving the disappearance of journalist, Joanna Duncan twelve years before.  

The book’s storyline twists and turns throughout.  Told mainly from Kate’s and Tristan’s point of view, there are also chapters interspersed from who you assume to be the killer.  I honestly had no idea where the storyline was going, and despite Kate and Tristan working through the clues found, I didn’t see the ending coming!  The book is deliciously dark and sinister with plenty of characters to point the finger at!  I loved Kate’s character, and it’s good to see her throwing herself into this case, doing something that you know she’s great at.  Her relationship with Tristan is perfect, and whilst she is obviously working through the issues which have plagued her since the first book, there is still a vulnerability to her character.

I knew as soon as I started this book, I wouldn’t be able to put it down.  The characters, storyline and location grabbed me and I was mesmerised through to the last page.  The series is based in the South West of England and I know some of the locations that we are taken to which was great! It was a little gory and violent in parts, but it all added to the tension and suspense written through the pages.  I’ve read many books by this author and have loved them all, including this one!  I was dubious at the start of the series whether I could take to Kate as I really enjoyed the Erica Foster series, but three books in and Kate is definitely welcomed to the fold!  A gripping storyline filled with lots of mystery and murders, I would definitely recommend this book!  Roll on book #4!
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